The Naughtons of Shrule Parish

The Naughtons of Shrule Parish

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The Brynes of Moharra

The Naughtons of Shrule Parish

Penelope Naughton married Michael Byrne, date unknown (before 1831). The lived in Mohorra in Shrule parish. Their daughter Penelope (Nappy) Byrne (born 1835) married Mathias Langan in 1865. Nappy and Mathias' daughter, Maggie (1875) married Joseph Walsh in New York City in 1895.

There were Naughton in Shrule Parish in Mohorra, Mhologan, and Risduff

Naughton in Moharra

Mary Naughton

Mary Naughton was a sponsor for

  1. Winny, a daughter of Michael Byrne and Nappy Naughton, in 1838
  2. Honor, a daughter of Michael Byrne and Nappy Naughton, in 1846
The Nappy Naughtons

There were two Nappy Naughtons in Mohorra in the mid 1800s:

  1. Nappy Naughton, the wife of Michael Byrne, born circa 1817
  2. Nappy Naughton, the wife of Peter Mulrooney, born circa 1813
They were related in some way as Nappy 2 was a sponsor to the daughter of Nappy 1 and Nappy 1 was the sponsor of a daughter of Nappy 2. Most likely they were cousins.

Nappy Naughton was a sponsor of Thomas, a son of Michael Byrne and Nappy Naughton, in 1840. This Nappy Naughton was the wife of Peter Mulrooney. Peter Mulrooney was the other sponsor of Thomas Bryne.

James Naughton and Bridget Cahill

Birth: No later than 1819, probably earlier

Marriage: Bridget Cahill, unknown


  1. Bridget of James Naughton and Bridget Cahill, John and Mary Cahill, Mohorra, June 19, 1839

    4 year break

  2. Winny of James Naughton and Bridget Cahill, Martin and (can't read) Dunellen (?), January 31, 1843, Mohorra

  3. Honor of James Naughton and Bridget Cahill, Martin and May Kine (?), August 9, 1846, Mohorra


  • The parish records are very sparse or non-existing between 1846 and 1856.
  • James Naughton was not liste in the Griffith. He could have died before the Griffith was taken or have been living with another head of household.

Death of Bridget Cahill Naughton: Unknown

Death of James Naughton: Unknown

James Naughton and Honor Loftus

Birth: Circa 1830/31. Most likely the son of James Naughton and Bridget Cahill

Marriage: Honor Loftus, unknown


  1. Michael of James Naughton and Honor Loftus, Michael Naughton and Margaret Loftus, January 7, 1864, Tubbershare
Griffith: James Naughton was listed for the first time circa 1863. Since the Griffith started in 1856, they must have been living with some one else who was the head of household from 1856 to 1863.

There are the folliwng records for #13 Moharra where James was listed in 1863

  • No one was listed at #13 in the 1856 Griffith
  • John Burke, house + 25 acres was listed at 13 in book 2
  • 13 was not listed in book 3 (1860-1861 ish)
  • James Naughton replaced John Burke in (no date entered) Book 4 (1863-64 ish)
  • James Naughton was listed in books 5, 6 and 7.

1901 Census at #5:

James Naughton, head age 70, farmer, born Mayo
Norah Naughton, wife, age 62, born Mayo
James Connell, son in law, age 32 born Galway
Mary Connell, daughter, age 25, born Mayo
Catherine, daughter, age 22, born Mayo
Mary A Brown, boarder, age 20
Lizzie Brown, visitor, age 10

1911 Census at # 2: James Naughton, head, age 81
Honor Naughton, wife, age 71
James Connell, son in law, age 44
Mary Connell, daughter, age 36
Catherine, daughter, age 33
Note: The numbers on the Griffith appear to be consistent. However the numbers on the Griffith and two censuses do not correlate to one other.

Patrick Naughton

Birth: Before 1818, most likely earlier.

Marriage: Patrick Naughton to Bridget Varrily, witensses: Davy Duane and Mary Varrily, Mohorra, October 8, 1838

No record of children born in Mohorra or in the parish of Shrule

No record for Patrick Naughton as a sponsor

No record of Patrick in the Griffith

Naughton in Mhologan

Mhologan is located about a mile east of Mohorra.

