A Survey of the Name Feerick in the Ballinrobe Records
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Attention! The following is a survey of Feericks in the town of Ballinrobe and the surrounding villages. It was done with the idea of getting a general view of the Feerick population in Ballinrobe and is not meant to be a definitive study of the Feericks in the parish. If you are using this information for your own genealogy please be sure and check the original records for accuracy.

If you do not have access to copies of the original records please feel free to contact me at maggi1@maggieblanck.com and I will be happy to provide a copy of the record or records in question.

The Name, Feerick, and the Origin of the Feericks in Ballinrobe

Edward MacLysaght in the Surnames of Ireland, says

(Mac)Feerick Mac Phiaraic (a derivative of Peter). This name is very closely identified with Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo. It originated as a branch of the Berminghams of Dunmore, Co. Galway
Local Ballinrobe historian, Birdy Mulloy in her history of Ballinrobe Itchy Feet & Thirsty Work says
Jim O'Mally is of the opinion that the Feerick family were among the earliest artisans in the growing and weaving of flax in this locality. The name is spelled Fyricke on tombstones in the old churchyard and it is believed they came from Wales. The originally settled in Kiltrone and branched out into the surrounding villages of Roxboro, Brownstone, Knockglass and eventually into Abbey Street, Ballinrobe, where Emmet and his brother John both operate very sucessful businesses.
Note: All of these villages are north of the town of Ballinrobe.

In November 2006 Peter Feerick wrote:

"The surname Feerick is not that common in Ireland - its very geographically specific to County Mayo, particularly to the town of Ballinrobe, and to a lesser extent to the town of Dunmore in Co Galway. It is this uniqueness that greatly assists family members wishing to trace relatives.

The name is believed to be derived from McPhiarais, which literally means "son of Piers" (often referred to as Peter) in Gaelic. "Mc" or "Mac" means "son of" - hence the number of Macs in Ireland and in other Gaelic countries like Scotland, but many family drop the "Mac" for use in English. In Gaelic, the name Feerick is Mac Phiaraic, or (NicPhiaraic) for the ladies.

The Piers/Peter referred to was Piers de Birmingham, who was an Anglo-Norman knight (from the ruling family of the city of Birmingham in England) who helped conquer Connacht (roughly western Ireland) for the Normans and was awarded the Barony of Athenry in County Galway. In the 1500/1600, the surnames became more specific. During the reformation, under the rule of Henry V111, there was increased pressure on Lords and Barons to convert to Protestantism.

Piers Birmingham refused, and his brother was awarded the Baron of Athenry in his place. Piers was forced to move from Athenry as Catholics were not allowed to own land and he brought his followers north, to the poorer agricultural land of North Galway/South Mayo in and around Lough Mask and what is now Ballinrobe. His followers dropped the Birmingham name, and became followers 'sons' of Piers - known in Gaelic as Mac Phiaraic. As with most Irish names, in English, the Mac is dropped, and therefore in English it became Phiaraic. Of course, the poorer Irish couldn't spell, so as with so many names and place names in Ireland, the English lords spelt it the way it sounded - 'Feerick'

As to why the name did not spread throughout Ireland is much to do with Ireland's recent history. In poor economic times, it made little sense to move from one part of Ireland to another, so as with very many families from the West of Ireland, members of the Feerick clan emigrated to the US and to Britain. It's only in the last 20 years or so that Feerick has appeared in other parts of the country, though many of course had emigrated from Mayo to Britain and to the US throughout the 1900s. I can recall in the early 1970s that according to the phone book, there were no Feericks living in Dublin, and only three families living outside of Ballinrobe. The situation has changed today, but its often that I meet people that have never heard of my surname, or ask me "What's the Ballinrobe connection?"

Peter Feerick is the grandson of Peter Feerick of Rocksborough listed in the 1911 census with his mother Catherine. See below.

The Records

The bulk of the following information on the Feericks was taken from the parish records, some civil records, the Griffith, and the censuses.


  1. The Parish records are very patchy for the first two years. The years 1856 to 1860 are missing.
  2. "Do" means "the same". For example: "Peter of John and Mary Feerick, Chapel St, Jno Gannon and Susan Do". "Do" = "Gannon"
  3. ----- and/or (?) means I cannot read the information for some reason such as: very bad hand writing, missing edges on the page, film too dark, film to light, etc.
  4. I did not add any new Feerick Families after 1874.
  5. Many times the maiden name of the wife was not listed in the parish baptismal records. Consequently, some children of women born Feerick may not be listed below.
  6. Female sponsors were sometimes listed under their maiden names and sometimes listed under their married names.

Birdie Mulloy in The Restoration of Ballinrobe Priory says that the gravestone inscriptions in the Abbey graveyard were recorded in June 1994 by the South Mayo Family Research fieldwork team. There were 18 Feerick burials with the first burial in 1777.

Feericks in the Town of Ballinrobe

Austin Feerick and Mary Faragher, High Street, Ballinrobe

Birth of Austin Feerick: Circa 1830 - father David, mother, Ellen [based on info from immigration to Australia]

Marriage: Austin Feerick and Mary Faragher
Witnesses: William Conry and Mary Burke
February 24, 1851

Birth of Mary Farragher: circa 1832, father, Thomas, mother, Ellen [based on info from immigration to Australia]
  1. Thomas of Austin and Mary "Fiaruck", Sp. Martin Mellet and Nel Sheridan, December 31, 1852, Hogst (High Street ?)
  2. Ellen circa 1855 [based on info from immigration to Australia]
  3. Ann circa 1857 [based on info from immigration to Australia]
  4. Honora circa 1859 [based on info from immigration to Australia]

Emigration: In November 2008 Nari Fairbanks of Nhulunbuy NT Australia wrote:

Hi, just wanted to update you with some information regarding my Ferricks Family history, finally received the immigration records from the NSW Record Office for Austin Ferricks in the mail today and can confirm that along with his wife Mary Farragher and three of their children they arrived in NSW Australia on the 14th December 1859. Below are the immigration record details.

Ship - Annie Wilson
Date of Sailing from Liverpool was 5th September 1859
Arrival in Sydney, NSW, Australia was 14th December 1859
Number of days on the Voyage was 100 days.
Family Name is spelt - FEERICKS

Austin, (aged 29 years) and Mary (aged 27 years) children who accompanied them on the voyage where:

  1. Ellen aged 4 1/2 years, born Ireland, Co Mayo
  2. Ann aged 2 years,born Ireland, Co Mayo
  3. Honora aged 8 months, born in Staffordshire, England

Austin's parents are recorded as Father - David and Mother - Ellen, both deceased

Mary's parents are recorded as Father - Thomas, deceased and Mother - Ellen

Ellen had at this stage already immigrated to Australia and living in Maryborough, Queensland, guessing Mary's mother Ellen would have been the sponsor for the family as Austin and Mary ended up living in Maryborough, Queensland.

Not sure when the family would have moved from County Mayo to England or how long they would have been there before immigrating to Australia, also found an Ann Farragher aboard the same ship, maybe Mary's sister??

Still looking into the children of Austin and Mary but looks like there where at least 15 all together including Thomas who died in Ireland, found a birth for a Hannah Feericks who was born 1859 in Staffordshire which is possibly that of Honora but will update you once I get the certificate to confirm.

Michael Feerick and Mary



Children: Hannorah July 1850

Marriage: John Cunningham Asley Falls, Ma. "The marriage took place only 6 weeks prior to my grandmother's birth apparently, and it may be that she was embarrased and so lied about her own great gramdparents, and where her parents married." Heather Burton July 2008

"I have from Hannorah's marriage certificate that her father Michael Ferrick was born in 1825" Hather Burton, July 2008


David Feerick and Bridget Gill, Ballinrobe

Birth: Circa 1817, based on his death record.

Marriage: Date unknown, Catherine Gill


  1. Ellen of David Feerick and Bridget (no last name), Ballinrobe Sp. Wl Feerick and Mary Gill, April 8, 1853
  2. Catherine of David Feerick and Bridget Gill, No sponsors listed, January 6, 1856
  3. Jane of David Feerick and Bridget Feerick, Sp. Frank C--- and Elenor Gill, (torn edge) August of September 1863

  4. Notes:
    • If David Feerick was born in 1817 it is likely that he had other children before 1853.
    • The records are missing 1856 to 1861. David and Bridget most likely had other children during that period.
Other possible children:
  1. Michael who replaced David at #3 High Street in the Griffith, see below.

Griffith: David Feerick was listed at #3 High Street in the Griffith from 1857. He was replaced by Michael Ferick (date).

Death: David Feerick, age 52, shoemaker of High Street, died on December 17, 1869. I cannot read the cause of death. Death reported by Bridget Feerick "present at the death".

