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Other Walshes in New York City

Immigrants went to places where their family, friends, and fellow villagers had gone before them. When they arrived in their new homes they tended to settle in the same areas. As they became more familiar with their environment they began to spread out. For example among the siblings of Joseph Walsh:

  • Itially most of the siblings lived on the Upper East Side in the 70 and 80s. There were exceptions, brother, Thomas Walsh, lived on the West Side in the 60s. He also married outside the Irish community.
  • As they married and had their families some remained in Manhattan, some moved to the Bronx and some moved to Brooklyn.
  • By the next generation some had moved even farther out to New Jersey and Long Island and even as far away as Arizona.

There must have been Walshes who preceded the children of John and Fanny to New York City. There would have been people who gave them advice on where to live and where to find a job, perhaps lent them money to get started or paid for their passage to America. Most likely there were siblings of John Walsh or aunts and/or uncles of his who lived in New York City. The problems are

  • The records in Ireland do not go back to the birth of siblings and aunts and uncles
  • The names was extremely common both in Ireland and in NYC

I am always on the lookout for Walshes

  • Who are from Mayo and settled in NYC.
  • Lived in the same neighborhoods
  • Used the same names (as common as they were)
  • Had the same occupations

In July 2006 Deanne sent me an email alerting me to Anthony Walsh and Bernard Walsh.

There are no apparent immediate connections to John Walsh of Ballinrobe.

Anthony Walsh born circa 1810 Co. Mayo, Ireland and Sabina Condrey Walsh

Birth: Anthony Walsh born between 1810 and 1820 Co Mayo Ireland parents unknown, town unknown

Marriage: Sabina Condrey in US born circa 1817 Co Mayo


  1. Julia circa 1854
Note: Given their approximate dates of birth they may have had other children

Note: Despite some discrepancies in the dates of birth the name combinations indicate that the following census and bank records relate to the same Anthony and Sabina Walsh.

1860 census Ward 1 NYC: Anthony Walsh, age 48 liquor store, born Ireland, Sabine age 30, born Ireland Julia age 6, born NY, and 4 others, Corn Callahan age 60, Goe. Winer age 21, John Malley, age 21 all day laborers, and Ann Nixon age 24 all born Ireland, except Julia born NY

1865 Emigrants Savings Bank:

"Amend July 26/ 1865 no 702 Anthony his X mark Walsh born 1804 Co. Mayo arrived 1841 per "Henry of Astraw" married Sabina Condrey 1 child Julia,

or wife 1817 Co. Mayo, arrived 1848 in Cecilia Sabina her mark 139 Washington Street boarding house"

Note:It would appear from the census and bank record that in the 1860s the Walshes took in boarders.

1870 Ward 1: Washington between Cedar and Albany Streets, Walsh Anthony, age 50, ret. dealer in liquor, born Ireland, Sebina, age 48, born Ireland, Julia, age 15, born NY

Marriage of Julia Walsh to Thomas Gowan:

1880 Census 135 Liberty Street : Thomas Gowen, age 24, liquor dealer, born NY, Julia age 24, wife, born NY, Margaret age 9 mo., daughter, born NY, Anthony Walsh age 70 father in law, born Ireland, Sabina Walsh age 56 mother in law, born Ireland

Note: They were listed next to Bernard Walsh see below.

1900 Census: Water Street NYC Ward ?, Can't read husbands name or other information it is too dark and blotchy, Julia D. Gowen, Feb 1863, age 37 married at 20, 5 children 5 still living, born NYC, parents born Ireland, Maggie daughter born July 1880 age 19, operator, Edwin son Sept 1883, Julia daughter Aug 1886, Walter son Feb 1888, Sabina daughter May 1895 all born NY younger ones at school

Note: Julia's age is off from other censues, but the other information is good.

Death of Julia Gowan: Gowan Julia S, 53 y, Feb 13 1916, 3852 Kings G500

Note: Age in keeping with the the 1900 census.

Bernard Walsh born circa 1832 Ireland

Birth: Bernard Walsh born circa 1832, place and parents unknown.

Married: Johanna Bailey born circa 1836

Emigrant Saving Bank: Not listed.


  1. Elizabeth circa 1857 listed in 1860, 1870 and 1880 censuses, single
  2. Katherine circa 1860 listed in 1860, 1870 and 1880, 1910 censuses, single
  3. Ellen circa 1863
  4. Edward circa 1865
  5. Margaret (Maggie) circa 1868
  6. John circa 1871
  7. Francis (Fanny) circa 1878
1860 Census: 1 Division 1 Ward, Bernard Walsh age 28 day labourer, Johanna age 28, Elizabeth age 3 Catherine age 1, parents born Ireland children born NY.

1870 Cenus: They were listed twice in the 1870 census which probably reflects a very recent move whereby they were enumerated two times. The order of the names is too exact and the ages too close to reflect another couple with the same names and the same named children in the exact same order.

  1. 1870 Ward 1 District Election district 4 2 Rector Street between Church and Greenwich, Bernard Walsh age 35 laborer, Johanna age 35, Elizabeth age 15, Kate age 10, Ellen age 10, Edward age 5, Margaret age 5, Parents born Ireland children born NY

  2. 1870 2d Election district Ward 1 no address on that or near pages, Walsh, Bernard age 35 labourer born Ireland, Walsh Johanna age 33 keeping house born Ireland, Elizabeth age 13 attending school born NY, Catherine age 11, Ellen age 7, Edward age 5, Margaret age 2

1880 Census 135 Liberty Street Manhattan (eight families in building, see Anthony Walsh above): Bernard, age 48 husband labourer, 6, Ireland, Johanna age 44 wife keeps house, Ireland, Elizabeth age 23, daughter works in box factory, Katie daughter words in paper b, Ellie age 17 daughter paper b factory, Edward age 15 son hosery, Maggie daughter age 12 at home one eye blind, John age 9 son at home, Fanny age 2 daughter, Kids all born NY.

1910 Census: Ward 20 ED 1221 28th Street, Katherine head age 50 born NY, none, Edward brother age 45, --- police department, Marion Feeney niece age 11 all born NY, Margaret Walsh sister age 41, none, Frances J Walsh sister age 30, stenographer

Note: Next to Thomas Wiley age 40 married 14 years, born NY clerk, Elizabeth wife, age 37*, Elizabeth S daughter age 10 and, John J Walsh* brother age 39, -- office banking house

*This is NOT the right age for Elizabeth who was born in 1857 and would have been 54 in 1910. This is the correct age for John born in 1871. What is happening here?

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