Bud (Edgar) Land and Agnes Goehle in Smithtown, Long Island

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The Riverside Inn, Frank Freide, Proprietor

Paper collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Agnes and Bud went to Frank Feidie's Riverside Inn for dancing and special occasions.

Riverside Inn from R.R. Bridge, Smithtown, L. I.

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Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Riverside Inn Smithtown , L. I., marked "X"

Bull Smith Monument marked "Y".

1950 tax map, map collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Hallock Acres

Bud Land said that he and Agnes lived in the Vincent House on Hallock Road from 1944 to 1945 (see photo below). In general they talked of living in Hallock Arces when they were first married. I believed that they lived in Hallock Acres from the time of their marriage in 1942 until after the birth of Edgar, junior in January 1943. It was alway said that I was born while they were living in the "Harbor House". I was actually born in the Bronx on October 22, 1944. Ed was also born in the city on January 3, 1943. Agnes's parents, Frank Goehle and Isabelle Walsh lived in the city until after the war and I believe that it was felt that city hopsitals were beter than those in the country. Tony was born on Long Island in 1947.

Bud wrote on the back of this photo

"Vincent house we rented on Hollock Avenue in 1944-45

Hollock Acres next to William G Jones"

Photo collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Agnes, pregnant with Ed, winter 1942/43, porch Hallack Acres (same house as above). "
Photo collection of Tony Land

Post 1951 tax map showing 101 North Country Road and Hallock Acres.

Map collection of Maggie Land Blanck

The Harbor House

I was born in the Bronx on October 22, 1944. However, Bud and Agnes always said that we lived in the "Harbor House" at the time of my birth. I am not sure where this house was except that it must have been near either St James Harbor or Smithtown Harbor.

The River House

The family was living in the "River House" when Tony was born in 1947. This house was on the Kenyon Estate along the Nissequoque River.

I remember a few things about this house. There was a steap unpaved driveway coming down to the house from the road. The house was set at the bottom of the drive fairly close to the river.

In the winter when it snowed it was a trick to get a car up and down the drive. Ed and I took Bud's skies and "skied" from the top of the drive down. Fortunately we fell off the skies which went out onto the ice and into the river.

We had two black Labrador retrievers, one was named, Jacko. Agnes was not wild about those dogs who did had some bad habits. The was no garbage service and we had to haul our garbage to a place in the woods about a mile from the house. One or both dogs like to "retrieve" the garbage from the dumps and we would have to go through the woods picking up the garbage that the dogs had tried to bring back to the house. However, the dogs were also good baby retrievers and would not let Ed and I go near the water. If we tried to go near the river without our parents present the dogs would grab us by the seat of the pants and bring us back to safer ground. One of the dogs was accidentally shot during hunting season. I'm not sure what happened to the other dog after we moved to town. I think he found a new home after he had a wonderful time attacking and shredding all Tony's baby clothes which were hung on the line to dry.

The "River House" did not have area electricity. Lights and such were powered by a gasoline or kerosene driven generator. The house was heated by a coal stove and there was a coal bin in the cellar.

Nissiquogue Road, Smithtown Branch, L.I.

No date.

Postcard collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Nissequogue Road runs on the east side of the Nissequogue River. The "River House" was on the west side of the Nissequogue river. However, in later years when we wanted to catch a glimps of the "River House" we did so from Nissequogeu Road. The river was quite narrow near where the house was situated.

This postcard shows the condition of the roads in the area. Until at least 1940 many of the roads were unpaved or impoved with gravel, stone, shell, or topsoil-clay.

"X" markes the approximate location of the "River House". "Y" marks the property of Meta Land at 101 North Country Road.
1950 tax map, map collection of Maggie Land Blanck

Ed and Maggie, The Swap Shop, 1946
Collection of Helen Land
During the War Bud worked for Republic Aviation. After the war, Bud and Agnes ran an "antique" shop called the "Swap Shop" in a building on Percy Land's property on North Country Road in Smithtown. Later Bud worked for an appliance store in Smithtown.

The hardware store in St James

Bud, Agnes, Ed, Maggie, Tony and Justy lived in the apartment over the Hardware Store.

Photo taken by Joan Land Davi, date unknown, from the collection of Helen Land

St James

Tax Map circa 1950, map collection of Maggie Land Blanck.

  1. Train Station
  2. Hardware Store
  3. Public School, where Maggie went to kindergarden and Ed went to second grade.
  4. St Philips and James Roman Catholic Church and School, where we went to church and where Maggie went to first grade and Ed went to third Grade.
  5. Grandma and Grandpa Goehle's house on Highland Avenue.
  6. St James Fire House

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