I have not been able to identify the people in the following pictures

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Since Percy is in the this picture and the next four pictures, it can be assumed that they are either his friends or relatives.

Tintype two copies of the same picture

Percy is on the left.


Percy Land second from right. Others unknown


Percy Land back left. Others unknown

Percy Land and two unidentified young men

Printed on back

20th Century Photo co.
Washington and 13th Sts.
Hoboken, N.J.

Since this photo is addressed on the back to Percy, it can be assumed that the young woman was a friend or girlfriend of his. I like the little lifting of the skirt. If this was a girlfriend of Percy's, why did he keep the photo after he married Meta?
The back of the above photo reads

"Dear Percy
From a loving
Think of me when you're happy
Think of me when you're sad
Rebember me when your far away
Do this and make my heart glad"

Since the people in the following pictures are not with either Percy or Meta, it is impossible to know if they were friends or relations of Meta or Percy or both.

  This photo is date on the back, April 2, 1902. This may be Tina Bunger

This photo was taken at
H. C. Grieco
47 1/2 Franklin Street
Jersey City, N.J.
This photo was taken at
S. S. Wilson
Townsend, Del.

This is the only studio photo that includes an older adult.

Grannie Linstrom

When we looked at pictures together before she got sick, Helen told me that this was Grannie Linstrom, a neighbor in Hauppague. On her list which related to the photos Helen wrote "Granny Linstrom - name uncertain, place taken unknown."

There were two copies of this photo in Helen's collection.

Written on the back by Bud Land (?)

"Uncle Thomas, 90 years old
61 a christian
78 a local preacher"

I have no idea when the picture was taken. Based on the clothers it could be anywhere from 1910 to 1920. I do not know who "Uncle Thomas" was.

Former collection of Bud Land. Now in the collection of Justina Land Leler.

Written on the back of this photo, hand unknown

"Stilleben in Gefte Schweden 1902"

Hand written note on back of photo

"Meta- Compliments of ? & H

July 1914"

The back of this photo is labeled in two different handwritings.

The first reads,"Taken June 12, 1949 at Whispering Pines, Qurque (?)"

The second reads "Lillian and Bill Grace"

Meta and Percy are in the center.

Unfortunately, the photo is fuzzy and I cannot make out the faces of most of the people.