Meehan connection to Walsh

Michael Meehan, son of John Meehan (according to Helen Ward) was married to Bridget Doordan. Michael lived on High Street Ballinrobe. He was the godfather of William, the son of JOhn Walsh and Fanny Feeney, baptized in 1871.

Meehan in Ballinrobe

Note: The information in this section was provided by Helen Ward, April 2010

In March 2010 Helen Ward wrote:

"My great great grandfather was John Meehan of Carrownalecka. He's the one in Griffiths valuation. His son Michael took over the family home and Michael's brother John (my great grandfather) joined the British Army and was away for over 20 years, serving in India and Afghanistan. He returned and married Sarah Henaghan. She lived in the Henaghan family home in Cloongowla West, just up the road from Carrownalecka and she had recently been widowed (her first husband was James Rogers and she was married to him at 17). The Rogers family tried to take the house from her so she very wisely spotted and married John Meehan and moved him into her home! I remember staying in this house over many summer holidays and my uncle John Meehan still lives in the house he built next to this plot in the 1960s.

As you know from your research, Michael Meehan married a Doordan but we don't know if she was one of the Doordans of Carrownalecka. I need to do some work on that link. I don't know of any other relationships in the village other than being neighbours."

JOHN MEEHAN (c 1810- 1875) and Margaret _____

Birth: Abt. 1810, and died 05 May 1875 in Carnalecka, Ballinrobe.

Marriage: MARGARET?. She died Bef. May 1875.

Notes for JOHN MEEHAN:

  • John Meehan of Carrownalecka listed in Griffiths Valuation 1856-57
  • John and Margaret Meehan listed in parish records found by Walsh family researcher re: Honor Meehan's baptism 28 Jan 1854

Occupation: Farmer

Children of JOHN MEEHAN and MARGARET _________:

  1. MICHAEL MEEHAN (1835-1916) and Bridget Doordan

    Birth: Bef. 1835; d. 08 Feb 1916.

    Marriage: BRIDGET DOORDAN. She was born Bef. 1838, and died Abt. 1917.

    Notes for MICHAEL MEEHAN:

    • Index to death certificate: Ballinrobe 1916 Quarter 1, Vol 4, p.30, gives age 81

    • 1911 census return - had 13 children of whom 6 survived

    • Michael Meehan and Bridget Doordan in parish records found by Walsh family researcher listing their children and Michael as sponsor to Thomas Joyce, Bridget Garry, William Walsh and James Meehan

    • Cause of Death: supposed heart disease

    Notes for BRIDGET DOORDAN:

    • Surname could be Doorden?

    • Death listed in pilot.familysearch


    1. CATHERINE MEEHAN, b. 06 May 1851.

    2. PATRICK MEEHAN, b. 1855.

    3. MARTIN MEEHAN, b. 1862.

      Notes for MARTIN MEEHAN: Sponsors Thomas Garry and Mary Meehan. Source = Walsh family research

    4. MARGARET MEEHAN, b. 1863.

      Notes for MARGARET MEEHAN: Sponsors John Meehan and Mary Meehan. Source = Walsh family research

    5. JOHN MEEHAN b 1865

      Notes for JOHN MEEHAN:

      • Sponsors Mary Meehan and John Garry. Source = Walsh family research

    6. MARY MEEHAN (1867-) and Michael Caufield

      Birth: MARY MEEHAN was born 27 Feb 1867.

      Marriage: married MICHAEL CAULFIELD. He was born Abt. 1867.

      Notes for MARY MEEHAN: Sponsors Martin Doordan and Margaret Doordan. Source = Walsh family research


      1. JOHN CAULFIELD, b. 1899.

      2. MARY-ANNE CAULFIELD, b. 1900.

      3. MICHAEL CAULFIELD, b. Abt. 1905.

      4. BRIDGET CAULFIELD, b. Abt. 1908.

    7. BRIDGET MEEHAN, b. 1868; d. Abt. 1869.

    8. ANNE MEEHAN, b. 1870.

    9. WILLIAM MEEHAN, b. 1872.

    10. BRIDGET MEEHAN, b. 20 Nov 1874, Carnalecka, Ballinrobe; d. 1874.

    11. MICHAEL MEEHAN, b. Jul 1876; d. 16 Aug 1876.

      Notes for MICHAEL MEEHAN: died 3 wks old

    12. FRANCIS MEEHAN, b. 12 Sep 1878.

      Notes for FRANCIS MEEHAN: Sponsors John Meehan and Margaret Meehan.

    13. MEEHAN.

  2. JOHN MEEHAN (1845-1921) and Sara Henaghan

    Birth: b. Abt. 1845, Carnalecka, Ballinrobe; d. Bet. Apr - Jun 1921.

    Marriage: SARA HENAGHAN 01 Dec 1887 in Ballinrobe Parish Church (5), daughter of THOMAS HENAGHAN and SARAH PHILBIN. She was born Abt. 1859 in Cloongowla, and died 1933 in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.

