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Devereux Emmet and Ella Batavia Smith

The name was spelled in the records as both Emmet and Emmett. On her application to the Order of Colonial Lords of the Mannor in America in 1927 Ella Smith Emmet gave the spelling as EMMET.

Birth of Devereux Emmet: Son of William J Emmet

The Emmets were related to the the Irish patriot Robert Emmet.

Although several golf club web sites state that "The Emmet family was listed in Ward McCallister's First Forty Families in America" other sources claim that the Emmets were not on the list complied by Ward McCallister for Mrs. Astor's ball in 1892. The Emmets were not listed in "The First Four Hundred Mrs. Astor's New York in the Gilded Age"" by Jerry E. Patterson (2000).

The Emmets were, however, listed in the first New York Social Register published by the Social Register Association in 1887. Listed were:

  1. Emmet, Dr. and Mrs Bache McEveis (Monson) at 18 E 30th st.
  2. Emmet, Messrs, 30 W. 49th st
  3. Emmet, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leroy (Johnson) - 61 Fifth Ave
  4. Emmet, Mr. and Mrs. T. Addis (Duncan) 89 Madison Ave
  5. Emmet, Misses 89 Madison Ave
  6. Emmet, Mrs. Thomas Addis, 242 Lexington Ave
  7. Emmet, Mrs. W. C. 30 W 49th st
  8. Emmet, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Temple Pelham, N. Y.

Devereux Emmet was a descendent of Thomas Addis Emmet. Thomas Addis Emmet (1764-1827) was a sucessful lawyer and politician in both Ireland and America. He was educated at Trinity College Dublin and the University of Edinburgh.

Devereux Emmet was a member of St James Church of St James.

Emmet family genealogy is available online.

Birth of Ella Batavia Smith: Ella Batavia Smith was the daughter of Judge Lawrence Smith of New York City and St. James.

In Ella's application to the Order of Colonial Lords on Manors in America written in her own hand on May 2nd, 1927 Mrs. Devereux Emmet stated she, Ella Batavia Smith Emmet, having been invited to become a member of the order, was a descendent of the Herr Kileen Van Rensselaer First Patron of the Colonie of Rensselaernych Province of New Netherland in Ny kerk Guelderland. She further stated that she was born at Smithtown, Long Island, New York on May 25, 1858 the daughter of Judge John Lawrence Smith born September 20, 1816 at Nissequogue, Long Island died March 19, 1889 at New York City and his wife, Sarah Nicoll Clinch born August 19, 1823 and died April 20, 1890, who were married February 4, 1845. That said Judge Lawrence Smith was the son of Richard Smith born July 13, 1779 in Nissequogue Long Island died November 30, 1830 and his wife, Eliza Willet Nicoll born April 28, 1789 in Mastic, Long Island, N. Y. died April 2, 1865 who were married July 20, 1808 in Mastic. That said Eliza Willet Nicoll was the daughter of Henry Nicoll born December 13, 1756 died April 9, 1890 and his wife Elizabeth Woodhull born November 30, 1762 died September 14, 1839 married November 7, 1781.

1880 Census: Pelham, Emmet, Wm J, age 53, secretary R. R. Co, Julia C age 50, Robert T age 25, son, U. S. Army, Rosina, age 25 daughter, artist, W. L. R. age 20, son, cadet midshipmen, Devereux, age 18 son, at college, Richard S age 16 son, Lydia T daughter age 14, C T son age 11, Thomas A son age 9, Jane E daughter age 6, Emmet, Lydia age 55 Sister, and a cook and three female servants, and one male servant

The Education of the Emmets:

  1. Robert Temple Emmet, West Point

  2. William LeRoy Emmet, Annapolis

  3. Devereux, B. A. Columbia 1883 & LL.B 1885

  4. Richard Stockton Emmet, student Harvard c 1911

  5. C Temple Emmet, 1868 graduate of Yale

Thomas A Marriage of Devereux Emmet and Ella Batavia Smith:

"The bride's gown was of white satin and point lace adorned with pearls. A wedding breakfast was served by Pinard, and about 500 houndred guests attended the reception in the afternoon...... After a three week honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Emmet will return to New York, but they will soon make thier home at Cooperstown, where the groom has a large estate."

