Elizabeth (Lillie) Walsh O'Neil (1895-1938)

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Elizabeth (Lillie) Walsh and Edward (Eddie) O'Neil

Birth of Lillie Walsh

Elizabeth (Lillie) Walsh, the daughter of Joseph Walsh and Margaret (Maggie) Langan was born in New York City on May 10, 1896.

Birth of Edward O'Neil

Edward Jerome, b. September 19, 1895 (Christine Eagan, August 2006)

For more information on the O'Neils see below.


Elizabeth M Walsh of 202 East 73rd Street, age 20, born in NYC, father Joseph Walsh, mother, Margaret Langan, married Edward J O'Neil of 365 3rd Avenue, age 21, candy maker, born in NYC, mother Mary Walsh, father, John O'Neil on November 11, 1916. The witnesses were Mary F Walsh and Thomas Grau---thy (Graubothy?). Pastor's address was 869 Lexington Avenue.

Mary Walsh was most likely Lillie's cousin, Mary, the daughter of Michael Walsh and Bridget Kallora born in 1896.


  1. Margaret (Peachy) O'Neil (1918-1981) and Robert Hermann

    Birth: Margaret Mary Therese O'Neil, 12/21/1918 (Christine Eagan 2006)

    Marriage: Robert Paul Herrmann, St. Jean Baptiste Church. In 1940 census with her father and siblings. Born: 4/23/1918 (Christine Eagan 2006)


    1. Robert Richard Herrmann, Born: 11/18/42 (Christine Eagan 2006)
    2. Elizabeth Mary Herrmann, Born: 9/30/44. Died on July 1, 1987 (Christine Eagan 2006)
    3. Cecilia Catherine Herrmann. Born: 10/11/45, Died: April 29, 1978 (Christine Eagan 2006)
    4. Christine Mary Herrmann Eagan, Born: 5/12/50 (Christine Eagan 2006)
    5. Gerard Joseph Herrmann, Born: 12/17/52 (Christine Eagan 2006)
    Death of Margaret O'Neil Hermann: 1/14/1981 (Christine Eagan 2006)

    Death of Robert Hermann: 10/2/2004 (Christine Eagan 2006)

  2. Edward born circa 1921

    With the family in the 1940 census.

  3. Joan O'Neil (1923) and Michael Donovan

    Birth: Joan born circa 1923

    Marriage: Michael Donovan


    1. Maureen Donovan married Dean Crawford


      1. Michelle Crawford married Sephen Calabro

    2. Michael G. Donovan III, ID # 12760362, Army, Regular, SP4, E4, 13F20, born January 30, 1947, tour date, December 29, 1967, Casualty Date, January 21, 1968, age 20, Home, Central Islip, New York, Roman Catholic, Single, died from hostile fire, other explosive device, ground casualty, in Pleiku, Vietnam. His name is on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D. C.

      Information provided by Maria LaHiff Pedulla October 2005.

    3. Edward Donovan married Arelen Spinelli

      Their children and grandchildren are as follows:

      1. Edward Michael Donovan, II - married Martha Gomez - May 1987

        Their children:

        1. Sean Michael Donovan

        2. Melissa Andrea Donovan
      2. Joan Elizabeth Donovan - married Nicholas Cutillo - September 2, 1994

        Their children

        1. Jennifer Irene Glennon - married Christopher Zuccaro - July 2012

        2. Eugene Joseph Glennon -

          has one daughter Mackenzie Aubrey Rose Smith born April 19, 2011

        3. Christina Theresa Cutillo

        4. Nicholas Matthew Cutillo

      3. Michael Gerard Donovan

        His child:

        Lisa Marie Meyers - married Albert Flower -

        their children - Tyler and Dylan Flower

      4. Matthew Francis Donovan - married Nicole ? - 2014

        His children:

        1. Katelynn Nicole Donovan

        2. Thomas Matthew Donovan

      5. James Patrick Donovan - married Theresa Boates 2011

        Their child Jackson Edward Donovan

      6. Irene Donovan married Edgar Rengifo (divorced)

      Information on the children and grandchildren of Edward Donovan and Arelen Spinelli provided by Joan Cutillo January 2015.

