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Meta Petermann's Hoboken Friends

My paternal grandmother, Meta Petermann, and her sister, Annie, remained lifetime friends with several women who they knew as children in Hoboken. In addition to Meta and Annie they were: Katherine (Tina) Bunger Heuer, Ella Olsen Fuller, and Emile (Mildred/Millie) Rost Benedix.

Meta, Annie, Tina and Millie were the daughters of German immigrants. Ella's parents were Norwegian.

Ella lost her mother at a young age and her father had remarried and started another family by the time Ella was 10.

Meta and Annie lost their mother when the were 13 and 12 respectively. Their father did not remarry and the family had a housekeeper.

Millie Rost lost her father at the age of 16 and her mother remarried.

Tina's parents both lived into her adulthood.

Meta and Annie lived at 36 2nd street (the corner of 2nd street and River street). Tina Bunger lived at 218 River street. Millie Rost lived at 214 River street. Ella Olsen lived in New Durham, North Bergen. River street

All the girls married in their early 20s. Meta, Annie, Tina and Millie had children. Ella did not have any offspring.

Meta moved to Smithtown, Long Island. Annie lived in Chatham, New Jersey. Tina stayed in Hoboken for many years and by 1940 lived in North Bergen, New Jersey. Ella lived in New York City and Hempstead, Long Island. Millie moved to Jersey City.

Meta Petermann Land

Meta Petermann was born in Hoboken New Jersey n January 18, 1886 to Johanna Berend/Bernard Petermann and his wife, Sophie Steuer. Bernard and Sophie emigrated from Germany circa 1883.

1901: Meta Petermann was confirmed Palm Sunday 1901 at St Matthaus, Hoboken. Her friend, Tina Bunger, made her confirmation the same day.

Meta met her husband, Percy Land in Hoboken. They were married in Smithtown, Long Island in 1908. Meta died in Smithtown in 1973.

For more on Meta go to Meta Petermann

Annie Petermann Wulpern

Perhaps Meta's closest lifelong friend was her sister, Annie Petermnan Wulpern, born October 24, 1887 in Hoboken. Annie married William Wulpurn. Annie died in 1975 in Chatham, New Jersey.

For more on Annie go to Annie Petermann Wulpern

Katherine (Tina) Bunger/Bunker Heuer (1887 - 1982)

Katherine (Tina) Bunger was born in New York in February 1887 to Claus Henry Bunger born Germany circa 1855 and Adeline Roarsen/Rofsel/Rhorsen Bunger born Germany circa 1855.

According to the censuses Henry and Adeline immigrated circa 1873.

1880: Claus Bunger Gender: Male Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1880 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Adeline Rohrssen Certificate Number: 2579, New York Marriages

Henry and Adeline had:

  1. Henry 1882

    Henry C Bunger 30 May 1882 Hoboken father Henry Bunger age 27 mother Rohrsen age 27 (LDS)

  2. Anna/Annis circa 1886

  3. Katerina/Katie/Tina 1887

    1887: Katie Bunker, Birth Date: 24 Feb 1887, Birth Place: New York City, New York, New York, USA, Residence Address: Washington Street 358, Certificate Number: 482967, Father: Henry Bunker, Mother: Adelena Bunker, Mother Maiden Name: Roarsen

  4. William c 1890

  5. Adeline 1890

    New Jersey births, Adte Bunger, 18 Sept 1890 Hoboken father Henri Bunger age 35, mother Adelline Rofsel age 35.

The family was in Hoboken in 1882 in New York in 1887 and again in Hoboken in 1890.

1895: Hoboken - Henry, Adelina, Henry, Anna, Catherine, Willie and Adeline

1900: 218 River Street, Henry "Bunker" 44, market meat, imm 1875, Adeline Bunker 44, 7 children 5 living, married 20 years, imm 1876, Henry Bunker 18, born New York, saloon, Anna Bunker 14, born New York, Tina Bunker 12, Feb 1888, born New York, William Bunker 9, born New York, Adeline Bunker 8, born New Jersey

1901: Katherine Bunger and Meta Petermann were confirmed Palm Sunday 1901 at St Matthaus Hoboken.