Michael Feerick and Margaret Walsh, High Street Ballinrobe

Birth: Possible son of David Feerick


Residence: High Street Ballinrobe

Marriage: Margaret Walsh, Unknown


  1. David Joseph of Michael (?) Feerick and Margt Walsh, Sp. Pat Walsh and Mary Feerick, Nov (?) 29, 1874
  2. Martin Ferrick (1875-1928) and Delia ___, died in New York City
    Birth: Martin of Michael and Margaret Feerick, High Street, Ballinrobe, Sp. Martin and Kate Walsh, October 17, 1875
    Immigration: Aug 29, 1901, Queenstown to NYC Martin Feerick age 26 clerk, Ballinrobe, to cousin, uncle M Walsh 59 E 106 Street New York
    Marriage: Delia ___ NYC marriage Feb 6, 1910 Manhattan #7917
    1910 US Census: 150th Street Martin J Feerick age 34, married 2 months, imm 1901 clerk store Delia wife age 32, 0 children imm 1900, Walsh Martin uncle widow imm 1883, horse shoer
    WWIDR 1918 Martin Feerick 205 E 124th street, Born October 14, 1875 Ireland, floor manager Edw. Callen 121 St and 3rd Ave, wife, Delia Feerick can't read, med hight, med build, brown , grey
    1920 US Census: E 124 Street, J Martin Feerick age 44, imm 1901 Ireland buyer dept. store, Delia wife, age 41, born Ireland Margaret daughter age 7, Martin son age 4 both born NY
    1921 passage: November 29, from Londonderry to NY, Martin J Feerick age 46 married Us Citizen US Supreme court of NYC 28 Nov 1919 to 206 # 124the Street NY
    Death; age 53 Sept 11, 1928 #7079 Bronx
    1930: 124th Street, Manhattan, Delia Feerick, age 52 widow, no occupation, Margaret daughter age 17, Martin son age 15
  3. Michael (can't read) of Michael and Margaret Feerick, P. W. Henelly and Catherine Walsh, October 3, 1876, Town
  4. Mary Kate of Michael and Margaret Feerick, Michael Feerick and Bridget Walsh, July (day ?), 1879, No place
    Civil Record: Mary Kate of Michael Feerick of High Street, boot maker and Margaret Walsh 14 July 1879 (Births 1879)

Note: It is possible given that he named a son, David, an uncommon name, that Michael Feerick was the son of David Feerick, see above.

John and Mary Feerick, Chapel St, Ballinrobe

  1. Peter of John and Mary Feerick, Chapel St, Jno Gannon and Susan Do (Gannon), June 15, 1852

William Feerick and Mary, Ballinrobe

  1. Thomas of Wl Feerick and Mary MacMartin (?), Sp: John Heneley and Bridget, January 27, 1851, Ballinrobe

John Feerick and Bridget (Biddy) Langan, Town of Ballinrobe

Occupation: Labourer

Marriage: Bridget Langan, date and place unknown. Bridget Langan Feerick was the daughter of Mathias and Margaret Langan and the sister of Pat Langan and Mathias Langan, Jr.


  1. Stephen of John Feerick and Bridget, Sp. Michael Walsh and Sarah Thompson, August 24, 1861
    1. The name Stephen was not common in Ballinrobe. Although Bridget Langan's name was not listed on the record, it is possible that she was the mother of Stephen. If this was the son of John Feerick and Bridget Langan he must have died as another Stephen was baptized in 1863.
    2. The sponsors for Stephen do not appear again in relation to the children of John Feerick and Bridget Langan.
  2. Stephen Feerick, of John Feerick and Bridget Langan, Sp. Thomas Faracher and Mary Hession, alias Mrs. Haveran, June 29, 1863
    Further Records: Nothing on Ancestry
  3. John Feerick
    Baptism: John Feerick, of John Feerick and Bridget Langan, Sp. Pat Langan and Mary Carroll, July 15, 1865
    Civil Record: John Feerick born August 8, 1865. John senior was listed as a labourer. The address was simply Ballinrobe.
    Death: John Feerick, age 1/2 year, laborer's child, died on August 10, 1865 of convulsions, 2 days. The death was reported by Biddy Feerick.
  4. Bridget Feerick, of John Feerick and Bridget Langan, Sp. John Mally and Mrs. Malley, July 26, 1866
    Note: This birth was listed in the civil records. No additional information
  5. James Feerick
    James of John Feerick and Bridget Langan, B'Robe sp. Mathias Langan and Kitty Feerick, August 26, 1869
    Death: According to the South Mayo Family Research Centre, James Feerick died November 30, 1874
  6. Margaret of John Feerick and Bridget do, High Street, Brewery, Sp. M Langan and Margt Feerick, August 16, 1870
    1. Margaret was also known as Maggie.
    2. She reported the death of her uncle, Pat Langan, in 1888.
    3. M Langan has to have been the male sponsor and was most likely Bridget's brother, Mathias Langan. However, it could have been Michael Langan who also lived in Ballinrobe
    4. Margaret was listed with her mother in the 1901 census in Ballinrobe. See below.
  7. Catherine Feerick
    Catherine of John Feerick and Bridget a Langan Sp. Pat Langan and Cath. Duffy May 30(?), 1872
    Death: Catherine must have died as another Catherine was born in 1873
  8. Catherine of John Feerick and Bridget a Langan, Sp. Pat Stanton (?) and Catherine Do (Stanton?), October 28, 1873
    Note: According to the South Mayo Family Research Centre, the civil record gave January 6, 1874 as the date of birth.
  9. John Feerick, of John Feerick and Bridget Langan, Sp. Pat Langan and Bridget Tarpey, July 20, 1876
    Note: Bridget Tarpey was a sponsor with Mathias Langan of Sara, the daughter of Thomas Farragher and Margaret Lawley (?), on October 27, 1885.
The Griffith: Circa 1858 John Feerick replaced Patrick Thompson at #20 Creagh Road in the Town of Ballinrobe. In 1890 the listing was changed to Bridget Feerick. I do not know where John Feerick was before that.

1901 Census:

Bridget Langan Feerick was listed in the 1901 Irish Census at dwelling # 23 Creagh Road, Ballinrobe:

  1. Bridget Feerick age 60, cannot read or write, widow, washwoman
  2. Margaret, daughter, age 28, cannot read or write, washwoman, single
  3. Mary Tongy (?), granddaughter, age 7, can read and write

    Notes: This information indicates that:

    1. Bridget Feerick was born circa 1841
    2. Margaret Feerick was born circa 1873. Margaret could have been the person baptized as "Catherine" or her age is just off in the census, a very common occurrence.
General comments on John Ferrick and Bridget Langan Feerick and their children:
  1. There are no male Feerick sponsors for any of the children of John Feerick and Bridget Langan Feerick.
  2. Of the male sponsors of the eight children who are definitely the children of Bridge Langan Feerick her brothers, Mathias Langan and Pat Langan , were sponsors 5 times; Pat three times and Mathias twice.

John Feerick and Cecilia Hynes (?), Town of Ballinrobe

Birth: Circa 1829 per tombstone inscription

Occupation: Publican

Residence: Abby Street, Ballinrobe

1881: Slater directory, Ferrick, John, Abby street, public house

Marriage: Cicely Hynes, Unknown

More on Cecelia Hynes Feerick: Born circa 1833 - died 1926 (per tombstone inscription)


  1. Patt of John Feerick and Sisly Hynes, Pat Feeney and Elinor --- (can't read), (edge torn), 1863
  2. Michael of John Feerick and Cecilia Hynes, sp. Pat Feerick and Rattagen?, January 1, 1865
  3. Anne of John Ferick and Sicily High----, Brobe, sp. John Hynes and Mary Feeney, January 25, 1867
    Civil record: Anne of John Feerick and Cecily Hynes publican Abby St Ballinrobe Feb 4, 1867 ( Birth vol 9 1867 LDS film #0101148)
  4. Margaret of John Ferick and Cicilia, Pat Gibbons and Mary Fenerly (?), July 24, 1868
    Civil record: Margaret of John Feerick publican Abby St Ballinrobe and Cicely Feerick October 7, 1869 (1869 births vol 9 LDS film #0101188)
    Death: Ireland, January 4, 1946 (per tombstone inscription)
    Break of four years
  5. Ellen of John Feerick and Cicelia Hynor (?), Sp. Laws (?) Rooper and Margt Feeney, May 24, 1873
  6. Bridget of John and Cecilia Feerick, Town, Sp. Michael Feerick and Mary Rooney, January 21, 1876
  7. John of John Feerick and Cecilia Hynes (?), Sp. Michael and Mary Feerick, April 2, 1879
    Death: Ireland, 3rd April 1907 (per tombstone inscription)

Information on this branch of the Feerick family from Bridie Mulloy's book:

Cicily Feerick owned a small bar and grocery next to the Market House in Ballinrobe in the late 1800s.

"This she used as a store both for her own goods and as an amenity for people who wished to leave in items such as flannel, knitwear and perishable goods overnight before the market. For this she charged a moderate fee. Cicily was a legend in her time, for the great compassion and generosity which she showed to people in need. No poor people were ever refused groceries if they couldn't afford to pay for them. She lent money if they were stuck for a special occasion such as a wedding or christening, all in the strictest confidence, and she paid the passage money for many emigrating to America."

