Toby and Ticia's Wedding

Toby and Ticia

Tobias Blanck and Ticia Bouchat were married August 15, 1998 in the church of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Bally, Pennsylvania

The Most Blessed Sarcament is the oldest continously used Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

The church before the ceremony

The ceremony

The kiss

Leaving the church

The bride and groom

Tom Bouchat, Diane Bouchat, Ticia Bouchat Blanck, Tobias Blanck, Maggie Blanck and Tom Blanck

The Blancks

Sebastian, Tom, Ticia, Toby, Maggie and Damian

The wedding party

The bride and groom

Ticia and Toby

The wedding party

Ticia and Toby in the trolley

Sebastian, Isca and Damy in the trolley

The bridesmaids

The groomsmen

The bridal party

Damian, Ticia, Toby and Sebastian

Another kiss

The reception

Allison Gardner and Sebastian Blanck

Tom's cousin, Lucille Iorio Gaudelli, and Al Carlen, cousin, Neal Iorio, and his wife, Connie, and Eileen Claveloux

Unknown, Derrick Davis, Alexa Wilder, Allison Gardner's friend ??, Isca Greenfield Sanders and Sebastian Blanck

Ticia, Karen Blanck, Bill Thomas, Denis Blanck, and Joan Thomas

Diane and Tom Bouchat

Maggie and Tom Blanck

? and Sebastian Blanck

Allison Gardner and Chris Bouchat

? and ?

? and Matt (Skip) Landis

?? and Mark Petermann

Anna Land



Kimberly Bouchat and Damian Blanck

Ticia and Toby

Another kiss

Louis Reich, Jon Katz, and David Birnbach

Luigi Paroli, Roberto Levi and Anita Reiss

The cake

Bruce Bodner and Tom Blanck

Anna Land and Ed Land

Vicky Land and Tony Land

Katie Gardner and

Damian and Toby

Ticia and Tom Bouchat

Eileen Claveloux, Karen Blanck, Suzanne Blanck, Denis Blanck, and Lucille Gaudelli

Maggie Blanck and Suzanne Blanck, Ed Land facing out of picture

Tony Land, Kathy Land, Vicky Land, Donna Land, Ed Land, Susie Katz and Jon Katz

The bride and groom

The Ursinus Alums