New York Times, January 27, 1889

  1. Richard Smith 1889

    Marriage: Katherine Drexel Dahlgren, NY Times Jan 11, 1917

    They appear to have divorced.

    1923: New York Times, July 20, 1923 Mll. Mysie Bourchin, daughter of Colonel Louis Bourchin, Commandeur de la Legion d'Honneur and Madame Bourchin of Nice, France to Richard Smith Emmet son of Mr. and Mrs. Devereux Emmet of Sherrewogue, St. James Long Island.

    Death: Richard Smith Emmet, Birth Date: 28 Oct 1889, Death Date: 24 Jul 1966, Cemetery: Saint James Episcopal Church Graveyard, Burial: Saint James, Suffolk County, New York, Mother: Devereux Emmet, Spouse: Mysie Emmet, www.findagrave.com

  2. Devereux

    Passport Application: Devereux Emmet Jr Birth Date: 17 Jan 1898, Birth Place: New York, Age: 26, Passport Issue Date: 5 Jun 1924, Passport Includes a Photo: Yes, Residence: St James, NY, New York, Father Name: Devereux Emmet, Father's Birth Location: Pelham, New York, Father's Residence: St James, NY, to England and France, height 6 feet 1 inch, eyes blue grey, hair light brown, .

Passport: Devereux Emmet born Pelham New York 11 December 1861, no occupation, left US 16 November 1892, permanent residence St. James, New York, to Paris, Hotel Normandy, wife, Ella, minor child, Richard born 28, October 1889, and a nurse, description of applicant, age 31 5 ft 9 1/2 inches, grey eyes, light hair

1900 Smithtown Census: No address, Emmet, Devereux, December 1861, age 38, farmer, Ella B, May 1859, age 41, 2 children 2 still living, Richard S, October 1889, age 10, Devereux Jr, January 1898, age 2, all born New York, plus four servants

1900 Census Manhattan: Mrs. Emmett head age 40 no children on Park Avenue block 83 with three servants.

1910 Census,Smithtown: Three sisters Hallow Road, Emmet, Devereux, age 48, farmer Ella B age 49, Richard S age 20, Devereux, age 12, 7 servants including: butler, palor maid, laudress, ladies maid, kitchen maid, groom gardner and caochman 1917: New York Times, February 25, 1917, Sunday Section: Sports, Page 75

Devereux Emmet of the National Golf Links of America, winner of the Father and son tournament at Sleepy Hollow last year with Devereux Emmet, Jr., as his partner, and a course architect, has written in Golf Illustrated a strong attack on the U.S.G.A. ruling that...

1920 census: Smithtown, on Harbor Road: "Deveraux" Emmett head, age 60, farmer. Ella B Emmett, wife, age 60.

1930: West 55th Street Manhattan, "Devereaux" Emmet 68, architect, golf courses, Ecla B Emmet 69, Devereaux Emmet 31, architect golf courses, John R Sheehan 59, guest, divorced, George Antonius 38, guest, married, William M Smith 36, guest, married, Madeline Altmayer 57, guest, single, publicist publisher, Bertha A Pettenger 60, guest, widowed

1931: The December 1931 New York Social Register listed 35 entries for Emmett including Mr. and Mrs Devereux (Ella B. Smith) R. Ng. Gg. Cly. Lm Ned Cl'83 phone no 338 "Sherrewongue, St. James L. I., Mr. Devereux, Jr. R. K. H'23 same address"

Death of Devereux Emmet: Devereux Emmet born 1863 died 1934.

Death of Ella Batavia Smith Emmet: Ella Batavia Smith was born June 1858 died 3 June 1943.

Emmett Estate 1950: The 1950 tax maps includes two listings for D Emmett on the south side of Stony Brook Harbor in Head of the Harbor and on either side of Stoney Brook Road.

National Register of Historical Places: The estate in now on the National Register of Historical Places - 79 Harbor Rd, Head of the Harbor (113 acres, 9 buildings, 3 structures). Private dwelling.

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