      Death: Joan O'Neil Donovan died of cancer in March 2008 - buried Calverton National Cemetery Anne Skyeski - October 2013

  4. Mary O'Neil (1924-2010) and Stanley R. Bialowarczuk

    Mary born 6/19/24

    Marriage: Stanley Bialowarczuk

    Stanley R Bialowarczuk, Arrival Date: 8 Aug 1947, Age: 26, Birthdate: abt 1921, Gender: Male, Race/Nationality: Polish, Ship Name: Canada Mail, Port of Departure: Kobe, Japan, Port of Arrival: Portland, Oregon, Microfilm Roll Number: M1777_25

    Length of Service: 6 years, wiper.

    Stanley Bialowarczuk Gender: Male Birth Date: 20 Mar 1919 Death Date: 20 Jul 2004 Branch 1: NAVY Enlistment Date 1: 10 May 1940 Release Date 1: 19 Oct 1944

    Obit: Hicksville

    Stanley R. Bialowarczuk, of Hicksville, died on July 20, 2004. He was a proud US Navy veteran of WWII. Stanley was a sailor aboard the USS Chicago which was attacked by Kamikaze and sunk. Beloved husband of Yolanda. Loving father of Anne Skyeski, Lori Hooper, Catherine Lada, Joanne D'Amelia, Joseph Saporito (Bernadette) and Vincent Saporito. Devoted brother of John, Florence, Rose and Stella. Cherished grandfather of 10. The family was cared for by the Thomas F. Dalton Funeral Home, Hicksville Chapel. Mass at St. Ignatius RC Church. Interment Holy Rood Cemetery.

    He was listed on the USS Chicago roster in 1942.

    USS Chicago wikipedia


    1. Anne b 2/14/1945

    2. Florence "Lori" b 5/28/1946

    3. Catherine b 1/5/1948

    Information from Ann Skeski October 2013
    died on 2/6/2010 in Bellport, L.I. She married Stanley Bialowarczuk (b 3/28/1919 - d 7/20/2004. WW II Vet who was on the USS Chicago when it was hit by Kamikaze and sunk.) and had three daughters: Anne b 2/14/1945, Florence "Lori" b 5/28/1946, Catherine b 1/5/1948. They were divorced in 1965 and my mother never remarried. They had five grandchildren and ten great- grandchildren including one deceased.

    Anne Skyeski - October 2013

1920 Census

1272 3rd Avenue in Manhattan as follows:

  • Edward O'Neil, head, age 24, born in NYC, father born in NYC, mother born in Ireland, occupation, Tablet (?) maker, labour co??
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 23, born in NYC, father, born in Ireland, mother, born in Ireland, occupation, bookkeeper, office.
  • Margaret, age 1, born in NYC

    There were five families in the building.

1925 State Census

Mott Ave, 872

  • Edward, O'Neil, head, 29, gasoline ?? agent,
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 28,
  • Margaret, daughter, age 6
  • Edward, Jr., son, age 4
  • Joan, daughter, age 2
  • Mary, daughter, age 1

    Note: They were listed next to and in the same building with Frank Langan age 32, lather and his family, Lilly 30, Walter 10 and Dorothy 30 days. Frank Langan was the son of Pat Langan and Kate Hogan. See Pat Langan. Pat was the brother of Maggie Langan who married Joseph Walsh. Frank Langan and Elizabeth O'Neil were first cousins.

1930 Census

240 East 78th Street, Manhattan

  • Edward, O'Neil, head, Rent $27, no radio, age 35, married at age 21, clerk, office
  • Elizabeth, wife, age 33, married at age 19
  • Margaret, daughter, age 11
  • Edward, Jr., son, age 9
  • Joan, daughter, age 7
  • Mary, daughter, age 5

    All born NYC

    (T626, film #1568, 2B, ED 705)

Death of Lillie Walsh


Oneil, Elizabeth, 42 y, Oct 11, 1938, #20472, Manhattan

Elizabeth O'Neil, of 1255 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, married to Edward O'Neil, born, May 10, 1896, New York City, age 42, housewife, father, Joseph Walsh, born in Iowa (!), mother, Margaret Langan, born in Iowa (!), died on October 11, 1938 about 3:15 A.M., at Flower Hospital, 1249 5th Avenue, she entered the hospital on October 10, 1938, cause of death, chronic nephritis with terminal uremia, contributory causes, catheia (?) anemia, pathologist report, Adrenal Atrophy, Addisons Desease, buried October 14, 1938 Calvery Cemetery, personal information provided by Edward J. O'Neil, husband. (New York Death Certificate #20472, 1938) Elizabeth was buried in the same grave with her parents and two brothers, both named Joseph.

