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James Dabney McCabe Jr 1842-1883

James Dabney McCabe Jr 1842-1883 was born Richmond, Va. in July 1842 the Son of Rev Dr. James Dabney McCabe a prominent Episcopal clergyman. This McCabe family considered themselves of an old Irish lineage that went back to the Crusades.

A Confederate supporter during the Civil War, James Dabney McCabe, Jr. lived for a while in Brooklyn in 1869.

James Dabney McCabe Jr was a prolific writer on a variety of subjects. Several of his books are available on line including The Secrets of the Great City: A Work Descriptive of the Virtues and the Vices, the Mysteries, Miseries and Crimes of New York City and Lights and Shadows of New York Life: or, the Sights and Sensations of the Great City, 1872.

According to his passport application in 1889 he was 5 ft 3 inches.

He was listed in the 1870 census in Manhattan, author, age 28 wife Mary, children Mary age 6, Anna age 2 and Robert age 4 three servants

In 1860 he was listed in Baltimore with his parents.

Like many of the "upper class" who went "slumming" he was clearly a snob and a bigot. However, his writings to give some insights into life amont the "lower" classes in Manhattan in the late 1800s.

Tenement Life

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