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Picture courtesy Mary Canzler's
"grandfather's brother's bakery, Paul Canzler. Paul is pictured in the photo sitting and his wife Anna Klamt is standing behind him. His two daughters, Martha and Elsie (Elsie is the younger) are sitting on the curb. The rest of the people in the photo are unidentified. I can date this photo to be about 1899-1900.

Paul Canzler's Vienna Bakery
146 E 43nd Street
Bronx, NY

This photo comes to you courtesy of Judy Craghead who is Paul's great granddaughter from Oregon. She and I found each other on a website message board and have been sharing pictures and data. In the 1920's Paul and his family migrated to Portland, Oregon, where he opened Cottage Bakery.

Mary Canzler, October 2006

In January 2007 Judy Craghead wrote:

"I think that the 2 other young men are Anna's brothers Richard & August Klamt as they are listed on the 1900 Manhattan,NY census as bakers too."
In January 2007 Judy Craghead wrote to share another photo:
"Another New York bakery that Paul & his brother Julius Canzler owned. It is either in Manhattan or the Bronx. Paul second from the right with his wife Anna and Anna's mother Annie Klamt. His brother Julius is on the far left."
The Meckels in New York City

In September 2006, Mary Canzler graciously shared two fabulous pictures of old New York: 246 and 248 Rivington Street

Mary writes:

"My great great grandfather, Philipp Meckel immigrated from Germany sometime around 1865-1870, worked hard and made enough money to send for his best gal, Katharina Knapp to come over and become his wife. He also put a down payment on two brand new buildings, 246 and 248 Rivington Street. Each building was 4 stories with two stores fronts in each.

My grandfather, Michael Koch opened a barber shop in one of the store fronts at 248 sometime around 1890-1892. He then won the heart and hand of Philipp's daughter Elizabeth and they married. At that time, Philipp was proprietor of Meckel's Orange County Dairy and was also one of the founding fathers of the New York dairymen's league. He picked up the milk from the train station at 11th Avenue. A cousin (or a nephew, family lore is not clear) of Philipp's came over after his mother died. John Meckel had been an officer's chef in the German army, and he worked in the dairy making creamed pickled herring and pot cheese (now known as cottage cheese). Philipp died in 1904 and Michael took over the running of the dairy store and changed the name from Meckel Dairy to Koch Dairy, and added groceries. After Michael died, a man named Joe Rempe bought the business. I believe there is a connection to Joe via a marriage of Philipp Meckels son Philip P. to Mary M. Rempe. It is possible Joe was Mary's brother as I remember "Uncle" Joe as a young girl and he was pretty old then.

As for the people in the photos, none of them look "familiar" to me, they were probably just passersby hamming it up for a moment in eternity.

At least one of the buildings on Rivington Street stayed in the Koch family until around 1956 or so as my Great Aunt Marie and Great Uncle Philip (brother and sister) inherited them. One of the buildings may have already been sold, but one was still in family hands, though not for long. I have a letter from my aunt reporting on the progress of the workers who were taking measurements and discussing the problems of collecting the rents from the apartments. The postmark on the letter was 1956. I have a sad suspicion that when I make my road trip in the spring, I will find that those buildings have been razed and something new and ugly will be in their place. Progress."

September 2006

To see the photos go to Lower Manhattan now or at the bottom of the page.

In November 2010 Laura Smith wrote to clarify just who Joe Rempe was. And, indeed he was Mary Rempe Meckel's brother. Laura shared the following information:

Hieronymus Albert Rempe b: 21 Oct 1840 in Natzungen, Höxter, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, d: 09 Nov 1917 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA


Anna Krewet b: 1848 in Warburg, Höxter, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, m: 24 Jan 1869 in Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA, d: 04 Mar 1931 in Queens, New York, USA

In August 2012 Hubert emailed from Germany with the following information on the Krewet family:

The father of Anna Krewet was Johan Anton Krewet born 12.11.1821 in Warburg to Johann Krewet and Agnes Gardener. He was baptized on 14.11.1821 - godparents (Johan Krewet strikethrough) Anton Grone Church Book 1821/22 Page 50 No. 35 (Register 35/50). His siblings: Gertrud Krewet born 1824 (Reg 18/59) and Anna Maria Elisabeth, born 1827 (Reg 41/73). Anna Krewet was born 02.11.1848 - baptized 11.05.1848 to Anton Krewet profession "tagloner" [day labourer] and Anna Margarethe Ehle - godparent, Agnes Krewet nee Gaertner war die Mutter vom Vater Agnes Krewet geb. Gärtner (Gaertner )(Church Book 1848 Page 191 No. 41 St. Mary's Church Warburg Old Town). Her siblings: Therese Krewet born 1850 (Reg 37/204) and Johann Franz Krewet born 1851 (Reg 44/210)