" Despite this open-handedness, her business prospered. People appreciating a good deed at a crucial time made every possible effort to pay their debts and when they came into money they continued for years to patronize the shop and to encourage their friends to shop there also. The passage money too, trickled back aver the years and long after Cicily died, her grandson, David O'Connor, received money from people with Italian and German names that he had never heard of. These were local girls who had married in America and weren't sure because of postal delays if their repayments had ever reached Cicily. "

"After her death, her daughter Maggie took over the shop"

January 2007, I was going though some old photos and realized that I had a photo of the tombstone of John and Cecilia Feerick from our trip to Ballinrobe in 2004.



Michael and Mary Mullen Feerick, Cahernablauhy and/or Town of Ballinrobe

Birth of Michael Feerick: Cahernablauhy, Ireland. (Jim Gillen, Jan 2006)

Marriage: Mary Mullen born c. 1820 (Jim Gillen, Jan 2006) Date and place unknown.


    Note: There is a 28 year span from the first known birth to the last known birth. It was possible in the Ireland of the time that all of these births were from one set of parents. Marriage occurred for woman at a very young age and fertility was relatively high even in later years of age. There are numerous examples of women having children well into their forties. However, it must be considered that there were two sets of Michael and Mary Ferricks.

  1. Pat of Michl and Mary Feerick, Jas (or Jos) and Libby Faracher, May 28, 1851

  2. Ellen (Nel) (1852-) married Pat Burke
    Baptism: Nel of Michael and Mary Feerick, Jas Fareher (?) and Biddy Burke (?), September 17, 1852
    Marriage: Ellen Feerick to Pat Burke July 21, 1872, Witnesses, James Moran and Mary Walsh
    Marriage information from Jim Gillen, 2006: PATRICK BURKE 1872 in Kilcommon Church, son of THOMAS BURKE. He was born Abt. 1841 in Ireland.
    1. MARY BURKE, b. Bef. 1878, Claremorris, Ireland; m. MARTIN FEERICK; b. Abt. 1891. Immigration of Mary Burke: 24 Mar 1913, Carmania from Queenstown to New York. Immigration of MARTIN FEERICK: Immigration: 24 Mar 1913, Carmania from Queenstown to New York (Information from Jim Gillen, 2006)
    2. Martin of Pat Burke and Ellen Feerick or Kilcommon -------, sponsors: ---- Feerick and Magt. Faly, October 29, 1874, (Ballinrobe Parish Records)
      Death: He must have died as another Martin was born circa 1893
    3. John, circa 1875*
      JOHN BURKE, b. 07 Mar 1878, Claremorris, Ireland; d. 04 Mar 1956; m. MARY HEWARD, 28 Jun 1904; b. 20 Jan 1872, Roose Holly, Montana; d. 1942. (Information from Jim Gillen, 2006)
    4. DELIA BURKE, b. 1879, Claremorris, Ireland; d. 1955; m. JOSEPH KING; b. 1879; d. 1927. JOSEPH KING: Residence: 22 Grand Ave, Louisville, KY (Jim gillen, 1006)
    5. MICHAEL BURKE, b. Abt. 1883, Claremorris, Ireland; d. Died as a child - date unknown. (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    6. Honor (Nora), circa 1884*
      NORA BURKE, b. Abt. 1888, Claremorris, Ireland; d. 17 May 1959, Louisville, Kentucky; m. FRANK KENNEY, Abt. 1908; b. Abt. 1887, Ireland. NORA BURKE: Immigration: 1905 Naturalization: Date unknown. FRANK KENNEY: Immigration: 1905 Naturalization: Date unknown Occupation: 1930, Laborer Residence: 1930, Owned home On Oregon Ave valued $6000 (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    7. ELLEN BURKE: Ellen (Nellie), circa 1891*
      In January 2003 I received an email from Patty from Louisville, Ky, who was interested in the Feericks in Ballinrobe. She provided the following information:
      1. Her great grandmother Ellen Feerick, the daughter of Michael and Mary Feerick, married Patrick Burke in Ballinrobe in 1872.
      2. The family home was French Grove (Frenchgrove), Hollymount, Ballinrobe.
      3. They were listed in the 1901 census Frenchgrove, Kilcommon: Burke Pat 55 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic, Burke Ellen 45 Female Wife Roman Catholic, Burke Mary 80 Female Visitor Roman Catholic, Burke John 26 Male Son Roman Catholic, Burke Martin 8 Male Son Roman Catholic, Burke Honor 17 Female Daughter Roman Catholic, Burke Ellen 10 Female Daughter Roman Catholic, Burke Katie 5 Female Daughter Roman Catholic.
      4. Nellie Feerick married Charles Langan and had, Charley, John and Martin. Charley had Bobby, Tommy and Charley.
      Note: The baptisms of John, Honor, Ellen, Martin, and Kate were not listed in the Ballinrobe Parish Records.
      ELLEN BURKE, b. Abt. 1891, Claremorris, Ireland; d. 16 Mar 1969; m. CHARLES LANGAN, Abt. 1916; b. Abt. 1891, Kentucky; d. 28 Oct 1962. More About ELLEN BURKE: Immigration: 21 May 1905, On Etruria en route to sister Nora Naturalization: Date unknown Residence: Bef. 1905, Claremorris, Ireland More About CHARLES LANGAN: Name 2: aka Nellie Langan Residence 1: 1930, 333 Harper Pl, Highland Park, NJ Residence 2: 1920, New Brunswick, NJ (Jim Gillen, 2006)
      Mor information from Anne Gillen, Feb 06: See picture of Nellie Burke Langan below. She had a bungalow in Normandy Beach, New Jersey in the summers. Aunt Nellie Langan and Uncle Charlie had three sons, all of whom are alive. Patty sees one of them who lives in Kentucky as she does. The other two live here in New Jersey.
    8. Martin, circa 1893*
      MARTIN J. BURKE, b. 06 Dec 1891, Claremorris, Ireland; d. 1970, Louisville, Kentucky; m. (1) MARGARET GARRY, 19 Jun 1918; b. Abt. 1892, Ireland; d. 1934; m. (2) MARY CRAWFORD, Aft. 1934. More About MARTIN J. BURKE: Immigration: 05 May 1909, On Board Caronia Naturalization: 10 Jul 1942 Occupation: 1930, Railroad Switchman Property: Owned house on Osage valued at $8000 in 1930 Residence 1: 1930, 2308 Osage Ave, Louisville, KY Residence 2: 1920, 1025 Ellison Ave, Louisville More About MARGARET GARRY: Immigration: 1912 Naturalization: Date unknown (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    9. Kate, circa 1896*
      KATHRYN BURKE, b. 1896, Claremorris, Ireland; m. JOHN O'BRIEN.
  3. Note: The information on John*, Honor*, Ellen*, Martin*, and Kate* was provided by Patty of Louisville, Ky, (see below), who said she got it from the 1901 census. Patty also made the connection of the marriage of Ellen Feerick, the daughter of Michael and Mary Feerick, to Pat Burke.

  4. Martin of Michael and Mary Feerick, Jas Farraher and Bridget Burke, --ember 20, 1855
  5. 6 year break

  6. Honor of Michael Feerick and Mary a Mullen, sp. Mary Feerick, no male sponsor listed, November 23, 1861. No place was listed.