Ned Naughton

Birth: Unknown

Before 1819 most likely earlier

Marriage: Unknown. Before 1839


  1. Mary of Ned Naughton and Mary Philbin, Thos and Mary Gibsey, August (?), 1839, Mhologan
  2. Michael, twin of Number 3
  3. Edmond, of Ned Naughton (no mother listed), Thady Mulroony and Mary Connell, Pat Naughton and Sarah Flannilly, September 30, 1840, Mhologan
  4. Michael of Ned Naughton and "Bgt" Filbin, Thos Mulrooney and Mary Laffy, September 7, 1842
  5. Bridget of Ned Naughton and Mary Filbin, April 1, 1844, Thos and Sarah Gibsey, Mhologan
  6. Pat of Edmond Naughton and Mary Philpin, Pat Murahan and Cate Kenny, August 19, 1846, Mhologan

Mary Naughton


Marriage: To Antony Donhoe, unknown


  1. Mary of Anthony Donhoe and Mary Naughton, Patrick and Mary Naughton, Aug (?), 1839, Mhologan

Michael Naughton

Certificate to Michael Naughton, March (?), 1845. Note: This was a certificate which was usually used to marry outside the parish. It assured that the groom was unencumbered.

Marriage: Mary Moony parish unknown, most likely in 1845, see certificate.


  1. Michael of Michael Naughton and Mary Moony, Thos Gibsey and Bridget Naughton, January 12, 1846, Mhologan

Naughtons in Risduff

I cannot find Risduff on a current map of the area. It was not listed in the Griffith.

John Naughton and Bridget Conner

Birth: Before 1812 most likely earlier

Marriage: Bridget Conner, unknown


  1. Jas of John Naughton and rest too dark to read, March 30, 1832, Risduff
  2. Mary of Jno Naughton and Bridget Conner, Michael Naughton and Mary Conner, September 15, 1834, Risduff
  3. Cl---, of Jno Naughton and Bridget Conner, Jas Naughton and Honor Biggins, September 11, 1836
  4. Bridget of Jno Naughton and "Kitty Glynn", Michael Kenny and Judy Malrooney, April 8, 1842, Risduff
  5. Judy of Jno Naughton and "Bridget Conner", Pat Kine and Cate Flood, November 30, 1842, Risduff

Michael Naughton and Winny Moran

Birth: Before 1818 most likely earlier

Marriage: Winny Moran


  1. Cate of Michael Naughton and Winny Moran, Michael Naughton and Mary Moran, December 22, 1838, Risduff
    Death: Another Cate was baptized in 1844
  2. Pat of Michael Naughton and Winny Moran, James and Cate Naughton, December 8, 1839, Risduff
  3. Mary of Michael Naughton and Winny Moran, Pat and Bridget Berne, July 26, 1841, Risduff
  4. Cate of Michael Naughton and Winny Moran, Jno and Bridget H---?, May 13, 1844
  5. Jno of Michael Naughton and Winny Moran, Pat Berne and Julia (?) Naughton, April 8, 1846

Death of Winn Moran Naughton: ??????

Michael Naughton and Winny Boyle

Marriage: Michael Naughton to Winny Boyle, can't read witnesses may be Malarky Berne and Mary Flaherty, May 5, 1856, Risduff

  1. Jno of Michael Naughton and Winny "Boyle", Pat Moran "or" Naughton, July 28, 1857, Risduff
  2. Michael of Michael Naughton and Winny Boyle, Martin (?) and Mary Naughton, July 17, 1859, Risduff

Michael Naughton and Mary Flahery

Birth: Unknown

Marriage: Mary Flaherty


  1. James of Michael Naughton and Mary (?) Flaherty, Ned Naughton and Margt (?) Kevil, January 23, 1858, Risduff
    Question: Is this the same Ned Naughton who lived in Mhologan?
  2. Michael of Michael Naughton and Mary (?) Flaherty, John Naughton and Judy Naughton, March 27, 1860, no place
  3. Margaret of Michael Naughton and Mary Flaherty, James and Mary Naughton, April 28, 1863, Risduff

