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In April 2018 Adam Woodward graciously shared some New York City ephemera with this web site. I used the images as a guide to taking a look at some of the personalities who were notable in the city in the mid to late 1800s.

Valentine Bauer (c 1851 - 1926) , his wife Julia, his brother Charles Bauer (1854 - 19??) and Annie Bauer - 357 and 361 Bowery - saloon

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Annie Bauer paid $666.67 to the state of New York for a liquor tax certificate on July 13, 1896 for business to be carried out at 361 Bowery and 48 East 4th street.

Valentine Bauer was born in Germany circa 1851/52. His brother, Charles was born in Germany circa 1856.

1876 and 1877 - 361 Bowery: In 1876 Thomas Reilly was listed at 361 Bowery - liquors - h[ome] 224 21st street - In 1877 Edward Scully liquors was listed at 361 Bowery - home 56 First street

Thomas Reilley was not listed in the 1878 directory. He was not listed at these addresses in 1879.

Marriage of Valentine Bauer: Valentine Bauer, to Marie Julia Reiff, on 17 Apr 1879, Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name Philip Bauer, Mother's Name Jacobina Schneider, Spouse's Father's Name Gerhard Reiff, Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Katharine Koppen

Children: Emile son 1877, Julia 1880, Ottilia 1884, Martha 1885, Else Sophie, 1887

1878: Valentine Bauer, 234 Fifth, New York, New York, Occupation: Beer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1878

1879: Valentine Bauer, 11 Third, New York, New York, Occupation: Beer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1879

1880: Valentine Bauer, 357 Bowery, New York, New York,, Occupation: Beer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1880

1880: 85-, Bowery, Valentine Bauer 28, saloon, keeper, born Bavaria, Julia Bauer 24, wife, Emile Bauer 3, son, Julia Bauer 3/12, daughter, Charles Bauer 24, brother, bartender, born New York

1881: 48 E. 4th street, brick building

1882: Bauer, Valentine, beer, 357 Bowery - City Directory. Note: There are several Charles listed but none for beer or with a Bowery address. Anne and Julia not listed.

1894: Democratic Party Member Charles Bauer 361 Bowery 7th district 433

1884: Real Estate leases Viney, Charles to Valentine Bauer No. 357 Bowery 5 years, $3,000

1898 Charles Bauer 361 Bowery (Valentine Bauer was at 357 Bowery)

1898: Directory of liquor tax holders listed: Annie Bauer 361 Bowery, Charles 811 6th ave and Julia 359 Bowery

1898: March 1, LOTS 210and 202 Map of Section A Vyse estate: Valentine Bauer to Julia Bauer

1900: Chas Bauer liquors 361 Bowery

1900: 6th ave., Chas "Baur" Head M 44 Germany, married 16 years, imm 1873, hotel proprietor, Mary Baur Wife F 37 New York, 5 children 4 living, George Baur Son M 14 New York, Phillip Baur Son M 10 New York, Herbert Baur Son M 7 New York, Atmound Baur Son M 0 New York, Herman Votsck Servant M 30 Switzerland, servant, bar keeper, Patrick Collins Servant M 51 Ireland, servant, John Byrns Servant M 22 New York, servant, domestic servant, John Sheen Lodger M 37 Germany, broader, Louis Rosse Lodger M 34 Germany, broader David Ellis Lodger M 44 New York, broader William Dwyer Lodger M 55 New York, broader August F-Nke Lodger M 28 Germany, broader F--Ricka Nultz Lodger F 74 Germany, broader Julius Hamilton Lodger M 35 Penn, broader

1905: Bauer, Valentine, age 54 born Germany, hotel keeper, Julia, wife, age 47, Ottilia daughter age 21, sales lady dry goods, and Martha daughter age 20

1906: Annie Bauer 361 Bowery 46 E. Forth st (Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York)

1908: Charles Bauer Washington Heights Bottling co.

"The Washington Heights Bottling Co, has been organized and incorporated with $15,000 capital, by Charles Bauer, 361 Bowery, A. D. Ward, 3m St. Nicholas Avenue, and James Page." (Carbonic Acid: Engineering; Chemistry, Construction as Applied ..., Volumes 7-8)

Death of Charles Bauer: Before 1910.

1910: E. 161 street, Bronx, Julia Bauer Head F 54, married, 31 years, New York, 8 children 7 living, Otelia Bauer Daughter F 27 New York, dressmaker, Edith Bauer Daughter F 17 New York, dressmaker, Valentine Bauer Son M 15

1910: 6th Avenue, Mary L Bauer Head F 46 New York, widow, 5 children 3 living, George F Bauer Son M 23 New York, driver, express company, Phillip Bauer Son M 20 New York, elevator runner, office building, Herbert A Bauer Son M 16 New York

1917: Charles 361 Bowery

1915: Bauer Annie 361 Bowery (Annual Report of the State Commissioner of Excise)

1919: Ernest C. H. Bauer 361 Bowery New York (Legislative Documents, Volume 5)

1879: Valentine Bauer, Marriage 17 Apr 1879, Manhattan, New York, USA, Spouse: Julia Reiff, Certificate Number: 2025

Valentine Bauer Marriage 17 Apr 1879 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 27 Birth Year (Estimated) 1852 Birthplace Steinbach, Rhine, Bavaria, Gy, Father's Name Philip Bauer, Mother's Name Jacobina Schneider, Spouse's Name Marie Reiff, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 23, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1856, Spouse's Birthplace New York City, Spouse's Father's Name Gerhard Reiff Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Katharine Koppen

1925: Queens, Valentine Bauer 73, porter, alien, born Germany, Julia M Bauer 69, born US, Valentine W Bauer 30, printer

1926 Death of Valentine: Valentine Bauer 17 Aug 1926 Queens, New York, Age 74 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1852 Father's Name Fred Mother's Name Josphine Snyder Spouse's Name Julia Bauer

1883: Charles Bauer, Marriage, 30 Aug 1883, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, Gender Male, Age 27, Single Birth Year (Estimated) 1856, Birthplace Steinbach, Rhinessfalz, Gy., Father's Name Philip Bauer, Mother's Name Jacobina Schneider, Spouse's Name Mollie L. Meltz, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 20, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1863, Spouse's Birthplace New York City, Spouse's Father's Name George Meltz, Spouse's Mother's Name Fredericka Althuber

1888: Death of Charles Bauer 05 Apr 1888 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Age 3 Birth Year (Estimated) 1885 Birthplace N.Y. City Burial Date 06 Apr 1888 Burial Place Lutheran Cemetary Cemetery Lutheran Cemetary Father's Name Charles Bauer, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Mollie Bauer, Mother's Birthplace N.Y. City

1893: Herbert Bauer Birth 28 Oct 1893 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male, Race White, Father's Name Charles Bauer, Father's Birthplace Germany, Father's Age 37, Mother's Name Mary Meltz Bauer, Mother's Birthplace New York Mother's Age 30

NYPL digital collection Plate 37 insurance map of NYC 1868 - corner of Bowery and East 4th street - showing 357, 359 and 361 Bowery

Yellow = wooden buildin - red = brick building - uncolored = open space. The small wooden structures must be privies or outhouses.

NYPL digital collection Map 19 1893 - Not much changed between 1868 and 1893

Abraham Cohn (c 1833- ), Hatter - 275 Bowery

Journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club January 1895:
A Cohn the Young Men's Hatter - 275 Bowery - Our $1.50 and $1.75 hats are the best in the city - our new store is the handsomest on the Bowery

1880: Cohn, Abraham hatter, h 31 Pitt street

1880: Cohn, Abraham, age 47, cap maker, born Poland, Rachael, wife age 46, born Poland, Charles, son 25 works @ cap finisher, born New York, Joseph, 23 son works @ cap finisher, Michael, 20, pedlar of notions, Tinnie 17 daughter

1886: Cohn, Abraham hats, 275 Bowery, home 110 E 62nd street

1888: December 24,

A two alarm fire broke out in a double tenement at 146 Broadway, owned by Abraham Cohn "a Bowery hatter". The five story building had fires escapes both front and back. There were two stores on the ground floor: Israel Cohen, a grocer and Hop Lee a laundryman. The fire started in Lee's laundry at about 8:45 in the evening. On the 4 top stories there were four families on each floor for a total of 16 families - and about 100 people of various ages. The fire escapes were "thronged" with people in a frenzy to escape. Some reached the roof top and "escaped to the cornices of 144 Broadway and were dragged in at its windows by the tenants." The fire spread up the stair shaft and burned laterally into the apartments. Two women were burned when the flames shot up the stair shaft. (New York Times)

1895: 275 Bowery was described as a four story brick building 22 feet wide by 85 feet deep.(Supreme Court, Appeal Book)

1902: The American Hatter

"The Morris Serwer Company, of New York City, has been incorporated with a capital of $10,000, to manufacture and deal in headwear. The directors are Morris Serwer, Isaac Keller and Abraham Cohn."
1904: Polks'
"Serwer Morris, Co. (N. Y.) (Isaac Keller, Pres.; Samuel J. Serwer, Sec.; Abraham Cohn, Treas. Capital, $10,000. Directors: Isaac Keller. Samuel J. Serwer, Abraham Cohn) 51 W. 3d"

NYPL digital collection Map 13 - 1893 - showing 275 Bowery

Yellow buildings = wooden - red buildings = brick, uncolored = open saace.

Coogan Brothers Furniture - 121 to 125 Bowery from 1879 to 1892 (at the corner of Grant) - James Jay Coogan (1846/49-1915), Edward V Coogan (1859-1912) and Thomas A. Coogan (1863-?) - Sons of Patrick and Alice Coogan

Coogan Bros furniture store was located at 121 to 125 Bowery.

James Jay, Edward V, and Thomas A were the sons of Patrick and Alice Coogan.

Patrick and Alice Coogan

Birth of Patrick: England or Ireland circa 1821 to 1828

Birth of Alice: c 1825 Ireland or England

Marriage: Unknown

1860: New York Ward 17 District 10, New York, New York "Peter" Coogan 35, laborer, born Ireland Alice Coogan 31, born Ireland, James Coogan 11, tends grocery store, born Ireland, Mary Anne Coogan 4, born NY Edward Coogan 1, born NY

1870 Census: New York Ward 18 District 12 (2nd Enum), New York, New York E 15th street, Patr. Coogan 48, truckman, born Ireland, Alice Coogan 45, James Coogan 20, Mary Coogan 14, Edward Coogan 12, Thomas Coogan 6, Maggie Coogan 4, Ella Coogan 2

1880 Census: 3rd Ave., Patrick Coogan 50, furniture manufacturer, dealer, born England of Irish parents, Alice Coogan 45, Thomas Coogan 14, born New York


  1. James Jay Coogan (1845/49 - 1915)

    Birth: Circa 1845/49

    Marriage: Harriet Lynch born circa 1865

    Children: From Censuses

    1. Jessie Coogan 1886

    2. Jay Coogan 1887

    3. Gorden 1890

    4. Gardner Coogan 1893 - lawyer

    1888: Jay Coogan age 3, Jessie Coogan age 2, Maid of Jay Coogan 2-, Maid of ---- Coogan 31, M J Coogan 33, M--- ditto age 31 17 Sep 1888 Port of Departure: Le Havre, France, Destination: New York, Ship Name: La Bourgogne (the image is blurry and hard to read.

    1899: New York Journal January 6, 1899: When James Jay Coogan was elected Manhattan Borough President the N Y Journal said:

    "Mr Coogan is a native of this city, having been born here about fifty years ago. After leaving the common school he became a reporter under the late Erasmus Brooks on the then New York Express. He afterwards represented the paper at Washington. Later in life he established a furniture business and made a fortune out of it. This enabled him to retire, and he has not been in active business since. His home is at No. 599 Fifth ave. He is a member of the Democratic, Manhattan and Press clubs."
    1900: 5th ave near 48th street, #599 James J Coogan 50, born New York, borough president, NY, born december 1949, Harriet E Coogan 33, 4 children 4 living, born July 1866, Jessie S Coogan 13, Jay Coogan 12, Gordon Coogan 10, Gardiner Coogan 6, Sarah Lynch 74, mother in law, 8 children 1 living, Caroline Purdy 23, niece, Annie O Brien 25, servant waitress, Mary O Brien 24, cook, Lizzie Ford 35, laundress, Belinda Mullen 20, ladies maid, William Thornton. black, born Virginia, 20, general servant

    1905: 599 5th ave., James, age 50, real estate, Harriet, wife age 35, Jay age 17, Jessie age 16, Gordon age 15, Gardner age 1-, Lynch, William (sic) step mother, and 7 servants.

    1910: Fifth Ave. near 48th street, James J Corgan 62, born New York, married 27 years, parents born New York, own income, Harriet G Coogan 45, 5 children 4 living, Jay Coogan 24, real estate, family, Jessie Coogan 21, Gardner Coogan 16, William H Wallace 49, servant, butler, Mary Fenelly 21, servant, maid, Nellie Kilcollins 22, servant, maid, Kate Barron 60, servant, laundress

    Death: 1915

    James Jay Coogan Birth date: 16 Jan 1846, Birth Place: New York, United States of America, Death Date: 24 Oct 1915, Death Place: New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens County, New York, United States of America Spouse: Harriet G. Coogan Children: William Gordon Coogan (Find a Grave)

    New York Times October 25, 1915:


    Real Estate Owner Succumbs at the Hotel Netherland

    James Jay Coogan, owner of much real estate here, including property near the Polo grounds known as "Coogan's Bluff" and many years ago a prominent merchant here died yesterday of heart disease in his apartment in the Netherlander Hotel, Fifth Avenue and Fifty-ninth street, in his seventieth year. He was born in this city and was a graduate of the New York University School of Law.

    In 1888 Mr. Coogan was nominated for Mayor on the Union Labor Party ticket. He married Miss Harriett Gertrude lynch, a daughter of the late William L. Lynch, one of the largest reality owners in this city, thirty years ago, and she inherited form her father the large properties near the Polo Grounds and also valuable business parcels. This estate came from that of John Lyon Gardiner, the great-grandfather of Mrs. Coogan and through her came into the possession of the Coogan family.

    Mr. Coogan is survived by his widow, daughter, and three sons."

    "A furor in Newport over the dilapidation of Mrs. James Jay Coogan's empty mansion on aristocratic Catherine Street turned the spotlight on one of the world's wealthiest recluses: for 25 years Mrs. Coogan, now well into her 80s. (Time, Volume 122, Issues 10-19)

    1947: Death

    "Mrs. Harriet Gardiner Lynch Coogan, 86, wealthy recluse with a monumental grudge against High Society, longtime owner of "Whitehall," aristocratic Newport's most tumbledown eyesore; in Manhattan." Time Magazine

    Newport Mansion

  2. Edward V Coogan (1860-1912)


    1884: Engagement 22 JUN 1884 - [PAGE 9] COOGAN - LYNCH - On Thursday, June 19, at the Cathedral, by his Reverence, Archbishop Corrigan, EDWARD V. COOGAN to EVELYNN E. LYNCH, daughter of the late William Lynch. NY Times wedding notices1885 Death of Evelynn Coogan: Name Eveleen E. Coogan Event Type Death Event Date 04 Sep 1885 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Residence Place New York City, N.Y., N.Y. Gender Female Age 27 Marital Status Married Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1858 Birthplace New York Burial Date 07 Sep 1885 Burial Place New York City, N.Y., N.Y. Father's Name William Lynch Father's Birthplace Ireland Mother's Name Sarah Lynch Mother's Birthplace N. York

    1912: Edward V. Coogan Event Type Death Event Date 03 Aug 1912 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Age 52 Marital Status Widowed Race White Occupation Real Estate Birth Date unknown at present Birth Year (Estimated) 1860 Birthplace N. Y. City, N. Y. Burial Date 05 Aug 1912 Cemetery Calvary Father's Name Patrick Coogan Father's Birthplace Ireland Mother's Name Julia Mcmanns Mother's Birthplace Ireland

  3. Thomas A Coogan (1863/67-1937)


    Death: Thomas Coogan, 07 Jul 1937, Bronx, New York, New York, United States, Age 70, Marital Status Single, Race White, Occupation property manager/real estate Birth Year (Estimated) 1867, Birthplace United States, Burial Date 10 Jul 1937, Cemetery Calvary, Father's Name Patrick Coogan, Father's Birthplace England, Mother's Name Alice Berger, Mother's Birthplace England, Frame Number 29

After 1875: A Guide to American Trade catalogs:
'New York Coogan Brothers. Ill. catalog of parlor, library, and chamber furniture - rose and grape carved walnut, marble topped tables, parlor sets that make you squirm to look at the ills. even. 8 vo., 40 pp., pict. wrap. Street view of shop showing busy traffic, etc."


"The manufacture of furniture by machinery has within the past few years come to be one of the most important of industries. We, illustrate in this week's issue one of the leading houses engaged in this branch of business, Messrs. Coogan Brothers, of this city, employing in it a large amount of capital and a small army of workmen. The introduction of machinery has wrought in furniture manufacture and sale almost a complete revolution. Processes which formerly could be done only by hand and with tedious labor are now turned off with lightning-like rapidity, and a dozen or a score chairs or tables made in less time than one of the olden school. In the modern furniture much style and taste is shown. Rare woods from all lands are employed, and artists of exquisite skill design new forms and combinations. Much of the labor is done at manufactories distant from the city, and the furniture is merely "assembled" and finished by the dealer. Coogan Brothers, besides their large warerooms in this city, control an extensive manufactory at Canton, Ohio, and have at other a large amount of work manufactured. Included in their usiness are carpet and floor-covering departments, so that almost the entire furnishing of a house, "from turret to foundation-stone," may be obtained under their roof. Within the past few months, so rapid has been the growth of their business, that they have been compelled to demolish the former store, at the corner of Grand Street and the Bowery, and have erected on its site a massive five-story brick and iron building, in which all the extensive departments in their business will be, accommodated. Doubtless, "the modern improvements" in furniture bring in their train many advantages. Prices have been reduced, quality improved, and ideas of art and taste greatl long ago only the plainest and coarsest furniture could be found, and that of all ages, styles and conditions, "Eastlake," "Queen Anne" developed. "

(Leslie's, Volumes 47-49, March 10, 1879 edited by John Albert Sleicher - Google ebook)

1882: November 1,2 New York Times "FIRE IN THE BOWERY"

A fire broke out around 5:30 at 123 Bowery, a three story wooden frame building owned by Coogan Brothers that had been condemned as unsafe a few week beforehand by the NYC Fire Department. The company had planned to tear the building down and rebuild in the space. The fire had started in the basement. Eleven fire engines and five hook and lader trucks were called to the blaze. Coogan brothers occupied 121 to 125 bowery. Fire doors had been closed between numbers 121, 123, and 125 so the fire was contained to 123, the building where the fire started.

However, within a few minutes flames rose above the roof and falling cinders fell to the street burning awnings and blistering paint on the Grand-street elevated train station. The firemen managed to contain the fire within a quarter of an hour and the fire was out by 6:45. Due to damage of the wooden post on the front of the building the fire department pulled the front down to the sidewalk.

The fire cause a several hour interruption of service on the 3rd avenue elevated railroad and the Second avenue and Grand street surface railroads.

