Mary (Helen) Azarian Iorio (1910-1996)
BORN: Constantinople, Turkey, 1910
DIED: Pompano Beach, Florida, 1996

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Birth 1910

Mary AKA Hephine, Helen and "Auntie NoNo".

Heghine Miriam Arivian Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian and "Linsi" Hagopian, born September 22, 1910, baptized on ----21 1910, priest "Ekmikjian", godfather, Batist Arivian, place of residence, Chechtik (?) Galatia".

LDS film #1037106, Surp Savour, Vosgeperan, Taksim, Istanbul.

See, Abram Azarian and Lucy

In 1934 Helene Azarian obtained a record of her baptism from the Armenian Catholic Church in Constantinople. The document is in French and reiterates the information on the LDS microfilms. Copy of this document courtesy of Neil and Connie Iorio June 2011.

Immigration, 1921

Heghine, age 7, immigrated with her mother, Lucy, and her sisters, Anna and Alice on the S. S. Calabria which arrived in New York on May 15, 1921. See, Lucy

Heghine was listed on the ship's manifest as able to read and write Armenian. She was described a 4 ft tall, dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes, in good health, born in Sevastia.

Communion, 1924

Mary Azarian had a prayer book inscribed, "Mary Azarian, 612 Savoy Street, West Hoboken, New Jersey. Received in January 27, 1924, from St. Anthony's Church, Union City." Courtesy of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli.

Mary Azarian in the 1930 Census

Mary Azarian was listed in the 1930 census in Union City with her father, Abraham, her brother, Melcon, and her sister, Alice. Go to The Azarians in the 1930 Census

Marriage, 1930

Anthony Iorio of Hoboken, N.J. and Helene M. Azarian of Union City, N. J. married in Union City October 20, 1930 in Judge Ru--- Court, Union City. Witnesses: Paul Simone of Union City and Amelia M Simone both of Union City.

There is also a certificate from St. Francis R. C. Church in Hoboken which contains the same information.

Copies of marriage documents courtesy of Connie and Neil Iorio, June 2011


They had two children:

  1. Neil, born September 2, 1934
  2. Lucille, born January 14, 1941


No 3760776 Helene Mary Iorio age 24, female, complexion dark, eyes brown, hair brown, 5 feet 3 inches, 148 pounds, married, born Turkey residing at 424 -17th St. Union City, N. J. Common Pleas, Hudson County, petetioned September 26, 1934. Granted November 23 1934.

Iorio in the 1940 Census

Did not find as of August 2012.

Death of Anthony Iorio

Anthony Iorio, born May 19, 1908, died 25 August 1989 Brick, Ocean Co. New Jersye (SSDI)

According to the Social Security death index and Lucille Ioio Gaudelli, Anthony Iorio was born on May 19, 1908 and died in Brick, New Jersey on August 25, 1989.

Death of Mary Azarian Iorio

Mary died in Pompano Beach Florida on March 26, 1996.

Information Provided by Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

  • Father, Anthony Iorio, born May 19, 1908 in Hoboken, New Jersey, died on August 25, 1989 in Brick, New Jersey.
  • Married October 20, 1930 place unknown.

    "They met on a blind double date with their best friends."

  • Lucille born on January 14, 1941 in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • Lucille married John Gaudelli who was born on January 3, 1937 in Queens, New York.

    " We met at NYU in 1959. I was a freshman and John was a big wheel on campus."

    John died on June 25, 1989 in Pompano Beach, Florida.

  • Lucille and John had two children:

    1. John born on November 1, 1964 in Heidelberg, Germany
    2. Marianne born October 2, 1968 in Columbus, Georgia.

      Marianne married Billy Caneso. They are now divorced.

Information Provided by Neil Iorio

  • Father, Anthony Iorio, born May 20, 1908 in Hoboken, New Jersey.
  • Mary and Anthony were married in either Hoboken of Union City, New Jersey.
  • Neil was born September 2, 1934 in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • Neil married Connie Vroeginday who was born on March 20, 1934 in Clifton, New Jersey.

    They met in August 1954 at the 12th Avenue beach in Belmar, New Jersey. Connie says, "I lived in Belmar every summer. Neil approached me as I came out of the ocean and asked for a date. He liked my blond hair."

  • Neil and Connie had three children:
    1. Donna Lee born on December 9, 1959 in Passaic, New Jersey. Donna married George Rothwell on May 15, 1982. George was born on April 11, 1951 in Hawthorne, New Jersey. They met in 1980 while working in a retail store in Paramus, New Jersey. They have three children:
      1. Steven Anthony born on June 25, 1982
      2. Suzanne Lee born on June 13, 1986
      3. Samantha Lynn born on December 26, 1990.

