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Henry M. E. Thorman

Birth: Henry H. M. Thorman was born in German circa 1845.


1875: Henry Thorman 30, provisions, George Thorman 17, provisions, John Thorman 29, provisions, John Garrettson 23, clerk, Annie Henken 25, stevedore, 96 Ferris, brick $3,500, own building.

Marriage: Meta, she died age 22 in 1874

Marriage: Anna


  1. Louis c 1878

    1888 Louis Thorman played the piano at a program presented by the German Evangelical Church in Saengerbund Hall in April 1888

  2. George c 1879

  3. Meta c 1881

  4. Addie 1889

1874: Thorman, Meta Magdelene Thorman, wife of Henry Thorman, of No. 189 Conover* st. on Friday 5 1/2 o'clock P. M. age 22 years, 3 [?] months, and 14 days after a very short but severe illness. (Brooklyn Daily Eagle Old Fulton NY Post Cards web site, July 2013)

*This was an addressed used by Berend Petermann in 1883.

1879: Diedrick Von Glahan, a driver, was arrested for embezzling $25 from his boss, H. M. E. Thorman of 208 Conover Street.

1880: Henry H. M. Thorman was listed in the US Federal Census, 1880 Manufacturers, non-population schedules, under FOOD PREPARATIONS as "provisions" valued at $51,000.

1881: Directory, 206/208 Conover Provisions

1884: The buildings at 206 and 208 Conover street occupied by M. E. Thorman a pork packing establishment burned and was badly damaged by the fire. The stock, consisted of pork in barrels, in the course of preparation for curing, was almost completely distorted. It was covered by insurance.

1885: A 12 year old boy stole ice from the sidewalk in front of the establishment of Henry Thorman, "produce dealer" at 20- Van Brunt.

1886: November, Henry M. E. Thorman a pork butcher on Conover street, was sued in July 1884 to recover a promissory note for $30,000. He had used his Conover street house and lot as collateral.

1892: Ward 6, Thorman, Henry 47, butcher, born Germany, Anna 36, Louis 14, George 13, Meta 11, Addie 3

1900: Thorman, Henry, age 54, provisions dealer, immigrated c 1875 naturalized, Anna wife, 45, Lewis 23, George 21, Meta 19, Annie 12

1902: Mrs. Henry N. E. Thorman age 45, wife of Henry N. E. Thorman was attracted at her residence on 54th street and beaten by three "bold" robbers who invaded her home. Her husband worked for Armour provision house in Williamsburg. Four children: Louis 24, George 19, Addie 17 and "Peter" who is married and does not live at home". She was all alone in the large detached home, as the children were at school and her husband was at work. three young men called at the house saying they were health inspectors and that there was a complain about Mrs. Thorman keeping chickens - which she denied. She was hit with an iron bar and her hands and feet were bound. They demanded money and jewels. She refused saying she had none. The men ransacked the house taking anything they perceived was valuable.

1910: 54th street, Henry M C Thorman 65, butcher, street, immigration 18-5, Anna M Thorman 52, 4 children 3 living, Adelaide A Thorman 22, --- officer, Marie H Jantzen 66, boarder

Probate: No

New York City Death Index:
Thormann Meta 22 y Mar 13 1874 2064 Kings
Thormann Henry M E 69 y Apr 24 1914 8813 Kings
Thormann George J 41 y Jun 7 1920 13674 Kings

THORMAN META M. 1874-03-16 21174 147
THORMANN ALBERT 1894-06-05 27263 135
THORMANN AUGUSTA 1871-10-02 20148 187
*THORMANN GEORGE JOHN 1920-06-10 20118 6
THORMANN JOHANN 1888-11-07 20118 6
THORMANN JOSEPH BURTRAM 1920-01-16 24415 142
THORMANN KATHERINE F. 1967-07-01 24415 142

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