Christine Azarian Pace (1899-1978)
BORN: Constantinople, Turkey
DIED: Bogota, Columbia



Kristine Azarian, the daughter of Abraham Azarian and "Liousi" Arevian, born March 8, 1899, baptized on March 28, 1899, priest, Bishop Gomitas, godfather, Avitis Hagopian. (LDS film #1037106, Holy Trinity Church, Beyoghle, Istanbul)


Family lore says that Christine was married three times.

  1. The first marriage is said to have occurred in Turkey. According to the stories, Christine and her husband were on the forced marches into Syria and her husband died during the marches. Christine told her nephew, Tom Blanck, that she was on the marches to Aleppo.

    The forced marches occurred in 1915/16. If it is true that she was married and on the marches (and there is no reason to doubt such a story) it means she was probably married for the first time at around age 16 and that she had only been a bride for a short time when her husband died. It also means that Christine had to have been living in Anatolia where there were roundups of Armenian women (There were no roundups of female Armenians in Constantinople).

    I have not been able to find a marriage for Christine in Istanbul. Anna Azarian Claveloux told Christine's daughter, Ilda, that she traveled to Yerevan with Christine and their mother for the wedding. Ilda believes, however, that they went to Erzurum.

    Ilda 2002

    "Aunt Anna told me that she had traveled to Yerevan* when my mother was married. She may have been confused with Erzurum. My mother never spoke to me of Sivas except in relation to Uncle Harry. She did, however, speak often of Erzurum.

    According to Aunt Anna, my mother's husband was shot by Turks in her house. They came and put all the men in one room and shot them. My mother escaped. She did say that she wandered about in the dessert for a long time, went to Aleppo and Haifa and was finally picked up by the French Foreign Legion and sent back to Istanbul."

    *This may be a confusion with the name YEROYAN. See marriage 2.

  2. Family stories also says that Christine had a second short marriage that ended in divorce. This marriage appears to have occurred in Turkey as Christine immigrated to the US with a husband, Karekin Jeroyan, in 1920.

    Her Petition for Naturalization and her immigration records indicate that she was married to Karekin Yeroyan (Jeroyan) in Turkey before June, 1920.

    Kristine entered the United States on June 1, 1920 under the name Kristine Jeroyan. She was listed as the wife of Karekin Jeroyan with whom she was traveling.

  3. Mariano Pace, see below.

Immigration, June 1, 1920

On her Petition for Naturalization Christine stated that she immigrated on June 1, 1920 on the La Lorraine under the name Kristine "Jeroyan".

The passenger list for the La Lorraine departed La Havre arrived New York June 1, 1920 lists:

  1. Jeroyan, Karekin, age 31, married, merchant, Armenian, nearest relative in Turkey, brother Katjik "Yerojan" at Constantinople, headed to Utica, New York
  2. Jeroyan, Kristine, age 21, married, wife, of Karekin, Armenian
Karekin and Kristine were connected by a { and wife is written next to the {. Both listed as speaking Armenian and English. He was listed as being in the US in 1910, to his mother Mernian (hand written) , brother in law 765 Beeker St Utica, New York (typed), both born "Iwas" (must be Sivas)

The name appears to be more frequently spelled "Yeroian" or "Yeroyan"

Ilda say her mother was detained at immigration. She was NOT on the list of Detained Aliens or on the list of Special Inquiries on the manifest of La Lorraine. However, Christine's mother, Lucy and the three daughters she was traveling with when she arrived in May of 1921 were detained for three days until Abram Azarian came to "call" for them. Women unaccompanied by a male relative were not allow to enter the United states at the time. As frequently happens in oral history, stories often become intertwined and this is what most likely happened in Christine's memory. I must have been a very traumatic time. I know it was for her youngest sister, Alice, and I am sure it was worse for Christine.

