Party at Landhaven

Friday Night Before the Wedding

Toby and Ticia

The night before the wedding there was a party in Barto, at Landhaven. Barto is Ticia's home town. Landhaven is a bed and breakfast owned by Maggie's brother Ed Land and his wife, Donna Freehill Land.

The guests of honor


Maggie cooked and decorated

Tom did the barbeque.

Tom Bouchat

Isca and Sebastian

Alexa and Adam Wilder

Louis Reich, Sue Reich, and Patricia Levi

Susie Katz, Louie Wilder, Maggie Blanck, and Joan Thomas

Susie Katz, Barbara Silvers, Sandy Spector, and Maggie Blanck

Dinner is served

Ticia's family

??? and Ed Land

Dave Spector, Doug Kelso, Brady Armstrong, Danute Armstrong, Vicky Land, Kevin Land, Anthony Land, Sally Perrin, and Claudia Sennett

Bill Thomas, Maggie Blanck, Louie Riech, Patricia Levi, Tony Land, Kathy Land, Roberto Levi, Sue Reich, and Joan Thomas

Patricia Levi, Tony Land, Kathy Land, and Roberto Levi

Sebastian and Toby Blanck

Suzanne, Damian, and Toby


Toby and Suzanne

Ticia Bouchat, Chris Bouchat, Damian Blanck, and Toby Blanck

Sebastian, Maggie, Damian, Toby, Tom and Ticia

Kevin, Ed, and Tony Land on the porch of Landhaven