Meta's Friends From Hoboken

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Tina Bunger seated on left. Meta seated on the right. Standing, unknown

This photo and the next three photos are tintypes. Because of the nature of the tintypes, the intregrity of the image tends to become compromised if I try to clean them up too much. I cleaned up most of the black and white specs in this photo, but otherwise left it as scanned. Notice the finger prints.

Meta seated on left. Other's unknown.

I cleaned up Meta's face and blouse a little, but otherwise left this tintype as it was scanned.

Meta seated on left. Tina Bunger, a childhood friend of Meta and Annie's from Hoboken, is standing behind her. Other's unknown.

The picture on the left is as scanned from the tintype. The picture on the right was cleaned up a bit and lightened.

Meta on the right. Others unknown. I cleaned this tintype up around Meta and left the rest as scanned.

The next series of pictures are photographs. They have been cleaned up as much as possible while trying to maintain the intregrity of the photo.

The woman on the left is Tina Bunger. The other women are not known.

Chatham circa 1925/26
Millie Rost Bendix (a Hoboken Friend of Meta and Annie's) and her family

Millie on left and Annie Petermann Wulpern on right.

(?), Millie (?) , Bill Wulpern, Annie Petermann Wulpern and Diana Wulpern

(?), Diana Wulpern, Annie Petermann Wulpern and Millie

A Hoboken Reunion in Smithtown circa 1930

Meta Petermann Land had a reunion with her sister, Annie Petermann Wulpern, and three of their childhood friends from Hoboken on Long Island circa 1930.

The event was written up in the local paper.

The women from left to right: Annie Petermann Wulpern, Millie (Mildred) Rost Benedix, Katerine (Tina) Bunger Heuer, Meta Petermann Land, and Ella Olsen Fuller.

The boy peeking off the porch whose head can be seen near Millie's is Bud Land.

From left to right, Annie Petermann Wulpern, Mildred (Millie) Rost Benedix, Katherine (Tina) Bunger Heuer, Meta Petermann Land, and Ella Olsen Fuller.

Percy is standing on the porch and some child is leaning out from the porch. His head is between Millie and Tina's heads. In this picture it is not possible to detrmine who he is. However, he is in the same possition in the photo above. In the other photo it is clear that he is Bud Land. Based on his clothing, it is the same person.

From left to right: Millie Rost Benedis, Meta Petermann Land, Annie Petermann Wulpern, and Ella Olsen Fuller.

This photo was obviously cut.

Percy Land with from left to right: Mildred (Millie) Rost Benedix, Katerine (Tina) Bunger Heuer, Ella Olsen Fuller, and Annie Petermann Wulpern.