Addison's Disease: "The disease is characterized by weight loss, muscle weakness, fatigue, low blood pressure, and sometimes darkening of the skin in both exposed and nonexposed parts of the body. Addison's disease occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormone cortisol and, in some cases, the hormone aldosterone. The disease is also called adrenal insufficiency, or hypocortisolism. Tuberculosis (TB), an infection which can destroy the adrenal glands, accounts for about 20 percent of cases of primary adrenal insufficiency in developed countries. When adrenal insufficiency was first identified by Dr. Thomas Addison in 1849, TB was found at autopsy in 70 to 90 percent of cases. As the treatment for TB improved, however, the incidence of adrenal insufficiency due to TB of the adrenal glands has greatly decreased." Since TB was so prevalent at the time it is highly likely that Lillie's case of Addison's Disease was caused by TB

According to Anne Skyeski - October 2013 - Elizabeth (Lily) had Addisons's Disease and was hospitalized with kidney problems many times.

1940 Census

345 135th street, Edward O'Neil 44, widow, telephone operator gas and electric company, Margaret O'Neil 21, Edward O'Neil 19, delivery boy grocery, Joan O'Neil 17, Mary O'Neil 15

Death of Eddie O'Neil

He died in March, 1962 in the Bowery of alcoholism and is buried in Calvary Cemetery - Anne Skyeski - October 2013

Other Information from Christine Eagan

In July of 2006 Christine Eagan emailed with details on the birth, marriage, children and death of Margaret Peach O'Neil Hermann. She also shared the following:

Elizabeth Walsh O'Neil (Lilly ((or Elsie as my Mother told me her Dad, Edward J. O'Neil called her.))

The O'Neils

The following information was provided by Christine Eagan, based on handwritten notes made by her mother, Margaret (Peachy) O'Neal

Thomas O'Neil


Marriage: Thomas A. O'Neil married Nora Dargan


  1. John Edward O'Neil

    Birth: John Edward O'Neil was born January 10, 1857 in NYC and was baptized in St. Patrick's Cathedral on January 11, 1857. (My mother used to say Old St. Patrick's, but wrote St. Patrick's Cathedral.)

    Married: Mary Louise Walsh (Born in Mallow, County Cork) on January 18, 1893 in St. Augustine's Church in the Bronx.


    1. Helen, b. November 27, 1893
    2. Edward Jerome O'Neil
      Birth: Edward Jerome, b. September 19, 1895
      Married: Edward Jerome O'Neil married Elizabeth Mary Walsh on November 11, 1916 in St. Vincent Ferrer Church, 67th Street and Lexington Avenue. See above.
      WWI Draft Registration: Edward J O'Neil 203 Acerent (?) St , born September 19, 1895, USA, NYC (can't read) clerk Grand Central Terminal, married 5 ft 7 1/2 incles, medium build, blue eyes brown hair, Queens (MB)
    3. Edna Mary, b. January 18, 1897
    4. Stephen
    5. John
    6. Florence
    7. Catherine
    8. and Mary, who died as infants

    Censuses: No

    Death of John Edward O'Neil:

    Death of Mary Louise Walsh O'Neil:

The Herrmanns

The following information was provided by Christine Eagan, based on handwritten notes made by her mother, Margaret (Peachy) O'Neal. I have added information where noted.

