Meta Helen Land, known as Helen, was born on February 14, 1910 in the town of Smithtown, village of Hauppague Long Island

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Helen and the dog

When Helen looks at the photos of herself she talks a lot about her dresses which were all made by her mother.

Dancing class Helen Land circa 1923
This photo was labeled in Helen's album as "Graduation 8th Grade"

Helen Land Grade 6, September 1922

Helen Land is seated in the first row, forth from the right.

There are two Moseleys in this picture: Nathan seated first on the right, first row, and Dorothy Moseley, fifth from the right in the last row. Percy's sister, Addie, was married to Ed Moseley. I do not know if either or both of the Moseley children in this photo were cousins. The names of all the students are written on the back of the photo. The only possible relatives are the two Moseleys.

Collection of Bud Land now in the collection of Justina Land Leler.

Helen and Percy circa 1923

Helen in the dining room, Smithtown Helen on Main Street, Smithtown

At the beach

A page from one of Helen's photo albums

College Graduation 1934