    Notes for JOHN MEEHAN:

    • alt. spelling Carrownalecka

    • marriage witnesses John Meehan and Bridget Keef

    • Ref: death index 1921 2nd quarter Vol.4 page 33

    Notes for SARA HENAGHAN:
    • Age on death certificate 72. Ref: Death index 1933 3rd quarter Vol 4 page 27
    Children of JOHN MEEHAN and SARA HENAGHAN:

    1. MAGGIE M. MEEHAN, b. 1888; m. JAHNKI?.

    2. ANNIE MEEHAN, b. 1891.

      More About ANNIE MEEHAN: Emigration: 03 Sep 1923, New York

    3. NELLIE MEEHAN, b. 1893; d. 25 Nov 1913.

      More About NELLIE MEEHAN:

      Cause of Death: Pulmonary disease

    4. PATRICK MEEHAN (1897-1941) and Nora Keefe

      Birth: PATRICK MEEHAN was born 1897 in Cloongowla, Ballinrobe, and died 28 Dec 1941 in Castlebar.

      Marriage: NORA KEEFFE 20 Jun 1923 in Kilmaine, daughter of JOHN KEEFFE and MARY GRIMES. She was born 1891 in Clyard, and died 21 Oct 1968 in Castlebar.

      More About PATRICK MEEHAN: Cause of Death: Septicaemia

      More About NORA KEEFFE: Cause of Death: Strangulated femoral hernia with obstruction and perforation

      Emigration: 12 Apr 1913, New York

      Children of PATRICK MEEHAN and NORA KEEFFE:

      1. PATRICK MEEHAN, b. 13 Jan 1924, Cloongowla, Ballinrobe; d. 23 Sep 1924, Cloongowla, Ballinrobe.

        More About PATRICK MEEHAN: Cause of Death: Convulsions

    5. CATHERINE MEEHAN (1851- ) and John Murphy

      Birth: born Abt. 1851.

      Marriage: JOHN MURPHY 23 Aug 1882 in Ballinrobe Chapel, son of PATRICK MURPHY witnesses John Meehan and Margaret Meehan. He was born Abt. 1855.

      Occupation: School Master



    6. ELLEN MEEHAN, b. 14 Jul 1851.

    7. HONOR MEEHAN (1854-) and James Heneghan

      Birth: HONOR MEEHAN was born 28 Jan 1854.

      Marriage: JAMES HENEGHAN 09 Jan 1880 in Ballinrobe, son of THOMAS HENAGHAN and SARAH PHILBIN. Witnesses Michael Moran and Margaret Mehan. He was born 09 Aug 1851 in Ballyovey, and died 1935 in Derbyshire.

      Notes for JAMES HENEGHAN: sponsors Patrick and Bridget Fallon (Filban)

      Children of HONOR MEEHAN and JAMES HENEGHAN are:

      1. JOHN J. HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1886, Isleham, Hampshire; d. 1944, Derbyshire; m. ANNIE PEDDER.

      2. THOMAS HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1887, Isleham, Hampshire.

      3. MARGARET MARY HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1891, Portsmouth.

      4. HONOR HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1894, Devonport; d. 1973, Derbyshire.

      5. WILLIAM E. HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1897, Devonport; d. 13 Aug 1915, Turkey.

      6. JAMES P. HENEHAN, b. Abt. 1899, Derbyshire; d. 1943, Derbyshire.



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1901 Census Ballinrobe

Carrownalecka Ballinrobe Kilmaine Mayo Household Meehan Michael(60) farmer Bridget(70) wife-Michael Caulfield(30) son in law/labourer-Mary Caulfield (30) dtr.-John Caulfield(1) gs-Mary Anne Caulfield(8mo.) gd-Margaret Duffy(40) niece/widow/washerwoman-Patrick Duffy(12) cousin

Cloongowla Ballinrobe Kilmaine Mayo Household Meehan John(54) farmer Sara(42) wife-Maggie M.(13)-Annie(10)-Nellie(7)-Patrick(4)-Mary T. Rogers(16) stepdtr.-Sara J. Rogers(15) stepdtr.

1911 Census Ballinrobe

  • Meehan John 70 Male Head of Family Catholic

    Meehan Sarah 54 Female Wife Catholic

    Meehan Patrick 14 Male Son Catholic

    Meehan Annie 20 Female Daughter Catholic

    Meehan Nessie 17 Female Daughter Catholic

    Cloongowla Ballinrobe Mayo

  • Caulfield Michael 43 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic

    Caulfield Mary 43 Female Wife Roman Catholic

    Caulfield John 12 Male Son Roman Catholic

    Caulfield Mary Anne 11 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

    Caulfield Michael 6 Male Son Roman Catholic

    Caulfield Bridget 3 Female Daughter Roman Catholic

    Meehan Michael 75 Male Father in Law Roman Catholic

    Meehan Bridget 72 Female Mother in Law Roman Catholic

    Carrownalecka Ballinrobe Mayo

Heneghan in the 1901 census in England

Honor Meehan, daughter of JOHN MEEHAN and SARA HENAGHAN married James Heneghan. They were listed in the 1901 census in Normanton, St Gilles, Derby England, at 20 Newdigate St:

James Henehan head age 48, barrack labour Derby Regt., born Ireland, Honor, age 44, born Ireland, John J age 15, carriage painter, born Isleham, Hampshire, Thomas son age 14 carriage painter, Isleham, Hampshire, Margaret M age 10, born Portsmouth, William A age 4 born Devonport, Honor age 7 born Devonport, James P age 2 born Derby.

Immigration of Annie Meehan, Ireland to St. Louis, Missouri

Meehan, Annie, age 27, maid, born Ballinrobe, Ireland, mother, Mrs. Meehan, Lishkillen, Ballinrobe Co Mayo, to St. Louis Mo. to "step" sister, Mrs. W Crone 3809 Russell Ave St Louis, Mo indifinite,

Other Walshes

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