1885: June 7 -

"The most prominent furniture store among the many in the Bowery is that of Messrs. Coogan Brothers, at the corner of Grand-street. The stock carried is an enormous one, and comprises everything necessary for fitting up a house completely." NY Times

1885: June 15, A fire broke out in the middle of the night in Coogan Brothers furniture store at 378 Third ave. It started in some bedding in the basement and spread to the showroom on the first floor where it did not do a lot of damage. The basement was completely ruined with an estimate loss between $20,00) to $25,000.

1886: New York Times - 08 August 1886 Sunday. "Coogan Brothers of Fr Grand-street and the Bowery began an early closing movement ... by giving their employees a hafl holiday, beginning at 1 o'clock in the afternoon."

1893: April 1893 Real Estate Record - Option to purchase lease for $10,000 for No. 2 E 14th street, James J. Edward V. and Thoma A. Coogan

1894: City Directory, Coogan, Edw'd V. bandker, 2 Wall, Jas. J., banker, 2 Wall, h 564 5th ave., Thos.A. banker 2 Wall, Bros. banker 2 Wall

1897 - Coogan brothers:

"September 25, Marish, Alfred, James J. Coogan, Edward V. Coogan and Thomas Coogan - Amount due for breach of contract for Melrose ave. $6,641.58

October 17, 1897 Marich, Alfred, James J Coogan, Leopold Jonas and Thomas A. Coogan - Damages by delay under contract for Melrose ave. sewers and for excess over contract price @2,404.64

Supreme Court Kings County Plaintiff City of New York

(1904 Report)

1897: New York Times - Edward V. Coogan sued his brother, James J., and his mother in law, Mrs. Sarah Lynch, with conspiracy to defraud him out his legal right to thousands of dollars in vested property i.e. a third interest in houses at 225 and 227 Sixth avenue. Edward testified that he had been in the furniture business with his brother, James, from March 1888 to May 1893. Edward was to share in one third of the profets and one third of the liabilities. The firm had gone out of business due to insolvency "adding that the books were burned by Bookkeeper, Frank E Emsley, now dead. Part of the ledger, however, he said had been saved, and that showed that Mrs. Lynch was indebted to her sons-in law in the sum of $70,000, partly trough fictitious entries." The suit was dismissed in June 189 with the provision that "the plaintiff may continue his action by the service of an amended complaint."

1899 - Coogan Brothers: New York Journal (Library of Congress)

"Thomas and Edward V. Coogan, brothers of James J. Coogan, called at the Journal office last evening to contradict a statement in an evening newspaper to the effect that Thomas Coogan had prosecuted their brother in a police court for assault and that it had been shown that the injury complained of had resulted from accident. They insisted that the assault occurred in December, 1897, and was of an aggravated nature and denied that accident had had anything to do with the resulting injury a badly damaged front tooth." "
Lynch: 1870 Census - William Lynch 50, tea merchant, $5,000 born Ireland, Sarah Lynch 40 Emeline Lynch 20 Katy Lynch 16 Josephine Lynch 14 Evelina Lynch 11 Herette Lynch 9 Mary A Lynch 23 and three servants

New York Journal Jan 6, 1899

Announcement that John J. Coogan had just been elected Manhattan Borough President.

New York Journal Jan 6, 1899

Announcement that John J. Coogan had just been elected Manhattan Borough President.

The Sun March 16, 1879 (Library of Congress)

The Coogan brothers announced the April 1, 1879 opening of new buildings at 123, 125 and 125 1-2 Bowery corner of Grand "with a carefully selected stock of Furniture, Carpets, Beddings, et., etc." Stock on Hand to go on sale at 121, 123 Bowery.

Interior of Coogan's Furniture Manufactory at Canton, Ohio. (Leslie's, Volumes 47-49, March 10, 1879 edited by John Albert Sleicher - Google ebook)

Interior of Coogan's Furniture Manufactory at Canton, Ohio. (Leslie's, Volumes 47-49, March 10, 1879 edited by John Albert Sleicher - Google ebook)

Exterior of the New Warerooms in New York City (Leslie's, Volumes 47-49, March 10, 1879 edited by John Albert Sleicher - Google ebook)

NYPL digital collection - 1893 Plate 9

Showing 11 thru 127 Bowery at the corner of Grand and Bowery

Yellow = wooden - red = brick - clear = open space.

Professor Charles Eschert (1860-1935) - Musician - Director of the Elite Lady Orchestra at the Atlantic Gardens

Charles Eschert was a xylophonist and director of the Elite Lady Orchestra at the Atlantic Gardens for 26 years.

On October 2, 1910 Charles Eschert conducted the last musical performance at the Atlantic Gradens. When the performance was over he broke his baton his gave pieces to several "old patrons". (NY Times)

1905: Boston Road, The Bronx, Eschert, Charles, age 45, born Russian, musician, Lillian M wife, age 42, musician, Ada R Daughter, age 20, born USA

1910: Brooklyn Avenue P, Charles Eschert 45, born Russia, imm 1876, Agent Theatres Own Account, naturalized, Lillian B Eschert 46, married 25 years, 1 child, born Maine, musician, pianist, Harold C Brockway 31, son in law, chief clerk, law department, NY city Ada E Brockway 25, daughter, Lillian E Brockway 2, granddaughter, Gilbert G Brockway 33, boarder, widowed, teacher, public schools, Frank Glasberger 43, boarder, Kate "unknown" 23, servant

Find A Grave

Charles Eschert, Birth Date: 6 May 1860, Birth Place: Russia, Death Date: 23 Mar 1935, Death Place: Carthage, Franklin County, Maine, United States of America, Cemetery: Tainter Corner Cemetery, Burial Place: Carthage, Franklin County, Maine, United States of America, Spouse: Lillian Eschert

1896: November 7, New York Journal - Professor Charles Eschert lost a political bet. As a consequence he was required to ride a horse bareback and lead a buggy driven by the winner of the bet, one Charles Doelger, "the son of the brewer". The ride was accompanied by a merry crowd lead by band who played "marching Thru Georgia". The parade made its way from City Hall Park past the Atlantic Gardens where they "liquored up". Then on to lunch at Ruppert's (at 91st street and Third avenue) and "an ocean of beer".

New York Journal November 7, 1896

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Abraham Gaydoul (1838 - 1903) - Beer Hall

Abraham Gaydoul, born in 1838 in Germany, operated a Beer Hall on the Lower East Side at 531 E 12th street.

Birth: Abraham Gaydoul, Gender: mannlich (Male), Event Type: Taufe (Baptism), Birth Date: 22 Nov 1838, Baptism Date: 2 Dez 1838 (2 Dec 1838), Baptism Place: Dieburg, Kr u. Rohrbach, Hessen (Hesse), Deutschland (Germany) Father: Daniel Gaydoul, Mother: Maria Gaydoul, City or District: Dieburg, Kr u. Rohrbach, Parish as it Appears: Rohrbach, Page Number: 16;


Marriage: Abraham Gaydoul, age 21 or older 8 Jun 1861 Richland, Ohio, USA Spouse: Katharine Banen, over age 18 or older Film Number: 000388738

1872: Abraham Gaydoul 435 E 15th New York, New York, USA Publication Title: Goulding's Business Directory of New York, 1872-73

1880: East 12 Street, Abraham Gaydoul 41, 1839 Hesse Darmstadt, beer saloon, Catherene Gaydoul 40, Hesse Darmstadt Margaret Gaydoul 17, seamstress, George Gaydoul 16, eployee of office brokers, Mary Gaydoul 15 Charles Gaydoul 13 Catherine Gaydoul 6 Louise Gaydoul 4 William Gaydoul 2, children all born New York

1880: Abraham Gaydoul 531 12th Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Beer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1880

1882: Bonfort's Wine and Spirit Circular, Volume 19 - mortgage to A. Gaydoul 531 E 12th st.


  1. Margaretha married Charles Pohl 21 March 1888

  2. George

    George Gaydoul - Dora Schilling Marriage 3 Oct 1888 Manhattan, New York, USA

    George Gaydoul - Louisa Alsfeld Marriage 31 Dec 1910 Manhattan, New York, USA

  3. Mary- Married Robert Ludwig 19

    Robert Ludwig 21 Oct 1903 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 31 Marital Status Single, Birth Year (Estimated) 1872, Birthplace Franhenhof, Germany, Father's Name Frederick Ludwig, Mother's Name Louise Marmein, Spouse's Name Mary Gaydoul, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 30, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birthplace Salim, OH, Spouse's Father's Name Abraham Gaydoul, Spouse's Mother's Name Catharine Bouin (LDS)

  4. Charles c 1872

    Death: Event Type 22 Oct 1927 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Residence Place Whiteston, L.I. Gender Male Age 58 Marital Status Single Occupation Watchman, Birth Date 13 Oct 1869, Birthplace U.S.A., Burial Date 25 Oct 1927, Cemetery Fresh Pond Crematory, Father's Name Abraham, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Catherine Bonen, Mother's Birthplace Germany

  5. Catherine/Kate married Fredeick C. A. Witt 23 May 1897 / Fredrick Charles Andrew

    Fredrick Witt Marriage 23 May 1897 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Age 23 Marital Status Single Race White Birth Year (Estimated) 1874 Birthplace N.Y. City Father's Name Conrad Witt Mother's Name Caroline Lebuck Spouse's Name Kate Gaydoul Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 22 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Race White Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1875 Spouse's Birthplace N.Y. City Spouse's Father's Name Abraham Gaydoul Spouse's Mother's Name Katharina Boni... (LDS)

    Child: Florence - Flossie per death of Abraham in 1903

    Kate Gaydoul Witt had died by 1903.

    1905: 7th street, Conrad Witt 55, saloon keeper, Carolina Witt 53 Frederick Witt 31, son, bookkeeper, John Witt 28, Amelia Witt 16, Florence Witt 7, daughter

    Florence was living with her grandparents in 1910 on East 162 street, listed as "daughter". Conrad Witt was listed as a real estate broker.

  6. Louise/Lulu married Edwin Spencer 19 Nov 1905

  7. William

  8. Elizabeth

A. Gaydoul & sons, PARK HOUSE 325 East 10th street, Bet. Ave A and B. New York Wines, Liquors and Lager Beer also bottles of Domestic and Improted Beers - Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs & Families supplied at the shortest notice. (Ad in the Journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club January 1895 a copy provided by Adam Woodward, April 2018.)

1899: 10th st. s. s. No. 214 East 225 ft e of 1sr ave. 25x92 Katherine Gaydoul to Abraham Gaydoul, morts. $5,000 r. s. $15 Aug $20,000 (The Evening Post Record of Real Estate Sales in Greater New York, Volumes 1-2)

1900: 10th street, Abrham Gayoudl 62, born Germany, imm 1861, naturalized, no occupation, Catherine Gayoudl 61, 13 children 7 living, George Gayoudl 35, slaes clerk, born Ohio, Charles Gayoudl 28, saloon keeper, born Ohio, William Gaydoul 22, born New York, day laborer, Mary Gaydoul 31, born Ohio, Lulu Gaydoul 29, born New York Lizzie Gaydoul 24, born New York

1903: Abraham Gaydoul Death Date: 4 Sep 1903 Cemetery: Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium Burial or Cremation Place: Middle Village, Queens County, New York, United States of America (Find a Gravve)

Death - will - wife Katherine Gaydoul $6,000 - grandchild Flossie or Florence Witt daughter of deceased daughter, Katie Witt, $500, rest of estate to surviving children and their heirs: Margaretha Pohl nee Gaydoul, George, Charles, Mary, Lizzie and Lulu Gaydoul.

1905: Katharina "Gaytloul" widow to Paulina Abeles, Jan 3. Feb 4, 1905. 2:437-14. A $13,500-$ 17,000, nom Same propert, Margaret Pohl and ano EXRS Abraham Gaydoul to same $23,000 Real Estate Record and Builders' Guide, Volume 75

1910: Bronx Assembly District 33, New York, New York Elton Avenue Katherine "Gaydosh" 70 Charles "Gaydoul" 38, son, born Ohio, butcher, Elizabeth Gaydoul 32, daughter, born New York, milliner, factory, Mary Ludwig 42,daughter, born Ohio, Robert Ludwig 38, son in law, butcher

18868 insurance map Plate 39 NYPL digital collection

"a" indicates the location of 531 E 12th street, north of Tompkins square park between avenues A and B. The neighborhood appears to be mainly residential. "b" is the location of Primary School #27.

Yellow = wooden structure - red = brick - green = a fire hazard - clear open space

Gemunder, August, his brother George and their sons - Violin Makers

August and George Gemunder were the sons of Johann Georg Germunder violin maker to the court of Prince Hohenlohe. They immigrated to the United States in the mid 1800s. August lived and worked on the Lower East Side with a shop at 393 Bowery.

The Gemunder family

Birth of August Gemunder: 1814 Wurtenburg, Germany

Immigration: 1846 first to Springfield, Mass and later to New York City.

August Gemunder, court of common Pleas, Sprinfield Mass, Age: 38 Petition Birth Date: 22 Mar 1814 Birth Place: Ingelfingen Wintemberg Arrival date: 26 Sep 1846 Arrival Place: New York Petition Date: Oct 1852 Petition Place: Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA Petition Number: 350



  1. August 1862, he was listed as a widow in 1910, no children - died 1928

    Marriage: August M Gemunder 23 Nov 1890 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Matilde Schuberth Certificate Number: 13744

    Matilda died in 1894.

  2. Rudolph, 1865 died 1916

    1915: Leonia, NJ, Rudolf F. Gemunder, violin maker, Edith N. Gemunder

    1916: Rudolph F Gemunder Birth Date: 9 Feb 1865 Birth Place: Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America Death Date: 8 Jul 1916 Death Place: Leonia, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States of America Cemetery: Woodlawn Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Bronx, Bronx County, New York, United States of America Father: August Martin Ludwig Gemunder

    Find A Grave

    In November 1916 August Gemunder & Sons was located at 141 West Forty-second street. The company had been in business for 50 years when Edith Naomi Gemunder sole heir of her husband's estate sued her brother-in-law August M. Gemunder, a half partner in the business. She claimed August had not given her a fair share of the business which she claimed amounted to $27,000. She wanted the business sold so it could be liquidated.

  3. Madgelena/Lena, 1870

  4. Charles, c 1870

    1905: Bronx - Chas Gemunder Head M 34y United States, piano teacher, Elizabeth Gemunder Wife F 24y United States Mary Curtis Sister-In-Law F 22y United States

    1917: Charles H Gemunder 544 W 156th New York, New York, Occupation: Music Teacher Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1917

    1925: New York census, Charles age 55 piano teacher, Cath age 45 saleslady

  5. Oscar c 1872 - died 1946

    Marriage: Oscar A Gemunder 1 Nov 1919 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, Spouse: Margaret L Blume Certificate Number: 28515

    1925: Oscar Gemunder 53, musician, Margaret Gemunder 42

Death: 7 Sep 1895 New York, New York

August Martin Ludwig Gemunder Birth 22 Mar 1814 Ingelfingen, Hohenlohekreis, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Death 7 Sep 1895 Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America

1870: August Gemunder 56 Henrietta Gemunder 32 August Gemunder 8 Rudolph Gemunder 5 Lena Gemunder 3 Charles Gemunder 1/12

1880: E 13th street, August Gemunder 66, violin maker, born Wurtenburg, Henerietta Gemunder 42, Hesse, August Gemunder 18, violin maker, Rudolph Gemunder 15, Lena Gemunder 13, Charles Gemunder 10, Oscar Gemunder 8, plus a servant and 5 boarders children born New York

1891: August M Gemunder 1572 Madison av New York, New York, Occupation: Mus. Insts Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1891

1891: August Martin and Rudolph joined their father, August, to form August Gemunder & Sons


"Law reports, digests, etc Action by August Gemunder, August Martin Gemunder, and Rudolph Gemunder against Isidor Hauser to recover commissions on the price of a violin alleged to have been sold by plaintiffs for defendant. From a judgment entered on a verdict in favor of plaintiffs for $525, and from an order denying a motion for a new trial"

1900: Manhattan Ave., August Gemunder 38, May 1862, musicm Rudolf Gemunder 35, Feb 1865, music, Lena Gemunder 30, Mar 1870, Oscar Gemunder 28, Jan 1872, music Hattie Swan 22, servant, all listed as single


"Able Burglars Went Past Rare Old Violins - Took Instruments worth $1,000 from Among Treasures Missed 20 Real Cremonas"
New York Times 09 Sept. 1906

Avoiding a burglar alarm at August Gemunder & sons at 42 E. 23rd street two men, one long and thin the other short and fat, stole several violins worth about $1000 each but missed those worth $16,000. Gemunders showroom were on the third floor. The two men were described by the elevator boy who had seen them lurking about. The burglars forced entrance from a rear door. The news articles stated that the robbers missed 20 original Cremonas worth from $500 to $5,000 each. Instead the took four old Italian violins, two German violins and a French violin worth a total of about $1,000. The violins had easily identifiable markings and August Gemunder said he would alert all potential purchasers of quality violins with a descriptions of the stolen items. August had recently retuned from a trip to Germany where he spent the summer in Wurtemberg. He offered a generous reward for information leading to the capture of the thieves.

1910: Manhattan Ward 12, Broadway, Claremont, August M Gemunder 47, head, widowed, violin maker, Madgelina Gemunder 43, sister, Oscar A Gemunder 38, violin maker, Elizabeth Tasler 23, servant

1911: August M Gemunder, 30 Claremont New York, New York, Occupation: Violins Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1911

1917: Announcement of the termination of the copartnership of August Gemunder & Sons due to the death of Rudolph Gemunder.

1917: March 17, New York Times ad: announcing a Private Liquidation Sale by order of the Supreme Court of New York County. Old and Modern Violins, bows and accessories of August Gemunder & sons due to the death of Rudolph F. Gemunder - August Gemunder sole surviving partner.

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018 - from a business envelope of August Gemunder.

1884: December 5, 1884 - Philip Lohges shot his brother-in-law, John Heston at 393 Bowery.

"The house, a five-story brownstone-fronted tenement house of the better class, is owned by John. Rocker, who lives on the third floor. On the first floor a projecting sign indicates the shop of August Gemunder, violin maker and repairer, who has the southern half of the store. The other half has a sign reading, "Heston, Stylish Tailor".
The two stores were separated by a thin partition and the doors to the stores opened oposite each other in a small recess. August and his sons were working in their store when a shot rang out. Yelling, several more shot and sounds of a struggle followed. The Gemunders were understandably frightened and did not enter Heston's store. Other neighbors looked out at the scene and saw Lohges locking up the store and "sauntering" off towards Fifth- street. People gathered and peering though the window saw a body lying dead on the floor. The police were summoned and they broke in the door. Heston had been shot multiple times. There were signs of a struggle. Five minutes after the shooting Lohges turned himself, a Smith & Wesson revolver and the keys to Heston's store in to the Seventeenth Precinct station. Lohges claimed he shot Heston to protect his sister, Sophie, who was Heston's wife. He claimed that Heston treated Sophie "shamefully". Sophie called her husband "grumpy and mean" and had threatened to leave her and their young son. August Gemunder testified at the trial.

NYC Death Index for Gemunder:

  1. Gemunder Henrietta 55 y Nov 3 1893 38557 Manhattan

    dob c 1838 - wife of August senior

  2. Gemunder Mathilde 27 y Dec 3 1894 38572 Manhattan

    dob c 1867 - wife of August junior

  3. Gemunder John Geo 82 y Jan 15 1899 133 Queens

    dob c 1817 - Noted violin maker - Brother of August Gemunder

    1892: Queens Long Island City Gemunder, Gorge age 75, born Germany, violin maker, Hanna 54 (59?) born germany, Otto age 20, Madeline age 18, Hugo age 16, Ida age 15.