1902: Bunger, Annie operator 218 River, Bunger, Henry, driver, 218 River, Bunger Henry jr. bartender 218 River, Bunger, Katherine operator, 218 River Hoboken

1903: Bunger Henry 218 River, laborer

1905: 26 River street, Henry Bunger, 50, saloon, Lena Bunger, 49, Harry Bunger, 23, sales clerk, Annis Bunger, 19, Tina Bunger, 18, William Bunger, 15 Adelina Bunger, 14

1910: 218 River street, Hoboken, Claus Henry Bonger 55, laborer, steamship docks, Adelina Bonger 55, 5 children 5 living, Christina Bonger 23, saleslady department store, William Bonger 20, time keeper express, Adeline Boger 19, sales lady department store, (Note: Listed by Ancestry under Borger but clearly written Bonger.)

1915: Katharine Bunger Marriage Date: 1915 Marriage Place: New Jersey, USA Spouse: William H Heuer Certificate Number: 15190 - NJ Marriage index

Tina Bunger married William Heuer per 1930 news article in the Smithtown paper. He was born 16, May 1883. His WWI Draft Registration card listed him as a stationary engineer working at the Manhattan Club on Madison Ave., NY. - Tall medium, build gray eyes, brown hair.


  1. Grace

  2. Harryatt born March 14, 1919

    Married Louis G. Descoteaux (he died April 30, 2003). She died April 17, 2007. Survived by 5 daughters and three sons, nine grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Before retiring she had owned the Treasure Isle Gift Shop in Pasadena, Texas.

1920: Park Ave. Hoboken William Huer 36, engineer, building, Kathryn Huer 32, born New York, Grace Huer 3 Harriet Huer 0

1920: Hoboken, Ward 1, 224 River street, Bunger, Henry, age 64, laborer, express co., Adeline, age 64, janitress, apartment, both born Bremen, Germany.

1921: Death - Claus H Bunger Death Date: Jun 1921 Death Place: Hoboken City, New Jersey, USA

1930: Park Ave. Hoboken William Heuer 46, engineer stationary, Katherine Heuer 42, Grace Heuer 13, Haryatt Heuer 11

1930: Jersey City, Leonard street, Adeline "Benger" 74, married, William Benger 40, son, widowed, clerk steamship co, Philip Benger 16, grandson, clerk, market, William Benger 15, grandson

1940: 32nd street, North Bergen William Heuer 56, engineer, insurance, Katharine Heuer 53 Grace Heuer 22, file clerk insurance, Harryatt Heuer 20, file clerk insurance, Adelaide Bunger 84, mother-in-law, Listed by Ancestry under "Heder:

1965: William Heuer Social Security Number: 098-01-9575 Birth Date: 16 May 1883 Issue Year: Before 1951 Issue State: New York Death Date: Sep 1965

1982: Katherine B. Heuer, age 95 of Washington Township died at Washington Manor South following a brief illness. Predeceased by husband William. Survived by two daughters, Grace Hundt of Dayton and Harriet Descoteaux of Nashua, NH ; five grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Burial Paramus NJ Washington Memorial Cemetery. (Dayton Herald, Dayton Ohio 21 December 1982)

Katherine Heuer, Social Security Number: 152-36-6971, Birth Date: 27 Feb 1887, Issue Year: 1962, Issue State: New Jersey, Last Residence: 45459, Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA, Death Date: Dec 1982

Ella Olsen/Olson Fuller (c 1888 - )

Ella Olsen born circa 1888 to Martin Olsen and unknown.

Her mother died and her father, Martin Olsen remarried (second wife Hilda) and had another family -

  1. Edwin

    July 17, 1895 born Hoboken - married Bertha and worked for the NY Central RR Marine Department in Weehawken in 1942.

