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The "Tithe" and "Griffith"

The Tithe Applotment was a tax evaluation made in Ireland in the 1820s and 1830s.

The Griffiths Valuation were tax lists made from the 1850s to the turn of the century.

Unfortunately, for the genealogy of Catholics in Ireland and for the more rural areas like County Mayo in particular, the only records that are available before the civil records started in 1864 are church baptismal and marriage records, which rarely predate the mid 1800s. Consequently, genealogist have turned other sourses like the Tithe and Griffith. Although they are not as detailed as censuses, they do give a glimpse of some families in the early to mid 1800s. In addition to giving the "address" of families in the parish, the Griffith is a good indication of the number of families in the parish with a given name and it show changes of "ownership" over a period of time.

The Tithe Applotment and Griffith Valuations are available on microfilm through LDS.

For general information about the tithe and Griffith Taxes go to Griffith Valuation, now or at the bottom of the page.

The Tithe Applotment was done in Shrule parish in 1825.

The tithe was done in Ballinrobe in 1827. There were no listings for Langan or Byrne in the Tithe in Ballinrobe.

The Griffith was done in Ballinrobe and Shrule parish between 1851 and 1910.

The Langans

The Tithe

There were no Langans in the Tithe Applotment in Ballinrobe in 1827 or in Shrule in 1825.

The name was listed in Cong Parish, which is south of Ballinrobe. I do not know, however, it the Langans in Cong were related to Mathias Langan and his family. The name does appear to have been more common in Cong Parish than in the other parishes in the area.

The Griffith

Neither Mathias Langan, senior, nor his wife, Margaret, appeared on the 1851 Griffith in either Ballinrobe or Shrule. This could mean:

  1. That Mathias was already deceased
  2. They were listed with another person as head of household
  3. They lived in a parish that I have not considered.

The only Langan listed in the Ballinrobe Griffith in 1851 was James Langan who does not appear to have any connections to the Mathias Langan branch.

Margaret Langan in the Griffith

Margaret Langan was listed in the "1867" Griffith ledger, at number 10 Creagh Road, Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe. The dates of this ledger appear to be 1865/66 to 1868. It contains a notation that the 1867 valuation was entered in "Blue". Unfortunately, the microfilm is in black and white so I don't know what was entered in "Blue". However, the entry for number 10 Creagh Road, Carrownalecka originally had a listing for Michael Meehan. The name was crossed out and Margaret Langan was entered. Since there is no known connection between the Meehan familiy and the Langans, it most likely means that Margaret moved from somewhere else to 10 Creagh Road circa 1867.

Pat Langan in the Griffith

In the Griffith ledger dated "1872-1880" Margaret's son, Patrick Langan, was listed at 10 Creagh Road.

In 1890 Patrick Langan was crossed out and Matthew Langan was entered. In 1892 Matthew Langan was crossed out and James Garry was entered.


  1. Pat Langan died in 1888.

  2. Mathias Langan emigrated to New York City in 1892.

Mathias Langan in the Griffith

In the "1872-1880" ledger in Ballinrobe, (Can't read name) was crossed out Mathew Langan was entered at number 27c Friar's Quarters, a house valued at 10 shillings. It would appear that Mathias and family moved to Friar's Quarters sometime late in the record keeping for that particular ledger. Mathew Langan was still listed at number 27c Friar's Quarters in the 1893 ledger. However, he was also listed at 10 Creagh Road and he had emigrated to the United States in 1892.


The Brynes

The Tithe

The tithe in Shrule in 1825 included six listings for the name Berne:

  1. Pat Byrne in Roscoff
  2. Pat Byrne Jr. Pat Jr.
  3. Michael Byrne in Rosduff
  4. David Byrne in Rosduff
  5. James Byrne in Roscoff
  6. James Bryne in Shrule Plots
There was no listing for Byrne in "Mocarrow" (Mochara).

The Byrnes in the Griffith

In 1851 "Nappy" Byrne was listed at number 2a Mochara with a house and a forth share in 64 acres of land. Since she was listed under her own name, her, husband, Michael Byrne must have died by 1851. Penelope Naughton Byrne died in 1877.

In the ledger which covers the years 1868 to 1880, Nappy Byrne was replaced by her son, Thomas Byrne, who was listed at 2a Mochara in the "1880-1890" ledger.He was still there in the 1911 census.


For general information about the tithe and Griffith taxes go to Griffith Valuation

Mathias Langan
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