    1899: John Gemunder 15 Jan 1899 Cedar Grove Cemetery Flushing, Queens County, New York, United States of America

    1870: Ward 17, District 10 New York, George Gemunder 54, violin maker, $4000 born Wuttenburg, Hannah Gemunder 33, keeping house born Baden, George Gemunder 11, born New York Hermann Gemunder 10, born New York Hulda Gemunder 7 Hannah Gemunder 5 Augusta Gemunder 2 Amanda Gemunder 7/12 Matalina Gemunder 62, born Wuttenburg, children all born NYC, plus a servant

    George and his three sons: George, Herrman and Otto were violin makers.

    George senior wrote "Progress in Violin Making" in 1881. It is still in print.

    "This work exhibits a sublime confidence in himself and leaves little doubt that he was confirmed in his belief that his creations were of a class by themselves and beyond criticism or comparison with others." 1943 review in Violins and Violinist Magazine

    Portrait of George Gemunder

  4. Gemunder Edna M 11 m Aug 14 1895 28734 Manhattan

    dob c 1884

  5. Gemunder August 81 y Sep 7 1895 31553 Manhattan

  6. Gemunder Jennetta 7 m Feb 12 1898 372 Bronx

  7. Gemunder Otto 29 y Jun 10 1901 10387 Kings

    dob c 1873 - Son of George - according to an obit he died of consumption (TB) at the Brooklyn Home for Consumptives - his father George was called " a famous violin maker"

  8. Gemunder Elizabeth 28 y Jun 6 1909 17824 Manhattan

    dob c 1881

    Wife of Charles the son of August.

  9. Gemunder Matilda 49 y Dec 23 1911 3913 Queens

    dob c 1862

    Wife of George senior

  10. Gemunder George 57 y Nov 10 1915 4306 Queens

    dob c 1858 son of George

  11. Gemunder August M 65 y Mar 22 1928 8289 Manhattan

    dob c 1863, son of August

  12. Gemunder Samuel 72 y Apr 10 1932 3439 Bronx

    dob c 1860


  13. Gemunder Charles 76 y Jun 21 1946 6222 Bronx

    dob circa 1870 -- music teacher - son of August

  14. Gemunder Kathryn 65 y Jun 19 1947 6316 Bronx

    dob c 1882

  15. Gemunder Magdalena 79 y Feb 16 1947 3860 Kings

    dob c 1868

August Gemunder

Gemunder "Art" Violin

August Gemunder and sons

Louis S Goldstein - tailor - 81 Canal street

Image courtesy Adam Woodward, April 2018

1880: 95 Henry street, Manhattan, Louis S. Goldstein 27, tailor, Rachel Goldstein 21, Hyman Goldstein 4, Israel Goldstein 2 Leah Goldstein 5/12

1892: Louis S. Goldstien tailor, 81 Canal

1896: Goldstein, costumes, 81 Canal Street

1899 - 1906: Louis S. Goldstien costumer, 81 Canal

1900: 81 Canal Street, multi family, Louis S Goldstein 45, born Russia, Aug 1855, married 25 years immigrated, 1869, costumer, Rachel Goldstein 42, imm 1869, 9 children 9 living, Hyman C Goldstein 34, salesman, Isidor Goldstein 21, L Goldstein 18, student, Fannie Goldstein 15, Jack Goldstein 14, Alex Goldstein 13, Lotie Goldstein 11, David Goldstein 8, Ettie Goldstein 6

1910: Goldstein, Louis S., tailer, 81 Canal, home 17 113th street

1910: Ward 12 113th street, Louis S Goldstom 54, merchant, cotton price goods, Ray Goldstein 51, 9 children 9 living, Herman C Goldstein 32, merchant, cotton piece goods, Isidore Goldstein 29, physician general, Leah Goldstein 27, Fanny Goldstein 25 Jacob Goldstein 24, can't read, cotton goods, Alexander Goldstein 23, salesman cotton goods, Charlotte Goldstein 20 David Goldstein 18, salesman, cotton goods, Harriett Goldstein 15, daughter, Pauline Goldstein 18, servant

1915: W. 113th street, Louis S Goldstein 58, cotton good merchant, Rachel Goldstein 56, Isidor Goldstein 30, physician, Jack Goldstein 24, office clerk, Alexander Goldstein 22, clerk cotton goods, David Goldstein 20, clerk cotton goods, Leah Goldstein 28, Fannie Goldstein 26, Hattie Goldstein 18, clerk coton goods, Annie Zelight 22, servant

1920: 1800 7th avenue, Louis Goldstein 62, merchant cotton goods, born Russia, Rachael Goldstein 60, Jacob Goldstein 34, salesman cotton goods, Leah Goldstein 30, Hattie Goldstein 24

Full Dress Suits to Hire: I guess this is like a tuxedo rental. There were a lot of establishments advertising "full dress suits to hire" in the late 1890s and early 1900s - Including the Yale Courant Vol 49 in New Haven in 1912. Several mentioned masquerades, balls, parties, the opera, or funerals. An ad in Cosmopolitan in 1900 stated that a man who attended an evening "entertainment" was in need of a "full dress suit" or else he would be a "marked man".

From Cosmopolitan ad 1900.

In Baby Scott: A Farcical Comedy in Three Acts, By Leon O. Mumford in 1914, a costume suggestion for several characters was "tuxedo or full dress suit".

1889 - Scammell's Universal Treasure-house of Useful Knowledge:

FULL DRESS SUIT. - Care should betaken that the costume is marked by an air of refinement, appropriateness, and good taste. For evening dress, black cloth pantaloons, vest and coat, are required. The necktie for a ball, opera and soiree, should bo of silk or fine linpn cambric, and of white or some delicate color; for smaller evening parties the black silk tie is allowable. The shirt front must be plain, in small or broad plaits, according to taste. Gloves should be while, though some wear delicately tinted gloves, and even dark shades."
1899: Mark Twain - The Innocents Abroad
"In Marseilles you pay forty dollars for a first−class dress coat made by a good tailor, but in Leghorn you can get a full dress suit for the same money."

Carl/Charles and August Habernicht - Musicians

Carl Habernicht and August Habernicht were bandmasters on the Lower East Side.

1880: "Habenich" Carl, musician, h 127 Third

1886: Carl Habernicht 190 Third New York Musician Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1886

1887: Carl Habernicht, musician, 246 E Houston, naturalized, Superior Court NYC October 20, 1887

1888: "Carl" Habernicht musician 101 Ave A h 201 E Houston.

1894: "Chas" Habernicht musician h 170 7th

1894: Brooklyn Daily Eagle - Up the American Rhine - The magnificent fast sailing steamer MAGENTA regular Sunday Morning Excursion commencing July 1st to Newburgh - Landing at Yonkers, West Point, and Cold Spring, new Iona Island, Leaves Jewell's wharf Brooklyn at 8:30 A. M., W. 10th st , NY 9:10, W 22nd st 9:25, 129th st at 9:55, Habernicht's Fourth Regiment Military Brass Band in choice concert. 50 cents entire grand excursion, June 30, 1894

1895: "August" Habernicht, Jr. Orchestra headquarters Tompkins Square Hall 134 E. Seventh st Near ave. A. residence 170 E. 7th street, office 196 E 7th Music for all occasions office hours 6 to 7 P. M.

1897: July 4, Some Brooklyn residences celebrated July 4th with fireworks and "the strains of patriotic music" provided by Habernicht's Military Band.

1900: 118 7th street, Carl Habernicht 54, Musician born Germany, born 1846, Minnie Habernicht 53, 1 child 1 living, married 27 years, Charles Habernicht 27, musician, born 1873

1901: Death - Carl Habernicht, Age: 54, 26 Nov 1901 Death Place: New York, New York, Certificate Number: 35061

Carl Habernicht Event Type Death Event Date 26 Nov 1901 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Address 118 - 7th St. Residence Place New York City, N.Y. Gender Male Age 54 Marital Status Married Race White Occupation Musician Birth Year (Estimated) 1847 Birthplace Germany Burial Date 29 Nov 1901 Cemetery Holy Trinity Father's Name Habernicht Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Habernicht Mother's Birthplace Germany(LDS)

1902: Music - Habernicht, August J - 131 Av. B

1903: Orchestras - Habernicht, August J - 131 Av. B

1905: Ave. B, Habernicht, Julia, head, age 61 born Germany, August son age 31, musician

1905: Music in the Park in Tompkins Square Park August J Habernicht bandmaster at 8:00 Jul 11, 1905 (NYT)

196: Musicians - Habernicht, August 131 av B

1910: 131 ave B, Juliana Habenicht 67, widow, 4 children 1 living August Habernicht 36, musician, performer

1911: Tompkins Square Park July 10 1901 at8 P. M. August J Habernicht's Military Band Program. Prelude - Star-Spangled Banner

1. Grand March "Under Freedom's Banner" F. Nowowicski
2. Overture "Morning, Noon and Night" Suppe
3. Waltz -"Wedding of the Winds" Hall
4. Fantasia Gems of Stephen Foster" Tobani
5. Selection "Bohemian Girl" Balfe
6. Concert March "Pettibone's Compliments" H. Bellslead, Jr.
7. Medley Overture "All Alone" Harry Von Tiller
8. Selection "Lohengrin" Wagner
9. Characteristic "Hebrew Rights" Habernicht
10. Deux Temps "My Dream of U. S. A." Hallet
(Annual Report Department of City Parks)

1916: Julia Habernicht 131 Av B New York, New York, USA Widow of Charles Habernicht

1930: E. 58th street, Habernicht, August J age 56 born New York, single, musician theater (note born circa 1874)

The Hassey/Haise Family - Real Estate, Lawyers and Notaries

The Hassey family were lawyers, notaries and real estate agents.

August Hassey (1820-1903)

Birth: circa 1820, Glowitz, Prussia (per passport application of his son William in 1922)

Immigration: October 1851 from Hamberg (per 1922 passport application of his son, William)

August Haise, Arrival date: 29 Nov 1851, Birth Date: abt 1821, Age: 30, Gender: Male, Ethnicity/ Nationality: German, Place of Origin: Germany, Port of Departure: Hamburg, Germany, Destination: United States of America,, Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: Rhein

Naturalization: Common Pleas NYC February 21, 1859 (per 1922 passport application of his son, William)

August Hassey, 43 Ave B, Record Type: Oath Oath Date: 21 Feb 1859 Oath Place: New York, New York, New York, USA

Marriage: Matilda Corona Heese born circa 1827


  1. Charles born Mexico circa 1847 - In 1860 census.

  2. Rosa circa 1851 born in Mexico per her marriage record

    Marriage: To Hugo E. Constant Date 23 Sep 1871 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 22 Birthplace Demmin, Prussia, Father's Name Carl Constant Mother's Name Bertha Prungs, Spouse's Name Rosa Anastasia Hassey, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 19, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1852, Spouse's Birthplace Mexico, Republic of Mexico, Spouse's Father's Name August Hassey, Spouse's Mother's Name Mathilde Caroner

    Hugo Constant Gender: Male Marriage Date: 23 Sep 1871 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Rose Hassey Certificate Number: 6961

    In 1871 Hugo Constant was listed as a real estate broker 11 Ave A. In 1872 he was listed as a lawyer. In 1874 he his home address was Brooklyn.

  3. Edward circa 1854

    Marriage: Edward Hassy 06 Feb 1879 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Age 26 Marital Status Single Birth Year (Estimated) 1853 Birthplace New York City Father's Name August Charles Hasse Mother's Name Matilda Heese Spouse's Name Mary Martin Spouse's Gender Female Spouse's Age 25 Spouse's Marital Status Single Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1854 Spouse's Birthplace Portorico, W. India, Spain Spouse's Father's Name Martin Martin Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Amann (LDS)

    Marriage: 1884 Edward F Hassey Gender: Male Birth Date: abt 1856 Birth Place: New York Marriage Date: 29 Apr 1884 Marriage Place: Rutland, Vermont, USA Marriage Age: 28 Card Type: Groom Father Name: Augustus Hassey Mother Name: Matilda Hesse Spouse Name: Anna C Simons

    1910: W. 75th street, Edward F Hassey 52, lawyer, own office, Anna C S Hassey 52 Delia Murray 39, servant, Elizabeth Fleming 22, servant

    Children: None per 1910 census

    Death: Rutland, Vermont, Edward F Hassey Age: 71 Born 26 Sep 1855, New York, USA, Death Date: 10 Oct 1926, Death Place: Rutland, Rutland, Vermont, USA Cause of Death: Family Physician Knowle Father: August Hassey, Cerebral Apoplexy, arteriosclerosis

  4. August Carl Arnold Hassey Age: 0 Birth Date: 10 Feb 1858 Baptism Date: 7 Aug 1858 Baptism Place: New York, New York, USA Church: Madison St German Presbyterian Church Father: August Carl Hermann Hassey Mother: Mathilde Corone Heese

    Passport Application 1885:

    1888: Graduated Columbia Law School

    Passport: 1898, February 18, 1898, August C. Hassey, born 10 February 1858, address 14 2nd street, NYC, attorney, 5 feet 10 inches, eyes greenish grey, hair brown mustache.

    Death 1898: August Hassey Birth Date: abt 1858 Age: 40 Death Date: 1 May 1898 Death Place: New York, New York Certificate Number: 11829

    Buried Green-wood Cemetery Brooklyn

    August C Hassey owned real estate in the city. In 1886 he paid $36,000 for a four story stone front house on 14th street.

  5. Emil circa 1863

    Marriage: Emile A Hassey Gender: Male Marriage Date: 1 May 1892 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Emma Zingsheim Certificate Number: 5361

    1900: 157th street, Emil A Hassey 37, lawyer, Emma Hassey 35 Amelia Jastroph 63 Vermina Stochow 82

    1905: E. 15th street, Emile A Hassey 42, lawyer, Emma Hassey 40 Malines Hanenmann 56

  6. William July 8 1872

    Living at 17 West 123rd street in 1905

    William age 57 single, no occupation, was listed in the 1930 census at West 124th street,

1860: 4th District, 11th Ward, Manhattan August Hasseiy M 38 Prussia, real estate broker, $400, Mathilda Hasseiy F 32 Prussia Rosa Hasseiy F 8 Mexico Edward Hasseiy M 4 New York August Hasseiy M 2 New York Charles Hasseiy M 13 Mexico

1870: Norfolk between Hester and Grand, August Hassey 50, real estate broker, born Prussia, Matilda Hassey 42, born New York, Rosa Hassey 18, Edward Hassey 14, August Hassey 12, Emil Hassey 7, children all born New York, alos Constant, Hugo age 21, born Prussia (no occupation. He married Rosa in 1871.) New York Ward 10 District 5 (2nd Enum), New York, New York

1879: 249 East 40th street, a three story high stooped, brown stone was the residence of Dr. John P. Ermentraut, Medical Director of the Tompkins-square Homeopathic Dispensary. Dr. Ermentraut and his family lived on the first floor and basement. It was also the residence of August Hassey, Esq., widower, and his sons, Edward and August, who lived on the second and third floors. The building was owned by August Hassey senior. On a Saturday night in January 1879 Edward Hassey "in a nearly helpless condition, was staggering through the hall." He made so much noise that he woke Dr. Ermentraut. Edward raised "the alarm of fire". There as a lot of smoke. In the middle of the staircase between the second and third floors was a smoldering fire of "several pieces of very dry willow-wood well saturated with kerosene". Arson was suspected, perhaps pointing to the Hassey's housekeeper. (New York Times)

1880: East 4th street, August Hassey 59, widower, lawyer, Edward Hassey 26, lawyer, August Hassey 22, lawyer, Emil Hassey 17, law student, William Hassey 8 and two boarders, servants

1882: "That August Hassey be and he is hereby appointed a Commissioner of Deeds in and for the City and County of New York, in place of Edward F. Hassey, resigned." (Proceedings of the Board of Aldermen, Volume 166)

1887: August Hassey Notary Public City and co. of New York

1891: Law Offices of August Hassey, Edward F. Hassey, August C. Hassey, Emile Hassey 11 Ave. A, New York December 30, 1891

1894: August, notary, 11 Ave, A, h 14 2nd, August C. lawyer, 11 Ave, A & treas 482 E 19th st h 14 2nd, Edw'd F lawyer 11 Ave A h 46 W. 75th, Emil A, lawyer 11 Ave. A home 305 E 118th

October 1, 1900 "Grief-Crazed at the Death of Lawyer August Hassey, Woman Tries To Drown Herself" Alice Bolt, a middle aged women was saved by a policeman as she tried to drown herself in the North River at the foot of 15th street. She claimed to have met August Hessay shortly after she moved to the city from Bar Harbor, Maine 15 years before. Alice insisted she wanted to die and was sent by the court to Bellevue for evaluation. August Hassey, Junior had died two years before the attempted suicide. His father, August senior, nearly 80 year old and bed ridden by a sunstroke he suffered the summer of 1899, lived at 14 Second street. He had two surviving sons, Edward, F. and William who had a law practice at 11 Avenue A. (New York Times)

A September 30th article stated Alice was 39 years old. She claimed she had been living on the the east side "with a common law husband who was a lawyer" and had recently died.

1900: East 2nd street, August Hassey 79, real estate agent, widowed, born Germany, imm 1852, William Hassey 29, lawyer's clerk, son born 1872 Willhemina Rackstroh 50, servant

1903: Death of August senior, March 16, 1903 (per passport application of his son William in 1922)

August Hassey Age: 81 Birth Year: abt 1822 Death Date: 16 Mar 1903 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 8744

GreenWood Cemetery:
HASSEY AUGUST 1903-03-199563 89+
HASSEY AUGUST C .1898-05-039563 89
MATILDA 1875-09-169563 89+
HASSEY WILLIAM 1938-05-319563 89+
*HASSEY WILLIAM A. 1869-04-169563 89+

*William August Hassey Event Type Death Event Date 14 Apr 1869 Event Place Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender Male Age 7 Marital Status Unknown Birth Year (Estimated) 1862

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

John Prosser Jube (c. 1813-1905)- Carriages hardware manufacturer - 97 Bowery

1910: At the marriage of his granddaughter, Mary Florence Jube, in Brooklyn in July 1910 John Posser Jube was described as "the millionaire carriage mmanufacturer of the Bowery". and further "The late John P. Jube was one of New York's oldest millionairs. His carriage establishment in which business he was a pioneer, founding it over sixty-five years ago, is a landmark at 97 Bowery, Manhattan. It is still run by a member of his family, William A. Jube of East Orange, N. J."

The Automotive Manufacturer, Volume 46 1905
"John P. Jube, senior member of the firm of John P. Jube & Co., of 97 Bowery, New York City, the oldest coach and Collriage hardware house in the city, died at his home in Newark, N. J., on Thursday, February oth, of pneumonia, in the 92d year of his age.

Mr. Jube had been ill little more than a week. He contracted a slight cold, which quickly developed into pneumonia and, be, cause of his advanced years, he became an easy prey to the disease.