  2. Martha

  3. Annie

1895: Hoboken Ward 3, Olesen, Martin, Hilda and Ella. - No ages, no occupation

1900: Elm Place, North Bergen Martin Olsan 40, watchman, dock, Hilda Olsan 30, married 5 years, 3 children 3 living, Eddvin M Olsan 4 Martha Olsan 3 Annie Olsan 1 Annie Gill 25, servant

1905: New Durham North Bergen, Martin E Olson, Aug 1859, watchman, Hilda G Olson, Apr 1870, Ella M Olson, July 1886, Edwin M Olson, July 1895, Martha M Olson, Nov. 1896, Hillrine Olson, June 1895

1908: In 1908 Ella Olsen married Wilbur Fuller (Ella Olsen Spouse: Wilbur Fuller NJ Marriage index)

Wilbur Everett Fuller born 1879 had been in some trouble with the law in 1901 and 1902:

1901: "Wilbur Fuller, the burglar who broke into Mayor B. B. Ogden's residence several months ago has been sentenced to six months at the Rockland penitentiary for an offence at Goshen, N. Y." ( Keyport Weekly, Keyport New Jersey 12 July 1901

1901: Fuller, Wilber, Steuben County, crime p Larceny, court recorder, judge M Reed, date of sentence June 25, received at prison June 26, 6 months, $50 fine. New York Governor's Register of Commitments to Prisons

1902: Wilbur Fuller was released from the Rochester Penitentiary in January where he had served six months for robbery. He was indicted by a Monmouth county grand jury for a robbery at Keyport and was sent to the Frehold jail. He pleaded not guilty.

1902: Wilbur Fuller of New Durham was tried for Robbing the home of the lawyer Ogden at Keyport and was acquitted.

"A Notable case tried before Judge Heisley was that of Wilbur Fuller of New Durham, N. J. a young man 22 years old charged with complicity in robbing the residence of Lawyer Benjamin B. Ogden at Keyport. The chief witness against Fuller was Benjamin Hill, an old professional burglar, who was brought from the state prison, where he is serving a sentence of six years for another burglary committed near Jersey City. Hill charged that Fuller helped him rob the Ogden residence shortly after midnight on March 19. Hill was apprehended in Jersey City and convicted of the burglary. He then informed against Fuller. Hill gave strong testimony against Fuller. Fuller denied have been in Keyport with Hill, but admitted having been acquainted with him for two or three years. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty." (Asbury Park Press 21 February 1901
They were accused of stealing a lot of silverware. Benjamin Fuller, brother of Wilbur, testified in his defence. Wilbur Fuller also admitted that he had been convicted of petit larceny "in selling some things in Corning, N. Y." He claimed to be an actor.

1900: North Bergen, Seacaucus Rd., Sarah A Fuller 52 Benjiman C Fuller 24 Wilber Fuller 20, September 1879, cable splicer, Bertha Kotch 26, boarder

1909: Sing Sing Prison Ossining New York, Wilbur Everett Fuller, March 10, 1909, born Middletown NY, occupation, cable splicer telegraph lines, complexion light, eyes gray, hair light blond, age 29, 5" 8" 157 pounds, arrested New Durham NJ, wife, Ella M. Fuller 23 Allen Place West Hoboken, NJ. Sentenced March 5, 1909 re-sentenced Jul 14, 1909 3-0 to 5-3 crime ?verly L? 1st - arrested in Jersey City taken to Rockland Co Jail - Moderate habits, tobacco use, employed, father deceased mother living.

1910: Elm Place North Bergen, Martin Olsen 50, watchman steamship dock, marriage 2, born Norway, Hilda Olsen 47, marriage 1, 4 children 4 living, born Norway, Ella M Olsen 22, "c" (whether single, married or divorced c=???) Martha M Olsen 13, "s" (single) Edward Olsen 14, Anna Olsen 11, "Edward" Fuller, 30 son-in-law, Married 1, detective, steam railroad

1915: North Bergen, Elm Place, - Martin Olsen, 55, widow, watchman, Edwin Olsen, 19, fireman, Anna Olsen, 17, Marie Olsen, 18, mold maker

1918: WWI Draft Registration Wilbur Evart Fuller 43 Fifth ave. New York dob September 29, 1879 Superintendent Of Hotel, D. H. K. Realty Corp. wife, Ella M Fuller 43 5th ave New York - medium build, Medium height, grey eyes, light hair, fireman marine, born Hoboken, employer New York Central railroad - single

1917: WWI Draft for Edwin M Olsen 23 Elm Pl. North bErgen, July 17, 1895 mechanic medium build, brown eyes blonnde hair

????1930: 159th street, Queens, William Fuller 49, heating, Ella Fuller 42, born New Jersey, secretary, real estate, father Norway Mother Denmark

1940: North Franklin Street House Number: 86 Hempstead, Nassau, New York William Fuller 60, born New York, Ella Fuller 53, born New Jersey, teacher, on W. P. A. in great Neck High school

WWII Draft Registration: William Fuller 9 Center st Hempstead, age 62, dob September 29 1879 Orange co* New York, wife, Ella Fuller, employer, Fuller Locksmith co, 44 Columbia st Hempstead. eyes blue, hair gray, 5'10"

*Middletown is in Orange co.

