Virginia Azarian Semerjian (1905-1965)
BORN: Constantinople, Turkey
DIED: New York City

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Virginia, AKA Ermina and Eftik

Ermina Marta Azarian, the daughter of Apraham Melcon Jacob Azarian and Louzia Arevian, born September 15, 1905, baptized on December 4, 1905, Priest------, godfather, Anton Aslanian.

LDS microfilm #1037108, Surp Ohannes, Vosgeperan, Taksim, Istanbul.

See Abram Azarian and Lucy


Virginia immigrated with her father, Abraam on the S.S. Pannonia from Piraeus, Greece which arrived in New York October 26, 1920. See Abram

Eftek's was listed as 5ft. 2in. tall, brown hair and brown eyes, in good health. Her place of birth was listed as Sebastia, Turkey.

This information is taken from the manifest of the S.S. Pannonia available at the National Archives Records Administration, NYC Branch.

Marriage, 1921

According to her naturalization papers, Eftek Azarian, AKA, Virginia and Hermine, was married on March 6, 1921 in New York to Harry Semerjian. Virginia was sixteen years old and Harry was twenty nine.


  • I can't find the marriage certificate in New York.
  • There is a listing form Horoutune Semerjian but it is not Harry and Virginia.
  • There was an underreporting of marriages in NYC.
  • They may have been married in New Jersey.

    Harry Semerjian and His Family

    Immigration, 1909

    Harry Semerjian immigrated twelve years before he married Virginia.

    Artin Semerghian, 17, years old, single, male, jeweler, from Sivas, Turkey arrived in New York on March 23, 1909 on the S.S. Chicago from Havre, France. He stated that he paid his own passage. His nearest relative in Turkey was listed as his mother, Anna Semerghian. Relative or friend in US was illegible. Height listed as 5ft. 3 in. Place of birth Sivas.

    This information was taken from the passenger manifest of the S.S. Chicago available on microfilm at the National Archives Records Administration, NYC Branch.

    Harry's parents and brother also immigrated at some point. They were listed in the 1920 census.


    Harry Semerjian followed an ancient Armenian jewelry making tradition. Rich deposits of various metals in the Anatolian highlands encouraged an early development of metallurgy. Armenia is known to have been an early supplier of copper to Mesopotamia and Egypt. Armenia also had all the necessary ores to make bronze and became an important center of bronze-working techniques. The first advanced civilization in Armenia, the Urartians, were major producers of objects in bronze, silver and gold from the 9th to 7th centuries B.C. A major archeological site has been discovered near Erevan that includes many examples of this early metal work. The metal working tradition continued but invaders looted much of the subsequent metal work. There are, however, impressive remains of Armenian religious artwork in Vienna, Venice, and Jerusalem. These include crosses, chalices, incense burners, and Bible covers inlaid with precious stones. Other surviving metalwork that somehow escaped pillage includes heirloom jewelry and weapons such as daggers.

    1910 Census

    Harry Semerjian was listed in the 1910 census as a lodger, age 19, Turkish Armenian, immigrated 1909. alien, jeweler, store on East 25th Street, NYC

    Naturalization, 1929

    Harry Semerjian was naturalized in New York City, Certificate number 2987431 on May 24, 1929. On his Petition for Naturalization he said he was also known as Artin Semerjian, age 30, jeweler, color, white, complexion, dark, 5 feet 6 inches, 136 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, living at 245 E. 30th Street, New York City, born in Sebastia, Turkey on March 25, 1895, immigrated on the S.S. Chicago from Havre, France on April 15, 1909, and that his wife was named Virginia, born in Constantinople, Turkey.

    1920 Census

    Harry and his parents and brother were listed in Ward 18 Manhattan on East 30th Street:

    • Semerjian, Richard, head, married, age 50, immigrated 1915, alien, labourer, garage
    • Annie, wife, age 45, immigrated 1915
    • Arten, son, age 25, immigrated 1909, naturalized, jeweler
    • Edward, son, age 22, immigrated 1915, alian, operator tin foil
    Native language for all was Armenian; all born Turkey/Asia.

    Edward Semerjian

    Birth: 1897 Sivas, Turkey

    Immigration: Unknown

    Draft Registration 1918: Edward Semerjian, age 21, 307 E 31 Street NY born August 10 1897, Sivas Turkey, cant't read employer, 215 (?) E 22nd Street, name of relative Anton Desitacien (?), eyes brown, hair black.