Charles Herrmann

Birth: Germany. Charles Herrmann left Germany, his birthplace, and went to Ireland. He worked there as a coachman

Marriage: Margaret Dugan



  1. Augustus (Gus)
  2. Edward (Tootsie) He left the house one day and never returned. It is still a mystery as to what happened to him. It is unclear to me if Edward was called Toots and is the one who disappeared or if it is another son.
    Birth: December 6, 1891 (WWIDR, MB)
    WWI Draft Registration: Edward P Hermann age 26, 309 Ave C born December 6, 1891, USA NY, Driver Carrell Box and Lumber Co 18th Ave C, single 5 ft 5 in, medium build, brown eyes and brown hair. (MB)
  3. Robert Richard Herrmann
    Birth: Robert Richard born (1896 WWI DR, MB)
    Marriage: Robert Richard Herrmann married Catherine Keenan. (Not listed on the NYC grooms index MB)
    1. Robert Paul (Daddy) April 23, 1918 - October 2, 2004.
    2. John Joseph February 20, 1920 - 1998?
    3. Margaret d. 1998-1999?
    4. Eileen d. at about 25 years old
    5. Geraldine d. at age of 3 - was hit by a truck
      NYC Certificate: Hermann, Geraldine E, 2 y, Oct, 12, 1925, 24690, Manhattan
    6. Maureen d. 2002?
    7. Richard d. 2004
    8. Thomas d. at age 30
    9. Annabelle
    10. Catherine Jean (known as Jean) d. 1977
    11. Patricia
    12. and Lucille - fraternal twins born in 1939 six weeks before their father died. Lucille passed away in the 70's I guess.
    1917 WWI Draft Registration: Robert R Herrmann, 309 Ave C NYC, born Dec 7 1896, USA, NY box maker, C-rrail (?) Box and Lumber Co. single, 5 ft 6 inched slender, brown eyes brown hair (MB)
    1930 Census: Manhattan Ave B Robert Herrmann, head age 33 married at age 20, steam fitter helper steam contract, Catherine wife age 31, married at 18, Robert son age 12, John son age 10, Margaret daughter age 8, Ellen daughter age 14 and 11/12, Maureen age 3, Richard age 1 2/12 (Maggie Blanck)
    Death of Robert Richard Herrmann: April 23, 1939 (my Father's 21st birthday)
    NYC Certificate: Herrmann, Robert R, 43 y, Apr, 23, 1939, 3241, Queens
  4. Walter (I have a tie clip and cuff links that were his!)
    Birth: Nov 6, 1897 (WWIDR, MB)
    WWI Draft Registration: Walter Herrmann, 309 Ave C born Nove 6, 1897, age 20, pen grinder Eagle Paint Co, 710 Est ?? NYC, relative, Margaret E Herrmann, 309 Ave C NYC, height medium, build medium, brown eyes and brown hair. (MB)
    Death: SSDI November 1964
  5. Stella (She was the family beauty - I am supposed to resemble her)
Censuses: I can't find any of them.

The Keenans

The following information was provided by Christine Eagan, based on handwritten notes made by her mother, Margaret (Peachy) O'Neal. I have added information where noted "MB".

Edward Keenan

Birth: Circa 1877 (based on age at death MB)

Marriage: Edward Keenan married Cecilia Conway - dates unknown. (Not listed NYC grooms index MB)

Birth of Cicelia Conway: 1872 (based on 1910 census MB)


  1. Catherine Keenan
    Birth: Catherine (Katie) b. August 12, 1898 or 99. D, 1970's?
    Marriage: Robert Richard Herrmann
  2. John, circa 1901 (from census MB)
  3. James, circa 1904 (from census MB)
1900 Census: No

Death of Edward Keenan: Keenan, Edward P, 27 y, July 16, 1904, 25840, Manhattan (MB)

Remarriage of Cecilia Conway Keenan: Cecilia Conway Keenan married John Bestick. Circa 1906 based on the 1910 census (MB)


  1. Margaret - I remember her very well. She had a home in Levittown. She had a daughter Cecilia who was a good friend of my mother's. (Circa 1908 from census MB)
  2. William

1910 Census: Hester St (?) John Bestick, head, age 25, M1, 4 years, Iron worker, Cecilia Bestick wife age 38, M2, 4 years, 4 children 4 still living, Catherine Keenan, daughter, age 10, James Keenan son age 9, John Keenan son age 6, Margaret Bestick daughter age 2 (Maggie Bllanck)