The writing is the same on the 1918 WWI and 1942 WWII Draft Registrations. Except the WWI signature is "Wilbur" and the WWII signture is "William"

1942: WWI - Martin Edwin Olsen Birth 17 Jul 1895 Hoboken, New Jersey, USA Residence Place Hudson, New Jersey, USA Military Draft Date 1942 NY Central RR Marine Department, Weehawhen - West Shore Ferry

Mildred (Emile/Millie) Rost Benedix (1886 - 1973)

Millie Rost Benedix was born August 10, 1886 in Hoboken to Fred and Emile Rost.

Frederick Rost was born in Germany circa 1847.

Children of Fred and Emile Rost::

  1. Rost, Gender: Male, Birth Date: 18 Jan 1884, Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father: Fredk Rost, Mother: Emilie Woebbeking

    Death: 1967 - Charles E. F. Rost, Gender: Male, Race: Caucasian (White), Age: 82, Birth Date: 18 Jan 1885, Birth Place: Hoboken, N. J., Death Date: 17 Apr 1967, Death Place: Abington, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA, Father: Frederick Rost, Mother: Emilia W. Rost, Spouse: Rose Schneider Rost, Certificate Number: 039136-67,

  2. Emele E Rost, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 10 Aug 1886, Birth Place: H,oboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father: Fred Rost Mother: Emele Wobbing, FHL Film Number: 494205

  3. Anna

    Katharine A Rost, Gender: Female, Birth Date: 8 Jun 1889, Birth Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, Father: Fred C Rost, Mother: Emilie L Wubbking, FHL Film Number: 494214

    1916: Anna K Rost Maiden Name: Rost Gender: Female Marriage Date: 1916 Marriage Place: New Jersey , USA Spouse: Richard Darling Certificate Number: 08356

1885: Forth Ward Hoboken - Frederick Rust 20 To 60 Amelia Rust 20 To 60 Charles Rust 5 Years of Age and Under

1892: Frederick Rost 23 Garden H[oboken] Occupation: Hostler

1895: Fred, Emile, Chas, Emile and Anna

1898: Frederick Rost Residence Year: 1898 Street address: 214 River H Occupation: Hostler

1900: 214 River street Hoboken, Rost, Friedr Sept 1847, Germany, horseman, Emilie wife 1862 4 children 3 living, born Germany, Charles son 1885, drugstore, Emilie daughter Aug 1888, at school, Anna daughter ---- 1890

1902: Death Index Frederick Rost

??? Remarriage of Emile Rost: Gustave Shmutzler

1905: 214 River Gustva Shmutzler, Dec 1866, steam ship. Emily Shmutzler, Mar 1863, Charles Rost, 1885, machinist, Millie Rost, Aug 1886, Anna Rost, Jan 1890

Marriage 1907: Emile Rost junior to Charles Benedix

Emilie Rost, Gender: Female, Marriage Date: 1907, Marriage Place: New Jersey, USA, Spouse: Carl Benedix - NJ Marriage Index


  1. Edward 1909

  2. Eva circa 1911. Listed with them in 1915 not listed with them in 1920.

  3. Irving Lester Benedix 1914

    1914: Dutch Reformed Church, March 2, Irving Lestor Benedix, 790 Park ave, Weehawken, born July 16, 1914, in Jersey City, parents Chas A and Mildred nee Rost Sponsor: Anna Darling*

    *sister of Mildred Rost Benedix - married Edward Darling

    WWII Draft Registration: Race: White, Age: 26, Birth Date: 16 Jul 1914, Birth Place: Jersey City, NJ, Residence Place: Jersey City, Hudson, N.J., Registration Date: 16 Oct 1940, Registration Place: Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey, USA, Employer: Lietjen & Lang Drydock Co., Weight: 150 lbs, Complexion: Dark, Eye Color: Brown, Hair Color: Black, Height: 5 ft 10", Next of Kin: Mildred Benedix, mother

