Edgar known as Bud

According to the New York State birth record, Edgar was born on October 7, 1915 in the Village of Happaugue, Town of Smithtown, Long Island. Bud always said that the official record was in error and that he was born on October 8th.

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Bud and the dog circa 1918

Bud circa 1923, North County Road, Smithtown Bud circa 1923, North County Road, Smithtown

Bud by the fountain

This image was salvaged from a photo that was in very bad shape. Bud is standing on one side of the fountain and another boy was standing on the other side. It may have been Allen but the photo is too damaged to tell.

Bud circa 1939

There was another photo taken the same day of Bud Land, Helen Land, Diana Wulpern and Jerry Wulpern.

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Agnes and Bud circa 1943

Agnes and Bud circa 1980?