    2. Karen Ruth was born on March 28, 1962 in Passaic, New Jersey. Karen married John Gold on November 12, 1994. John was born on November 15, 1966 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Karen and John met in 1991 at the University of Colorado in Denver where they were both working. Karen and John have:
      1. Benjamin John born August 7, 1997.
      3. SOPHIA ELAINE GLOD BORN 6/12/02

    3. Thomas Anthony was born on August 4, 1965 in Passaic, New Jersey. Tom married Aimee Martinez on September 23, 1995. Aimee was born on January 1, 1969 in Bogota, New Jersey. They met in 1990 in Englewood, New Jersey while working as servers in a restaurant. They have:
      3. Isabella Rose Iorio Born May 8, 2010

    The Iorio Family

    Antonio Iorio and Anna

    Birth: Son of Giuseppi and Avitalla born Nola Napoli, Italy

    Marriage: Anna


    1. Nicolo


      Other: Nicolo was listed as the uncle of Antonio (Anthony) at his return to the states in 1914. Nicolo was living in Nola at that time.

    2. Aniello Iorio and Rosalie Vecchione and Giovanna _______

      Birth: Nola, Naples, Italy, December 14, 1881

      Immigration: April 17, 1904 from Naples on the 31 of March, on the CALABRIA, line 22, page 3, Iorio Aniello, age 22, single, mason, born Nola to brother in law (can't read surname [san?etta??]), Pasquale, Green St 104*, Troy New York first time in US.

      No captain listed. No tally of number of persons in steerage but there were 37 pages of 30 persons per page for a total of 1,110 people in steerage.

      Listed by Ancestry under TORIO

      The Steamship Calabria, owned by the Anchor Line, was built in 1901. The ship was scrapped in 1923. The Anchor Line went out of pier 29 in Brooklyn in 1911.

      *This could indicate he had a sister in the states.

      Did he go to Troy?

      Marriage: Rosalie Vecchione of Brooklyn (per Lucille Iorio Gaudelli, March 2011).

      I did not find a listing in the Grooms or Brides NYC indexes.

      Rosalia Vecchione was listed as the mother of Anthony Iorio at his baptism in 1908. I cannot find anything on Rosalie Vecchione on as of July 2011.


      1. Anthony Iorio and Helene Azarian

        Birth: Anthony Iorio, May 19 1908, Hoboken*, New Jersey (*per immigration in 1914)

        Baptism: Chiesa di San Francesco Hoboken, New Jersey, Antonio Iorio figli de Aniello Iorio and Rosalia Vecchione 19 Maggio 1908 baptized 30 Maggio 1908 Padrini: Giuseppe De Lenno and Teodoria M------

        Note: Family history says that Rosilie died in childbirth and Anthony was raised by relatives for 2 years. Subsequently he was taken to Italy where he remained until he was 6 years old. His father had remarried by the time of his return.

        Note: I checked the New Jersey state archives and I could not find either the birth of Anthony Iorio in 1908 (or years one either side), nor the death of his mother, who is said to have died "giving birth". At home births were frequently not recorded. The death should have been recorded.

        1914 return from Italy of Anthony Iorio: 1914, August 11, on the AMERICA from Napoli to New York, Iorio, Antonio, 6 years, last residence Nola, nearest relative in Italy, uncle Nicola Iorio, final destination, N. J. Hoboken, father Aniello, to his father, "Antonia Iorio born Hoboken New Jersey 5/19/08 St Frances parents contact". Not listed at the end of the manifest as detained. Listed under "Antonio Torio"

        There were others from Nola listed on either side of him - No obvious relationships.

      Death of Rosilie Vecchione Iorio:

      Remarriage of Aniello Iorio: Giovannina ________

      There is a potential marriage I need to check out. 1914 Manhattan #352 between Aniello Iorio and Giovanna Marolla December 1913.


      1. Joseph Anthony Iorio, May 17, 1915 - Died January 1984

        Marriage: Bianca (Per Connie Iorio March 2011) Longobucco (Mary Ann Swaim, July 2012)


        1. Joseph Jr.

        2. Johanna, Died December 2003 in a scuba diving accident

        Service WWII ??: Enlistment Date: 14 Mar 1944 Enlistment State: New Jersey Enlistment City: Fort Dix Branch: No branch assignment Branch Code: No branch assignment Grade: Private Grade Code: Private Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men) Source: Civil Life Education: 1 year of high school Civil Occupation: Semiskilled chauffeurs and drivers, bus, taxi, truck, and tractor Marital Status: Married Height: 00 Weight: 000, WWII Enlistment

        Death of Joseph Iorio born 1915:

        Joseph Iorio SSN: 140-01-4035 Last Residence: 93010 Camarillo, Ventura, California, United States of America Born: 7 May 1915 Last Benefit: 93010 Camarillo, Ventura, California, United States of America Died: Jan 1984 State (Year) SSN issued: New Jersey (Before 1951) Social Security Death Index

        Joseph Anthony Iorio Social Security #: 140014035 Sex: Male Birth Date: 7 May 1915 Birthplace: New Jersey Death Date: 26 Jan 1984 Death Place: Los Angeles Mother's Maiden Name: Niapolta* California Death Index

        Joseph A Iorio Birth Year: 1915 Race: White, Citizen (White) Nativity State or Country: New Jersey State of Residence: New Jersey County or City: Hudson

        * This is the only record listed by Ancestry with the surname "Niapolta"

        In July 2012 Mary Swaim wrote that Joseph Iorio was married to her mother's sister. He was one of my favorite uncles - he moved to California due to severe asthma and dry air helped him. He was a milkman and then a postman - going door to door. He loved it. His daughter Johanna was on the Johanna Farms milk calendar when she was young - she was beautiful."