    1977: Irving Lester Benedix, Gender: Male, Race: White, Birth Date: 16 Jul 1914, Birth Place: Jersey City, New Jersey, Death Date: May 1977, Father: Charles A Benedix, Mother: Mildred "Ross", SSN: 157101399, Notes: Dec 1936: Name listed as IRVING LESTER BENEDIX; 05 Jan 1988: Name listed as IRVING BENEDIX

1910: Willow ave, Hoboken Gustav Schmotzler 44, fireman, factory, Amelia Schmotzler 47, marriage 2 4 children 4 living, janitress flat house, Anna Rost 19, step daughter, operator ribbon house

(No marriage listed for Sch-tzler or Rost on the NJ Marriage index)

1910: Jersey City, Benedix, Charles, age 35 married 3 years, born New Jersey, parents born Germany, salesman dry goods, Mildred, age 23, 1 child, born New Jersey, parents born Germany, Edward, age 1

1915: South Street, Jersey City, Charles Benedix, Jan 1885m Mildred Benedix, Aug "1897" sic age 27, Edward Benedix, 1908, Irving Benedix, 1914 Eva Benedix, June 1911

1920: South Street, Jersey City, Charles, clerk mail order, Mildred, Edward and Irving age 5

1930: Jersey City, Charles, Mildred, Edward and Irving. Hard to read Charles' occupation last part dry goods.

1930: Park Ave. Hoboken, Edward R Darling Head Male 50 New Jersey, salesman produce, Anna R Darling Wife Female 40 New Jersey Richard Darling Son Male 12 New Jersey Amelia Rost, Mother, Female 69, Germany

1940: South street, Jersey City, Chas A Benedix 55, clerk, Mildred Benedix 52, Edward Benedix 31, Irving Benedix 25

WWII DR: Charles Alfred Benedix, 156 South Street, Jersey City, born NYC Jan 9, 1885, wife, Mrs. Mildren Benedix, occupation, Montgomery Ward & co, 75 Varick Street, NYC.

Death: Mildred Benedix BIRTH: 10 Aug 1887 DEATH: Apr 1973 - Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States of America CIVIL: New Jersey

Mildred Benedix, Death Date: 30 Apr 1973, Death Place: Guttenberg, Hudson, New Jersey, USA

A Hoboken Reunion in Smithtown circa 1930
Meta Petermann Land had a reunion with her sister, Annie Petermann Wulpern, and three of their childhood friends from Hoboken on Long Island in February 1931.

The event was written up in the Long Islander on February 27, 1931.

Collection of Helen Land

From left to right: Annie Petermann Wulpern, Millie (Mildred) Rost Benedix, Katerine (Tina) Bunger Heuer, Meta Petermann Land, and Ella Olsen Fuller.

The boy peeking off the porch whose head can be seen near Millie's is Bud Land.

Collection of Helen Land

Sometime in the early 1960s I was at a party (or wedding) and met some of Meta's childhood friends. I introduced myself as the granddaughter of Meta Petermann. At first they did not seem to know who I was referring to - then they laughed and said: "You mean May-ta Pay-ta-man."

Heline Horman/Horrmann/Herrman/Harman/Hoermann (1854 - ) and her daughter, Clara Hormann Eitner (1877-1940), the Petermann's housekeeper

(Note - The spelling of the surname varies quite a bit.)

I was told by Helen Land that Clara Herrmann Eitner was the housekeeper for the Petermann family after Sophie Petermann died in 1899. However, the 1900 census indicates that it was Clara's mother Heline Hermann (and varieties of spelling), who was the housekeeper. Diana Wulpurn spelled the surname "Herrmann". In the 1900 census it was spelled Harmann. The Petermann family maintained some contact with the Hermann family until at least 1910 when there is a photo labeled by Diana Wulpurn that includes: Armen Eitner, his wife, Clara Hermann Eitner, their daughter, Helen Eitner, Christian Petermann and three unknowns.