  7. Anne/Nancy Feerick (1864-1932) and Michael Gillen
    Birth: Nancy of Michael Feerick and Mary Mullen, Chuna-------, (could be Cahernablauhy) Martin Walsh and Sisly Feerick (?), May 21, 1864.
    Immigration of Ann/Nancy Feerick: c. 1885 (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    Marriage: MICHAEL GILLEN Abt. 1884, son of JOHN GILLEN and BRIDGET GRANEY. He was born 10 Aug 1864 in Ireland, and died 14 Jul 1944 in Bronx, NY. (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    More About MICHAEL GILLEN: Burial: 17 Jul 1944, St Raymonds Cemetary Immigration: 1869 Occupation: 1900, Milk Dealer Residence 1: 1900, 323 E54th Street, NY Residence 2: 1920, 466 186 Street, Bronx, NY Residence 3: 1930, 3440 Delavall Ave, Bronx, NY (Jim Gillen, 2006)
    Information from Jim Gillen, 2006
    1. MARY AGNES GILLEN, b. 23 Jul 1885, New York; d. 16 Aug 1885, New York.
      More about Mary Agnes Gillen: Baptism: 24 Jul 1885, St Ignatius Loyola, Rev Joseph Desribes S.J. Birth Certificate: 23 Jul 1885, #432650 Manhattan Death Certificate: 16 Sep 1885, #538394 Manhattan
    2. THOMAS GILLEN, b. 10 Feb 1890, Bronx, New York; d. Mar 1970, Bronx, New York; m. THERESA, Abt. 1913; b. Abt. 1890.
      More About THOMAS GILLEN: Baptism: 23 Feb 1890, St Agnes Church NY,NY Occupation 1: 1920, Electrician Occupation 2: 1930, Mechanic Residence 1: 1920, 385 184th St, Bronx, NY Residence 2: 1930, 268 E 181st St, Bronx, NY Social Security Number: 057-09-0489 iii.
    3. JAMES J. GILLEN, b. 22 Apr 1891, Manhattan, NY; d. 15 Dec 1967, Bronx, NY; m. JENNIE RUZICKA, 25 Mar 1913, Hoboken, NJ; b. 06 Apr 1892, Manhattan, NY; d. 09 Dec 1974, Bronx, NY.
      More About JAMES J. GILLEN: Baptism: 10 May 1891, Church of St John the Evangelist Occupation 1: 1920, Chauffer Occupation 2: 1930, Chauffer Residence 1: 1920, 1016 1st Ave, NY Residence 2: 1930, 2732 Sexton Pl, Bronx, NY Social Security Number: 065-03-2493
    4. JOHN MICHAEL GILLEN, b. 24 Mar 1893, Manhattan, NY; d. 25 May 1953, Bronx, NY; m. MARY JOSEPHINE BUCKLEY, 14 Sep 1919, Our Savior Church, Bronx NY; b. 04 Aug 1891, Cork, Ireland; d. 06 Dec 1961, Bronx, NY.
      More About JOHN MICHAEL GILLEN: Baptism: 02 Apr 1893, St Agnes Church NY, NY Occupation: 1930, Tile Setter Residence: 1930, 2812 Sexton Pl, Bronx, NY Social Security Number: 056-14-0546 More About MARY JOSEPHINE BUCKLEY: Immigration: 31 Jul 1914, Adriatic from Queenstown Residence: 1914, Glenville, Ireland
    5. MARY ELIZABETH GILLEN, b. 29 Jun 1894, NYC; d. 28 Nov 1965, Bronx, New York; m. DANIEL O'BRIEN, 17 Mar 1918, Bronx, New York; b. 03 Nov 1889, Killavullen Mallow, Cork, Ireland; d. Jul 1971, Bronx, New York.
      More About MARY ELIZABETH GILLEN: Baptism: 08 Jul 1894, St Agnes Church NY, NY More About DANIEL O'BRIEN: Immigration: 23 Oct 1917, On Baltic from Queenstown Residence: Bef. 1917, Shumberhill, Killavullen, Cork, Ireland Social Security Number: 116-07-4395
    6. KATHERINE MARY GILLEN, b. 18 Oct 1895; d. 08 Feb 1987; m. THOMAS MANSFIELD, 20 Jun 1920, Our Savior, Bronx, NY; b. 14 Mar 1892; d. 29 Dec 1978.
      More About KATHERINE MARY GILLEN: Baptism: 10 Nov 1895, St Agnes Church NY, NY Social Security Number: 072-01-9400 More About THOMAS MANSFIELD: Immigration: 03 May 1913, On Cedric from Queenstown Residence: Bef. 1913, 14 Davis Rd, Clonmel, Ireland
    7. HELEN GILLEN (aka Nellie), b. 29 Apr 1897, Manhattan, NY; d. 13 Jul 1976, Bronx, New York; m. (1) WILLIAM SHERIDAN; m. (2) ALEXANDER A. LANGAN (brother of Charles Langan, the husband of Nellie Burke Langan, Anna Gillen, Feb 06) 1922, Louisville, KY; b. 25 Nov 1893, Louisville, KY; d. 30 Apr 1933, Bronx, New York.
      More from Anne Gillen, Feb. 06: Alex Langan died about April '33. They had 2 children Helen (who is actually known as Helen) and Richard, known as Dickie. Helen is still alive, Dickie passed away.
      More from Robert Langan, September 2009: Her first husband was Alexander A. Langan where they had Richard and Helen. (Richard being my father). Her second was William Sheridan. I only heard mean stories about him being the stepfather. Things like not talking at the dinner table or else! Nana died Helen Sheridan in the Bronx. Her address was 2059 McGraw Avenue. My Uncle Thom Gillen lived there with her until he died. I remember him yelling at politics on the tv. Used to chain smoke non-filter camel cigarettes and play solitaire a lot.
    8. ANNA AGNES GILLEN, b. 05 Jul 1900, Manhattan, New York; d. 28 Apr 1967, Bronx, NY; m. JAMES AUSTIN HURLEY, 06 Jun 1923, Our Savior Church, Bronx NY; b. 31 Jan 1899, Manhattan, New York; d. 08 Nov 1995, Bronx, NY.
      More About ANNA AGNES GILLEN: Burial: St Raymonds Cemetary Bronx, Section #14 Range #31 Grave #94 More About JAMES AUSTIN HURLEY: Burial: St Raymond's, Bronx Section #14 Range 31 Grave #94 Occupation: 1930, Carpenter Residence: 1930, 3440 Delavall Ave, Bronx, NY Social Security Number: 061-05-0703
    Death of Ann Feerick Gillen: Annie Feerick/Ferrick Morrisania City Hospital in the Bronx, NY. The address for Annie as her residence - 3442 DeLavalle Avenue, Bronx, NY is that of her daughter, Catherine. Cause of death is Bronchopneumonia and Cholecysistitis with Cholelithias. Annie is buried in St. Raymond's Cemetary , the Bronx
    Her parents:____________
    Other info:______________ How long in US etc.
    Note: They lived alongside of each other, Annie and Michael living in what we called "the shack". After Annie's death Michael continued to live there until he became ill himself and moved in with another daughter, Anna Hurley 1/06
    Death of Michael Gillen: Morrisania City Hospital in the Bronx, NY Buried at St. Raymonds.
    His parents:____________
    Other info:______________ How long in US etc.
    Grave: Michael Gillen, Annie Feerick Gillen, Bridget Feerick, (evidently a sister to Annie), Thomas Gillen and Theresa Gillen, son and daughter-in-law to Michael and Annie. Thomas was their eldest surviving child. Anna Hurley 1/06
    More on The Gillens
    Birth of John Gillen: Ireland before 1842, more likely 1833 or before. See Bridge Conney
    Marriage of John Gillen and Bridget Conny or Craney : Ireland before 1862
    Birth of Bridget Conny: Ireland circa 1833
    Children of John Gillen and Bridget Conny:
    1. Mary circa 1859, Ireland
      Immigration C 1870
      1910 Census:: 19th ward E 46th Street; Mary Gillen, head, age 50, single, immigrated 1870, no occupation, with three boarders.
    2. Bridget (Delia) circa 1860, Ireland
    3. Michael circa 1861. To Bridget Conny (Conmy) or Graney and John Gillen, Aug 10 1861 (Birth date from Naturalization papers)
      Marriage: Anne Feerick about 1884. See Anne (Nancy) Feerick above Naturalization of Michael Gillen: Common Pleas Court, New York County. Date of Naturalization, Oct. 23,1885 (Bundle No. 564-no page no. Copy of Record No. 153. Address of Naturalized Person: 238 East 45th St. N.Y. City; Occupation: Bartender; Birth date or age: Aug. 10,1861. Former Nationality: English There's a line thru the Port of Arrival in the U.S., not showing any. Date of Arrival; June, 1870. Name, address & Occupation of witnesses to Naturalization; James Brady-228 East 41st. NY City.
    Death of John Gillen: Ireland between 1862 and 1870
    Remarriage of Bridget to Patrick Gray: Ireland between 1862 and 1870
    1. Thomas circa 1874 died 1899, New York City, unmarried
    Naturalization of Patrick Grey:
    Death of Patrick Gray: NYC July 20, 1899
    Death of Bridget Gray: NYC Nov 20 1903
    Gillin in the Censues
    1870: No
    1880 Patrick Gray and Bridget: 354 Cherry St NYC Patrick Gray age 37, janitor, cannot read and write, Bridget wife age 40, cannot read and write, Mary daughter age 21, sewing, can read and write, Delia daughter age 20, domestic servant, Michael son age 19 at home, Thomas son age 6 at home. Everyone born Ireland except Thomas born New York. The adults cannot read and write and the children can. Ward 19 Manhattan June 14, 1880
    1890 New York Police census:
    1900 Bridget Gray: June 2,1900; Bridget Gray, "head"; married 31 years; immigrated 1868; In U.S. 32 years; read & write; birth date Feb.1833 she is 67 yrs old. Michael, son, can't read the month of birth, 1865, 15 yrs old; "at school"; can read & write. Note: Based on the age this must be "Thomas" who was born in New York. Mary Gillen; daughter; born, Dec. 1858 she is 41; single born in Ireland; immigrated 1870, in US 31 years lives at home can read & write.
    1900 Michael Gillen: June 9,1900. Boro of Manhattan, Enumeration District 651-doesn't show Ward #. Michael Gillen Head; Date of Birth; Aug. 1860; 39 yrs old; married 16 years Born in Ireland; Parents born in Ireland; Immigrated 1870, Here 30 yrs.; Naturalization: N/A ;Years in U.S. 20; Occ: Milk (?). Annie, Wife; Date of birth May 1864; 36 yrs old; # of children 9, 6 living; born in Ireland, Parents born in Ireland; Immigrated 1880; Thomas; son Date of birth Feb. 1890 10 yrs. old; Born in New York Parents born in Ireland; Attends school; Reads & Writes. James; Son; Date of Birth April 1891 9 yrs old; Born in New York Parents from Ireland; Attends school; John; Son; Date of Birth Mar.1853 7 yrs old; Born; New York; Parents born in Ireland; reads and writes; Mary; Daughter; Born June 1894; aged 5; born in NY reads & writes; Katherine; daughter; Date of Birth Oct. 1895; aged 4 same as above; Ellen (should be Helen); daughter; born April 1897; 3yrs old all info the same. One other daughter was born after this census taken; Anna born April , 1900 in Bronx. all other info the same.
    1910 Census Michael Gillen: 19 ward Manhattan East (can't read) Gillen Michael, age 48 immigrated "1886", porter RR, Annie, age 44 married 25 years 10 children 7 still living, immigrated 1886, Thomas, 20 porter apartment house, James, 18, electrician, John, 17, electrician, Mary, 15, Catherine ,14, Hellen, 12, Annette, 9
    1920 Census Michael Gillen: 186 the Street Bronx, Michael Gillen, head own with mortgage m age 58, immigrated 1869, na 1885, porter freight department, Ann wife, age 49, immigrated 1885, John son age 26, electrician electrical ??, Mary daughter in law age 28 immigrated 1914, Catherine daughter age 24, clerical work textile co, Helen daughter age 22, clerical file work publishing ??, Anna daughter age 19, printing publishing house
    1930 Census Michael Gillen: De Lavall Ave., Bronx, Gillen Michael, head own 500, radio age 68, age at marriage 22, immigrated 1870 na, occupation none, Anna wife age 65, age at marriage 19, immigrated 1883, na, occupation none
    Thanks: To John Gillen and Anne Gillen, January/February 2006 for information on the Gillens.