The Lorraine was a French Line Ship. To see more images of La Lorraine go to French Line

Mystic Seaport Steamship Images Collection 1862-1927

La Lorraine Steamship Line: French Line Built: Cie. Generale Transatlantique (Penhoet), St. Nazaire, France Year Built: 1899 Routes: Havre-NY Passengers: 1st class: 446; 2nd class: 116; 3rd class: 552 History: Served as armed merchant cruiser during WWI under name LORRAINE II. Put back into service in 1919 under her original name. Scrapped 1923. Machinery: Twin-screw, 21 knots Masts and funnels: 2 masts, 2 funnels

Print collection of Maggie Land Blanck

A street in Erzerum from Harper's Weekly August 4, 1877.

Karekin Yeroyan/Jeroyan, husband of Christine Azarian

Immigration: June 1, 1920. See above

Birth: 1889 Haght, Sivas, Turkey

1926 Petition of Naturalization: 27, August 1926 - State of New York, Southern District, Karekin Yeroyan age 36, carpet cleaning business 5'6" 160 pounds, dark hair, brown eyes, born in Haght Sivas, Turkey 18 March 1890 residing at 235 E. 25th street, New York immigrated on or about June 4, 1920, from Havre, France, on the vessel La Lorraine, former residence, Constantinople, Turkey, married, wife, Christiana, same address, born in Turkey.

Divorce from Christine Azarian:

Marriage: Kerekin Yeroyan and Mary Melkonian


  1. Dorothy c 1925 (per 1937 D of I)

    Listed at the same address as Mary Yeroyan h 16 Yale Terrace (JP), in 1960

  2. Edith c. 1928 (per 1937 D of I)

  3. Gladys c 1929 (per 1937 D of I)

  4. Herbert Edward Yeroyan No. of child 4 to Kerkin Yeroyan and Mary Melkonian March 29, Manchester, N. H. , Birth Resister of the Town of Sandown for the Year ending January 1936. Also listed in 1967 Annual Report of the town of Sandown.
  5. Also listed on D of I in 1937

    Death: Herbert Yeroyan BIRTH: 29 Mar 1935 DEATH: 15 May 1988 - Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States of America CIVIL: Massachusetts

  6. Christine c 1936 (per 1937 D of I)

  7. John dob ??

    John S. "Yeroian" married to Shirley E. Yeroyan, store manager Stardust Cleaners, h 18 Yale Terr (JP) 1950 - Shirley E Yeroyan Marriage License Date: 4 Dec 1950 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA Spouse: John S Yeroian License Number: 33687

1936 Annual reports for the Town of Sandown, New Hampshire : REPORT OF E. BLANCO ROAD AGENT DIVISION ONE K Yeroyan 3.00

1937: Declaration of Intention: Concord New Hampshire, 29 September 1937 - Karekin Yeroyan residing at Sandown, Rockingham New Hampshire, farmer, age 47, brown eyes, brown hair, 5 feet 6 inches 160 pounds, race Armenian, born Sivas Turkey March 18, 1890 wife Mary born Constantinople May 11, 1902, married November 11, 1924, Jersey City, NJ, children: Dorothy born April, 3, 1925, Edith born Aug 16 1928 and Gladys born Aug 10, 1929 all born New York City, and Edwward H born March 29, 1935, Christine born October 9, 1936 both born at Manchester, NH, Declaration of intention filed August 26, 1926 at New York - immigrated from Harve, France May 31, 1920 on the SS La Lorraine.

1940 Annual reports for the Town of Sandown, New Hampshire (Volume 1940): ROAD AGENTS REPORT Karekin Yeroyan, labor 10.8'S

World War II Draft Registration: Karekin Yeroyan 526 Tremont Street, Boston, Suffolk, Mass. age 52 born Haicht, Sivas, March 18 1890 Turkey, employer Bay State Iron Foundry, Norwood, Mass.

Naturalization Index of Mary Yeroyan, 1957: Mary Yeroyan, Age: 54, Birth Date: 12 May 1903, Issue Date: 9 Sep 1957, State: Massachusetts,16 Yale Terrace, Boston Petition # 334040 Alien Registration # 2539216

Locality, Court: District of Masssachusetts, District Court

Death of Mary Yeroyan 1962: 18 Yale Terrace Jamaica Plain, Apr 12, Mary beloved wife of Karekin, mother of: Edward, Dorothy, Susan, Mrs. Shirley Yeroian, Mrs. Gladys Goodwin and Mrs. Diana Pensivy (Bosto Globe).