  1. John A. Rempe b: abt 1869 in New York, USA, d: 23 Mar 1948 in Queens, New York, USA married Agatha Seidenable b: 10 Mar 1869 in New York, USA, m: 1897 in Kings, New York, USA, d: 10 Mar 1917 in New York, New York, USA

  2. Anna Rempe b: 1874 in New York, USA

  3. Frank Anthony Rempe b: 17 Jan 1874 in New York, USA, d: 14 Dec 1953 in New York, USA married Mary Werber b: Nov 1874 in New York, USA, m: 1897 in Kings, New York, USA, d: 20 Jun 1937 in New York, USA

  4. Teresa Rempe b: 12 Oct 1875 in New York, USA, d: 09 Jan 1959 married Joseph L. Rasmussen b: 01 Jun 1870 in New York, USA, m: 04 Jun 1902 in Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA, d: 07 Jan 1920

  5. Mary Margareth Rempe b: 12 Mar 1880 in Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA, d: 28 Nov 1969 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA married Philip Peter Meckel b: 01 Apr 1876 in Manhattan, New York, New York, USA, m: 04 Oct 1904 in Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA, d: 03 Apr 1912

  6. Louise H J Rempe b: 16 Dec 1883, d: 05 Aug 1980 in New York, USA married John F. Breitenbach b: 29 May 1882, m: 08 Sep 1909, d: 12 Jun 1968 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA

  7. Albert Rempe b: abt 1887 in USA, d: 20 Sep 1958 married Helen Knoch

  8. Joseph Anthony Rempe b: 01 Nov 1888 in New York, USA, d: 27 Dec 1968 married Mary Agnes Walker b: 29 Dec 1888 in New York, USA, m: 14 Apr 1912, d: 17 Jul 1962

  9. Edward Lawrence Rempe b: 11 Dec 1890 in Nyc, d: 24 Dec 1965 married Catherine T. Reilly b: 16 Nov 1889, m: 01 Oct 1916 in St. John the Baptist R.C. Brooklyn, NY, d: 02 Oct 1957

  10. Agnes Rempe b: 12 Jun 1893 in New York, USA, d: 12 Aug 1968

The Meckels

George Meckel and Katherine Weiman

Birth: Germany

Marriage: Germany


  1. Phillip Meckel (circa 1845-1904) and Katherine Knapp

    Birth: Circa 1845, Germany, parents George born Germany and Kate Weiman (?) born Germany (from death records of Phillip and John Meckel)