    12 Year Break

  8. Michael of Michael and Mary Feerick, Town, Sp: P. W. Hendly and Catherine Walsh, October 3, 1876
  9. Mary Kate of Michael and Mary Feerick, Sp. Michael Feerick and Bridget Walsh, July 6, 1879

Tombstone of Patrick Gray, Bridget Conny Gray and Their Son, Thomas Gray

DIED JULY 20, 1899
DEID FEB 19, 1899
DIED NOV 20, 1903

Ferricks in Knocknakillew

John Feerick and Bridget Moran, Knocknakillew

Marriage: John Feerick to Bridget Moran, w. John Duffy and Bridget Walsh, February 13, 1851


  1. Jno (John) of Jno (John) and Biddy Fiaruck, Cnuchakelia (Knocknakillew), Thomas Do (Feerick) and Honor Do Moran (?), May 12 (?), 1852
  2. William of John Feerick and Bridget ----- was baptized on February 14, 1853, sponsors were Pat Con-y and Am-Con-y. No place.
Note: The records are missing between 1857 and 1861

Martin Feerick and Mary Cancannon, Knocknakillew

Brith: Circa 1842, according to the 1911 census.

Marriage: 1864, according to the 1911 census, Mary Cancannon


  1. James of Martin Feerick and Mary Canconnon, Cnacknacullo-, sp. James Feerick and Bridget Cancannon, Forgot to enter date.
  2. Honor of Martin Feerick and Mary "Cancannon", Cnacknacullew, Sp. Margaret "Cancanon" and Thos Cancannon, November 30, 1865
  3. Mary of Martin Feerach and Mary Conconnon, Knocnacullo, Bridget Feeney and Pat Cannon, February 3, 1868
  4. Margt of Martin Feerick and Mary a C---- (can't read), Sp. Pat Cac-non and Margt Do, October 10, 1872
  5. Bridget of Martin and Mary Feerick, Knocknakillew, Sp. Pat Corrcanon (?) and Honor Feerick, February 6, 1876
  6. Patrick Feerick (1878-)
    Birth: Pat of Martin and Mary Feerick Knocknakillew, Sp. William Moran and Julia Moran, April 7, 1878
    Immigration to NYC: October 4, 1905 from Queenstown, wrong image comes up on Ancestry, listed as age 26 from Ballinrobe on passenger record.
    WWIDR: Patrick Feerick, 139 W 132nd Street, born Ireland April 7, 1878, motorman, wife, Agnes Feerick, tall medium build brown eyes and -- hair
    WWII DR: Patrick Feerick, 270 Fort Washinton Ave, New York age 64, Born April 7, 1878, Ballinrobe, Ireland Agnes Feerick, employer Em O'Conner Omnibus Co. 650 W 132nd Street
    1920 Census: 108th Street Patrick, head age 39, motorman street RR Agnes wife age 33, Martin J son, age 7, Elizabeth A age 3+ Florence daughter age 3+
  7. Catherine of Martin and Mary Feerick, Sp. Ma-Toole and Honor Feerick (?), February 1, 1880
  8. Thomas 1883 per 1911 census

1911 Census: Martin Ferrick and family were listed in the census in Knocknakillow as follows:

  1. Martin, head, cannot read, age 69, farmer, Irish/English speaker.
  2. Mary, age 68, cannot read, married 47 years, 8 children, 7 still living.
  3. Catherine, age 30, read and write
  4. Thomas, age 28, read and write
All family members were Roman Catholic, born in Mayo, and Irish/English speakers.
Margaret Feerick and John Walsh, Knocknakillow, farmer

  1. William of John Walsh and Margaret Feerick, Sp. Martin Feerick and Margaret Feerick, September 19, 1861
  2. James of John Walsh and Mary Feerick, sp. Pat Walsh and Bridget Feeny, February, 8, 1864, No place
  3. Peter of John Walsh and Margaret do alias Feeruck, sp. James Feerick and Mary Size, January 24, 1866
    Civil record: Peter of John Walsh farmer, Knocknakillow, Bllinrobe, and Margaret Feerick Feb 16, 1866

John Feerick born circa 1867 in Knocknakillow in the 1911 Census

John Feerick and his sister, Bridget, were listed in the 1911 Census in Knocknakillow as follows:

  1. John Feerick, head, RC, cannot read, age 44, farmer, single, born Mayo, Irish/English speaker
  2. Bridget, sister, RC, cannot read, age 40, farmer, single, born Mayo, Irish/English speaker
James Feerick born circa 1851 in Knocknakillow in the 1911 Census

James Feerick was listed in the 1911 census in Knocknakillew as follows:

  1. James, head, cannot read, age 60, farmer, married, born in Mayo, Irish/English speaker
  2. Honor, wife, age 51, cannot read, married 39 years, 9 children, still living, born Mayo, Irish/English speaker.
  3. Pat, son, read and write, single, no occupation
  4. Mary, daughter, read and write, age 25, single
  5. John, son, read and write, age 18, single
  6. Maggie, daughter, age 10, cannot read
All the children of James and Honor were listed as born in Mayo and Irish/English speakers.

Feericks in Knockglass

Michael and Ellen Feerick, Knockglass

Marriage: Unknown


  1. Bridget of Michl and Ellen Feerick, Cnucgloss (?), Pat Walsh and Peggy O'Mally, April 9, 1851

Feericks in Rocksborough

  1. Peter Feerick and Cate Roger, Rocksborough

    Marriage: Unknown


    1. Michael of Peter and Cate Feerick, Jas Feerick and Biddy Gibbs (?), (month ?), 10, 1851
    2. Mary of Peter and Citi Fearuck, "Roxbg", J-s and Mary Rogers (?), July "24th or 10th", 1853
    3. Jas of Peter and Catherine Feerick, Patt Rogers, no female sponsor, January 25, 1856
    4. Catherine of Peter Feerick and Cath do or Roger, James Feerick and Mary Rooney, April 3, 1867, no place

  2. Peter Feerick and Mary Flemming (?), Rocksborough

    Marriage: Unknown


    1. Peter of Peter and Mary Feerick, "Roxbg", Jas Toole and Peggy Feerick, July ( or Sept?) (?), 1852
    2. John of Peter Feerick and Mary Flenn-y (?), David Feerick and Bridget Feerick, June 24, 1853
    3. Catherine (twin)
    4. and Honor (twin) of Peter Feerick and Mary Flemming (?), Patt Feerick and Mary, Patt Flemming (?) and Honor Felbot (?), April 16, 1855

    Peter and "Marie" Feerick, no place


    1. Pat of Peter Feerick rest of record too faded to read except that one of the sponsors was Elinor Gibbons, November 17 (?), 1861
    2. John of Peter and Marie Ferick (sic), Sp. Martin Size (?) and Ann Feerick, May 30 (?), 1872

  3. Bridget Feerick and John Flemming, Rocksborough

    Marriage: Unknown


    1. Margaret of John Flemming and Bridget Feerock, Rocksborough sp. Mary Flemming and John Flemming June 28, 1863
    2. Bridget of John Flemming and Bridget alias Feerick, Thomas Flemming and Mary Hession, November 1, 1865
    3. John of John Fleming and Bridget Feerick, "Carroocluchar", James Flemming and Peggy Feerick, October 23, 1868
    4. Can't read too dark of John Flemming and Bridget Feerick, Ned (?) Flemming and Anne (?) Corcuran (?), February too dark 1870, Roxborough
    5. Peter of John Flemming and Bridget Feerick, Sp. John Fleming and Bridget O'Brien, July 6, 1872

Feericks in Roxborough in the 1911 Census

Catherine Feerick and family

  1. Catherine Feerick, head, age 38, widow, RC, farmer's widow, born in Mayo, Irish/English speaker
  2. Peter, son, age 17, farmer's son, single*
  3. Mary, age 15, farmer's daughter
  4. Kate, age 14, scholar
  5. Michael, age 12, scholar
  6. Bridget, age 11, scholar
  7. Ellie, age 8
  8. Honora, age 7
  9. Margaret, age 2

* In November 2006 Peter Feerick wrote:

"My grandfather married Annie Feeney, and they had eight children. My father Thomas was one of them. He emigrated to New York in the early 1950s, met a woman from Ballinrobe there! - and moved back to Ireland in 1970. We live in Galway now, but my uncle - also named Peter (not a great imagination when it comes to names in the our family) lives in Rocksborough. Not only does he have a son Peter, but my cousin also has a son, - called Peter! However, there is a strong historical link for the name Peter in the family."
See Peter's lovely explanation of the Ferrick name above.