Death 1967: Karekin Yeroyan BIRTH: 18 Mar 1890, DEATH: Dec 1967 - Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States of America, CIVIL: New Hampshire

Suddenly December 29, of Jamaica Plain, beloved husband of the late, Mary, father of: Edward, Dorothy, Susan, Mrs. Shirley Yeroian, Mrs. Gladys Goodwin and Mrs. Diana Pensivy (Bosto Globe).

???: John S. Yeroian BIRTH: 24 Feb 1925 DEATH: 11 Nov 1997 - Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States of America CIVIL: New York OTHER: Jamaica Plain, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States of America

Marriage of Christine Azarian and Mariano Pace, 1929

On April 29, 1929, 4:30 PM, Mariano P Pace married Christina Azarian in Union City, New Jersey. Marino was listed as living at 57 Mercer Street, Jersey City, New Jersey, 34 years old single, occupation law clerk, born in Italy, father's name Giuseppe Pace, mother's name Sarafina Iacoponelli. Christine is listed as living at 424 17th Street Union City, New Jersey, age 28, single, born in Turkey, father's name Abraham Azarian, mother's name Lucy Aravian. Witnesses were Pierre Claveloux of Union City and Philomene Kebarbjian of Union City. Certificate of Marriage for Christine Azarian and Mariano Pace available on microfilm at the New Jersey Archives, Trenton, New Jersey.


Christine was actually 30 years old.

Child of Christine Azarian and Mariano Pace

Christine and Mario had a daughter, Ilda, born June 20, 1934, in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Ilda married Pedro Restrepo in 1955 and had two sons, Juan and Pedro Alonzo.

Undated wedding announcement.

Pedro Palaez, Artist-Writer Will Wed Ilda Pace, Dancer

Hackensack - announcement is made of the forthcoming marriage of Miss Ilda Pace, daughter of Mrs. Christine Pace of Summit Avenue, and the late Mariano Pace, to Pedro Restrepo Palaez of Medellin, Columbia, S. A. The wedding (word) for Sunday in Hackensack.

Miss Pace attended Hackensack schools and studied piano at Juilliard School of Music. A Flamenco dancer, she studied with Miquel Pena in Mexico City and Antonio Valero in New York City. "Mr. Restrepe, a painter and writer, was Colombian vice-counsel in Paris for 3 years. His works have been exhibited in Europe and North and South America. He has published two books on Latin American themes. On October 10 the bridal couple will leave for Italy to spend [ * ] year touring Europe."

[ * ] - word is illegible due to tear in the clipping

Wedding announcement copy courtesy of Ron Clavelous, November 2011.

In 1949 when the family traveled on the Queen Mary to Europe, Ilda was listed as "Elsa". Ilda wrote in July 2018:

"my parents forgot that they had named me Elsa when born. I was supposed to be a male, so they were unprepared for a girl. When they requested a passport for me in 1949 Ilda was nowhere to be found. Anyway, my mother had to have my name legally changed to Ilda though I much preferred Elsa."

1930 Federal Census

Christine and "Marino" Pace were listed in the 1930 Federal Census at 240 (? 204) Palisades Avenue, Union City, New Jersey as follows:

Some Information on Mariano Pietro Pace

Birth: Mariano Pietro Pace, was born on June 29, 1895 and immigrated to the US from Naples, Italy on the Conte Rosso on January 15, 1923. He was naturalized on June 27, 1928. (This information was taken from his naturalization papers, Hudson County Common Pleas Court, Vol. 182 #48972.)

Immigration 1923: Mariano Petro Pace, male, age 27, single, lawyer, Juris prudence, University of Palermo, born in Castronuovo, father, Giuseppe Pace, of Castronouvo, 5 feet 7 inches, chestnut hair, no marks of identification, arrived on the Conte Rosso from Naples on January 15, 1923. Relative in the US, his mother Iacoponelli, Serafina, of 420 E 18th Street, New York City. (Ellis Island Web site at )

WWII DR: Mariano Peitro Pace 135 Garrison H- Jersey City, Hudson, N. J., Telephone De 3 2127, age 47 born Italy June 29, 1895, wife Christine Pace, same address, employment, Real Estate, same address.