    Marriage: Catherine (aka Peggy) Kaykjian (Kayekijian), date unknown


    1. A girl, died at age 4 days 1925
      Death Record: Baby Semerjian born January 19, 1925, female, died age 4 days, father, Edward Semerjian, born Turkey, mother, Kaykjian (no first name given) born Turkey, hemerage into the adreanles, difucult birth version and extractions, Manhattan #2815
    2. Edward Semerjian, infant 30 minutes old died at Metropolitan Hospital, father, Edward Semerjian, born turkey, mother "Peggy" Kayekijian, born Turkeuy cause of death, of cerebral hemerage, February 2, 1928, buried City Cemetery

    1930 Census: Edward was listed in the 1930 census at 178th Street; Edward Semerrjian, head, age 33, married age 26, immigrated 1913, mechanic, tin foil factory, Catherine Semerjian wife age 28, married age 23, and Virginia Kaykjian, mother in law, age 55. Catherine and Virgina immigrated in 1821. All born in Turkey; all native Armenian speakers.

    Death: EDWARD SEMERJIAN, 05 Aug 1897, Apr 1972, 43055 (Newark, Licking, OH), (none specified), 103-26-9070, New York, ( Social Secutity Death Index)

    Death of Peggy Semerjian:

    Harry Semerjian Draft Registration 1917

    Arten Semerjian, 307 East 31 Street, New York, New York, age 24, born May 26, 1894, Armenia, Jeweler Jo Cobern (?) next of kin, Anna Semerjian, same address, September 13, 1915

    Harry and Virginia in the 1930 Census

    Harry and Virginia "Semergian" were listed on Walton Avenue in the Bronx as follows:

    • Harry, head, age 36, married at age 26, jeweler, immigrated 1909
    • Virginia, age 26, married at age 16, immigrated 1914
    • Anna, mother, age 68, widow, immigrated 1921

    Rent $50 per month.

    The immigration dates for Virginia is wrong. She came in 1921. Are the dates reversed between Virginia and Anna? I do not know when Anna Semergian immigrated.

    Virginia's Naturalization, 1935

    "Hermine" Semerjian was naturalized in New York, Southern District of New York on June 22, 1936. On her Petition for Naturalization dated March 18, 1836, she said she was a house wife living at 1540 Walton Avenue, Bronx, New York, that she was born in Istanbul, Turkey on September 15, 1906, her husband was Harry Semerjian, that they were married on March 6, 1921 in New York City, that she immigrated to America from Athens Greece on the Pannonia on October 20, 1920 under the name Eftik Azarian. Witnesses were Christine Hartnett prison matron 1514 Townsend Ave. Bronx and Kathleen Jaffee housewife, same address.


    Harry and Virginia did not have any children.


    Harry Semerjian, jeweler, jewelry 47, Male, White, Birthplace: Turkey, Married, Head, Home in 1940: New York, Bronx, New York, Street: Townsend Avenue, Inferred Residence in 1935: New York, Bronx, New York, Residence in 1935: Same Place, Bronx, New York, Citizenship: Naturalized, Sheet Number: 61A, Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 42, and Hermine Semerjian 33

    World War II DR

    Harry Semerjian 1532 Townsend Bronx age 48 born April 7, 1896 "Serey" Turkey, name of person who will always know address "Regina" Semerjian, employer, Harry Semerjian.


    Harry Semerjian, Residence Year: 1944, Street Address: 125w45 Br Yant 9-8419, Residence Place: Manhattan, New York, Occupation: Jwlry Mfr, Publication Title: Manhattan, New York, City Directory, 1944

    Death of Virginia Azarian Semerjian

    Virginia died of cancer in New York City in May of 1965.

    Remarriage of Harry Semerjian

    Harry subsequently moved to California and remarried. I do not know the name of the second wife.

    Divorce: Harry Semerjian born 1895 Yvonne Stolz, birth year not listed, marriage year 1974, divorce Los Angeles Mar 1975

    Death of Harry Semerjian

    According to his Social Security death information, Harry Semerjian was born April 22, 1894 and died in L.A. in April 1983.

    Harry Semerjian Social Security #: 079288973 Sex: Male Birth Date: 22 May 1895 Birthplace: Other Country Death Date: 24 Apr 1983 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: Desteian

    Birth: 1895 Death: 1983 Inscription: "In Loving Memory", Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles Los Angeles County California, USA Plot: Enduring Faith

    Photos of Virginia Azarian and Harry Semerjian

    Ginnie Semerjian and Tom Blanck, circa 1947
    Courtesy of Julie Claveloux Rose

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