Possible Ancestors and the Godparents of the Children of John Walsh
John Walsh

I do not know where John Walsh was born. However, he was known to have lived in two townlands in Ballinrobe, Carrownalecka and Knockanotish. These townlands abut one another on the north/west section of the town of Ballinrobe. Part of each townland is actually in the town itself.

It is possible that John Walsh was the son of someone in this neighborhood.

There are several records which predate the civil and parish records that list Walsh families in the northwest section of Ballinrobe:

Possible Ancestors Listed in The Analecta Hibernica

According the "Analecta Hibernica #14" published in the "The County Mayo Chronicles" Volume 1, March 1988 and available at the New York City Public Library, there were five Walsh heads of household in the Town of Ballinrobe in 1783 as follows:

  1. Mick Walsh on Main Stree
  2. .
  3. Peter Walsh on Glebe Street
  4. John Walsh on Bridge Street
  5. Peter Walsh on High Street
  6. Nicholas Walsh on High Street

According to the South Mayo Family History Center in Ballinrobe, Bridge Street is east of the bridge over the Robe River and High Street is to the west of the same bridge. This means that they are basically the same street seperated by the bridge. Each street is at best one block long. High Street becomes Glebe Street going east at the intersection of Main Street. Bridge Street becomes Chaple Road going west. See Ballinrobe Maps

Consequently, Mick, Peter, John, Peter, and Nicholas as listed in the Analecta Hibernica in the town of Ballinrobe were living in relatively close proximity.

I do not know how the town was divided in 1783, however, John Walsh on Bridge Street, Peter Walsh on High Street, and Nicholas Walsh on High Street were living in the section of town that was listed in later records as Knockanotish.

In addition, the Analecta Hibernica, listed 38 other Walshes in the townlands of the parish of Ballinrobe as follows:

  • William in Cloonluffan
  • Henry, John, Henry, Patt, Richard and James in Racarreen
  • Patt and Thomas in Cloonee
  • Patt in Knockglass
  • David in Knockadune
  • James, Ed, and Thomas in Kilthrown
  • Patt and Peter in Cloongowla
  • Mick, Pat, John and Walter in Fryars Quarters
  • "Urlick (beg)", "Thomas (Ulick)", Thomas, William, Ulick, and "Ricard" in Lavally
  • John, William and David in Cloonerneen
  • Patt and Myles in Caheredmond
  • Thomas and Patt in Curnarcyah
  • James, William and John in Rathnacuppane
  • Ed in Knocknacrophy
  • John in Cregduff

The list represents heads of households only. The household could include anything from a single, unmarried, or widowed male living by himself to the father of ten kids.

As mentioned, Walsh was, and is, one of the most common names in Ireland. As the above records show, there were already forty three Walsh heads of household in Ballinrobe Parish by 1783.

The Analecta Hibernica shows that there were at least six John Walshes in the parish by 1783. It also indicates that there were at least three Walsh families living in the areas that were associated with John Walsh and his clan in the mid 1800s. There is of course no way to know for sure if there was any direct connection between these Walsh families in 1783 and the family of John Walsh in the mid 1800s. It is possible that John Walsh was not even born in Ballinrobe. However, the records indicate fairly strong ties between John Walsh and his children and people living in the north west sections of the town of Ballinrobe. Since his wife, Fanny Feeny, did not seem to have any connections to that part of town, there is significant reason to suppose that John was the one with the connection to the locale and it is highly probable that he was born into one of the families already well settled in that neighborhood.


Possible Ancestors as Listed in The Tithe Applotment

The tithe applotment was a tax list made 44 years after the parish list of 1783 published in the Analecta Hibernica.

There were two Walshes listed in the 1827 tithe applotment in "Cahirnalecka" (Carrownalecka):

  1. David Walsh with 3 acres of land at 3 shillings (total 9 shillings) and 1 acres at 1 shilling (total 1 shilling. David Walsh's total tax was 10 shillings. This was one of the highest taxes paid in Carrownalecka in the tithe.
  2. Myles Walsh with 2 acres at 2 shillings, 3 pence (total 4 shillings, 6 pence) and 5 acres at 3 pence (total 1 shilling 3 pence). Myles total tax was 5 shillings, 9 pence.

The only listing in Knockanotish was C Kenny Esq.

I do not know why there are only two Walsh families listed in the northwest section of Ballinrobe 1827 versus five in 1783.


Possible Ancestors as Listed in The 1857 Griffith Valuation

The 1857 Griffith Valuation (another tax roll) listed six Walshes in Knockanotish and Carrownalecka.

There was one listing for Walsh in Knockanotish:

  1. John Walsh renting a house and yard on High Street from Cortney Kenny.

There were the following listings for Walsh in Carrownalecka:

  1. Nicholas Walsh as the landlord at three listings in the townland of Carrownalecka. These three listings included two parcels of land at 20 acres each and the "fever hospital". Nicholas Walsh was also either a tenent or landlord in several other areas of the parish. I have not established where he lived. None of the listings are for a house where he is the tenant.


    Given the unusual name, Nicholas, it is highly likely that Nicholas is related in some way to the Nicholas in the 1783 Analecta Hibernica.
  2. Nicholas Walsh with an office on Chapel Road, Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
  3. Nicholas Walsh as the landlord of three houses on Chapel Road Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
  4. Patrick Walsh with a house, yard and small garden on Chapel Road Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
  5. Honoria Walsh with a house and yard on Chapel Road Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
  6. Catherine Walsh with a house and yard on Chapel Road Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
  7. Martin Walsh with a forge on Chapel Road Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe.
Honoria and Catherine are most likely widows and may have had adult married children living with them.

It must be reiterated that there is no known relationship between John Walsh and any of the people listed in the Analecta Hibernica, the Tithe and the Griffith.


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