Serafina Jacoponelli Pace:

  • Death: Serafina Pace born 3 August, 1873, died July 1969 Hackensack, N. J. SSDI
  • Immigration: Dante Alighieri from Naples to New York, 19 Aug 1922 Serafina, Iocoponellu, Pace, age 50, seamstress, Christina Pace, daughter, age 17, both Italian born Castronovo, relative in Italy son (brother) Mariano, in Castronovo. to husband, (father) Giuseppe Pace, 421 El 13th Street. NYC, 5 ft 4 inches and 5 ft. 5 inches. brown hair and brown eyes.

  • Travel:

    • S. S. Saturnia from Naples to New York, Jacoponelli, Pace, Serafina, age 57 housewife, Italian, born Castronovo Passport #586546 issued Washinton D.C. April 9, 1930, husband Giuseppi Pace, born Castronovo, Union City Christina Pace age 25, housewife, Italian, born Castronovo Passport #586547 issued Washinton D.C. April 9, 1930, father Guiseppi Pace 16 September 1930.

    • Serafina I Pace age 74, Italian, and Christina Pace age 43, both of 777 Summit Ave Hackensack, N. J. on the Saturnia from Naples 3 November 1948, first class.

Death of Mariano Pace

PACE: Mariano P., age 56, on April 23, 1952 777 Summit ave., Hackensack. Beloved husband of Christine Pace and father of ilda.

The Record - 25 April, 1952 - Mariano Pace age 56, Real Estate Man - a real estate broker in Hudson and Bergen counties, died after a long illness. Member of the Hackensack and Central Bergen Board of Realtors, National and State Association of Real Estate Boards and a member of the Lodi Rotary Club. Active in appraisal and tax work in Hudson County. Once active in the Fusion Party in Jersey City. Educated in Italy. Attended the University of Palerma and won his degree as Doctor of Jurisprudence at the University of Padua. Survived by his wife, Christina, a daughter, Ilda, mother Serafina Pace, sisters Christina and Frances Pace and a brother, Joseph, who lived in Italy.

Will: Mariano Pace aka, Marianno Pace, Mariono P Pace deceased filed and proved May 7, 1952, Bergen Co.

Marianno P. Pace of Hackensack.

Standard opening:

Second: Gives real estate that was acquired form Marchese Guasconi Maira Vedora Naselli Flores and from Rosso Riccardo son of Cesere, both of which properties are located in "Castronova de Sicilia"*, Provence of Palermo, Italy to Christine Pace. To collect rents and what ever profits, to pay over the net income therefrom quarter-annually to my beloved daughter, Ilda, until she attains twenty one years of age. Upon her attaining 21 years of age both said properties shall go to and rest in beloved daughter, Ilda.

Third: Everything else went to Christine.

Forth: "It is my wish and desire that my wife, Christine, shall, if circumstances require, reside in the residence of my beloved mother and sisters, Christine and Francis"

Fifth: appointed Christine executrix of the estate.

If Christine predeceased him he appointed Virginia Semerjian until Ilda should reach the age of 21.

The will was dated 7 October 1950.

*"Castronovo di Sicilia"

Mariano Pace

Christine's Petition for Naturalization

Petition for Naturalization, filed December 28, 1933, New York #214012

US District Southern District, New York, Christine Pace 1514 Townsend Av., Bronx, New York, dressmaker, born Constantinople, Turkey March 1901, Armenian, married Marianno on April 29, 1929 Union City, New Jersey, husband born Castronovo, Italy, June 29, 1895, he entered the US on January 1922 naturalized July 19, 1929 Jersey City, NJ cert. # 2712746. Christine's last foreign address was Constantinople. She said she immigrated to the US on June 1, 1920 on the vessel La Lorraine under the name Kristine Jeroyan. Renounced Victor Emmanuel III King of Italy and (or) the Republic of Turkey. Witness Pierre Claveloux, artificial florist 198 Palisades Av. Union City, N. J. and Harry Semerjian, jeweler, 1514 Townsend Ave., Bronx, 8 May 1933

This was not her naturalization record. It was a "petition" for naturalization.