Mr. Jube established the present business on a modest scale and but a block from its present location in about the year 1842. It rapidly grew to large proportions, under his able management, finally necessitating the erection of the five-story building now occupied by the firm. Deceased was also largely interested in the banking and insurance business, being president for many years of the National State Bank of Newark, N. J., and one of the principal stockholders of the Fireman's Insurance Company of the same city, serving as a director for over 40 years. He was also one of the last two surviving charter members of the latter company.

Mr. Jube was an earnest and active Christian, ever ready to lend a helping hand to deeds of benevolence, and as a member of the Congregational Church was a liberal supporter and giver of many gifts.

The business will be continued personally by William U, Jube, a son, and surviving partner of the firm."

1846: Proceedings of the Board of Assistant Aldermen, Volume 28
"John P. Jube, who keeps a shop and store at 83 Bowery, stated that he carries on the business of manufacturing Saddlery Hardwar - that he employs two men in this city - that he belongs to the firm of Jube & Van Ness, who employ a large number of hands in Newark, N. J. - that there is not a single article in the trade which is not manufactured in the City of New York and that less than on third of the Saddlery Hardware used in the United States is imported.

Marriage: 1835 NJ John P Jube, 4 Oct 1835, Essex, New Jersey, USA, Spouse: Sarah Ann Ward Film Number: 000914211

1850: Newark East Ward, Essex, New Jersey, USA John P Jube 37, merchant, $5,000, born New York, Sarah H Jube 26, born New Jersey, Albert Jube 9, Mary F Jube 6, John H Jube 4, Amanda Jube 2, Thomas Jube 0, Bridget Cunningham 21, born Ireland

1860: Newark, NJ, John P Jube 47, merchant, $32,000 $70,000, born New York, Sarah A Jube 44, born NJ, William Jube 23, Albert Jube 19, Adalaide Jube 24, Halstead C Jube 22, Theressa T Jube 20, James B Jube 18, Julia P Jube 14, Caroline Beverett 45, Louisa Gogenhemen 9, Margaret Markee 20, servant born Ireland

1860: New York Times, July 26, 1860 :

"Yesterday morning, at 1 o'clock, a more destructive fire than the City of Newark has experienced for many years broke out in the large four-story building No. 7 Mechanic-street, occupied by Mr. Sauerbier as a tool factory. The Fire Department were promptly on hand, but the fire had communicated to the adjoining coach manufactory of Messrs. Turnbull & Gomersall, which, with its contents, was entirely destroyed before the fire could be arrested. On the east side of Turnbull's factory, a building occupied, as a lager-bier saloon was entirely destroyed, and part of a building used by Messrs. Gardner & Bonnel for storing mahogany, was burned, and the fire was here checked on the last. The building occupied by Mr. Sauerbier was full of stock and machinery, and his loss is about $20,000 -- insured for $5,500. The building and engine were owned by Mr. Hosmer, whose loss is about $5,000 -- insured for $2,750. The fourth story was occupied by J.C. Wesner, cabinet maker, and the third story by Messrs. T. & D. McNamara, who lost everything. The building occupied by Messrs. Turnbull & Gomersall was owned by Mr. Alexander Turnbull, valued at $7,000, insured for $4,000. Messrs. Turnbull & Gomersall's loss on ready made stock, fixtures, &c., is $9,000 -- insured for $3,000. Mr. N. Vanness's loss on stock, &c., is about $2,000 -- fully insured. The building is owned by Mr. John P. Jube, whose loss is $700 -- fully insured. Messrs. Gardner & Bonnell had $500 worth of lumber damaged and burned -- fully insured. The building, owned by Mr. M.L. Ward, was damaged to the amount of $200 -- insured. Total losses, $44,000. Insurance $18,600."
1866: JOHN P. JUBE & CO., Importers and Dealers in Carriage and Coach Hardware, Cloths, Plushes, Damasks, Laces, etc

1869: Marriage John P. Jube, 7 Oct 1869, Newark, Essex, New Jersey, USA Spouse: Hannah M. Richards Film Number: 000494147

1872: US Patent Office

4622 February 11, John P. Jube A Co., Lumber, Iron Washers, Repairing Engine Springs, etc., Jan. 1 to Aug. 31, 1872 424 10
4623 february 11, John P. Jube A Co., Repairing Engine Springs, etc., Sept. 3 to Oct. 23. 1872 201 86
4624 February 11, John P. Jube A Co. Stack, Axles, etc., Nov., 1872 50 17

1880: Broad street, Newark John P. Jube 67, carriage ---, ---,--- Albert B. Jube 38, son, Hannah M. Jube 57, wife, Mary F. Jube 36 Thomas Jube 29, clerk, Charles F. Jube 27, no occupation, Emma L. Jube 25, no occupation, Edward H. Jube 22, clerk hardware

1900: 967 Broad Street Newark Newark John P Jube 87, retired, widowed, parents born England, Albert B Jube 50 Mary H Jube 45 Euvera L Jube 32 Norah Murray 40, cook, Bridget Mcmanus 30, waitress

1910: Broad street Newark, Albert B Jube 68, head, Mary F Jube 66, sister, Emma L Jube 50, sister, Thomas Jube 60, brother, all listed as "own income", Margaret Shelly 25, servant, Margaret Sneed 29, servant

1905: Find a Grave - John Prosser Jube Birth Date: 24 Oct 1812 Birth Place: New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America Death Date: 9 Feb 1905 Death Place: Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States of America Cemetery: Mount Pleasant Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, United States of America

Spouses Hannah Marie Richards Jube (1823 - 1888) and Sarah Ann Ward Jube (1816 - 1867)

Children: Amanda Ward Mackin (1846-1937)
Harriet Newell Ward (1850-1933)
Albert B. Jube (1841-1916)
Anna Jube (1854-1861)
Charles F. Jube (1856-1882)*
Edward H. Jube (1857-1895)***
Emma L. Jube (1854-1949)
John H. Jube (unknown - 1845)
Mary F. Jube (1843-1925)
Thomas Seaman Jube (1850-1927)
William U. Jube (1836-1911)**

*Charles Jube, son of John P Jube committed suicide in New York Saturday March 4, 1882, by shooting himself in the heart. He left a note for his father saying he was tired of living. He "had the look of a consumptive." (Philadelphia Inquirer)

** "William U. Jube, Hardware Manufacturer William U. Jube, head of John P. Jube & Company, of New York, manufacturers of carriage hardware, died at Newark, N. J., January 20, from a complication of diseases. He was 74 years old. He was born in Newark and lived in that city most of his life. He was the eldest son of John P. Jube, who founded the New York business." (Industrial World, Volume 45, Issue 1)

William U. Jube. head of John P. Jube & Co.. of New York, manufacturers of carriage hardware, and a director in the Firemen's Insurance Company, of Newark, died on Jan. 2, at his house, No. 30 North Arlington-ave., East Orange N.J. from a complication of diseases." He was survived by his wife the former Electa Heaton, two daughters and a grandchild.

(New York Observer)

***1896 Edward H. Jube, a son of John P. Jube, and a member of his father's firm (John P. Jube & Co.), in the carriage hardware business in New York City died on January 17th at his home in Newark, N.J. He was the youngest of seven children and was unmarried. (The Automotive Manufacturer, Volume 37)

John P Jube Senior

Jube Memorial Church, Newark NJ

97 Bowery building Landmarks Preservation Commission

See NYPL digital map 1893 Plate 9 under Coogan. The building is mislabeled, but 97 Bowery is the second in from the corner. It is labeled 99 but should be labeled 97. The building had a stone front as indicated by the blue facade. The building next to it at the corner (number 95 Bowery) was a wood frame building.

Lehrman - 293 Bowery - Office Fixtures

Plinus & Lehrman 293 Bowery

1917: WWI Draft Registration Usher Lehrman, 32 E. 2nd street, New York birth date April 12, 1881 born austria, furniture, 293 bowery, nearest relative Dora Lehrman 32 E 2nd street, medium height, brown eyes black hair.

1919: Lehrman, U., 293 Bowery - City Directory - Telephone Orchard 6917.

1920 & 1921: Trow's Directory - Lehrman brothers (Usher and Jacob) - fixtures - 293 Bowery - home 32 2nd street

1932: Death Usher Lehrman, 18 Feb 1932 Manhattan, New York, USA

1912: Usher Lerman, Gender: Male, Marriage Date: 25 Jun 1912, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Spouse: Dora Solnitski, Certificate Number: 15408

1915: Polk Directory Plinus & Lehrman (Isaac Plinus & Usher Lehrman( 293 Bowery)

1910: Manhattan: Ward 10, Eldridge street, Isaac Plinus 50, fixtures, own store, Fannie Plinus 43, born Russia, married 25 years, 6 children 6 living, Max Plinus 21, slaeman hat store, Jacob Plinus 19, slaeman , cannot read, Jennie Plinus 19, typewriter, cloak house, Joseph Plinus 15 Rachel Plinus 12 Solomon Singer 46, boarder, peddler street

1916: Home address of Isaac Plinus Brooklyn, no street.

A Journey Through Chinatown

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward - April 2018

The lighter facade is the old Germania Hall (Germania Assembly Rooms). See Lower East Side Beer Halls

Plinus office furniture was on the left side of the old Germania Assembly Rooms.

The Lichtenstein Brothers - cigar makers

Lichtenstein Brothers were cigar manufacturers. The company was founded by Benjamin Lichtenstein. They employed large numbers of workers in their factories but also employed large numbers of women and children who worked in their tenement apartments. The tenement workers made a cheaper grade of cigars and were paid much less than the factory workers. The child cigar makers were the subject of many child labor studies along with mine workers, cotton pickers, mill workers, newsboys and others. Families lived and worked with the tobacco in the same crowded tenement apartment.

Lichtenstein & Bros. was the second largest manufacturer of cigars in New York city in 1875.

The Samuel Gompers Papers, Volume 1 stated that there were about 25 houses occupied by tenement workers in 1873. By 1875 there were 78. A campaign to end tenement cigar worker was opposed by the cigar makers, especially Lichtenstein Bros. & Co.

See Children of the tenements


"At the outset of the investigation a secretary of a cigarmakers' trades union in the city of New York entered a tenement-house owned by Lichtenstein & Co., cigar manufacturers, and was proceeding to interrogate the inmates, who are mostly Bohemians, when he was forcibly ejected. He had his assailant arrested, and on the trial before Police Justice Powers, the Cigar Manufacturers' Association, through their counsel, sought to show that the complainant was not empowered to enter any factory without the permission of the owner. In this the police justice concurred, and dismissed the case."

(1885 Annual Report, Volume 2 By New York (State). Department of Labor. Bureau of Statistics, New York (State). Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Benjamin Lichtenstein (1840-1897)

Birth: 1839 Bavaria


"BENJAMIN LICHTENSTEIN, merchant, was born in Hollstadt, Bavaria, Aug. 16, 1839. His father was Salome Lichtenstein, a merchant. Educated in New York city, the young man served as errand boy and clerk in various stores, beginning with a salary of $1.25 per week. In 1862, he ventured to engage in the wholesale jobbing of tobacco and cigars in New Orleans and met with excellent success, but illness caused him to abandon business in the South and he started a manufactory of cigars in New York city under the name of Lichtenstein Bro's & Co. Energy, determination and business skill brought him rapidly to the front. He is now president of The Consolidated Cigarette Co. and a trustee of The Lichtenstein Bro's Co. His means have been judiciously invested in real estate, which is constantly growing in value and is already worth about a million dollars. He owns 13 and 640 Broadway, 442-6 10th street, and 135-141 Avenue D, free of incumbrances. He lives quietly, is a member of the Freundschaft club, and is a worthy man. Nov. 29, 1863, he married Sara Katten of New Orleans and has six children: Salome K., Alexander, Melvin, Eleanor, Stella and Harry Everett Lichtenstein." (America's Successful Men of Affairs: The city of New York edited by Henry Hall)
Note: 13 Broadway is near the Battery. 640 Broadway is on the south east corner of Broadway and Bleeker street. 442-6 10 street was a tenement between ave B and C. 135-141 Ave D was a tenement between 9th and 10th streets.

Marriage: Sarah Katten


  1. Solomon 1864 in Lousiana

    Salomon Katten Lichtenstein, Gender: Male, Race: White Birth Date: 8 Aug 1864, Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Father: Benjamin Lichtenstein, Mother: Sarah Kilten (Source Citation New Orleans, Louisiana Birth Records Index, 1790-1899; Volume: 36; Page Number: 331, Source Information Ancestry.com. New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S., Birth Records Index, 1790-1915 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2002. Original data: State of Louisiana, Secretary of State, Division of Archives, Records Management, and History. Vital Records Indices. Baton Rouge, LA. Description This database is an index to birth records for New Orleans, Louisiana (which is coextensive with Orleans Parish) between the years 1790-1915. The index provides information such as the child's name, parent's names (including the mother's maiden name), birth date, child's sex and color, and a reference to the original record.)

  2. Alexander circa 1866

    1910: 529 Bedford ave., Brooklyn Henry May 64, butcher wholesale, Sophie May 56 Mitchel May 31 Ella May Lichtenstein 35, daughter, Alexander Lichtenstein 44, son in law, cigars, born Louisiana, Allen B Lichtenstein 13 Emma Meyer 26, servant, Margaret Reinhardt 26, servant

  3. Melvin circa 1868

    With his mother in 1900, single

    1918: Melvin Lane, Marriage 1 Jul 1918, Marriage Manhattan, New York, Spouse: Ingelborg Kann, Certificate Number: 33331

    1921: Passport application - Melvin Lane native of United States, and wife iNgeborg O. Lane born sweden, Melvin born New York 10 October 1868 to Benjamin Lichtenstein, born in Germany, deceased, immigrated circa 1843, had gone to Europe in 1889 and from 1913 to 1914, permanent adress 38 W 56th street, occupation, artist, to go to Italy, France and Switzerland to study, sailing on the Canopic from New York. 5 ft 9 inches grey eyes gray hair.

  4. Eleanor circa 1869

    Eleanor Lichtenstein, Marriage 8 May 1890, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Spouse: Jacob Mayer, Certificate Number: 5359

    1905: West End Ave., Jacob W Mayer 41, manager, Eleanor Mayer 35, Jack Wilbur Mayer 11, Two servants

    Jacob was listed as a theatrical manager in 1910

  5. Stella circa 1876

  6. Henry Everet circa 1888

    1930: West 78th street, Henry Lichtenstein 42, Insurance, Elsie Lichtenstein 38, Jane Lichtenstein 18, Ben Lichtenstein 16, Leola Lichtenstein 13, Liza Sedlmeyer 29

    1942: Henry Everett Lichtenstein Age: 54, Insurance Agent for Mass. Protective Co., Birth Date: 30 Mar 1888 Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA 244 West 56th street, NY, New York, New York, USA, Mrs. Benj Lichtenstein,

1870: New York Ward 19, 302 E. 79th, Benjamin Lichtenstein 31, tobacconist, Sarah Lichtenstein 25, Solomon Lichtenstein 6, born Louisiana, Alexander Lichtenstein 4, ditto Melvin Lichtenstein 2, born New York Eleanor Lichtenstein 1, ditto

1874: The workroom of Lichtenstein Bros, No 268 Bowery measured 90x33 and usually held about 120 workers. (New York Department of Health)

1876: New York Directory - Lichtenstein, Benjamin, segars, 268 Bowery h 208 E 79th. Lichtenstein, Moses, segars, 268 Bowery h 123 E 84th. Also listed Lichtenstein, Abraham segars, 164 Chatham h 34 Bowery - A Lichtenstein & Brother Manufacturer of the Elk and Onward Brands of Segars and dealers in leaf tobacco 34 Bowery Lichtenstein Brothers & Co.

(Abraham was Benjamin's brother.)

1876: LICHLTENSTEIN BROTHERS, segars, 268 & 270 Bowery

1877: June 11, "The cigar packers, who are the aristocracy of the cigar trade, are in trouble. Lichtenstein Brothers, of Second Avenue, have reduced the prices paid to their packers from 10 to 50 cents per 1,000 cigars. A packer can pack from 2,000 to 9,000 cigars a day, according to the brand, and it is upon the skill of the packer in arranging the cigars in the box to tempt the eye that the success of the manufacturer in great measure depends. The packer had a different union from the "makers".

1877: October 16, A joint committee of German, Bavarian and English speaking cigar makers unions asked for higher wages. When the request was denied about 5,000 male and female cigar workers across the city went out on strike. This included around 700 workers from Lichtenstein The strikers held a meeting at Concordia Hall at 28 Avenue A.

1878: Lichtenstein brothers had patents on cigars, cigarettes, chewing and smoking tobacco (Commissioner of Patents Annual Report)

1879: The Employees of the Lichtenstien Bros. & Co gave their Second Annual Invitational Ball at the Germania Assembly Rooms 291 Bowery on Saturday Evening november 1, 1879

See German American Societies and Amusements

1879: The Lichtenstein Bos & Co. had a trade mark for "El Falcon" cigars.

1880: East 79th street, Benjamin Lichtenstein 40, Bavaria, Mfg. Of Cigars, Sarah Lichtenstein 34, born Missouri , Solomon Lichtenstein 15, attends college, born Louisiana, Alexander Lichtenstein 13, born Louisiana, Melvin Lichtenstein 11, born New York, Eleanor Lichtenstein 10, born New York, Stella Lichtenstein 4, born New York, and three servants

1895: The National Telephone Directory By American Telephone and Telegraph Company listed Lichtenstien, Bros Co. Cigar M'frs 38th and First ave. NO. 38th st 4.


"As one of the prominent cigar manufacturers in this city, we are earnestly opposed to the proposed amendment to the Schedule F of the "Wilson bill fixing an ad valorem duty of 75 per cent on tobacco in its raw state and 100 per cent on manufactured tobacco and cigars. Such an enactment would result disastrously to the tobacco-growers and utterly annihilate the cigar manufacturing industry of this country" (Numerous publications)
"In February, 1895, defendant, The American Tobacco Company, acquired from the Consolidated Cigarette Company, a New York corporation long successfully engaged in interstate and foreign commerce in leaf tobacco and manufacturing products thereof (especially cigarettes) at New York City, and in selling, dealing in, and distributing the same throughout the United States and abroad in competition with defendants, all its business of manufacturing cigars and cigarettes and of selling and distributing the same throughout the United States, together with the good will and the exclusive right to use the corporate name, by giving therefor, greatly in excess of real values, $288,485.34 cash. Benjamin Lichtenstein, Adolph Moonelis, Solomon K. Lichtenstein, Alexander Lichtenstein, and Henry Moonelis, all the stockholders in vendor corporation, agreed with the vendee not to engage in the manufacture or sale of cigars or cigarettes.

This plant was permanently closed shortly after its acquisition." (Transcript of Record ... Supreme Court of the United States ..., Volume 1)

1897: Probate of Benjamin Lichtenstein,
Left household furniture, plate, printed books, jewelry, art etc to his beloved wife, Sarah. Mount Sinai Hopsital $25,000. Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum $25,000, Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids $25,000. Hebrew Technical Institute $25,000, to wife Sarah and sons Solomon K, Alexander, Henry Everett, and Melvin various stipulations, to brother, Abraham (and/or his wife Elisa) $2,000 annually, to his brother Michael Greenspecht $2,000 annually, to his faithful servant Mary Degnan $30 per month, everything else to his wife, Sarah until her death of remarriage. At her remarriage (if it occurred) one third of his estate annually and two thirds to his surviving children. Listed his children: Solomon K Lichtenstein, Alexander Lichtenstien, Eleanor Mayer, Melvin Lichtenstein, Stella Lichtenstein, and Henry Evertt Lichtenstein,

1900: 36 W 72nd street, Sarah Lichtenstein 56, 7 children 6 living, Melvin 31, son, artist, Stella 24 Harry E 12, born 1888 and five servants

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

George Lutz

Geo. Lutz, Jr. - Florist - No 14 Avenue A between 1st and 2nd streets "no connection with any other store in the city" advertised in the Journal of Dauntless Pleasure in January 1895.