James Naughton and Mary Blake

Birth: Unknown

Marriage: Jas Naughton to Mary Blake, Jno and Bab (?) Blake, May 31, 1845


  1. Jas of Jas Naughton and Mary Blake, Thady Naughton and Barbara (can't read), May (?), 1846, Risduff

    There is the break in the records during the famine and up to 1856

  2. John of James Naughton and Mary Blake, Michael Naughton and Kate Naughton, May 5, 1856, Risduff Peter of Jas Naughton and Mary Blake, Jno and Mary Blake, July 8, 1858, Risduff
  3. Jas of Jas Naughton and Mary Blake , John Naughton and Biddy Curran, August 30, 1860, Risduff
    Note: Biddy Curran was the wife of Thady Naughton
  4. Barbara (?) of Jas Naughton and Mary Blake, John and Mary Naughton, June 15, 1863, Risduff

Thady Naughton


Marriage: Biddy Curran


  1. Mary of Thady Naughton and Biddy Curran, Pat and Mary Curran, July 30, 1857
  2. Jno of Thady Naughton and Biddy C----, Patt Naughton and Mary Blake, July 17, 1859, Risduff
    Note: Mary Blake was the wife of James Naughton
  3. Michael of Thady Naughton and Biddy Curran, Ned and Kate Naughton, October 8, 1861, Risduff Note: Is this the same Ned Naughton who lived in Mhologan?
  4. Honor of Thady Naughton and Biddy Currin, Peter and Mary Naughton, April 1, 1864, Risduff

Other Records

Churched Mary Garvey alias Naughton, August 18, 1839, Risduff

Certificate to Michael Naughton, Risduff, February 21 (?), 1846

Peter Naughton was a sponsor of James of Stephen Connor and Bridget Moghan, other sponsor Ellen Mohan, September 21, 1838, Risduff

Naughtons Unknown

Bridget of Jas Naughton and Ellen Lypsky, Pat and Bridget (can't read), January 16, 1841

Naughton in Ballinrobe

James Naughton

Birth: James Naughton Born 1832 Ballinrobe County Mayo

Marriage: Bridget Naughton (nee Read) she was born 1831 Carracastle died 28 Aug 1885 Hanley Staffordshire.


  1. Margaret born 1860 in Carracastle, Ireland
  2. Mary Naughton born 1869 Leicester
    Marriage: James Shaw 13 Dec 1891 St John Longton Staff and had 7 children.
  3. Ellen/Eleanor born Jan 1861 Leicester
    Marriage: Edward Ruam born 1856 on 9th Jan 1881 Church School Hanley born in Ireland and they have 5 children all born in Staffordshire
Death of James Naughton: Died 27 oct 1893 Staffordshire

Above information from David Shaw the great grand son of Mary Naughton and James Shaw, October 2006

Other Records: has nothing for them in Leichester. Did not find them in other censuses.

1891 Census: Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, 141 Wood Street, Edward Ruane, heaad, age 34, coal miner (collier), born Co Mayo Ireland, Ellen wife age 30, born Witwich, Leicestershire, Edward son age 9, Hanley, Staffordshire, James son age 8, Mary daughter age 4, ditto, Mary daughter age 4, Whitwich Leicheshire, Margaret daughter age 3, Ibstock, Leichershire Bridget daughter age 1, Hanley, Staffordshire James Naughton, father, widower, age 52, coal miner (collier), Co. Mayo Ireland, Mary Naughton sister, age -2, -a-ter cupaponger (?), Ibsstock, Leichershire.

The name Naughton

Naughton, Naghten, Nocton, and Norton are derived from Neachtain, a personal name.

Edward MacLysaght in The Surnames of Ireland, sixth Edition, says

"Naughton O Neachtain. (Neachtain, a well-known personal name, may derive from the word meaning bright or pure) There are two septs of this name in the west. There are several variants including Nocton, Knochton, and Natton and the English name Norton is also used.

The Name Penelope

Penelope is listed as the Anglicized version of the Irish Finola, Finnguala, Fionnghuala, Fionnuala, pronounced (f'un-ual-a), meaning "fair shouldered". Donnchadh O'Corrain in Irish Names says that the name was "extremely popular in Ireland in the later middle ages especially among the O Connors of Connacht, the O Briens, the Mac Dermotts and other families". He says that Finnguala has not been popular since the 1700s, but that the form Nuala is still popular.

Both Penelope Nuaghton byrne and her daughter Penelope Byrne Langan were called Nappy.


  1. Shrule Parish baptisms and marriages (no deaths) from 1831 to 1863 (with a break of several years in the 1850s) on microfilm through the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.
  2. Parish records from 1831 to 1899 at

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