In February 2011 Peter Feerick wrote:

Catherine Feerick was a widow. Her husband John Feerick died in 1908. In very difficult times, she reared her family in Rockboroughs with her oldest son Peter taking over the role of head of the house after his father's death. He subsequently married Ann Feeney and reared his family at the same house in Rocksborough. Catherine is buried with her husband John in the old graveyard in Ballinrobe. The gravestone is difficult to read, its located close to the old ruined church - it stands alone with no kerbing. Catherine died in 1938. Also buried in the grave is a child Mary Kate, a daughter of Peter. She died in 1936.

Feericks in Cloonliffen

Patrick Feerick and Bridget Madden, Cloonliffen

Marriage: Unknown


  1. Anne of Pat Feerick and Bridget Madden, Cloonliffen, Sp. Marget Madden and John Hern, July 1 (?), 1862
  2. Ellen of Pat Feerick and Bridget Madden, John and Catherine Hearn, September 26, 1865, No place
  3. John of Pat Feerick and Bridget Madden, Can't read sponsors, page too dark, may be Ande (?) and Mary, September 5, 1868
  4. Thos of Pat Feerick and Bridget Do or Madden, John Walsh and Bridget Feerick, April 2, 1871 No place
  5. Patrick of Patrick Feerick and Bridget Feerick, Cloonleffen, Sp. John Cusack and Anne Feerick, Dec 9, 1875

Michael Feerick and Bridget McTight, Cloonliffin (East of the town of Ballinrobe)

  1. Mary of Michael Feerick and Bridget do alias McTight, Sp. Thomas Walsh and Libby McTight, July 16, 1863

In June 2016 Mary Alexander shared the baptismal record of Mary Ferrick which contained the following info.
Name: Mary Feerick
Address: Cloonliffin
Gender - Female
Father: Michael Feerick
Mother: Bridget McTigue
Date: 16 July 1863
Sponsors: Thomas Walsh and Sibby McTigue

Mary Alexander also share the following info and family group record:

"Mary Feerick's mother, Bridget McTigue, remarried on 3 Mar 1876. She married John Curran, widower, of Cahernagry. According to the civil record of their marriage, she was 51 and he was only 34 but she outlived him. On the 1901 census, she is shown as Bridget Curreen, head of family, in Cloonliffen. Living with her were Thomas Glynn, Mary Feerick Glynn, Peter Glynn who was Thomas Glynn's son from a previous marriage to Ellen Joyce and Mary Feerick's two oldest children. In 1911, Bridget McTigue is shown living alone in Cloonliffen as Bridget Feerick. She seems to have reverted to her first married name for reasons best known to herself. Thomas Glynn & Mary Feerick and family are shown in Rahard in 1911.
Family Group Record

Husband Thomas Glynn Born Abt 1854 Co. Mayo, Ireland
Married 6 Dec 1898 Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Husband's father John Glynn Husband's mother Wife Mary Feerick Born Jul 1863 Cloonliffen, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Christened 16 Jul 1863 Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Died 27 Feb 1954 Buried Ballinrobe New Graveyard, Co. Mayo, Ireland Wife's father Michael Feerick Wife's mother Bridget McTigue


  1. James Glynn M Born Apr 1899 Rahard, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Christened 11 Apr 1899 Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Died 8 Jan 1976 Buried Ballinrobe New Graveyard, Co. Mayo, Ireland
  2. Bridget Glynn F Born Jun 1900 Rahard, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Christened 3 Jun 1900 Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland

  3. Margaret Glynn F Born Abt 1904 Rahard, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland Died 8 Sep 1952 Buried Ballinrobe New Graveyard, Co. Mayo, Ireland

  4. William Glynn M Born Abt 1907 Rahard, Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    William Glynn He probably married a Mary Ellen and died 31 Aug 1984. His wife probably died 27 May 2000. See Ballinrobe new Graveyard Plot No. 175 Section C Buried Here: Mary E. Glynn from Saleen died May 2000 aged 81 William Glynn from Saleen died August 1984 aged 75 Sources

    1. www.rootsireland.ie. Witnesses: John Hogan & Margaret Killeen Citation 2, the church marriage record, shows the marriage date as precisely one year earlier.
    2. www.rootsireland.ie. Citation 1, the civil marriage record, shows the marriage date as precisely one year later. Citation 3, the civil registration index, suggests that the later date is correct.
    3. Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958.
    4. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1901.
    5. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe,Rahard; 1911
    6. www.rootsireland.ie. Godparents: Thomas Walsh & Sibby McTigue.
    7. Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958.
    8. www.irishgraveyards.ie.
    9. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1901. The surname shown is her 2nd married name. Peter Glynn was her step-grandson. James Glynn was her grandson. Bridget Glynn was her granddaughter.
    10. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1911
    11. www.rootsireland.ie. The birth date shown 20 July 1899 is after the baptism date.
    12. www.rootsireland.ie. Godparents: Peter Glynn & Maria Jennings.
    13. www.irishgraveyards.ie.
    14. www.irishgraveyards.ie.
    15. www.rootsireland.ie. The birth date shown 16 Aug 1900 is after the baptism date.
    16. www.rootsireland.ie. Godparents: Michael Glynn & Margaret Hennelly.
    17. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe,Rahard; 1911
    18. Her age is shown as 6.
    19. Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958.
    20. www.irishgraveyards.ie. The gravestone shows her age at death as 38 but she would have been about 48.
    21. www.irishgraveyards.ie.
    22. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe,Rahard; 1911
    23. His age is shown as 3.
Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe,Rahard; 1911

Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1901.

Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958.

Citation 3, the civil registration index, suggests that the later date is correct. Citation 1, the civil marriage record, shows the marriage date as precisely one year later. www.rootsireland.ie.

Citation 2, the church marriage record, shows the marriage date as precisely one year earlier. Witnesses: John Hogan & Margaret Killeen www.rootsireland.ie.


Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1845-1958.

Godparents: Thomas Walsh & Sibby McTigue. www.rootsireland.ie.

Her age at the time of her 2nd marriage in Mar 1876 was given as 51. www.rootsireland.ie.

Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1911

James Glynn was her grandson. Bridget Glynn was her granddaughter. Peter Glynn was her step-grandson. The surname shown is her 2nd married name. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Ballinrobe, Cloonliffen; 1901.

Witnesses: Denis Daly & Ellen Rush. www.rootsireland.ie.

Sources She is shown under her 2nd married name on the 1901 census but under her 1st in 1911. Bridget McTigue WIFE His widow, Bridget McTigue, remarried on 3 Mar 1876. Death not found on rootsireland.ie or on FamilySearch. Michael Feerick

Ferricks in Cong

Note: Cong was a village about 11 miles south and was not in the parish of Ballinrobe, but in the parish of Cong.

John Feerick and City Broderick, Cong

  1. William of John Feerick and City Broderick, Can't read, Cong, February 14, 1853

Feericks in Frenchgrove

In October 2014 Mary Feerick Chapman wrote that her family of Feericks were from Frenchgrove, Hollymount. John Feerick was married to Bridget Higgins. I believe John's father was Thomas Feerick married to Winifred Kelly. I believe Bridget's father was Myles Higgins. My grandfather was Bryan Alphonsus Feerick (15 in 1901) emigrated in 1907 and settled in San Francisco and married Frances Julia Hurley. They had three children, Bryan Alphonsus Feerick, Jr, John Charles Feerick and Marilyn Feerick.

Frenchgrove is in the parish of Kilcommon, the barony of Kilmaine, County Mayo.