Immigration Records show:

  1. 1949: List of outbound passengers for the port of Cherbourg from New York, June 22, Christine Pace, 48, born Turkey, Mariano Pace age 53 born Italy, and "Elsa" Pace age 15, address Jersey City, NJ, Departure date 22 Jun 1949 from New York, New York, USA, Ship: QUEEN MARY
  2. Christine Pace 1st class Le Havre France September 18, 1953 to New York September 25, 1953 age 52 US Passport #153415, born Turkey traveling with Ilda Pace age 29, US passport #153415 born New Jersey.
  3. 1954, 17 September Idlewild from Mexico Christine and Ilda no other information
  4. 1955: Christine Pace, Birth Place: Turkey, Departure Date: 13 Dec 1955, Departure Place: New York, New York, USA Ship: ANDREA DORIA, Passport # 153415, naturalized 1932 New York born Turkey, 4 months aboard
  5. March 20, 1956, Gibraltar - NY - Roma, born Turkey US Passport #153415, no other information
  6. 1962: July 15, Christine Pace Nationality: American Arrival Age: 61 Birth Date: 2 Mar 1901 Birth Place: Constantinople, Turkey Arrival date: 15 Jul 1962 Arrival Place: New York, New York, USA Destination: New York Airline: Avianca, Address 777 Summit ave, Hackensack, New Jersey form Bogata, Columbia, passport #2177869

I wrote to the United States Department of State in 2008 in an attempt to get Christine's passport application. The said they searched from 1923 to 1978 and did not find it under Christine Pace or Christine Azarian. They suggested that the document might have been destroyed when the Department of State need more room in the 1980s.

Death of Christine Azarian Pace

According to her daughter, Ilda, Christine died February 1978, Bogota, Columbia.

Christine Pace, BIRTH: 8 Mar 1901, DEATH: Jan 1978 - Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey, United States of America, CIVIL: New York

Information Provided by Ilda Pace Restrepo

Ilda provided the following information:

  • Mother, Christine Azarian, born March 8, 1901, Istanbul, died February 1978, Bogota, Columbia
  • Father, Mariano Pietro Pace, born, June 29, 1895, Castronovo, Sicily, Italy, died, April 1952, Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Daughter, Ilda, born June 20, 1934, Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Ilda's husband, Pedro Restrepo, born, February 7, 1918, Andes, Columbia. Ilda and Pedro met in Mexico City, where they were introduced by mutual friends.
  • Ilda and Pedro had two sons:
    1. Juan Mario born in Bogota on September 4, 1961.
    2. Pedro Alonso, born in Bogota on July 1, 1964.

Photos of Christine

I am very happy to send the photo of Christine as well what little information I have. This photo was given to me by my mother (Angela Rita Krikorian Parnagian). It was originally in the possession of my maternal grandmother (Agavney Babian Ghevontian Krikorian). My grandmother knew Christine in "the old country". My mom tells me that my grandmother took Christine under her wing when she was in flight. As the Connecticut story goes; Christine was "married off" to an "older man" who supposedly was a doctor. This was an unhappy marriage and she left her husband. I don't know if she was fleeing her husband; The Turks or both.

Christine Parnagian Esposito

Note: Young Armenian women were frequently married to men who were much older. MLB

Collection of Christine Parnagian Esposito

Collection of Juan Mario Restrepo

Christine wrote on the pack of this photo

"I took this picture for 500 lire. I thought it good for the price.
It is stamped
Franco Bonfiglio
Collection of Thomas Blanck

Photo from Christine of "Auntie Veve"

Photo courtesy of Ilda Pace Restrepo, 2008

Ilda wrote;

"My mother referred to this woman as Auntie Veve from Detroit - we never met.

My Thanks to
  • Ilda Pace Restrepo for sharing information on her mother.
  • Christine Parnegian Esposito for sending a photo of a very young and beautiful, Christine
  • Juan Mario Restrepo for sharing a photograph of his grandmother.


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