Melcon (Mike) Azarian (1901-1982)
BORN: Constantinople, Turkey
DIED: New Jersey



Milkon Azarian, the son of Abraham Azarian and Lousia Hagopian, of Galatia, born March 1, 1901, baptized on March 17, 1901, priest, Father Nourijian, godfather, Stipan Gougoujian place of residence, Ho Prgiz.

LDS film #1037106, Surp Savour, Beyoghle, Istanbul.

See Abram Azarian and Lucy


Malkon Azarian, 17 year-old, male, single, occupation, mechanic, able to read and write Greek, nationality Armenian, last address, Constantinople, arrived in New York on February 20, 1920 on the S.S. Britannia.

According to the manifest, this ship originated in Marseilles with a stop in Lisbon, Portugal. It does not indicate where Malkon boarded. Malkon listed his nearest relative in Turkey as his "cousin" Baptist Arevian of 71 Haviar Han Constantinople. He said his passage was paid by his "brother-in-law". Relative or friend in the United States was his "brother-in-law", Parnag Sirabian of 339 East 23 St., New York.

Melkon was listed as 5ft. 6in. tall, black hair, chestnut eyes, in good health. His place of birth was Constantinople.

The above information was taken from the S.S. Britannia's manifest available on microfilm at the National Archives, NYC Branch.

The information I have been able to find on Parnag Sirabian does not lead me to believe that he was really related to the Azarian's in any way. At the immigration of Virginia and Abraham in 1920 Harry Semerjian was listed as a "brother-in-law". He was actually the intended husband of Virginia. Perhaps Parnag was the brother of an intended spouse for Melcon. Parnag's naturalization papers state that he was born in Sivas, Turkey on January 15, 1884 and immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy on the Perugia, on the 26th of May 1911. In his 1920 Declaration of Intention, he stated that he was widowed and his wife's name had been Sara. By 1925, when he was naturalized, he was employed as a fireman and was married to Haiganoush, who was born in Sivas, Turkey in 1890. They had one child named Arpene, born in New York on June 2, 1922. I could not find Parnag Sirabian in the 1920 census (As of September 2010). According to the SSDI Parnag Serebian died in April 1963 and Haiganoush Sirabian born September 10, 1888 died August 1979 in Flushing, New York.

Note: As an example of how difficult it may be to find immigration information Parnag Sirabian provided proof of his immigration showing that he arrived in the US under the name Paruak Sidabian. Paruak Sidabian age 30 labourer born Turkey last residence Constantinople, relative in Turkey mother Marthe, destination New York to his brother in law can't read, 331 E 23rd Street, NYC.


Malkon Azarian was naturalized in the Court of Common Pleas in Hudson County, New Jersey.

He filled out a Declaration of Intention in December of 1920. At that time he listed himself as single, living at 183 Clinton Avenue, West Hoboken.

In the later Petition for Naturalization he says he was born March 25th, 1901 in Constantinople. He said he sailed from Marseilles, France on the Brittania and arrived on April 20th, 1919. He states that his last residence before entering the U.S. was Lisbon, Portugal. (He actually arrived in New York on February 20th, 1920. See immigration above.)

He was granted naturalization in 1926. At that time he still says he is single. His address is given as 285 Bergenline Avenue, Union City.

Information on the Naturalization of Malkon Azarian taken from the Court of Common Pleas in Jersey City, New Jersey.

1930 Census

9th street, Union City, Abraham Azarian 65, widow, born Turkey, Armenian, imm 1920, Malcone Azarian 29, repairer rugs, born Turkey, Armenian, single, imm 1919, Alice Azarian 18, imm 1921, born Turkey, Armenian, operator dresses, Mary, daughter age 14 imm 1921.. All spoke Armenian at home. April 24, 1930. (Names/ages of Alice and Mary were transposed.)

1940 Census

Eagle Ave Bronx Sheet 4A Ed 49: Azarian, Melco, head age 34, born Turkey, naturalized, salesman dry cleaners, Vera age 29, wife born Massachusetts, Methune Massachusetts, On an odd page listed with a hodge podge of people and taken by the same census taker in Ed 49 sheet 61A is listed: Azarian, Abraham father, age 80 wd, born Turkey, "Al" (not naturalized). I believe that this is Abraham who somehow got separated from Melcon in the listing. They were reported to have been living with each other in 1940.

The inferred residence for Vera in 1935 was Methuen, Mass. For Melcon it was the Bronx.


New York Times August 19, 1956

Two-family dwellings with four and five-room apartments are planned by Michael Azarian on Pasadena Avenue in Lodi. Each unit will have two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. Financing has been arranged by Northern Jersey Mortgage Associates.

Mike and Abram

My understanding is that Malkon and Apram were living together after the death of Lotzika. Alice told me years ago that she preferred to live with one of her sisters than to live with her father and brother, because they were so messy.

They were listed together with Alice and Mary in the 1930 census in Union City. Go to The Azarians in the 1930 Census


Some family members say that:

Mike's daughter Chris wrote in December 2002.

" To my knowledge my Dad was only married once. My parents were married on April 14, 1940. My mother gave birth to their first child in early April 1941. "Melcon, Jr" died on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1941 of "complications". They were living with my Dad's father, who died soon after, of a "broken heart", so I was told. My mother never really got over her loss... she always wondered what she should have done or could have done to save her baby."
Melcon Azarian Marriage Year: 1940 Marriage Place: Methuen, Massachusetts, USA Index Volume Number: 115 Reference Number: F63.M36 v.115


Birth: 17 April, 1910 - Metheune, Mass. (or Turkey?)


Mike and Vera had:

  1. Baby Azarian
    Birth: Melcon Azarian Jr, Birth Date: 29 Mar 1941, Birth Place: Bronx, New York City, New York, USA, Certificate Number: 3804

    Death: New York City Death Record for the Bronx 1941 # 3811 lists:

    Baby Azarian, address, 825 Eagle Avenue, Bronx, New York, born March 29, 1941, son of Melcolm Azarian, born in Armenia, and Vera Abigian, born in Armenia, died in St Francis Hospital in the Bronx on April 13, 1941 at 4 AM, age 14 days. Cause of death "Intestinal obstruction due to ulcerative colitis". It appears that an operation was performed on April 12. Other information on the death certificate says "Operation date of 4/12/41" Condition for which performed "intestinal obstruction". I cannot read the "Place of Burial".
  2. Melcon/Michael (Mickey)

  3. Christine

    Married Douglas P Yarosz in 1970.

Death of Vera Azarian

Vera Azarian, Birth: 17 Apr 1910, Death: Jul 1982 - Manahawkin, Ocean, New Jersey

Death of Melcon Azarian

Melcon Azarian, Birth: 12 Mar 1902, Death: 4 May 1990 - Lodi, Bergen, New Jersey.

Note Mike's Social Security card was issued in Connecticut before 1951, SSN 048-16-5637.

Mike Melcon Azarian, age 89, ex-Lodi Realtor and former boxer:

"He was the proprietor of M. Azarian Realtors of Lodi. Born in Constantinople - now Istanbul - Turkey, and educated in Paris, Mr. Azarian arrived int the United states as a teenager and became a professional boxer in new York City in the 1920s. During the 1940s he worked as a tailor." (Hackensack Record May 8, 1990)
Buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Methuen, Mass.

Photos of Mike
I have hardly any photos of Mike by himself

I clipped this photo of Mike from a picture of he and Abram together. See Abram
Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

Mike with his daughter, Chrissie
Alice and Mary in background
Standish Avenue, Hackensack, circa 1957
Collection of Thomas Blanck

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

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