Isca and Sebastian

Isca Greenfield Sanders and Sebastian Blanck were married
Saturday, August 23, 2003
at their home on Lake Oscawana, New York.

Sebastian's paintings
Isca's paintings
Sebastian when little
Isca when little
Damian and Jamie
Toby and Ticia

The Wedding, Saturday, August 23, 2003

The Guests Arrive at Isca and Sebastian's House

Bjorn Copeland, Toby Blanck, Tom Blanck, and Danny Land
Photo ??

John Katz and David Birnbach
Photo ??

Susie Katz and Louie Reich
Photo ??

Maggie Blanck, Tim Greenfield-Sanders and Lou Reed

Isca's grandparents, Isca Sanders, Joop Sanders and Ruth Greenfield

The flower girls

Here Comes The Bride

Getting in the boat to cross the lake

Karin, Isca and Tim

The Ceremony

Sebastian, Lou Reed and Isca

Photo by ??

The Wedding Party and Family

Toby, Sebastian and Damian

Toby, Sebastian, Isca, Lily and Damian

Sebastian, Isca, Lily, Tim and Karin

Damian, Toby, Tom, Sebastian, Maggie, Ticia and Jaime
Photo by ??

Tom, Maggie, Sebastian, Isca, Karin and Tim
Photo by ??

Isca, Lily and the flower girls

The Party

Sebastian, Damian and Tom

Isca getting tatooed

The tatoo

Laurie Anderson, Karin, Sebastian, Isca, Tim and Lou Reed

Laurie Anderson, Isca, Sebastian and Lou Reed

Sebastian particularly likes the way the kiss and handshake worked out

The Witnesses

Time out for a swim

The toast
Photo Timothy Greenfield Sanders

The toast
Photo Timothy Greenfield Sanders

Isca Sanders and Karin

Sebastian and Danny Land
Photo by Tom Blanck

Tony, Karin Greenfield-Sanders and Isca
Photo by Tom Blanck

Jaime Friel Blanck, Damian Blanck, Maggie Blanck and Tom Blanck

Karin Greenfield Sanders and Maggie Blanck


Photos of Sebastian
Photos of Isca
Photos of Damian and Jaime
Photos of Toby and Ticia
Photos of Maggie and Tom