1870: George Lutz 26, works in bakery, born Hesse Darmstadt, florist, green house, Florentina Lutz 30, John Lutz 1, Florentina Lutz 1/12

1880: Avenue A Betn East Houston Str & 2nd Str George Lutz 35, Darmstadt, Germany, confectioner, Florentina Lutz 40, born, Hesse Germany, George Lutz 13, born Darmstadt Germany, John Lutz 11, born New York, Leonhardt Lutz 8, born New York

1889: Avenue A. George Lutz

1890: Directory of Florists, and Nurserymen - George Lutz 14 Avenue A

1892: George Lutz Jr 14 A between 1st and 2nd streets florist, City Directory

1892: Queens, February 1892, Oyster Bay, Lutz, George, 45, florist, born Germany, Florence 50, Leonhardt, 20, born US, florist

1896: Brooklyn Daily Eagle,


Hicksville, L. I., July 15 - Leonard Lutz, son of George Lutz, the New York florist, who has a summer residence here, was arrested yesterday, charged with assaulting his father with a knife. The charge was withdrawn, as the young man promised to leave the village and never bother his father again."

1900: Oyster Bay, George J Lutz 56, Florist, Anna C Lutz 59

1910: Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, George Lutz 64 Florentina Lutz 70, 8 children 2 living, 1st marriage 40 years

Deaths in Oyster Bay: Lutz, Florentina 1/31/1912 Lutz, George 10/31/1915 Lutz, George H. 7/8/1897

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018
Ad in the Journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club January 1895

Otto Maurer (1846-1900) - magician

Otto Maurer - the Dead Conjurers

Otto Maurer And His Magic Shop

1876: Maurer Otto. tin, 321 Bowery, h 1 Second Maurer (New York City Directory

1880 1 Second Street, Maurer, Otto, age 33, tinsmith, born Bavaria, Wife, Emma age 29 born Bavaria, son Otto age 4, born New York

1882: Mauer, Otto, mfr. of magical apparatus, 321 Bowery, h 1 Second

1884: 25, November 1884 "Inmates of a Bowery Tenement Driven to the Roof by Flames"

At least twenty families were living in a old tenement at 319-323 Bowery when a fire broke out on a cold winter night sending them all rushing out in their night clothes.

Despite the Bowery street address the entrance to the building was on Second street.

"A narrow door and a narrower hallway lead from the street to a labyrinth of crooked byways and rickety stairs, the only means of ascent to the four upper stories, barring the ancient fire escame on the Bowery part."
The "shabby old ceiling" had fallen in at Louis Harris' tailor shop at 321 Bowery. The ceiling smashed a lamp and set the store on fire. There was a tremendous amount of smoke in the hallways and the fire was located right under the fire escape so most tenants made their way to the roof where they were rescued by the firemen.

Mr. Harris' store was ruined, and the stationary store next door suffered some damage.

"Directly under it, in the cellar, burrows a conjurer, by name Otto Maurer, who manufactures trick apparatus and such for their profession"
The Maurer family had taken refuge on the roof. "The store presented a scene of sad havoc" in the morning. "The conjurer was wading in heaps of broken glass and tinsel trying to assess a value upon his dammage tricks."

1886: New York City Directory - "Magical Apparatus, 321 BOWERY, near BOND STREET, OTTO MAURER has now had over 20 years' experience as an Illusionist and Magician."

1888 to 1899: Otto Maurer, magic, 321 Bowery h 1 2nd

1898: October 12, 1898 - Business Opportunities

"FOR SALE - Otto Maurer's Magical bazaar; established 25 years; a good opportunity for right party to make money; owner wishes to retire form business owing to ill-health; only buyers with cash need call. For further particulars call or address Mrs. O. Maurer, 321 Bowery." (New York Journal)
1900: Otto Maurer Death 15 May 1900 Manhattan, New York, 321 Bowery Age 54 Marital Status Marrie Occupation "Mechanic", Birth Year (Estimated) 1846 Birthplace Germany Burial Date 18 May 1900 Burial Place New York City, New York, New York Cemetery Lutheran Father's Name William Maurer Father's Birthplace Germany Mother's Name Josephine Wheeler Mother's Birthplace Germany

Otto Maurer Event Type Burial Event Date 1900 Event Place Middle Village, Queens, New York, United States of America Photograph Included N Birth Date 28 Oct 1846 Death Date 15 May 1900 Affiliate Record Identifier 157422765 Cemetery Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery (Find a Grave)

1900: Obit in Mahatma: Born October 28, 1846 in the village of Gemeisheim, Germany died May 15, 1900 at Metropolitan Hospital New York City. Left a wife, son and daughter.

"During the twenty-eight years he was established at 321 Bowery, there is hardly a magician of any note who did not at some time drop in to take an occasional lesson or purchase needful supplies and he always had a pleasant word, or joke culled from his own profesional experience, to amuse his callers.

His son, Otto Mauer, bears the same name and will continue the business."

1900: Otto Maurer Jr, boarder, 9 Second street, born Nov. 1875, New York salesman

1910: 13th street, Emma Maurer 63, head, 3 children 2 living, widow, born Germany, Otto Maurer 34, son, "musician"*, odd jobs Louisa Maurer 23, daughter, saleswoman, Adelhert Teblock 46, lodger

*should this be magician?

1920: Cheshire, New Haven, Connecticut Farm, Otto Maurer 43, head, farmer, born New York, Louise Maurer 33, wife, born Connecticut, Emma Maurer 73, mother, born Germany immigrated 1871,

Otto Maurer's magic shop 1884 321 Bowery corner 2nd street - Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

This image of Otto Maurer's magic shop is apparently also an illusion. The shop was actually in the basement of 321 Bowery. Henry Ridgely Evans said in the Old and the New Magic published in 1909:

Maurer, a German-American, kept a little magic emporium on the Bowery. He is dead and gone long ago. His catalogue of tricks was a stupendous affair, with a flamboyant cover, upon which was depicted a splendid show window containing the most gorgeous magical apparatus in the world, displayed for sale. As a callow amateur of nineteen, I made a special pilgrimage from Baltimore to New York to consult Maurer about an outfit I wished to purchase. Up and down the Bowery I walked, looking in vain for the brilliant bazaar of magic and mystery - the number of which I had forgotten to note on the catalogue. Finally, I saw a dirty little gamin playing in the gutter. I questioned him about Maurer. "The feller as sells tricks?" he exclaimed. "Cross the street, Mister, and down them cellar stairs, and you'll find his shop." I fell from Olympus to Hades. Imagine my astonishment to find the Aladdin's palace of enchantment in the cellar of a grimy old tumble-down house."


"His magnificent salon was a myth, but his heart was in the right place."

1886 advertisement from the City Directory

Mahatma, 1900 (New York Public Library digital collection)

321 Bowery - New York Public Library

Pinkus/Pincus Nathan - Furniture - 87 Bowery

1859: DeGraff and Taylor were located at 87 Bowery and 65 Chrystie street where they carried on a wholesale and retail furniture business in a six story building that extended 242 feet from the Bowery to Chrystie. They sold rosewood, parlor and chamber furniture in Brocatelle, Delaine and Plush as well as mahogany, black walnut and imitation.

(Minutes of the New York East Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church)

1862: DeGraff & Taylor were located in a six story building that extended 242 feet between 87 Bowery and 65 Chrystie where they manufactured and sold furniture. (Evansville Weekly Gazette, Evansville, Indiana)

1863 Map of the area:

87 Bowery - New York Public Library

Pink buildings are of brick construction. Yellow buildings are of wood construction. Grey are of stone. Blue and green buildings indicate some sort of fire hazard. White indicates open space.

87 Broadway is the very log bilding near the upper right hand corner of the map. It has and indication of a sky light or air vent.

1867: DeGraff and Taylor were still at 87 Bowery and 65 Chrystie. They were also at 130 and 132 Hester street as advertised in the Warren Mail of Warren Pa.

1887: William H. De Graff and Taylor were still listed at 87 Bowery and 65 Chrystie (New York City Directory).

Furniture made by DeGraff & Taylor from an ad - date unknown - 87 Bowery

1886: February 12, There were two fires in the five story brick building at 87 Bowery which extended to 65 Chrystie street. Pincus Nathan a furniture manufacturer occupied all of the space except for part of the first floor leased to a furniture dealer named Joseph Rubenstein. The fire started about 7 o'clock at night in the space occupied by Rubenstein. The firemen put out the fire after a few minutes. As careful as they were in searching out "lurking" fires another fire started at 8:45 on the second floor on the Chrystie street side. The building was flooded with water and there was a lot of smoke damage. (NY Times)

1889: Nathan & co. (Pincus Nathan, Henry Morris and Albert Sklarek) 87 Bowery (The Trow City Directory Co.)

1880: Division street, Matilda Greenbaum 42, head, segar dealer, born Prussia, Henry Greenbaum 15, son, Gertrude Greenbaum 12, daughter, Solomon Greenbaum 10, son, William Greenbaum 7, son, Pincus Nathan 32, brother, born Prussia,

1881: Marriage Pinus Nathan, 12 Jul 1881, Manhattan, New York,, Spouse: Annie Morris, Certificate Number: 4085

1882: American Architect and Architecture, Volume 12 - Building Permit - Nos 358-360 Broom street six story brick furniture warehouse - cost $29,000 - Owner P. Nathan & co. 87 Bowery - architect W. Jose.

1883: Pinkus Nathan ("and others" - unnamed) bought the property at "89" Bowery and 130-132 Hester street for $75,000. (New York Tribune March 20, 1883 - Library of Congress)

1890: "Plans are being prepared by Alfred Wagner, New York, for P. Nathan & Co., who will erect a seven-story brick and stonefront warehouse and factory on Hester and Mott Streets, at an estimated cost of $100,000." (Sanitary News, Volume 15, Issue 322)

1892: Nathan, Pincus, furniture 158 Hester home 48 E 79th street

1900: West 86the street, Pincus Nathan 51, June 1848, Germany immigrated, 1870, naturalized, furniture dealer, Annie Nathan 38, wife, 7 children 5 living, born New York, Ely Nathan 16, son, Claude Nathan 14, son Milton Nathan 11, son, Royden Nathan 9, son, Bessie Nathan 2, daughter, Blanche Nathan 84, mother, widowed, 3 children 2 living, Solomon Kaplin 47, brother in law, foreman upholstery, Hannah Kaplin 47, sister, Bertha Kaplin 21m niece, Leopold Kaplin 20 nephew, upholsterer, Hattie Kaplin 18 niece, Stella Kaplin 14, niece, Louis Kean 25, nephew, born Illinois, real estate agent

1904: Pinkus Nathan made a $25 donation to the Slocum Relief Fund, June 18, 1904. General Slocum Disaster

1910: West 86th street, Pincus Nathan 60, upholsterer furniture, Annie Nathan 46, 7 children 5 living, Eli Nathan 25, son drummer upholstering, Claude Nathan 24, --- travler ladies ware, Royden Nathan 19, upholsterer, Bessie Nathan 12 Fanny Hussmann 45, servant, governess, Hannah Kearns 50, servant, laundress, Mary Hennelly 25, servant, waitress, Mary Scully 25, servant, chamber maid, Fanny Weiss 39, servant, cook

1927: Death, Pinkus Nathan, Age: 77 Birth Year: abt 1850, Death Date: 20 Jan 1927, Death Place: Manhattan, New York, Certificate Number: 1878

1959: P Nathan Inc. was well know manufacturer of contemporary and traditional furniture. (NY Times)

1971: Sept 20, 1971 New York Magazine: P Nathan Inc. was established in 1865 and until 1971 sold fine furniture only to the trade. The company was known for its reproductions. P Nathan Inc 330 East 103rd street.

1989: For New Yorkers who have small apartments and large sofas there is a solution to getting the sofa through the door, up the stairs and into the room. There are skilled furniture people who will cut the sofa and reassemble it inside the apartment. Among them is: "P. Nathan Craftsman, a century-old upholstery firm where oversized sofas are cut in two and reassembled." (New York Times January 26, 1998)

Fennell & Pye - furniture and carpet Emporium

In April 2018 Adam Woodward shared several advertisements included was one for:

" Fennell & Pye - New York Furniture & Carpet Emporium - Opposite Lord and Taylors - Nos 248 & 250 Grand street, New York NS 2209 & 2211 Third Ave. and 68 Avenue A

They carried a very large selection of Household Furniture: "Suites for Parlors, Libraries and Lounges - Fancy and Easy Chairs in Ebony and Walnut - Eastlake Chamber Suites in Walnut, Oak, and Mahogany - Extension Tables, Round or Square, Plain and Ornate - Special Designs or Styles Manufactured to Order as well as Mirros of all sixes and tastefully designed, Chiffoniers, Sideboards, and Buffets in great variety, Secretaries, Desks and Library Tables in Choice Designs

CARPETS - Persian, Velvets, Body Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrains, Rugs and Mats in rich and effective Oriental Designs


Bedding, Hair Mattresses, Springs, and general upholstery good in endless variety

George Fennell (1849-1902)

Birth: c 1849 New York

1877: Marriage George Fennell 13 Sep 1877 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Frederika Gronert Certificate Number: 4832

George Fennell Spouse's Name Frederika Gronert Event Date 13 Sep 1877 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Geo. Fennell Mother's Name Elizabeth Vogt Spouse's Father's Name Wm. Gronert Spouse's Mother's Name Frederika Stellwagen (LDS)


  1. George married Eleanor Critchley of Wingham, Ontario, October 1911 in St. James Lutheran Church, Madison Avenue and 73rd street. Reception at the home of Fredrick Fennell 121 West 121 st. They honeymooned in Europe sailing on the Kaiser Wilhelm.

  2. Edmund
  3. Frederika
  4. Wilhelmina
  5. Robert
  6. Bertha

1880: 5th street, Lizzie Fennell 50, wife, Hesse, George Fennell 30, son, New York, furing com. Henry Fennell 27, piano tuner, Louis Fennell 19, varnisher, Minne Fennell 17, Lena Fauple 92, grandmother

1900: 121 121st street, Fennell, George, 50, merchant, Fredericka 41, 8 children 6 living, George W, 22, Edmund, 20, Frederikca, 18, Willemina 13, Robert W 10, Bertha, 3 and two servants

1902: New York Times Obit: George Fennell, age 53, well known in the retail and wholesale furniture business died at his home at 121 West One Hundred and Twenty first street of Friday March 28, 1902. He was born in New York and educated in the public schools. His death was the result of a "complication of diseases". A veteran of the 71st regiment he was also a member of a number of lodges and societies. He left a widow and six children. Buried Woodlawn.

1914: Death of Fredericka fennell

1914: New York Times -

" Frederick Fennel died March 14, 1914. Her will was probated in September of 1914. Net estate $51,277 Gifts to institutions: St. Lukes Hospital $2,000; Lutheran Hospital $500; Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. James and Wartburg Orphan Farm School at Mt. Vernon $1,000 each; three Lutheran church societies $100 each; Lutheran Home Mission $500; benefit of Old Pastors and their widows $500; Lutheran Church Extensions and Foreign missions $820; George William Fennell and Edward R. Fennell, sons, each $4,400; Fredricka E Conklin, daughter, $4,400; Wilhelmina, daughter $7,100; Bertha Agnes Fennell, daughter $6,900; Robert L Fennell son $5,400, two grandchildren, $2,000; and 22 legacies to friends ranging in amounts from $50 to $1,000. Assets: Equity of $25,000 in 75 Avenue A, appraised at $42,000; bank $5,159; claim against George Fennel & Co, Mt Vernon, $9,638; loan to George Fennell, $14,112, Mortgage $1,611 against George e Fennell & Co. Bronx, $10,704, automobile $1,500, jewelry $500; household furniture $1,825."

A new five-story building will be erected at 2929 Third Ave, New York City, for occupancy by George Fennell & Co.retail furniture dealers. (Furniture Manufacturer and Artisan, Volume 8)

1958: George Fennell & co. were still in business in Mt. Vernon, N. Y..

Henry B Pye (c 1845-1920)

Birth: circa 1845

Marriage: Henry B. Pye Spouse Caroline Hildebrandt 22 Sep 1872 Manhattan, New York, New York Father's Name Conrad Pye Mother's Name Margretha Reossel Spouse's Father's Name Georg Hildebrandt Spouse's Mother's Name Elizza Faurig

Death of Caroline Pye:

Marriage: 1877 Henry B Pye 18 Aug 1877 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: "Tulee" Scheibel Certificate Number: 4189

Henry B. Pye, Spouse Julie Scheibel, 18 Aug 1877, Manhattan, New York, New York, Father's Name Conrad, Mother's Name Margar. Roessler, Spouse's Father's Name Carl, Spouse's Mother's Name Marie Zimmermann


  1. Harry/Henry
  2. George
  3. Carrie
  4. Alice
  5. Carl
  6. Elsie

1880: Brooklyn, South 5th street, Henry B. Pye 34, Produce Commission Merchant Julia Pye 24, Henry W. Pye 7, George W. Pye 5, Carrie L. Pye 1

1886: Henry B Pye Street address: 248 Grand St 2209 Third Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Furniture Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1886

1888: Henry B Pye Residence Year: 1888 Street address: 149 S 5th B'klyn Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Furniture Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1888

1900: 102 West 123rd street, Henry B Pyr 54, born New York parents born Germany, merchant furniture, Julia Pyr 44, born New York, parents born germany, 5 children 4 living, Harry Pyr 27, salesman furniture, George Pyr 25, Carrie Pyr 21, Alice Pyr 18,, Carll Pyr 16, Elsse Pyr 8, Mary Burns 35, servant, cook, Bridget Calahan 26, servant, house maid

1905: 102 West 123rd street, Henry B Pye 50, furniture, Julia A Pye 45, Carrie L Pye 23, Alice J Pye 20, Carl S Pye 19, Elsie M Pye 12, Amelia Olsen 24, Hilda Hansen 22

1910: 7th avenue, Henry B Pye 64, retail merchant furniture, Julia A Pye 54, 6 children 4 living, married 32 years, Alice J Pye 29, Carll S Pye 26, retail merchant furniture, Elsie M Pye 18

1919: Sept 15, The Talking Machine World : Henry B Pye & Co. Inc. 2918 Third ave. had a "substancial talking machine department" in their furniture store. The carried Columbia Grafonolas and records "as well as for the Pathe line". Columbia Grafonola


"Henry B Pye, age 74, head of Henry B. Pye & Co., New York furniture dealers, died while on a pleasure trip to Wyoming. He had been in business in the Bronx and Harlem districts for fifty years. A widow a, three daughters and a son survive him" The Grand Rapids Furniture Record, Volume 41, 1920.
May 21, 1920:
Rock Springs Rocket no. 26 May 21, 1920 DIES IN HOSPITAL Henry B. Pye, a merchant of New York, en route from San Francisco to his home accompanied by his wife and daughter, was removed from the train here on Saturday evening seriously ill and was taken to the hospital. He died on Tuesday afternoon, acute gastritis being the cause of death. Deceased was 75 years of age and is survived by his wife, daughter and a son.