1901: Feerick Myles Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 7 M, son,
Feerick Patrick Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 25 M, farmer, son,
Feerick John Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 10 M, son,
Feerick Bryan Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 15 M, son,
Feerick Maggie Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 24 F, daughter,
Feerick Bridget Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 19 F, daughter,
Feerick Kate Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 17 F, daughter,
Feerick John Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 60 M, head of family, married farmer,
Feerick Bridget Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 48 F, wife, married,
Feerick Annie Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 14 F, daughter,
Feerick Thomas Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 22 M, son,

1911: Feerick Bridget Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 65 F wife,
Feerick John Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 21 M
Feerick Myles Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 19 M
Feerick John Frenchgrove Kilcommon Mayo 73 M, head of family

Feerick, John born circa 1924 Frenchgrove, Hollymount Co. Mayor

FEERICK-John J. at the age of 84 on January 13, 2008 after a long illness. Native of Frenchgrove, Hollymount, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Loving husband of Kathleen (nee McCormack) for 53 years. Beloved father of Mary Anne Pople (late Jerry), Joan Moss (Mark) and John Feerick (Tracy). Cherished grandfather of Jackie, Carly, Jake, Billy and Marilyn. Dear brother of Kathleen O'Grady, Jimmy Feerick and the late May, Patrick, Peggy, Bridie and Sr. Anne Marita. A member of AOH (Div. 3), Teamsters Union, Roscommon Society and GAA Mayo Football Club (goalie). Reposing, Tuesday, 7-9 P.M. and Wednesday, 2-4 & 7-9 P.M. at RIVERDALE-ON-HUDSON FUNERAL HOME, 6110 Riverdale Ave., Bronx. Mass of Christian Burial, Thursday, 9:45 A.M. at St. Margaret of Cortona Church. Interment, Gate of Heaven Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations to Rosary Hill Home, 600 Linda Ave., Hawthorne, New York 10532 would be greatly appreciated.

No Residence Listed

James and Biddy Feerick, no place

  1. John of James Feerick and Bidy Feerick, Patt Jennings (?) and Ann (?) Feerick, Dec (?) 1853 (?)

Patt and Ann Feerick, no place

  1. Ellen of Patt Feerock and Ann Feeny (? record is very dark), Sp. Peter Toole and Ann Toole, May 28, 1853

    Note: Jas Toole was a sponsor for a child of Peter and Mary Feerick of Roxborough.

Pat Feerick and Ellen, no place

  1. Pat of Pat Feerick and Ellen, Pat Maly and Bridget Maly, (month) 26, 1853

Phillip Feerick and Mary Cunningham, no place

  1. Bridget of Phillip Feerick and Mary Cunningham, John Cunningham and Mrs Cunningham, October 4, 1854
    Note: The records are missing 1856 to 1861

James Feerick and Mary Walsh, no place

Marriage: James Feerick married Mary Walsh, February 8, 1864, Neale, (Information from the IGI)


  1. John of Jas Feerick and Mary Do a Walsh, Sp. Pat Feeney and Mary Feeny, May 21, 1861
  2. Mary of James Feerack and Mary Walsh, sp. James Feerick and Mary Feeney, August 5, 1863
  3. Mary of James Feerick and Mary Walsh, October 1, 1864, Cong (Information from the IGI)
  4. Bridget of James Feerick and Mary do alias Walsh, sp. Pat Eaters and Bridget Feeney, January 23, 1866

James and Honor Feerick, no place

  1. Patrick of James and Honor Feerick, Sp. John Feeney and Mary Feerick (?), February 1, 1880

John Feerick and Margaret Feerick, no place

  1. Pat of John and Margaret Feerick, Sp. Michael and Margaret Feerick, July 11, 1880

The Feerick Women

Ann Feerick and Thomas Mannion, no place

Marriage: Unknown


  1. Mary of Thomas Mannan (?) and Ann Feerick, Sp. John Ferick and Anne Foley, Forgot to enter date
  2. John of Michael (?) Mannion and Ann do a Feerick, John Burke and Mary Burke, December 31, 1867
  3. Patrick of Thomas Mannion carpenter Creagh Road Ballinrobe, and Anne Feerick January 10 1870 (Civil births vol 4 1870 LDS film #0101198)
  4. Thomas of Thomas Mannion and Anne Feerick, John Feerick and Honor Mea, June 5, 1871
  5. Mary of Thos Mannion and Anne Feerick, John Feerick and Anne Foley, April 1, 1874 No place
  6. James of Thomas Mannion and Ann Feerick, Sp. Pat Mannion and Mary Coury*, March 8, 1876
  7. Margt of Thos Mannion and Ann Ferick, Sp. John Feerick and Bridget Donlon, February 21, 1877
  8. Michael of Thomas Manyan and Anne Feerick, John ( can't read may be Feerick) and Margaret Feely (?), August 29, 1880 No place

*Email August 2005 from Julie Robinson:


Martin was transported from Co. Galway in 1850 on a ship named "London". He arrived safely in Van Diemen"s Land. His crime was to have stolen a cow from Patrick Mullens of Galway and also to have earlier stolen some barley. I am transcribing the names of the convicts aboard this vessel and Martin is not related to me, but I was struck by the singularity of his surname. I have never yet come across this name anywhere let alone in Ireland.

Martin was 17/18 yrs of age when he was tried in June, 1849. When the ship arrived in port, her Surgeon Superintendant made the prescribed list of those landing and had some brief words with the lad. It seems he had two brothers, Peter and Michael, and two sisters, Mary and Ann.

Note: Patrick Coury was listed in Carrownalecka, Ballinrobe Patish in the first Griffith. No listing for the name in Shrule or Cong parishes in the first Griffith. LDS shows the name in Galawy, Mayo and Roscommon in the 1870s.

Bridget Feerick and Peter Marr--, no place

  1. Peter, of Peter Marr---and Bridget Feerick, Sp Pat Gamore and Ellen Feerick, January 27, 1875
  2. Michael, of same marr. Sp Pat and Ellen Feerick January 27, 1875

Bridget Feerick and Thomas Flannelly, Knocknakillew

Marriage: homas Flannelly Unknown date and place (brother of William per James R Flannery January 2013)


  1. Bridget of Thomas Flanly and Bridget Feerick, Cnucknaculloo, sp. James Loftus and Mary Feerick, April 27, 1866 or 67
  2. Honor of Thos Flannelly and Bridget Feerick, Pat Flannelly and Flannelly (no first name listed), March 25, 1869, No place
  3. Anne of Thos Flannelly and Bridget Feerick, "Crnaknakillew", Pat Feerick and Mary Feerick, April 6, 1871
  4. Pat of Thomas Flannelly (?) and Bridget Feerick, Sp. Wm Flannelly (?) and Bridget Duffy, October 9, 1874

"Thomas and Bridget Flannelly had 7 children John b1865, Bridget b1867, Honor b1869, Anne b1871, Patrick b1874, Catherine b1876, Thomas b1877. They were all baptised in Ballinrobe and some had their Uncle William Flannelly listed as their Sponsor." James R. Flannery, January 2013

Honor Feerick and William Flannelly

Marriage: Unknown date and place, William Flannelly (brother of Thomas per James R Flannery January 2013)


  1. Pat of Wm Flannelly and Honor Feerick, Sp Bridget Feerick and John Flannelly, February 26, 1875

"William and Honor Flannelly had two Daughters Mary b1887 and Annie b1891." James R. Flannery, January 2013

Margaret Feerock and James Philben

  1. Thomas of James Philben and Margaret Feerock, ---- Kelly and Sibby Feerick, May 28, 1862

Cicelia Feerick and Michael Philben, no place

  1. ___ of Cicelia Feerick and Michael Philben, Sp. Thomas Walsh and Kitty Walsh, August 6, 1864

Sabina Feerick and Michael Philben, "Baletocher" (?)

  1. Mark of Siby Feerick and Michael Philben, Sp. Thomas Walsh and Kitty Walsh, August 6, 1864 No place
  2. Thomas of Michael Philben and Siby (?) Feerick, John Mea and Elinor Feerick, July 31, 1866
  3. Michael of Michael Philben and Sibby Feerick, Margaret Philben, no male sponsor, October 9, 186?
  4. Thomas of Michael Philben and Sabina Feerick, Baletocher, Martin Feerick and Mary Feerick, January 21, 1870
  5. Pat of Michael Philben and Sibby Feerick, Sp. Michael O'Donnell and Mary Philben, January 4, 1873
  6. Martin of Michael Philben and Sabina Feerick, Sp. Martin Fa----er and Bridget Killian, Aug 27, 1875

Margaret Feerick and James Killian, Cloonenagh (?)

  1. Thomas of James Killeen and Margaret Feerick, Thomas Killeen and Sibby Ferac(ink blot), May (after 28), 1862, No place
  2. Honor of Jas "Keleen" and Mary "Ferick", Thos Killeen and Mary Moran, March 30, 1865
  3. Michael of James Killeen and Margaret Feerack, Bridget Moran and Thos Killeen, September 28, 1868, Cloonea (ink blot)
  4. Pat of James Killeen and Margaret Feerick, Cloonenagh, sp. Peter Toole and Bridget Toole, July 28, 1869
  5. James of James Killeen and Margaret Feerick, James Philben and Bridget Moran, July 6, 1872
  6. Wm of James Killian and Margt Feerick, Sp. Pat Conner and Sabina Feerick, October 11 (?) 1874

Mary Feerick and Pat Walsh, no place

Marriage: Pat Walsh to Mary Feerick, no place, witnesses, Pat Sheridan and Mary Tierney December 12, 1872


  1. Michael of Pat Walsh and Mary Feerick, Sp. Pat Feerick and Ellen Moran, April 7, 1874
  2. Mary of Pat Walsh and Mary Feerick, Sp. Pat Sheridan and Cath Walsh, Aug 22, 1875

Mary Feerick and William Walsh

  1. Mary of William Walsh and Mary Feerick, sp. Pat Walsh and Mrs Flanagan, October 6, 1864
    Civil Record; Mary of William Walsh and Mary Ferrick jobber, Ballinrobe October 4, 1864