Death of John Bestick: John Bestick died. Bestick, John J, 28 y, Oct, 24, 1911, 32007, Manhattan (MB)

Remarriage of Cecilia Conway Keenan Besick: Frank Como Como, Francesco, Sep 25, 1914, Manhattan, 23654 (MB)

Children: None

Note: I remember driving in Manhattan around 1959 or 1960 with my Father and he pointed at a man sitting on a box in front of a store. He told me that the man had been married to his grandmother. I could not figure out why my Dad called the man Frank and not Grandpa. It was a long time before I got the story straight.

1920 Census: 285 Ave B, Frank Como, head age 27, married 8 years, house painter, Celia wife age 37, James Keenan step son age 19, cleaner office John Keenan step son age 16, chaff--- sign painter, Margaret Bestick age 12 (MB) [I love that she is a year younger than she was 10 years before. MB]

1930 Census: 285 Ave B, Frank Como, Rent $22 no radio, age 37, age at first marriage 19, Celia Como, wife, 47, age at first marriage 14, labourer at box factory James keenan, 29, "half" son, no occupation. Note: Very near Robert Herrmann, Catherine Keenan Herrmann and family MB)

Death of Cecelia Conway Keenan Bestick Como: Como, Cecelia, 51 y, Dec. 7, 1931, 28024 Manhattan (MB) [This would make her born circa 1880 MB]

Frank Como

1910 census: East 109 Street, Paul Como, age 42, born Italy, immigrated 1882, house painter, Mary age 36, born Italy, immigrated 1882, Frank 16, house painter helper, Tony age 14 Joseph age 4 and maggie age 2, children born NYC,

1917 WWI Draft Registration: 287 Ave B born April 7, 1894, USA, painter, Carry Painting Co, (can't read) City, married 5 feet 3 1/2 inches, medium build, blue eyes black hair.

WWII Draft Registration: 512 E 13the Street NYC, Telephone Al 4 5053, age 48, born NYC, April 18, 1894, Unemployed, contact Joe Riccca 515 E 13th Street NTC (MB)

Lillie Walsh communion circa 1904/1906.
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Lillie Walsh
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Eddie O'Neil
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Eddie O'Neil and Joan
March 27, 1923
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Peachy, Joan Eddie and Buddy

1272 Roof


Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Eddie and Buddy

June 1923

Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Lillie, Peachy, Joan and Buddy
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan




Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Lillie and the children


Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan


Harrison, New York

May 6, 1928

Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Tiger Lil
Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Lillie, Peachy, Eddie, Mary, Buddy and Joan

Long Beach, St James, Long Island

Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Peachy, Buddy, Joan, and Mary

St James Harbor


Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Joan, Kathleen, Peach and Mary

St James 1930

Kathleen was the daughter of William Walsh

Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Joan and Mary


Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Patty Mooney and Grandma Donovan

Coney Island

I love this photo. The contrasts between body types and appropriate clothing for a day at the beach are fabulous.

Photo from the collection of Joan O'Neil Donovan

Peach O'Neil and Nellie Goehle in Central Park
Photo from the collection of Nellie Goehle Burger

Joan Donovan

On April 3, 2005 Joan Donovan came to a clan gathering with part of her album of old pictures. In addition to the photos of her parents and siblings above the album included photos of several aunts and uncles as well as pictures of some of the cousins of Lillie Walsh and a picture of Lillie's father, Joseph Walsh. See:
Group Photos of the children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan
Photos of children and grandchildren of John Walsh & Fanny Feeney
Joseph Walsh

Can You Help?

Because of certain laws, I can only access New York City records up to 1910 for birth and the early 1930s for marriages and deaths. Consequently, I can only track the children of Joseph Walsh and Maggie Langan so far. Complicating this problem is the fact that Walsh was a very common name in the city.

If you have information about your parents, aunts and/or uncles and would like to share it with this web site, please contact me.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, copies of documents, or photos that you would like to share with this site, please contact me at maggi1@maggieblanck.com