The body was removed to the undertaking parlors of F.P. Rogan and shipped to New York on Wednesday evening.

Fennell & Pye

1902: On July 1, 1902 the New York Times reported on a fire onn the Third Avenue Elevated Railway. Four cars caught fire around 3 O'clock in the morning while the train was standing on the middle track between 120the and 121st streets. The fire threatened not only the cars but the elevated structure and nearby buildings.

"The firemen, donning rubber boots as a protection against the electrically charged third rail, raised ladders from the street and dragged their hose up after them. While they were fighting the flames there were several flashes of dazzling brilliancy and reports like the explosion of cannon crackers. The flames from the cars mounted high in the air, and the burning embers lit on roofs of surrounding houses."
Firemen were stationed on the roof of Fennell & Pye's furniture store, "near One Hundred and twenty-first Street." Small fires that started on the roof were stamped out. Defective insulation was suspected as the cause of the fire.

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Conrad/Konrad Scheig - furniture manufacturer - (1822 - 1870)

Conrad Scheig, a furniture manufacturer located at 33 First street, Manhattan, was born in Hesse Darmstadt circa 1822.

Marriage: Eva Margareth Schubert born Germany circa 1824.

Children of Conrad Scheig:

  1. Louisa circa 1847 married Carl Kercheis

    Louise Scheig Gender: Female Marriage Date: 5 Aug 1867 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Carl A Kircheis Certificate Number: 2642

    1870: Charles age 27 lawyer and Louise age 24.

    Children: Unknown

    Death: Louisa Kercheis, Maiden Name: Scheig, Death Date: Jul 1877, Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), Father: Conrad Scheig, Mother: Eva Margaretha Scheig, Spouse: Charles A. Kircheis (Find a Grave)

  2. Wilhelmina Scheig circa 1850 married John Miller

    Wilhelmine Scheig Gender: Female Marriage Date: 11 Jun 1873 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: John Miller Certificate Number: 4289


    1. Wilhelmina 1873

      Marriage: Percival Hicks, 18 Jun 1894, Manhattan, New York, Age 25, Single, Spouse's Name Wilhelmina Miller, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 21, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1873, Spouse's Birthplace New York City, Spouse's Father's Name John Miller, Spouse's Mother's Name Wilhelmina Scheig (lds)

    2. John c 1879

      Marriage: John Miller, 23 Apr 1914, New York City, Richmond, New York, Age 35, Single, Birth Year (Estimated) 1879, Birthplace New York, N. Y., Father's Name John Miller, Mother's Name Wilhelmina Scheig, Spouse's Name Grace A. Robinson, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 21 Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1893, Spouse's Birthplace Stapleton, N.Y., Spouse's Father's Name James Robinson Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Mcdowell (LDS)

  3. Emilie Marguerite circa 1852 married Fredrick W. Wurster

    Fredrick Wurster Gender: Male Marriage Date: 15 Sep 1874 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Emilia "Scheid" Certificate Number: 5976


    1. Emily Woosterr, Event Type Birth, Event Date 02 Jun 1875, Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States, Gender Female, Father's Name Fredrick William Wooster, Mother's Name Emily Scheig Wooster (LDS)
      Marriage: Edward T Horwell, born 1871, lawyer
      New York, New York, Extracted Marriage Index, 1866-1937 No Image Edward Horwill, Marriage Date: 12 Apr 1898, Marriage Place: Kings, New York, USA, Spouse: Emilie M Werster, Certificate Number: 1581
    2. Fredrick Wurster Death 19 Mar 1947, Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Address 3 Gramercy Park, Age 6 Marital Status Singl, Occupation War Assets Adm., Birth Date 22 Jan 1881, Birthplace Brooklyn, Kings, New York, Burial Date 21 Mar 1947, Cemetery Greenwood Cem., Father's Name Frederick Wurster, Father's Birthplace North Carolina, Mother's Name Emilie Scheig, Mother's Birthplace New York, N.Y. (LDS)
    3. Catherine per 1910 census

    1899: Mrs. Emily Wurster, age 47, the wife of former mayor Fredrick W. Wurster of Brooklyn died at her home at 170 Rodney street. She left 6 children. April 21, 1899

    The Brooklyn Dailey Eagle carried an extensive obit and eulogy on April 21, 1899. The funeral service at the Wurster home at 170 Rodney ave Brooklyn was "very largely attended by people prominent in public, professional and social life in the borough." The casket was adorned with "many beautiful floral tributes" several of which were described in detail. Mrs. Wurster's many virtues were extolled.

    The death occurred suddenly at her home. The former Emile Sceig of Manhattan she had been married 25 years and had celebrated her silver wedding anniversary in September. She left a son and five daughter including the wife of Mr. Edward T. Horwell.

    1910: Rodney street, Brooklyn, Frederick W Wurster 60, born North Carolina, 2nd marriage, manufacturer, iron axels, Anna D Wurster 48, wife, 0 children, Frederick W Wurster 29, son, manufacturer, iron axels, Catherine A Wurster 22 Minnie Schnel 40, servant, Minnie Hopkins 40, cook, Annie Logue 30, waitress

    Frederick Wurster owned an iron foundry.

    Frederick W. Wurster (April 1, 1850 - June 24, 1917) was a Republican who served as the last mayor of Brooklyn (1896 - 97) prior to the January 1, 1898 consolidation into New York City.

  4. Augusta c 1853

    Marriage: 1 Dec 1882 Manhattan, New York, USA - John Besjeman Marriage Manhattan, Age 30 Marital Status Single Birthplace N.Y. City Father's Name John C. Besjeman, Mother's Name Catherine Kaeb, Spouse's Name Auguste Scheig, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 30, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1852, Spouse's Birthplace New York City, Spouse's Father's Name Conrad Scheig, Spouse's Mother's Name Eva Margar. Schubert (LDS)

    Censuses:Listed as single and under the surname Scheig (or variations) in the 1910, 1920 adm 1925 censuses.

    Death: Augusta Scheig, Birth Date: 1851, Death Date: 1929, Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery, Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County

  5. Emil died 1857 per 1859 letter. See below.

1850 Census: Conrad "Schaig" 28, cabinet maker, Margaret Schaig 25 Louisa Schaig 3 Mina Schaig 0 Margaret Schaig 16, Conrad Creamer 60, laborer, Justice Messroan 21, cabinet maker born Germany, John Messroan 23 cabinet maker born Germany, Charles Schaley 23 cabinet maker born Germany, Louisa Simring 20 cabinet maker born Germany, William Engart 24 cabinet maker born Germany, John Downhower 20 cabinet maker born Germany, William Sherrit 19 cabinet maker born Germany, Frederick Seeglen 23 cabinet maker born Germany, John Miller 22, cabinet maker born Germany, Conrad Bookmoyer 30 cabinet maker born Germany, William Hoffman 22 cabinet maker born Germany

1853: Immigrant savings bank acct #5246 Conrad Scheif, cabinet maker, 37 1st street, naturalized born Hesse Darmstadt, immigrated, to NY October 1843 on the Charleston from Bremer, Llsted with Christian Blumlein, tailer, 190 Division street, naturalized born Koenig Bayern, imm June 11, 1840 on the Windsor Castle from Havre, and John Schaffer, shoemaker, 324 Houston street, trustee of German Oak Grove, ---- ---- " orange two of them), naturalized, born Koenig Bayern, imm June 14, 1837 from Harve

1860: Conrad Scheig cabinet maker $5,000: 25,00 ft mahogany $3,300 - 10,000 ft walnut $400 - 1,200 ft rose wood $500 - 25,00 ft pine wood $1,500 - 5,000 ft ash wood $200 - 12,000 ft wht wood $700 50 lbs glue $1,250 varnish and other --- $1,000

1860: Listed by Ancestry.com under "Shay" - Conrad, age 38, cabinet manufacturer, born Germany, Magt, age 36, born Germany, Louisa 13, Mina 10, Augusta 9, Amelia 8 - next to them were Margaret's bother and sister Edwd Shubert 24, cabinet maker, Catherine age 27, Marg Weitger age 19 and Reinhart Steinhart age 7

1863: 33 First street, owner Conrad Scheig - builder Uhl & Zach, September 1 - 5 floors 55 ft high 25 feet wide brick factory

1865: NYC directory, under Cabinet Makers, Scheig, Conrad r[ear] 33 First

1868: The Trow City Directory - Scheig, C and Co, (Conrad Scheig, Henry Guth Sc, Edward Schubert) 33 First

1868: NYC Directory, Scheig, Conrad, cabnitmker, 33 First h[ome] 133 E. 48th street and Scheig C & Co. furniture 33 First (only listings for Scheig

1870: Conrad Scheig 48, retl merchant, $20,000 $2,500 Hesse Darmstadt, Margt Scheig 46, Saxony, Minna Scheig 20, Augusta Scheig 17, Emily Scheig 18, three servants

Schubert, Catherine, age 37 born Saxony, two domestic servants

1870: Find a Grave - Conrad Scheig Death Date: 19 Sep 1870 Cemetery: Green-Wood Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America

1870: NYC Death Index Scheig, Conrad, age 48, Sept 19, 1870, #70533 Manhattan

1870: Probate and will - left house, land and estate to his wife Margarete, a house on the north side of 71st street between 2nd and 3rd aves. to each of his daughters upon their marriage, son Reinhardt not mentioned.

1872: Trow's Directory, Scheig C & co. furniture 33 First

1874: "Wood working establishments located so as to Endanger Neighboring buildings in case of fire" - No 33 First street, (rear) six story brick 22x60 cabinet manufactory - recommended improvement Iron shutters on side - Proceedings of the Board of Assistant Aldermen of the City of ..., Volume 135

1876: NYC Directory, Margaret, wid. Conrad, h 241 E. 48th Scheig &‚ Со. furniture, 33 First

Note: The business appears to have been carried on after Conrad's death. By whom??

1880: 241 East 48th street Margar Scheig 54, head, Augusta Scheig 29, daughter, Catharine Schubert 45, sister., female servant, Mueller, Charles age 32, boarder, merchants clerk, Fred Meuller age 24, boarder merchants clerk, Schulz, Josephine 18 niece, Alice Schulz 15 niece

1891: Margaret Scheig 241 E 48th New York, New York, USA Widow of Conrad Scheig Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1891

1892: City Directory Scheig, Margaret, wid, Conrad h 241 E. 48th (only listing for Scheig)

1900: 241 East 48th street, "Scheit", Margaret head, age 76 widow, 1 child 1 living, born Germany, April 1824, imm 1834 in US 66 years, Miller, Williamener, daughter, born March 1850, widow, 5 children 1 living, born New York, milliner, Miller, Willamener, daughter age 7, "Schuber", Katherine, boarder born Germany, May 1833, single, dressmaker, imm 1835 in US 65 years, Feltman, Mary age 49 servant. Despite some mis-spellings this is clearly them as indicated by the address.

1903: Eva Margaretha Scheig Birth 24 Jan 1824 Germany Death 17 Nov 1903 Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America

1903: In her will Margaretha Scheig widow of Conrad Scheig left her estate to her daughters: Wilhelmina wife of John Miller, Emily wife of Fredrick Wurster, and Augusta Betjeman wife of John Betjeman. Each of her two granddaughters, Wilhelmina Miller and Emily Wurster got $1,000 . Her piano to her daughter Augusta. (Her will must have been outdated as her daughter Emily died in 1899.)

1922: New York Times 02 April, 1922, Partition Sales by order of heirs of Conrad Scheig, Dec'd, N. E. corner First Av. & 2nd st (known as 32-34-36-38 First Ave.) To be sold separately and as a whole, four 5 story brick tenements, with stores and to four story brick rear tenements. Sizes about 25x90 irreg. each

KERCHEIS LOUISA 1877-07-02 1039329-
SCHEIG CONRAD 1870-09-21 1039529+
SCHEIG EMMA 1857-01-04 1039529+
SCHEIG EVA M. 1903-11-19 1039329+ NYC Death index age 79 Manhattan certificate #32648
SCHEIG WILLIAM A. 1856-12-28 1039529+
WURSTER EMILIE 1899-05-10 30178197+
WURSTER FREDERICK 1947-03-21 30178197+
WURSTER FREDERICK W. 1917-06-27 30178197+

1859 letterhead of C. Scheig, cabinetmaker. Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Adam Woodward sent a copy of the letter the Scheig Children sent to their parents and siblings in January 1859. The letter was in German. Adam provided a translation of the letter as follows:

"Dear Parents-in-law, Parents, Brothers and Sister,

We have been hoping to get some news from you at home, but as time passed and we heard nothing from you we were much afraid that some accident might have happened to you, or that even you might have forgotten us, your children. Have we done any harm to you? Last Christmas we waited in vain for a letter from you, which would have been a great present to us. So we have not had any news from you since 26th December 1857, which was just the day, when our little boy Emil died. We sent you a letter last summer early in June. Indeed, we kept you waiting for a long time, but we also gave reasons for this, and apologized, which we hope you accepted. Dear father, and dear mother, so you still love your children?

We certainly caused you trouble, and we ask you kindly to forgive us. As we stay so far away from home, now we realize what a home and you parents mean to us, now as we have children ourselves. We would very much like to have you stay here with us, and very much like to support you. Now we wish that you are well, and that you can give us good news concerning you. God bless you.

Dear parents, we beg you again to let us know how you are. You could do this via the "Illustrierte Zeitung" (probably the German translation of "Illustrated Weekly"), which we did sent you weekly for three months, and tell us how you liked it, and whether we should continue to sent it to you, which we would very much like to do. Last month we sent an illustration showing the burnt steamer "Austria" from Hamburg. The ship caught fire due to negligence of the crew, and it cost the lives of 500 passengers, mostly Germans returning to America from a visit to Germany. And this is the most cruel accident that has ever happened as far as one can remember here. And on the 5th of October last year the Crystal Palace burnt down just while it was open for an art exhibition, at 5 p.m., when ab. 2000 people were in the Palace, but they all could get out in time. Also last summer at Staten Island where ships to New York pass by all hospitals were burnt down, due to the cause that a ship had arrived on which raged yellow fever, and the sick were taken to hospital in the town, and several inhabitants also caught the yellow fever and died. State troops had to protect the sites of the hospitals while new hospitals were built, and this work is finished now. Also last summer the telegraph line across the big ocean was finished, from England to New York. The first message that arrived is said to have been from Queen Victoria to the President of the United States. There were great celebrations connected with the new telegraph line, with military music, church bells ringing, a torchlight procession, cannon shots, illuminations, and in the night the town hall tower caught fire and burnt down. Since then the telegraph has lost its faculty of speech, and has never been able to talk again, so that there is doubt that it has ever talked.

As far a business is concerned it was rather slow last summer, but recently there has been a slight improvement. We sold less, but we also employed fewer workers than two years ago. Last year our sale were 2097 Dollars. -- We hope that you will be alright, when you receive this letter, we wish you all the best, dear parents, brothers, and sisters, also best wishes to aunt Schuber and her family, and to our friends, we remain you loving sons and daughters, Eduard Schubert, Katharina Schubert, C. Scheig, Margarete Schig [sic].

Sebastian give your his regards and asks why he does not get news from his father.

Dear Grand Parents. I wish you a happy New Year, and also to my uncle and my aunts, and also my sisters and brother, Reinhardt wish you the same. I am learning English and French, and my sister, Augusta talks all the time about her Godchild (and regrets) that she cannot see her. Greetings to all of you, from me and my sisters Louisa Scheig, Minna Scheig, Augusta Scheig, Emile Scheig and Reinhardt Scheig."

  • Catherine Schubert was Margaret Shurbert Scheig's sister.

  • The Chrystal Palace was built in Hyde Park London, England in 1851.

  • The Illustrierte Zeitung was published by Frank Leslie from 1857 to 1894.

  • The SS Austia was a steamship on the Hamburg America Line which sailed from Hamburg, Germany to New York (with docks located in Hoboken, New Jersey). On her third voyage to New York she sank at sea on September 13, 1858 when a fire broke out forcing all 542 persons aboard to abandon ship. Passing ships saved 89 survivors. The remaining 453 were lost.

    Burning of the Steamship "AUSTRIA" Sept. 13th 1858 on her Voyage from Hamburg to New York by which appalling disaster over 500 persons were suffocated or drowned., Currier & Ives

  • Child mortality was very high in New York City in the 1800s. The death index for NYC starts in 1862 too late for the death of Emil.

  • Yellow fever (a viral illness spread by mosquitoes) was not indigenous to the US. The fever arrived on ships coming from the Caribbean and was most prevalent in port cities. There were numerous epidemics over the years. In 1859 there were forty cases in the New Orlean's Charity Hospital.

  • The first cable of the transatlantic telegraph line was completed in 1858. It ran from Ireland to Newfoundland and failed after only three weeks. For that short period it reduced communication time between the two continents from 10 days (the time it took a ship to cross) to just several minutes.

  • Victoria was queen of England from 1837 to 1902.

  • 1860: 1860: The Scheigs were listed by ancestry.com under "Shay" - Conrad, age 38, cabinet manufacturer, born Germany, Margt, age 36, born Germany, Louisa 13, Mina 10, Augusta 9, Amelia 8 - next to them were Margaret's bother and sister Edwd Shubert 24, cabinet maker, Catherine age 27, Marg Weitger 19 and Reinhart Steinhart age 7

    Dwelling number 113 two families. Reinhart Steinhart born circa 1853 must be the Reinhart of the 1859 letter.

    Edward was born circa 1836 and Catherine was born circa 1833.

33 First street - Plate 37 1868 Insurance map NYPL Digital Collection.

Red buildings were of brick, yellow were of wood and the blue buildings indicated some sort of fire hazard.

The Shuberts

Eva Margarethe Shubert born circa 1824 married Conrad Scheig. She had at least two siblings who also immigrated to New York City: Edward born circa 1836 and Catherine born circa 1833. Edward and Catherine were mentioned in the 1859 letter to Germany and were living next to the Scheigs in 1860

Catheirne was listed unmarried age 37 with Conrad and Margaret Scheig in the 1870 census.

Catherine was listed unmarried age 67 in the 1900 census with her sister Margareth. See above.

William Sierich

William Sierich sold bottled water.

1895: Ad in the journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club Vol1. No 1 New York January 1895* circulation 5000
Wm. Sierich's bottles of Mineral Water, Genuine Ginger Ale etc. 421 East 12th street Bet. 1st Ave. and 2nd Ave, New York.
1886: William Sierichs - 511 E. 17th - home 174 Orchard New York, New York, USA Occupation: Waters Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1886

1894: William Sierichs 425 B 12th New York, New York, USA Occupation: Waters Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1894

William Sierich was born circa 1858/62 in Germany.

William Sierich's wife, Lotte, died in the General Slocum Disaster of 1904.

City record: Sierichs, Lottie age 38, 425 E 12th DEAD Charles age 13 uninjured.

Lottie✟ Sierichs was born a Lander. According to Find a Grave her husband William was "Wm Sierichs Bottler of Mineral Waters, Genuine Ginger Ale, etc of 421 E 12th Street"

They had one son Charles who survived the Slocum. William Sierich does not appear to have remarried. He was a founding member of the General Slocum Survivors Society. He died in 1918.