1900: 36 2nd street Hoboken, "Buerhard" Petermann 54, Dec 1845, imm 1882, foreman docks, years in US 18, Johann Petermann 20, son Sept 1879, imm 1882, coach driver, Meta Petermann 14, Jan 1886, Annie Petermann 12, Oct 1887, Heline Harmann 45, servant, October 1854, 4 children 1 living, servant, housekeeper, years in US 10, Clara Harmann 24, daughter (crossed out), Apr 1876 tailoring, William Schlose 40, boarder, 1860, longshoreman

(Note - Christian Petermann is missing.)

1900 Marriage: Clara J. G. Hoermann, Gender: Female, Age: 24, Birth Date: abt 1876, Marriage Date: 16 Dec 1900, Marriage Place: Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, USA, Spouse: Armin Eitner, Film Number: 000589822

1910: Lincoln Ave. Staten Island, Armen Eitner 35, saloon keeper, hotel, Clara Eitner 34, married 10 years 1 child 1 living, Helen Eitner 8, August Rose 41, hired man hotel, Joseph Rapple 19 William Coughlin 56 George Holden 52, cook hotel, John Heasl 41, laborer hotel, Samuel Banesky 26, laborer hotel, Paul Samon 25, servant hotel, Josie Sentrywiss 18, servant hotel, Joseph Reds 31, roofer, beach hotel, Charles Schemberg 44, roofer, beach hotel, Alex Brown 51, roofer, beach hotel, Alex Brown Jr. 19, roofer, beach hotel,

1913: The Cathedral Club held it's annual outing at Eitner's in Staten Island In June 1913. About 70 members took a boat from the Battery to St. George and then by train to Grant City.

1915: Hotel Lincoln, Midland Beach, Richmond, Staten Island, Armin Eitner 40, hotel keeper, Clara Eitner 39, Helen Eitner 14, Robert Chroqa 27, bartender, Frank Sues 40, chef, Martin Vanbooven 23, dishwasher, Theadore Schoemburg 41, waiter, Adolph Converse 37, porter, Thomas White 29, waiter, Leo Elbrecht 29, Atel Mortorsen 26, Rick Van Beickle 34, Frances White 22


"Lincoln Hotel, Midland Beach, S. I. - A Eitner - Accommodations for 100 boarders. Open all Year. European and American plans. Concert and dancing every day and night. Fine German table. Regular dinners, 50c, 75c., and $1.00. Rhode Island Shore Dinners. Special accommodations for auto parties and associations. A few more fine bungalows to rent."

1920: Richmond, Staten Island, Midland ave. Armen Eitner 44, proprietor hotel, Clara Eitner 44 Helen Eitner 18, stenographer, broker, Martin Adler 40, boarder, Andrew Dumbrowski 56, servant, Hotel

1925: Richmond Staten Island Clara Eitner 49 Helen Eitner 23, stenographer

1930: Flagg Place Staten Island, Clara Eitner 53, widow, own home $7,000, Theodore P Schonhaus 28, son-in-law, amusements, Helen Schonhaus 28, daughter, Theodore Schonhaus 0

1940 Death: Clara Eitner [Clara Horrmann], Marital status: Widow, Age: 62, Birth Date: 26 Apr 1877, Birth Place: Germany, Residence Street Address: 630 Midland Ave, Residence Place: New York, Years in US: 42 Years, Death Date: 3 Feb 1940, Death Street Address: 630 Midland, Death Place: New York City, Richmond, New York, USA, Cause of Death: Broncho Pneumonia, Cernicions Aneimia, Burial Date: 6 Feb 1940, Burial Place: Fresh Pond Crematory, L I, Occupation: Home Home, Father's Birth Place: Germany, Mother's Birth Place: Germany, Father: John Horrmann, Mother: Helen Horrmann, Spouse: Armin Estner, Child: Helen Schouhow, Informant: Helen Schouhow, Informant Gender: Female, Informant Relationship: Daughter, Executor: Mrs Helen Schonhaus, Executor Relationship: Daughter, Certificate Number: 252

1969: Theodore Schonhaus, Social Security Number: 097-10-9208, Birth Date: 18 Mar 1902, Issue Year: Before 1951, Issue State: New York, Last Residence: 10306, Staten Island, Richmond, New York, USA, Death Date: Jan 1969

Lincoln Hotel - Midland Beach -Armin Eitner proprietor

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