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The Jubbs and Sheards in Mirfield

In February 2007 China King emailed me about her family of Jubbs and Sheards and send me a picture of a sample made by Hannah Sheard born 1817.

Thomas Jubb in Mirfield

Marriage: Thomas Jubb married Mary Milner 14 April 1818, Mirfield (IGI)


  1. William Jubb (1821-) and Hannah Sheard

    Birth: William Jubb christened 13 May 1821 Mirfield son of Thomas Jubb and Mary (IGI)

    Marriage: March 31, 1841, William Jubb full age bachelor, Easthorpe Lane son of Thomas Jubb publican, to Hannah Sheard full age spinster, Le-gard Bridge daughter of Joseph Sheard cloth miller witnesses John Walker, and John Wilson Mirfield Parish (copy of Marriage Certificate provided by China King, February 2007)


    1. Tom 1845
      March 1845, JUBB, Tom, Dewsbury, 22, 44 (Free BMD)
    2. Ann 1849
      June 1849 Jubb, Ann, Dewsbury, 22, 49 (Free BMD)
    3. Alice
      December 1851, Jubb, Alice, Dewsbury, 22, 93 (Free BMD)

    1851 Census: Easthorpe Lane, Mirfield, William Jubb head age 29, cordwainer employing apprentice, Hannah wife, age 33, Tom age 6 Ann age 1 all born Mirfield

    1861 Census: East Thorpe Lane Mirfield, William Jubb, head, age 39, boot shoe maker employing 3 men, Hannah, age 43, Tom, age 16, Ann, age 11, Alice, age 9 all born Mirfield

    Death of Hannah Sheard Jubb: March 1862 Dewsbury 9b 334 (Free BMD)

    Marriage of William Jubb and Elizabeth ? :

    1871 Census: Easthorpe Lane, Mirfield, William Jubb boot maker, age 49, Elizabeth wife, age 46

    1881 Census: Easthorpe Lane, Mirfield, William Jubb boot maker, age 59, born Mirfield Elizabeth wife, age 56 born Camberworth

    1891 Census: Sunny Bank Road, Mirfield, William Jubb, head, widow age 69, retired boot maker, born, Knapton Ann Searle, daughter age 41, born Mirfield, Sargent Searle age 37, ___ grocer, born Nothhampshire, Mat--y Jessie Risk (?) servant, 43, Albert RisK (?) lodger age 13,

    Other: Death Joseph Sheard Jubb Dec 1856 Dewsbury 9b 308 (Free BMD)

  2. Abraham Jubb (1823-) and Hannah Phyllis Amber

    Birth: Abraham Jubb 1 June 1823 Mirfield of Thomas Jubb and Mary

    Marriage: Hannah Phyllis Amber - Hannah Phillis AMBLER in the June Q at Halifax. Hannah was the daughter of Henry Ambler and is mentioned along with her husband in this article posted on Rootsweb: Rootsweb -West Riding - L Archives (China King, August 2007)

    1851 Census: Abraham Jubb, (Listed under Jalb, China King, August 2007) Worthingson (?) Hall, Ovenden, Yorkshire, Abraham Jubb, head age 27, college of surgeons London Licensed Apothecary, surgeon not practicing, born Mirfield, Hannah Phylis, wife, age 26, born Halifax, Abraham, son, 8 mo., born Halifax Mary servant

    1881 Census: 219 Akeds Rd,Halifax, Abraham Jubb, head, 57, general practitioner, born Winfield Yorkshire, Hannah, wife, 56, born Halifax, Emily, daughter, 26, born Halifax, Ruthellen, daughter, 21, born Halifax, Beatrick, daughter, 15, born Auckland, New Zealand and two servants

    Note: "The 1881 census lists a daughter Beatrick, born in NZ abt 1866, as a member of the Jubb household, but she wasn't his daughter...she was a Nicholson. Seems Mark E. B. Nicholson was a general practitioner with whom Abraham practiced." (China King, August 2007)

    More on Abraham Jubb:

Death of Thomas Jubb: 1825 (China King, August 2007)

Remarriage of Mary Milner Jubb: George Roberts, mechanic, Liversedge (China King, August, 2007)

1841 Census: Liversedge Eddercliffe, George Roberts, age 45, mechanic, Mary age 40, Rhoda age 10, Emeline age 7, Rebecca age 2, Absalom age 8, son, Hos--- ? age 5, son, adn William Jubb age 15.

Joseph Sheard and Elizabeth Sheard, Mirfield

Parents of Hannah Sheard who married William Jubb in 1841. See William Jubb above.

Birth of Joseph Sheard:

Marriage: Joseph Sheard to Elizabeth Sheard 26 December 1811 Mirfield (IGI)


  1. George 19 May 1814 Mirfield (IGI)
  2. Asa 10 Dec 1815 Mirfield (IGI)
  3. Hannah 15 June 1817 Mirfield (IGI)
  4. John 11 Apr 1819 Mirfield (IGI)
  5. Elizabeth 27 May 1821 Mirfield (IGI)
  6. Emma circa 1827 Mirfield (1841 Census)
  7. Luke circa 1831 Mirfield (1841 Census)
1841 Census: Ledger Mill, Mirfield, Joseph Sheard age 50, fulling miller, Elizabeth age 52, Assa son age 25 tailor, Emma daughter age 14, Luke son age 10

Note: There was another Joseph Elizabeth combination in Mirfield in 1841. Joseph born circa 1786, Joseph Sheard age 55 cloth m, Elizabeth age 43. at Wateroyde Lane, Mirfield. No children.

1851 Census: Mill Fold, Mirfield, Joseph Sheard, age 59, cloth fuller born Mirfield, Elizabeth wife, age 62, born Batley, Tutus Rushforth, nephew, age 34, cart wright, born Mirfield,

Hannah Sheard's Sampler, 1828 age 11

Image courtesy of China King, February 2007

Tom Jubb son of william and Hannah Jubb. Great grandfather of China King. Died 1916 at Poulton le Fylde, at the age of 71.

Image courtesy of China King, February 2007

Jubbs in Batley

Jubb in Batley

More Sheard Information

There were several Sheard Jubb marriages. For more information on the Sheards see:

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