See General Slocum Disaster

Charles Sierich traveled to Europe with his father in 1906. He married in 1912. He had one daughter. He died in 1927.

1886: William Sierichs 18 Mar 1886 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Lottie Lander Certificate Number: 67187

1889: William Sierichs was selling soda Water, root Beer, and "other beverages" in his own bottles marked "Wm. Sierichs" or WS".

1898: William Sierichs held a liquor tax certificate.

1900: 425 E 12th street, William Seirichs 42, soda water, Lottie Seirichs 34, married 14 years, 3 children 1 living Charles Seirichs 9

1905: E 12th street, William Sierichs 48, mineral water, Charles Sierichs 14

1906: William age 47, and Charles Sierichs, age 15, US citizens, 11 Apr 1906 Bremerhaven to New York, New York Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse,

1910: 425 East 12 street, William Sirichs 52, manufacturer mineral water works, Charles Sirichs 19, son, Annie M Lewisohn 38, servant

1912: Charles W Sierichs 27 Nov 1912 Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Anna C Frese Certificate Number: 28569

1912: Willian Sierichs purchased the plant of C. d. Seegers at 348 W 44th street, His own plant was at 421 E 12 street.

1917: Charles Sierichs Brooklyn Kings New York New York born 8 Oct 1890, saloon, wife and child Knickerbocker ave.

1918: William Sierichs Age: 59 Death Date: 28 Feb 1918 Death Place: Kings, New York, USA Certificate Number: 5045

1918: William Sierichs age 59 a retired mineral water manufacturer died at his home 433 Kickerbocker ave, Brooklyn on Thursday NY Times March 2, 1918

1918: Probate Charles W Sierich, 433 Knickerbocker Ave. legacy unknown, over ten thousand in real estate and about five thousand in personal property, Julius Sierich, brother of the deceased, life insurance $6,000, Harry Sierichs, brother of the deceased, Home for the Incurables, 183rd street, Manhattan, life insurance $6,000, Lutheran Cemetery $3,000

1930: Farmingdale, Nassau, New York Anna C Sierichs 41 Anna D A Sierichs 16

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Mike's Bottle Room Great Collection of beautifully photographed old bottles.

William Sierich - with an example of one of his bottles

General Slocum Disaster 1904

*A copy of a page of the Journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club was shared by Adam Woodward in April 2018.

Anton Schwarz and his sons, Max, Gustav, and Fredrick

American Brewer Journal;

"The trade journal The American Brewer was founded by Adolph Meckert in New York City in 1867 to serve the nation's growing beer brewing industry. As many of the country's brewers were German immigrants, the journal began publication in German, under the title Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer. Within a year of its founding, it was purchased by its writer and editor, the Bohemian immigrant Anton Schwarz, a trained brewer who would go on to establish the United States Brewers' Academy in 1882. Schwarz, who died in 1895, passed ownership and editorial responsibilities of the journal to his sons, Robert and Frederick."


Jewish Encyclopedia:
"SCHWARZ, ANTON: By: Cyrus Adler, Frederick T. Haneman Austrian chemist; born at Polna, Bohemia, Feb. 2, 1839; died at New York city Sept. 24, 1895. He was educated at the University of Vienna, where he studied law for two years, and at the Polytechnicum, Prague, where he studied chemistry. Graduating in 1861, he went to Budapest, and was there employed at several breweries. In 1868 he emigrated to the United States and settled in New York city. The following year he was employed on "Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer" ("The American Brewer") and soon afterward became its editor. A few years later he bought the publication, remaining its editor until his death. He did much to improve the processes of brewing in the United States, and in 1880 founded in New York city the Brewers' Academy of the United States. Schwarz's eldest son, Max Schwarz (b. in Budapest July 29, 1863; d. in New York city Feb. 7, 1901), succeeded him as editor of "The American Brewer" and principal of the Brewers' Academy. He studied at the universities of Erlangen and Breslau and at the Polytechnic High School at Dresden. In 1880 he followed his father to the United States and became associated with him in many of his undertakings. Both as editor and as principal of the academy he was very successful. Many of the essays in "The American Brewer," especially those on chemistry, were written by him. He was a great advocate of the "pure beer" question in America. Bibliography: The American Brewer, New York, Nov., 1895, and March, 1901."

Schwartz, Anton

1909 The Jewish Encyclopedia: A Descriptive Record of the History ..., Volume 11 edited by Isidore Singer, Cyrus Adler
"SCHWATZ", ANTON: Austrian chemist; born at Polna, Bohemia, Feb. 2, 1839; died at New York city Sept. 24, 1895. He was educated at the University of Vienna, where he studied law for two years, - and at the Polytechnicum, Prague, where he studied chemistry. Graduating in 1861, he went to Budapest, and was there employed at several breweries. In 1868 he emigrated to the United States and settled in New York city. The following year he was employed on "Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer" ("The American Brewer") and soon afterward became its editor. A few years later he bought the publication, remaining its editor until his death. He did much to improve the processes of brewing in the United States, and in 1880 founded in New York city the Brewers' Academy of the United States.

Schwarz's eldest son, Max Schwarz (h. in Budapest July 29, 1863; d. in New York city Feb. 7, 1901), succeeded him as editor of "The American Brewer" and principal of the Brewers' Academy. He studied at the universities of Erlangen and Breslau and at the Polytechnic High School at Dresden. In 1880 he followed his father to the United States and became associated with him in many of his undertakings. Both as editor and as principal of the academy he was very successful. Many of the essays in "The American Brewer," especially those on chemistry, were written by him. He was a great advocate of the "pure beer" question in America."

Anton Schwarz (1839-1895)

Birth: Polna, Bohemia, Feb. 2, 1839

Immigration: 1882 arrival 7, Sept on the Wieland from Hamburg to New York, cabin passengers, Schwarz, A, age 42, merchant, Auguste female, age 33, wife, Pauline age 18, Max, male 19, Gustav age 8

Marriage: Auguste Feffler/Sessler


  1. Max -

    Birth: Budapest July 29, 1863

    Death: New York city Feb. 7, 1901

    1880: Max schwarz, age 17 son of Anton Schwarz, 5 ft 5 inches, brown eyes, black hair, father naturalized court of Common Pleas April 2 1877, stated that he came to the US for the first time when he was 5 years old, intended to go to Germany to study for a couple of years.

    1896: Passport Application Max Schwarz Max Schwarz, Age: 33 Birth Date: 29 Jul 1863 Birth Place: Pest, Hungaria Residence Place: New York City, New York Passport Issue Date: 18 Aug 1896 - stated that his father immigrated from Bremer, on December 1868 and lived in NYC from 1868 to 1895, became a citizen Common Pleas Court April 2, 1877 Max's occupation editor

    1900: Plaza Hotel W 59th street at 5th avenue, Max Schwarz 36, married 15 years, born Austria, consulting brewer, Julia Schwarz 32, 3 children 3 living, born Austria, Walter Schwarz 14, Robert Schwarz 12, Herbert A Schwarz 4

    Social Security Application and Claims index : Max Schwarz Gender: Male Spouse: Julia Robitschek Child: Robert Schwarz

    In a passport application of 1916 Robert Schwarz stated that his was born in Brooklyn April 7, 1888 and his father was Max Schwarz, born in Budapest Hungary. He immigrated September 1882 and he lived in Brooklyn NY and New York City from 1882 to 1901.

    Death: Max Schwarz Age: 37 Birth Year: abt 1864 Death Date: 7 Feb 1901 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 4518

  2. Pauline circa 1866

    Married Herzig

    not the child of Auguste Feffler/Sessler

  3. Elsie circa 1874

  4. Gustav (1873-1921)

    Gustavus Schwarz Event Type Birth Event Date 26 Oct 1873 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Male Race White Father's Name Anthony Schwarz Mother's Name Auguste Sessler (Feffler?) (LDS)

    1901: Passport Application Gustav Schwarz Age: 27 Birth Date: 26 Oct 1873 Birth Place: New York Residence Place: New York, New York Passport Issue Date: 23 May 1901, 5 ft 7 inches, blue eyes, dark brown hair

    1920: Brooklyn, W. 11th street, single family, Gustav Schwarz Head M 47 New York, chemist, Clara V Schwarz Wife F 51 New York, Vernolian A Schwarz Daughter F 13 New York, Gustav Schwarz Son M 10 New York

    Death: Gustav Schwarz 28 Jan 1921 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender Male Age 47 Marital Status Married Race White Occupation 28 Jan 1921 Birth Year (Estimated) 1874 Birthplace U.S.A. Burial Date 31 Jan 1921 Cemetery Fresh Pond Father's Name Anton Schwartz Father's Birthplace Austria Mother's Name Augusta Sessler Mother's Birthplace Germany Spouse's Name Clara V Schwarz

  5. Fredrick - according to his obit he was boen July 24, 1880 - died November 1932

    Death 1932: Schwarz Event Type Death Event Date 21 Nov 1932 Event Place Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States Gender Male Marital Status Unknown Father's Name Anton Mother's Name Augusta "Sessler" (Feffler?)

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle: 22 November 1932 - Frederick Schwartz, age 52, a longtime Brooklyn resident and editor of the American Brewer died at his home at 749 Carroll street. While he was opposed to hard liquor he believed in beer as a health tonic and he looked forward to the day when prohibition would be repealed. At a personal financial loss he had continued to edit and publish the American Brewer throughout Prohibition. He graduated Stevens Institute in Hoboken (where he played football) in 1897. He was a avid bicycler and was one of the best known amateur cyclists in Brooklyn.

    He was survived by his sister Paula Herzig and a niece and Nephew (Vernolian and Gustave Schwartz - children of his brother Gustave)

1875: June 3, 1875, Brooklyn, 2 family frame house, 4th election district, 1- Ward Schwarz, Anthony, age 36, born Germany, bier brewer, Augusta age 26, born Germany, wife, Agustus (sic) age 1 year and 8 months, born Kings

1880: Brooklyn, Antoine Schwarz 41, editor, born Bohemia, Augusta Schwarz 31, born Wurtenburg, Gustav Schwarz 7, born New york

1892: Brooklyn - Anton Schwarz, 53, born Germany, editor, Mrs., age 43 born Germany, Gustus 19, born US, bookkeeper. Max age 28 born Germany, editor, Pauline, age 26 born Germany, Elsie age 27, born Germany, Freddie age 12 born U. S.

1896 : Death and probate of Aususte Schwarz, resident of Brooklyn, died February 2, 1896, son Gustav, son Fredrick child over 14, both residing at 112 Berkeley Place. Auguste Schwarz nee Sessler, widow of Anton Schwarz, left houses and property to her sons, Gustav and Fredrick, share and share alike, Her step children Max Schwarz and Pauline Herzig wer enot to recive any protio of her estate.

1906: Frederick Schwarz "The American Brewer, New York (Brewers Journal, Volume 31)


The American Brewer - Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer - Office 200-202 Worth st, Corner of Chatham Square - established 1867 - A. Schwartz and sons Frederick Schwartz Manager In a letter to Dr. Carl Rach it was stated that the July issue of the American Brewer would contain the proceedings of the U. S. Brewers Convention.

1911: Frederick Schwarz, Mgr., "The American Brewer," New York City, N. Y. (American Brewers' Review, Volume 25 By Robert Wahl, Arnold Spencer Wahl)

1929: Robert Schwartz was the editor - Frederick Schwartz was the manager - - office 113 Hudson street, New York

Morris Steinschneider

The Steinschneider Family manufactured and sold umbrellas and canes

1890: Umbrellas, Steinschneider, Morris 1472 Fisrt ave.

1895: M. E. Steinschneider was selling umbrellas and canes at three locations: 438 Broadway between Howard and Grand, 36 Fulton street, under U. S. Hotel, and 73 First Ave. between 4th and 5th streets.

He advertised umbrella repairs with imported silk only for $1.

1885: Declaration 10 August 1885, New York

1900: 73 First Ave., Manhattan, Morris Steinschneider 41, born Austria, umbrella manufacturer, Bertha Steinschneider 36, wife, 6 children 4 living, Max Steinschneider 14, William Steinschneider 11, Frederica Steinschneider 4, Richard Steinschneider 2, Emil Steinschneider 28, brother, bookkeeper

1900: Steinschneider's Umbrellas 73 First ave between 4th and 5th streets

1905: Bronx Morris Steinschnieder 46 Bertha Steinschnieder 39 Max Steinschnieder 19 William Steinschnieder 16 Freda Steinschnieder 9 Richard Steinschnieder 8

1905: Umbrellas and Canes Steinschneider's Umbrellas are the BEST English Gloria 98c, Taffeta Union $1.50, Pure silk Serge $2.50, London Smoke $3.25, Recovering with Imported Silk $1. All repairs, 15c. 124 Fulton cor. Nassau Basement

1910: Bronx, 2098 Valentine ave., Morety Steinschneider 50, manufactorer of umbrellas, born Austria, Bertha Steinschneider 43, 8 children 5 living, William Steinschneider 20, none, Richard Steinschneider 12, Frieda Steinschneider 14, Lillian Steinschneider 3, Amanda Novani 38, seervant


M. Steinschneider, umbrella maker and retailer, 27 Maiden Lane, whose failure was announced last month, has effected a settlement with his creditors at 25 cents on the dollar. His liabilities were about $3,000 and assets about $800. The business is being continued by another party, who it is understood furnished funds for the settlement. Mr. Steinschneider is managing the business for him (Luggage and Leather Goods, Volumes 33-34)

1916: City directory, Steinschneider, Emil, sec-tres Niemeyer Process Co h 2599 Briggs ave, Max umbrellas 102 Fulton h 748 E 9th st, Moritz, mgr M Steinschneider Inc. H Hastings, NY, M. inc (NY) Aaron H Haskell pres Harry Siefel sec-treas umbrellas 27 Maiden Lane

1918: M. Steinschneider, 152 Fulton St.. Umbrellas, Parasols and Canes

1920: Yonkers, South Broadway, Moritz Steinschnieder 60, no occupation, Bertha Steinschnieder 55, Frieda Steinschneider 24, Richard Steinschneider 22, umbrella, own business, Lillian Steinschneider 13

1921: December 12, W.J. Russell and Tinsley May leased the middle store on Maiden Lane, in the new Lawyers Mortgage Companies Building, corner of Nassau Street, for a term of years at a rental of $70,000, to M. Steinschneider, Inc., dealers in umbrellas and leather goods(New York Times( 1921: Steinschneider, Mortiz, age 62 1921 Bronx #1525

1930: Hastings on Hudson, Westchester, New York, USA, Washington ave, no 49, William Steinschneider 40, Vice President General Mgr Industry: Chemical, Isabel Steinschneider 46, Beatrice Steinschneider 10, Barbara Steinschneider 7, Lawrence C Smith 24, stepson Constance C Smith 21, stepdaughter, Isabel Smith 19, step daughter

Find a Grave: Moritz Steinschneider Birth Date: 15 May 1859 Birth Place: Austria Death Place: United States of America

Sons of Moritz Steinschneider:

  1. Max March 28, 1886 took over the family business, married moved to Brooklyn, no children

  2. William circa 1889,
    In 1910, Zinsser hired William Steinschneider, a professional chemist recently graduated from Columbia University. Steinschneider worked with Zinsser for 24 years as general manager and vice president, lived in the village, married the granddaughter of Jasper F. Cropsey, and served as village mayor from 1934 to 1945. (Hastings-on-Hudson By Hastings Historical Society)
  3. Richard 12 Aug 1897 - went to Columbia, married moved to Rockville Centre, Nassau, New York, had a family owned luggage business, died 1966

NYC Death Index: Steinschneider, Malvina, 21 d, Apr 2, 1887, 597220, Manhattan

Steinschneider, Charlotte, 2 d, Apr 27, 1888, 13388, Manhattan

Steinschneider Katie, 58 y, Apr 5, 1917, 11698, Manhattan

Steinschneider, Mortiz, 62 y, Mar 6, 1921, 1525, Bronx

Steinschneider, Emil, 60 y, Oct 28, 1931, 6881, Queens

Steinschneider, Berth, 77 y, Apr 24, 1941, 4094, Bronx

Steinschneider, Max, 56 y, Dec 5, 1942, 24245, Manhattan

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018
Ad in the Journal of the Dauntless Pleasure Club January 1895

Columbian - Columbia University Yearbook 1910

Harris Suskind - born Russia circa 1870 - Druggists Supplies - 291 Bowery

1910: Bronx Assembly District 32, New York, New York Street: East 141st St Harris Suskin 40, merchant retail, drugs, Fannie Suskin 34, married 1 year no children, Isaac Suskin 16, son, Herman Suskin 14, son, Rebecca Suskin 12, daughter, Moses Suskin 13, son, Mary Bucak 20, servant born Russia/Polish

1912: H Suskind, mfgr drug sundries 157 Broome street

1914: Suskind, Harris, 291 Bowery - American Jewish Committee, New York

1915: Bronx, ED 11, Ward 10, Harris Suskind 45, born Russia, druggist sundries, Fannie Suskind 38, Russia, Isaac Suskind 21, salesman, Herman Suskind 20, salesman, Monroe Suskind 19, salesman, Reah Suskind 18, daughter, Edick Suskind 5, daughter, Mary Shilow 18, born Polland, domestic servant

1916 Harris Suskind 291 Bowery listed as an America Jew - Drug glassware and sundries

1918: H Suskind 291 Bowery - Druggists supplies

1920: New comers to the fur business, Harris Suskind, on the premises of Weiss and Silberberg. (Fur Trade Review, Volume 47)

1920: Harris Suskind 104 West 28th street, raw and dried skins. (The Fur Weekly, Volume 1)

1920: Bronx, Morris ave., Harris Suskind 50, merchant, dealer, own business, fur, Fany Suskind 44 Herman Suskind 24, works for father, Rea Suskind 22 Edyth Suskind 9

1921: H. Suskind & Son, Inc., New York, furrier, $30,000 Incorporators: Herman Suskind, 2427 Morris ave. Bronx, Fannie Suskind, and Rea Suskind Bronw

(Fur Trade review)

1930: Bronx, rent $90, Harris Suskand 60, merchant fur, Fannie Suskand 54, Edythe Suskand 19

1933: Suskind, (Fannie) pres H Suskind inc, home 2396 Morris ave. Bronx. H. Inc. (NY;: cap $30,000) Harris Suskind pres Fannie Suskind sec-treas furs 155 W. 29th

Image courtesy of Adam Woodward - April 2018

H Suskind Druggist's Sundries on the right facing the stores.

Ten Eych Sutphen (1816-1899)

1841: Marriage - December 16, 1841 in Sweden, Monroe Co, New York, Ten Eyck Sutphen to Miss Harriet White, daughter of the late Chester White, Esq.

