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Homer Reboul born circa 1851 in Astoria, Queens was the son of John B Reboul and Almira ___.

John B Reboul

Birth: Circa 1812, New York

Ship Arrival: J. B. Reboul, December 10, 1834, age 20, Port of Arrival New York Port of Departure, Havre, place of origin USA, occupation, gentleman, ship, Formosa

Occupation: Fur merchant

Marriage: J. B. Reboul married Almira Whittemore, daughter of Homer Whittemore (Allen Whittemore, November 2007)


  1. John B circa 1843

    Death: Tuesday March 4, 1855, died Monday, John B Reboul, Astoria son of John B and Almira Reboul age 2 (

  2. Elizabeth circa 1845 listed in the 1850 census not in the 1860 census

  3. William circa 1848, listed in the 1850 census, not listed in the 1860 census

  4. Tilly (Matilda) circa 1856

  5. Homer W Reboul (1851-1927)

    Birth: circa 1851 Astoria Queens



    1. Caroline March 9, 1878 - listed in the 1900 census

      Sailing: From Liverpool August 1913, Caroline S Reboul, age 35, single, born March 9, 1878 New York, to St James

    Death of First Wife:

    Marriage: Garetta Hagemayer


    1. Garetta circa 1894

    2. Jean B Reboul (1897-1968)

      Birth: Jean B Reboul, January 3, 1897 Astoria Queens (From WWII DR and ship arrival)

      WWII Draft Registration: Jean B Reboul, 17 E 97th Street New York, telephone business BO 9-2000, age 45, born Astoria, January 3, 1897, next of kin, Mrs J. B. Reboul, 17 E 97th Street, employer Bank of the Manhattan Co. Wall Street.

      Ship Arrival: John B Rebould, age 30, born 1897, Astoria, NY, to St James from Hamilton Bermuda, 1927

      Ship Arrival: January 7 to Jan 25, 1932 New York to New York John B Reboul, age 35

      Marriage: Grace Adele born England

      1937 Arrival New York: Jean B Reboul, age 40, married, banking, born Astoria New York, January 3, 1897, and Grace Adele Reboul, age 31, married, laboratory technician, born London England, to New York on the Berengaria from Southampton, July 20, 1937.

      Death of Jean Reboul: December 1968, New York

      Death of Adele Reboul: Born 11 June 1905, died July 1993, St James Suffolk New York

    1900 Census: Smithtown, No address, H W Reboul, head, born October 1851, age 48, married 11 years, No occupation listed, Garetta wife July 1867, age 32, married 11 years, 2 children 2 still living, Garetta H daughter March 1894, age 6 Jean B son Jan 1897 age 3, Reboul Caroline daughter March 1878, age 22 4 servants, all born Ireland,

    Death of Homer Reboul: 1927

    New York Arrival: SS Providence sailing from Naples, "Gretta" (hand written in) H W (typed in) Reboul, age 58 female widow, born Brooklyn NY July 22, 1870, to St James, Long Island, arrival 8 April, 1928 Providence RI

    1930 Census: Private road off Nissequogue Road, Reboul, Garetta head own $9,000, age 59, widow, married at 23, Jean B Reboul, son age 33, credit dept. Manhattan Bank co.

1850 Census: Newtown Queens John Reboul, age 33, merchant, Almira, age 34, Elizabeh age 5, Tilly age 4, Susannah Migent age 25, William Reboul age 2 and two servants. 1860 Census: Newtown Astoria Queens, John B Beboul, age 48 merchant, value of estate $10,000, value of personal property $ 5,000, Almira, age 43, Matilda B, age 13, Homer W, age 8, all born New York, Susanna Nugent, age 32, teacher, plus three servants all born Ireland.

1870 Census: Newtown Astoria, John B Reboul, age 58, merchant furs, Almira age 53, keeping house, Tridato Matilda age 24, at home, Homer Reboul age 18, Tridalo Robert age 27 floer (?) merchant, three servants

Death of Almira W Reboul: 11 May 1872 (

Another Reboul in Astoria: REBOUL, Chas., fur dealer (N.Y.), Perrott Ave n Franklin, Boyd's 1864-65 directory of Astoria, Queens, Long Island, New York

1950 Tax Map: The G H and J B Reboul estate was listed on the 1950 tax map of the area on the west side of the Harbor near Lawrence Butler.

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