      2. Vincent T Iorio, January 10, 1917 - died 1998

        Marriage: Anna Varsalone


        1. Jo Anna

        2. Nicholas

        3. Salvador

        Service WWII: Vincent T Iorio Birth Year: 1917 Race: White, Citizen (White) Nativity State or Country: New Jersey State of Residence: New Jersey Enlistment Date: 5 Feb 1942 Enlistment State: New Jersey Enlistment City: Newark Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Grade: Private Grade Code: Private Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law Component: Army of the United States - includes the following: Voluntary enlistments effective December 8, 1941 and thereafter; One year enlistments of National Guardsman whose State enlistment expires while in the Federal Service; Officers appointed in the Army of Source: Civil Life, WWII Enlistments

        Education: 4 years of high school Civil Occupation: Semiskilled routemen Marital Status: Married Height: 67 Weight: 141 Vincent T. Iorio SSN: 140-01-1815 Last Residence: 08757 Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey, United States of America Born: 10 Jan 1917 Died: 17 May 1998 State (Year) SSN issued: New Jersey (Before 1951) Social Security Death Index

        Death: Name: Vincent T Iorio Service Info.: TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II Birth Date: 10 Jan 1917 Death Date: 17 May 1998 Cemetery: Bg William C Doyle Vet's Mem Cem Cemetery Address: 350 Provinceline Road Wrightstown, NJ 08562 Buried At: Section L Site 18134, US Vterans Gravesites

        Vincent T. Iorio SSN: 140-01-1815 Last Residence: 08757 Toms River, Ocean, New Jersey, United States of America Born: 10 Jan 1917 Died: 17 May 1998 State (Year) SSN issued: New Jersey (Before 1951)

      3. Nicholas, 1919

        Death of Nicholas Iorio: Missing in Action October 1945

        Nicholas A Iorio, Gender: Male, Race: White, Religion: No Record, Disposition: Nonrecoverable, Service Branch: Navy, Rank: Aviation Radioman 2nd Class Service Number: 7076351

        Nicholas A Iorio Date of Loss: 1 Branch: U.S. Navy Rank: ARM2 Service Number: 7075351 Status: Missing in Action

        Nicholas A Iorio, Inducted From: New Jersey, Rank: Aviation Radioman Second Class, Combat Organization: United States Navy Reserve, Death Date: 24 Oct 1945, Monument: Fort William Mckinley, Manila, The Philippines, Last Known Status: Missing, U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal

        Nicholas Anthony Iorio, Relative Name: Mr. and Mrs. Aniello Iorio, Relative Relationship: Parents (Parent), State: New Jersey, Country: United States, Type of Casualty: Killed In Action, Roll: ww2c_27

      World War I Draft Registration: Aniello Iorio 612 Grand Street, Hoboken age 36, dob, December 13, 1881, naturalized citizen, baggage porter, Lackawanna Rail Road, Hoboken, Giovannina (wife), medium height, medium build, brown eyes, black hair, Sept 12, 1918.

      Listed under TORIO by

      World War II Draft Registration:

      Aniello Iorio, 305 Monroe St. Hoboken, age 60, place of birth, Nola, Italy, December 14, 1881, employer, Lackawanna R R Hoboken, wife Mrs. A Iorio.

      Death of Aniello Iorio: Febraury 29, 1968 (C Iorio March 2011)

      Death of Giovannina Iorio: December 1968 (C Iorio, March 2011)

      1910 Census: Did not find them

      1920 Census: Did not find them

      1930 Census Hoboken: 403 Adams Street, Iorio, Neil, head, R $21, age 48, age at first marriage 31, born Italy, porter, railroad, Anna, age 48 married at 31, born Italy, Anthony, age 21 born New Jersey, salesman dairy products, Joseph, age 14, born New Jersey, Vincent, age 12 born New Jersey, Nicholas, age 11 born New Jersey

      Note: Listed by under TARIO


      Nola is in the Province of Napoli, Region of Campania, Italy. Nola is an ancient city situated on the plain between Mount Vesuvius and the Apenennines sixteen miles east north east of Naples.

    3. Paul - [Paolo] listed by Lucille in the 1950s

    4. Avitalla - listed by Lucille in the 1950s

    5. James - [Jacomo] listed by Lucille in the 1950s

    6. Bridget - [Brigitta] listed by Lucille in the 1950s

    7. Philomena - listed by Lucille in the 1950s

    8. Joseph - [Giuseppi] listed by Lucille in the 1950s

  • Photos of Mary
    Lucille Iorio Gaudelli lent me all the photos that she had of Mary and Anthony

    Mary circa 1923
    Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

    Mary and Anthony Mary circa 1933
    Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

    Lucille, Neil and Mary circa 1943 Mary, Anthony and Lucille circa 1943.
    Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli Collection of Lucille Iorio Gaudelli

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