1850: Ten Eyck Sutphen, New York City, New York, Drygoods

1850: Brooklyn, 3rd Ward, Ten Eyck Sutphen 33, merchant, Harriet Sutphen 32, Josephine Sutphen 7, Deforest Sutphen 4, Sally White 56, Catherine Joice 18

1855: Brooklyn Brick single family $6000, Tenezeh Sutphen 38, merchant, Hariet Sutphen 38, Josephin Sutphen 12, Peta D Sutphen 8, Ferdinand Sutphen 4, Joseph W Sutphen 2, Hannah O'Kallahan 22, servant, Mary O'Kallahan 18, servant

1858: New York Times May 3,

Having determined to discontinue their
Retail department
Now offer entire stock
Having Been Enlarged
1860: Brooklyn Ward 6, F Sutphen 43, paper manufacture, Harriet Sutphen 42, Josephine Sutphen 17, Philip Sutphen 13, Joseph Sutphen 7, Fredrick Sutphen 4, H O Cllehan 28, servant, Mary Cllehan 23, servant

1870: New Brunswick New Jersey Teneyck Sutphen 53, paper hanger, $15,000 $4,646, Harriet H Sutphen 52, Josephine Sutphen 25, De Forest Sutphen 22, Joseph W Sutphen 18, Paul F Sutphen 14, Harriet C Sutphen 8

1871: Ten Eyck Sutphen, carpets, 162 Fulton street, residence, New Brunswick, NJ

1888: Ten Eyck Sutphen 35 2d place Brooklyn NY

1892: Death - Sutphen - April 5, 1892 Harriett W. wife of Ten Eyck Sutphen, age 74 35 Second Place, Brooklyn New York Daily Tribune.

1893: Josephine Sutphen Kipp


1899: Sutphen On Monday Jan. 30, 1899 in the 83rd year of his age. 35 Second Place Brooklyn New York Times February 1, 1899

Buried Greenwood, Brooklyn

1900: SUTPHEN, JOSEPH WALWORTH - Lawyer, 164 Montague street, Brooklyn; residence 35 Second place. Born in Brooklyn, Jan. 26, 1853. Educated at Rutgers and Columbia Law.

1902: Joseph W. Sutphen, No. 35 Second place, Brooklyn

1902: Joseph Walworth Sutphen died at his home at 35 Second Place, Brooklyn, was a descendant of the von Stephens family who immigrated from Holland in 1651 and settled in Flatbush. Joseph Walworth Sutphen was born in 1853, graduated Rutgers, and Columbia Law School. Survived by his widow and a son. New York Times, November 4, 1902.

Fredrick Ulrich (1830-) - Photographer - 156 Bowery

Birth: c 1830

Ship Manifest: Jacobina Ulrich 34, Auguste 7 and Freide 10 months to New York on the Cimbria 9 Sep 1868 from Hamburg.

Marriage: Jacobina/Bena Hardjoe/Hartje - born Berg zab-n Germany 11 July 1832 (from 1968 passport application) - 5 feet 2 inches, brown eyes, sandy hair, fair complexion


  1. Auguste Ulrich c 1857

  2. Charles Frederick Ulrich October 18, 1858 died 1908 in Berlin. Painter - he spent much of his live in Europe.

  3. Lena/Lina Ulrich circa 1860 - Lina married Richard Kuhme 09 June 1881 - father Frederick Ulrich mother Jacobine Hartje

  4. Frieda Ulrich c 1863

    Married Harry Rogers - died 22 January 1945 11 East 32nd street, NYC - age 81 widowed, born 05 June 1863 - father Fredrick Ulrich mother Jacobina Hartje

  5. Freddy Ulrich 16 September 1867

    The New York Red Book 1913: Frederick Ulrich.

    Frederick Ulrich, Democrat, representing the Seventeenth Assembly District, Kings county, is a designer and draftsman. He was born in the city of New York in 1867 and took up his residence in the city of Brooklyn in 1892 when his father retired from business, having been a photographer at 156 Bowery for over thirty-five years.

    He was educated in the German American Private School and is a graduate of Public School No. 65, New York city. He received his art education at the National Academy of Design and the Metropolitan Art School. He is married and has three sons and one daughter.

    He was appointed cashier by Hon. E. M. Grout in the Finance Department of New York city in 1903, and served under Comptrollers E. M. Grout and H, A. Metz until 1910.

    He received the endorsement of the Independence League in 1912. as a candidate for the Assembly, and was the first Democratic Assemblyman elected in twenty years. The Seventeenth District is one of the strongest Republican District in the State. He was elected by 336 over his nearest opponent.

    Speaker Smith in 1913 appointed Mr. Ulrich a member of the following Assembly Committees: Banks, and Printed and Engrossed Bills.

1867-1868: Ulrich, Frederick, photographs, 156 Bowery, New York, NY (1867-1868) Wilson's Business Directory of New York City

1870: 156 Bowery, Fred H Ulrich 40, photographer, Bena Ulrich 38, born Bavaria, Auguste Ulrich 13, Lena Ulrich 10, Frieda Ulrich 7, Charles Ulrich 12, Freddy Ulrich 3

1876 - 1877: Ulrich Frederick, photographs, 156 Bowery

1880: 156 bowery, Fred Ulrich 50, Prussia, photographer, Jacoline Ulrich 47, Wurtemburg, Lina Ulrich 19, Frieda Ulrich 17, Fred Ulrich 12, Emilie Ulrich 7

1881: 28 October probate will of Jacobina Ulrich - husband Frederick executor

1900: Brooklyn, Havermeyer street, Frederick Ulrich 70, widow, imm 1848, Augusta Grossman 43, daughter, widow, 0 children

1883: WANTED. - A man who thoroughly understands the making of dry plates ; must be sober and of steady habits. Address, F. Ulrich, 156 Bowery, New York (Photographic Times)


"Fr. Ulrich Photographer 156 Bowery - Portraits of the size of ordinary postage-stamps a speciality, 12 cabinet portraits, 100 stamp portraits and 50 elegant Visiting cards for only $5.00 Send photograph and money order to F. Ulrich, 156 Bowery" Puck

1888 The Philadelphia Photographer

1890: Ulrich, Frederick, photographs, 156 Bowery, New York, NY

Photo courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Library of Congress

Fred. Ulrich photos are frequently for sale on eBay- lots of Civil War soldiers in uniform.

Land of Promise - Castle Garden - 1884 by Charles Fredrick Ulrich - Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C..

Aschhoff & Fricke

Aschhoff & Fricke were photographers with a studio at 50 Bowery above the Atlantic Garden.

William Fricke was born in Germany circa 1843.

1874: Aschhoff & Fricke (Henry Aschhoff & William Fricke) 50 Bowery

1875: Henry Aschhoff 50 Bowery, h 237 Fifth New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photos Publication Title: Goulding's Manual of New York and General Statistical Guide, 1875

1877: Fricke William, photographer, 50 Bowery

1889: William Fricke 50 Bowery New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photographs Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1889

1890: Photographs William Fricke, 50 Bowery, Trow City Directory

1890: William Fricke 36 Van Duzer T Staten Island, New York, USA Occupation: Photographer Publication Title: Staten Island, New York, City Directory, 1890

1902 - 1906: Fricke, William, photographer, 109 2nd Ave., New York, NY (1902) (1906) City Directories

1900: 109 2nd ave., William Fricke 56, widowed, born Germany, photographer, born Sept 1843, immigrated 1872, naturalized, William H Fricke 20, clerk lawyer's office, born Oct 1879, Lizzie Bock 25, servant

1905: 109 2nd Ave., Manhattan, Fricke, William, age 62, born Germany, photographer, Annie wife, age 38, William son age 25, clerk

1910: Death - William Fricke 16 Oct 1910 Bronx, New York, New York, United States, Age 67, Marital Status Married, Occupation Photographer, Birthplace Germany, Burial Date 19 Oct 1910, Cemetery Fresh Pond Cremation, Father's Name Ludwig Fricke, Father's Birthplace Germany, Mother's Name Charlotte, Mother's Birthplace Germany

Harry Howard - Photo by W. Fricke - 1893

As indicated by online antique photograph sales William Fricke was active as a photographer during the Civil War or shortly thereafter.

Aschhoff & Fricke photographers 50 Bowery above the Atlantic Garden, New York

Photo courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

Printed on back ASCHOFF & FRICKE Photographers, 50 Bowery, above the Atlantic Garden New York

Charles Eisenmann - Photographer

Charles Eisenmann, a well known Bowery photographer, was born in Bitzfeld., Wurttemberg, Germany circa 1850/55. He maintained a studio on the third floor at 229 Bowery (between Livington and Stanton). He also had a studio at 18 W. 14th street, He died December 8, 1927.

Charles Eisenmann

Charles Eisenmann - Becker Collection - Syracuse University

1876: Charles Eisenmann 152 Orchard New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photorgaphs Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1876

1878: Charles Eisenmann 156 Mott New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photographer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1878

1879: Charles Eisenmann h[ome] 200 Grand, New York, New York, USA, Occupation: Printing, Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1879

1879: Charles Eisenmann, Gender: Male, Marriage Date: 29 Jun 1879, Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA, Recorded Marriage Year: 1887, Spouse: Dora Reuther, Certificate Number: 81019

Marriage: Charles Eisenmann 29 Jun 1879 Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Age 29, Marital Status Unknown, Birth Year (Estimated) 1850, Birthplace Bitzfeld, Wurtbrg, Father's Name Johann, Mother's Name Lina Offner, Spouse's Name Dorothea Reicher, Spouse's Gender Female, Spouse's Age 17, Spouse's Marital Status Single, Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1862, Spouse's Birthplace New York, Spouse's Father's Name Christian Spouse's Mother's Name Dorothea Glas

1880: 229 Bowery, Charles "Eisenman", 30, photographer, Dora Eisenman 18, wife, Dora Eisenman 1/12, daughter born in May

1882/1883: Charles Eisenmann 229 Bowery New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photographer Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1883


"Charles Eisenmann, Photographer, No. 229 Bowery. - Among the leading and most successful photographers of the East Side is Mr. Charles Eisenmann, whose spacious and well equipped gallery is at No. 229 Bowery. He has been established for the past ten years, five of which he has been at the present location. The reception parlors, operating rooms, etc., are spacious and handsomely fitted up with a view to the comfort and convenience of patrons. Mr. Eisenmann is an artist of recognized ability, and has won an excellent reputation for the superior merit of all work executed by him. The portraits taken in his gallery are triumphs of the photographer's art, and are equal to the best productions of higher priced competitors. He uses the instantaneous process - which takes a photo as -"quick as a wink." He possesses every facility for rapid work and makes a specialty of large portraits, crayon and oil paintings. Mr. Eisenmann has no superior in the matter of mercantile photography, and enjoys a large patronage from our leading commercial houses. He also has almost a monopoly of the theatrical and show business, and has furnished thousands of photos to performers and curiosities traveling throughout the United States. Mr. Eisenmann was born in Germany and came here about 11 years ago." (NEW YORK'S GREAT INDUSTRIES)

1888: Eisenmann, Charles, photographes 229 Bowery, & 18 W. 14th street, home 537 E 15th New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photographs Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1888


PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Charles Eisenmann, Propr., Main Office: No. 229 Bowery: Factory: Nos. 537 to 543 East 15th Street, Rear Building.


Mr. Eisenmann who is of German birth, but a resident of New York since 1875, is a practical and expert photographer, with many years experience in his profession, in which he has won distinction, and is a thorough master of the art in all its branches. Being largely endowed with the energy and enterprise that characterize his countrymen in all the walks of life, as well as a man of unmistakable skill in his line, Mr. Eisenmann rapidly pushed his way to favor and recognition, and in 1876 established this flourishing business. The studios at No. 229 Bowery and No. 18 West 14th street are both spacious, well ordered and tastefully appointed, and have in service all the latest improved apparatus and appliances, while a corps of efficient and courteous assistants is maintained in each gallery. The factory at Nos. 537 to 543 East 15th street is a commodious five-story and basement structure, 70x100 feet in superficial area, and is supplied with ample power (furnished by gas engine) and general appurtenances, fully one hundred hands, all told, being employed. Photography in all its branches is executed in the highest style of the art, including portraits, oil, crayon, pastel, etc., his leading specialty, however, being photographs for all kinds of advertising purposes, which are furnished by the thousands and millions, at the very lowest prices, and in the most expeditious manner."

Illustrated New York: The Metropolis of To-day

1900: Plainfield Ward 3, Union, New Jersey Ward of City: 2nd Dest 3rd Ward Street: West Seventh St, Eisenmann 54, photographer, immigrated 1868, born Germany, Dora Eisenmann 33 Louise Eisenmann 15 Lottie Eisenmann 11 Chas Eisenmann 8 Dora Eisenmann 5 Emma Eisenmann 3 Adelaide Eisenmann 8/12

1901: October 4, 1901 - A fire at six o'clock in the evening destroyed the two story frame barn in Plainfield used by Charles D. Eisenmann for the manufacture of photographic paper and the preparation of photographic chemicals. There were several explosion and a number of "girls" employed in the facility had narrow escapes. The estimated lose was $10,000, partially insured. New York Times

1905: Newark, Charles Eisenman, 55, photographer, Dora Eisenman, 40, Lottie Eisenman, 16, Charles Eisenman, 15, Dora Eisenman, 10, Emma Eisenman, 8, Adelaid Eisenman, 5 Jacob Fisher Louise Fisher

1910: Orange street Newark, New Jersey, Charles D Eisenmann 59, lithographer , born Germany, Dora Eisenmann 46, 1st marriage, 6 children 6 living, Louisa Eisenmann 25, married, 1 child, Charlotta Eisenmann 21, Charles Eisenmann 19, Jewelry factory, Dora Eisenmann 15, Emma Eisenmann 13, Adie Eisenmann 10, Jacob Risher 32, lodger, Lulu Risher 25, lodger

1920: Kearny Ward 4, Hudson, New Jersey Street: Shackle Ave Charles Eisenmann 69, photograph, Dora Eisenmann 56, Charles Eisenmann 29, Adelaide Eisenmann 20, Charles Wendt 33, son in law, foreman celluloid mfg, Charlote Wendt 32, Emma Wendt 1, William D Love 23, Emma Love 23

1930: Neptune, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA, Charles Wendt 42, foreman pajama factory, Charlotte Wendt 42 Emma Wendt 11 William Wendt 5

1948: Dora Eisenmann, Maiden Name: Reichers, Birth Date: 11 Jul 1864, Birth Place: Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, United States of America, Death Date: 25 Oct 1948, Death Place: Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America, Cemetery: Arlington Memorial Park, Burial or Cremation Place: Kearny, Hudson County, New Jersey, United States of America, Spouse: Charles D Eisenmann, Children: Adelaide Durie, Emilie Minna Eisenmann, Josephine Eisenmann, Luisa Eisenmann, Louise Vanda Fisher, Emma Eisenmann, Emily Ruth Lone - URL: https://www.findagrave.com/mem Find A Grave

1948: Dora Eisenmann Age: 84 Birth Year: abt 1864 Death Date: 21 Oct 1948 Death Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Certificate Number: 23151

1886: STEIN, HENRY B. Stein, Henry B., photographer, 18 W 14th, h 153 W 14th, New York, NY (1886) City Directory

Frank Wendt

Frank Wendt born circa 1855 succeeded Charles Eisenmann in the photography business at 229 Bowery. 1884: Frank Wendt Gender: Male Marriage Date: 24 Aug 1884 Marriage Place: Manhattan, New York, USA Spouse: Auguste Reichert Certificate Number: 35468

1889: Dora Wendt Event Type Birth Event Date 25 Dec 1889 Event Place Manhattan, New York, New York, United States Gender Female Race White Father's Name Frank Wendt Father's Birthplace New York City Father's Age 31 Mother's Name Augusta Riechers Wendt Mother's Birthplace New York City Mother's Age 22 (LDS)

1894: Frank Wendt Residence Year: 1894 Street address: 217 Chrystie Residence Place: New York, New York, USA Occupation: Photographs Publication Title: New York, New York, City Directory, 1894

1899: Frank Wendt Gender: Male Marriage Date: 11 Feb 1899 Marriage Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Spouse: Johanna Wessel Film Number: 001276630

1900: Boonton New Jersey, Frank Wendt 41, photographer, Johannah Wendt 34, Lottie Wendt 13, Dora Wendt 10, Gussie Wendt 10

1910: Boonton New Jersey, Frank Wendt 51, photographer, Johana Wendt 43 Dora Wendt 20 Gussie Wendt 20 Frank E Wendt 8

1913 Passpot Application: Listed dob 25 August 1858 NYC. Dora born 25, December 1880 NYC and Augusta born 25th December 1888 NYC. occupation photographer, address Boonton, New Jersey

1920: Boonton, New Jersey, Frank Wendt 61, photographer, Johana E Wendt 53 Dora Wendt 30 Gussie Wendt 30 Frank E Wendt 18 Eleanore Owens 13 Evelyn Owens 10

1930: Boonton, New Jersey, Frank Wendt 72 Johanna Wendt 64 Dora Wendt 40 Gussie Wendt 40 Elenor Owens 22 Karl Huth 52 John Custer 29

Find a Grave: Frank Wendt Birth Date: 28 Aug 1858 Birth Place: New York County (Manhattan), New York, United States of America Death Date: 1943 Death Place: Boonton, Morris County, New Jersey, United States of America Cemetery: Greenwood Cemetery Burial or Cremation Place: Boonton, Morris County, New Jersey, United States of America Has Bio?: Y Spouse: Augusta Wendt Children: Lottie Owens Gussie Wendt Dora Augusta Wendt URL: https://www.findagrave.com/mem

Tombstone: WENDT
1858 Frank 1943
Augusta his wife 1866-1898
Johanna his wife 1866- 1957
[cannot read rest of names]

Photo courtesy of Adam Woodward, April 2018

The German Rose AKA Rosie Wolff AKA Queen Midget

Rosie Wolff born July 6, 1866 was a famous side show midget who played the violin. As an adult she was 33 inches tall and weighed 42 pounds. She was photographed by Eisenmann many times.

1881: Boston Globe - The Biggest Show on Earth! W. C Coup's New United Monster Show commencing April 25 at the Coliseum Grounds two performances per day listed the Queen midget.

1884: Buffalo Times 28 April 1884 At Bunnell's Museum Buffalo, New York "the "greatest of all fours, "The Big Little Fours" and their comical donkey, "Nellie" Miss Grace Courtland, the Witch of Wall street, Nora Hildebrandt, the tattooed lady and the German Rose, queen midget" were to remain for one week.

Grace Courtland, the "witch of wall street" was a part gypsy fortune teller and a dime museum attraction with a reputed ability to make stock predictions. Nora Hildebrandt was a tattooed lady also photographed by Eisenmann. Nora Hildebrandt


1884: Baltimore Sun October 9, 10, & 15 Harris's Mommoth Museum - Masonic Temple - House Packed - Thousands turned away - Capt. Bates and his wife tallest couple living - The Queen Midget (and more) admission 10 cents.

1884: October 2 Philadelphia Forepaugh's Dime museum - 8th street between Race and Vine - BABY VENUS - THE HUNGARIAN GYPSIES - FAT WOMAN - QUEEN MIDGET - ALBINO CHILD - CIRCASSIAN QUEEN - LEOPARD BOY - ARMLESS WONDER. admission 10 cents p> 1884: Boston Daily Globe queen midget, twenty-eight Inches high aud 18 years of age.

1884: November 23, Boston Sunday Globe Austin & Stone museum attractions, included "the heaviest girl in the world at 418 pounds, queen midget, Minnie Fiercey, Mons. Leon, the strong man, who lifts 1000 pounds with his teeth, ana hundreds of other curious and interesting objects to be seen.

1884: December 21, Philadelphia At The Dime Museums - The German Rose, The Queen Midget "a pleasing little lady with a good voice."

1884: Philadelphia Times 28 December at the Forepaugh's Dime museum the German Rose, Queen Midget

1885: June 12 Weymouth Gazetteer - "Don't fail to see the Queen Midget known as the German Rose and the Hanoverian Family."

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