    Immigration: 1865-70

    Marriage: Katherine Knapp, not listed NYC Grooms index


    1. Adam circa 1870
      Further Records: Not listed WWI DR. Listed 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses. Did not marry.
      Death: Adan Meckel 248 Rivington Street, tenement, single age 58, proprietor butter and egg business, born US, father Phillip Meckel born Germany, mother Katherine Knapp born Germany died December 27, 1927, cardiac aste--- pulmonary edema, chronic myocarditis chronic nephritis, buried Calvary Cemetery December 30, 1927 (Manhattan #28948 1927)
    2. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Meckel and Michael Koch
      Birth: Circa 1872
      Marriage: Not listed grooms index NYC
      1. Catherine Koch circa 1895
      2. Anthony Koch and Veronica
        Birth: May 9 1898 (WWI DR)
        Military: WWI Draft Registration: Anthony Phillip Koch 248 Rivington Street born May 9, 1898, pharmisist 1293 Fulton Street Brooklyn, mother Elizabeth Koch 248 Rivington Street tall grey eyes brown hair.
        1930 Census: Maple Street Brooklyn Anthony P Koch pharmacist drugs, age 31, married at age 25, Veronica wife age 31, Rita M 8 mo. Cooke, Vincent brother in law age 22 stenographer stream railway, Anthony P Koch Jr son 4 years and 5 mo. own $8,450
        Marriage: Anthony Koch 248 Rivington Street age 26, single, druggist, born NY, father Michael mother Elizabeth Meckel, married Veronica Cooke, 47 Gros--- Street, age 24, single, born NYC, father Henry mother Margaret Fitzpatrick, at our Lady of Sorrows 213 Stanton Street Manhattan on June 30, 1924 Witnesses Edward Cooke and Elizabeth Koch (Manhattan 1924 #19862)
      3. Phillip Koch circa 1902
        Military: Not listed WWI DR.
        WWII: Phillip P Koch born 1901 NY enlisted 2 December 1942, private, 4 yrs high school machinist, single with dependents, hight 71 weight 174,
      4. Marie Koch circa 1904
      5. Elizabeth Koch circa 1906
      Death of Michael Koch, 1933: 248 Rivington Street, tenement, married Elizabeth Koch wife, age 63, grocer born US, father Killian or Rillian Koch, born Germany, mother Theresa Schmidt, born Germany, died Nov 17, 1933 chronic asth--- pulmonary edema, carcinoma of the larynx pharyner (?) buried Calvary Nov 20, 1933 (#24505 1933 Manhattan)
      Death of Elizabeth Meckel Koch:
    3. Phillip Meckel and
      Birth: Circa 1876
      WWI DR: Not listed
      Death: Phillip Meckel 111 S 4th Street, private residence, married born April 1, 1876, age 36 years 2 days, truck dealer, store, born NYC father Phillip born Germany mother Kate "Knaff" born Germany, brain tumor April 3, 1912, 2PM, buried St John's Cemetery April 6, 1912. (#7045 1912 Brooklyn)
    4. Kate circa 1878

    Death of Phillip Meckel: Phillip Meckel age 59, years and 6 mos. married born Germany in US 35 years, place of death 63 Ave A Private residence, father, George born Germany mother Kate born Germany, chronic cardio--- (aortic stenosis) pulmonary edema 9 mons. died 9 November 1904, about 2:36 PM, buried Calvary Cemetery

    Death of Katherine Knapp Meckel: Not listed under Meckel in the NYC death index to 1948.

    1880 Census: 248 Rivington Street, Manhattan, Phillip Meckel age 35, milk dealer, Kate age 36, keep house, Lizzie age 8, Adam age 10, Phillip age 4, Kate age 2, William Rothman age 19, boarder, servant, Connie Hass, age 18, border servant, Maggie Carnia age 17, boarder servant.

  2. John Meckel

    Birth: Circa 1862

    Immigration: circa 1888 per 1920 census.

    Death: John Meckel 248 Rivington Street, single born 1862, age 77, clerk dairy business, born Germany, father George Meckel born Germany, mother Catherine Weiman (?) born Germany, informant, Elizabeth Koch, 248 Rivington Street niece, died March 10, 1939, age 77, buried marh 13, 1939 Calvary Cemetery. No cause of death listed. (#6020, 1939 Manhattan)

1900 Census: 248 Rivington Street Manhattan,
  • Adam Meckel, head, own, born Aug 1870, age 29, single, NY, dairyman, Philip Meckel April 1876, age 24, single, NY dairyman, John Meckel, uncle, Nov 1862, age 37 single, born Germany, dairyman, Ebinger, Lena, servant and Spring, Sophia servant.

  • Koch, Michael head, May 1870 age 30 married 7 years, barber, Elizabeth wife January 1872, age 28, 3 children 3 still living, Catherine Nov 1894 age 6, Margrette September 1896, age 4, Anthony May 1898, age 2 all born NY.

1910 Census: 248 Rivington Street, Michael Koch, age 39, proprietor dary products, Elizabeth Koch age 38, Catherine Koch age 15, Anthony Koch age 11, Phillip Koch age 8, Marie Koch age 6 Elizabeth Koch age 4, Adam Meckel age 40 brother in law, proprietor grocery store empl. John Meckel age 48, uncle born Germany salesman dairy products

1920 Census 248 Rivington Street Michael Koch, age 49, clerk dairy products, Elizabeth Koch age 48, Catherine Koch age 25, Anthony Koch age 21, Pharmicy Drug co., Phillip Koch age 19, machine printing co. Marie Koch age 16 Elizabeth Koch age 13

Same address Adam Meckel head age 50, milk egg store retail and John Meckel age 58 uncle immigrated 1888, NA 1900, clerk milk store.

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Lower East Side, Manhattan

New York City


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