Mary Feerick and Peter Morris, Cloonelle

  1. Ellen of Peter Morris and Mary Feerick, Cloonenelle (?), Pat Feerick and Bridget Morris, December (can't read day), 1870
  2. Pat of Peter Morris and Mary Feerick, (Smudged, may be Martin Feerick) and Do, January 10, 1874
  3. Peter of Peter Morris (?) and Mary Feerick, Sp. John Feerick and Mary Burke, March 26, 1879

Sabina Feerick and Mich Curran, Cloongowla farmer

  1. John of Michl Currin and Sebina Ferrick, sp. Thomas Curren and Mary Sanshal (?), April 16, 1863
    Civil Record: Honora of Michael Curran farmer Cloongowla and Sabina Feerick October 26, 1864 (LDS film 0101098)
  2. Honor of Mich Curran and Sabina Feerick, Cloong---, sp. Bridget Henely and Mich Curran, Octboer 27, 1864

Marriages for which no children appear in the subsequent records

John Ferick to Margaret Feeley, witnesses, Thomas Reilly (?) and Bridget Walsh, July 13, 1874

David Feerick (1851-1880), son of Michael process server murdered in 1880 - Brownstone [Brownstown]

The most famous (or infamous) Feerick in Ballinrobe was the process server, David Feerick, who was shot in 1880. He was the son of Michael Feerick .

According to documents filed in 1882 Michael Feerick was born circa 1812. He was listed at both "Cooleylanghan" and "Brownstown" in Ballinrobe Parish.

David Feerick, the son of Michael, was born circa 1851. David Feerick, age 29, was shot on June 29, 1880 and died August 21, 1880. An agent for the Browne estate of Brownstown* he was shot ten times near Carnalecka while he was walking home. He survived the shooting by six weeks.

*Brownstown, parish of Ballinrobe, on the shore of Lough Carra. "In 1876 George E.Browne, a Member of Parliament, of Kensington, London and Brownstown owned 2809 acres in county Mayo." (Landed Estates)

Feerick said he had passed three men he did not know. They shot him from behind and then came around and shot him in the face and upper body. Each man had a revolver. This incidence was covered by the papers for some period of time.

On July 10 the results of the magisterial enquiry were reported. In July a reward of £500 was offered for information leading to the arrests of the perpetrators.

The police arrested several suspects - none of whom were from Ballinrobe. They were all from outlying towns like Westport and Claremorris. Most of the presented suspects were dismissed because Feerick could not identify them. Feerick did identify James Hynes as the man who had shot him when he was already down. James Hynes was arrested and held in Castlebar Jail on a charge of murder. There was conflicting testimony concerning Hynes whereabouts at the time of the shooting and he was not convicted. While the jury returned a verdick of "Wilful Murder" in the death of David Feerick:

Having heard it stated in court that a person named James Hynes had been charged with this crime, we take this opportunity of stating, from the evidence adduced during the course of this investigation, that we believe he is in no way connected with this outrage."

On August 19th Patrick Walsh, a laborer, was a witness to the inquest. He said he saw David Feerick laying in the middle of road "down about Kenny's farm. "Caulfield's house was near it, and Mrs. Walsh's land is on the same side." Patrick Walsh ran back to town to summon the priest. The town sub constable, Patrick Kelly, testified that he saw Feerick laying on his back, wounded, and bleeding from the eye "on the roat at Carnalecka."

On August 21, 1880, it was reported that David Feerick had died on the 14th.

"Three constables from Balla, Ireland, have gone to America in quest of Hynes and Vahey who are suspected of having murdered David Feerick in June 1880. The crime created a sensation at the time, as it was believed to be a political murder. The arrest of 26 persons last week at Ballinrobe on the charge of being accomplices revived recollection of the crime. Feerick was for about 12 months agent over property in the County Mayo belonging to George Brown, late member of Parliament for that county. Prior to his occupying that position he had been conspicuous as a land agitator. As Mr. Brown's agent he made himself very unpopular with the peasantry by alleged acts of harshness, and he frequently received anonymous threats of violence. He was a powerful and courageous young man, of large stature, and he laughed at the treats, refusing even to be attended in his walks by a special police guard. One afternoon, about 3 o'clock, in the latter part of June, 1880, he was walking along the highway alone, when he came upon three men in a dark and lonely spot. He was permitted to past the strangers, but immediately afterwards was riddled with bullets from three revolvers. He fell to the ground, and while in a semi-conscious condition was robbed by the murders, who fled. After lying on the road for some time the dying man was picked up by the County Surveyor and taken to a hospital. He retained consciousness barely long enough to tell the story of his assassination."

New York Times April 3, 1883

In September 1882 Michael Feerick, the father of David Feerick, was in court seeking compensation for the loss of his son. Michael Feerick said that David had earned 150 to 200 pounds a year from a guano business in Ballinrobe. Other testimony included the facts that there had been previous threats made and that David had been fired upon before the incident in 1880. Michael also said that David had permission to carry a gun, but did not have it with him the day he was shot as he was on his way to mass and did not want to bring arms into the church.

Michael Feerick was awarded £450, 10 September 1883.

Probate of the will of David Feerick late "Brownstone" County Mayo farmer who died 14 August at Ballinrobe was proved at Ballina on May 20 by Michael Feerick (or Feerock) of "Brownstone" farmer and sole executor. Effects under £200.

The story was still in the papers in October and December 1888 with relationship to Land League activities.

In October it was stated that Feerick had been shot in broad daylight around 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a busy road near the town. He was shot in the back, arms, right thigh, right hip and left eye and left for dead.

In December Constable James Hughes of the Royal Irish Constabulary testified that he was stationed in Ballinrobe in 1879 and knew David Feerick "an agent for some property belonging to Mr. George A. Brown". Constable Hughes stated that he was present in October or November of 1879 when Mary Greaghty, a tenant of Mr. George, was evicted. Also present was David Feerick, three men (who were latter known members of the Land League) and a crowd of about 20 or thirty people. "The demeanor and attitude of the people towards Mr. Feerick at the eviction were very threatening and Mr. Feerick had to be taken home under protection." There was no Land League in Ballinrobe at the time of the eviction of Mary Greaghty but by the time of Ferrick's murder there was. The first Land League meeting was reportedly held in Ballinrobe in October 1879. It was insinuated that Ferrick was a rather violent man and that he had threatened people at "markets and fairs". It was also insinuated that Ferrick had Mary Greaghty, a widow with small children, evicted because he held property next to hers. There was apparently a lot of bitter feelings regarding the eviction of Mary Greaghty. Hughes also testified that Ferrick had been shot at in March 1880 on his way back from Castlebar. Feerick also had evicted another tenant named Garvey whose three acres of land abutted Ferrick's own. Ferrick walled the property in.

Sergeant John Donovan, RIC, also testified that he had been present at the eviction of James Durkin, a tenant of "Mr. Brown". The agent was David Feerick. James Durkin was put back on the property as caretaker. Donovan also testified that very few people of the district attended David Feerick's funeral and that three men were accused of the murder but all were acquitted because no witnesses would appear against them.

1881 Slater Directory: David Feerick farmer was listed in the 1881 Slater Directory. David Ferrick was dead by 1881 but the information for the printing would have gone it some time before his death.

See Land Issues

Other Feericks in Brownstone

1902: Feerick, October 26 age 22 native of Brownstone, Parish of Robeen, County Mayo, Ireland, 435 Columbus Ave New York death list of the week.

Feericks in the Tithe Aplotment Tax Lists

There was no listing for Feerick in the Tithe.

Feericks in the Griffith Tax Lists

The Feericks in the 1857 Griffith were:

  1. James Fearick at number 24a Carrownalecka, land (5 acres) and a house. The total annual valuation of ratable property in 1857 was 4 pounds and 15 shillings. James Feerick was at number 24a Carrownalecka from 1857 until the 1880 ledger when he was replaced by John or James Rutledge. (It is an abbreviation that I can't make out.)
  2. David Fearick at number 3 High Street, Carrownalecka, Town of Ballinrobe, with a house, yard and small garden. The total annual valuation of ratable property in 1857 was 1 pound.
  3. Philip Fearick was listed at number 7 High Street, Knockanotish, Town of Ballinrobe with a house, offices and a yard. The total annual valuation of ratable property in 1857 was 8 shillings. Philip Fearick was listed at number 7 High Street, Knockanotish, in The Griffith from 1857 until 1866 when he was replaced with Michael Hyland.
  4. John Fearick at number 2s Rathcareen with a house.
  5. Mary Fearick at number 13 b Cavenquarters with a house.
  6. Patrick Feerick at number 2b Gorteenlynagh with a house, office and a share with one other person of 59 acres.
  7. and
  8. Peter Feerick and Patrick Feerick at number 4 Rathkelly sharing 4 acres of land and Peter Feerick at number 9b with a house, garden and office. The total annual valuation of ratable property in 1857 was 2 pounds and 15 shillings.
  9. Patrick Feerick at number 1k, Cloonliffen with a house and a 17 part share of 140 acres of land.
  10. Michael Feerick at number 1l Cloonliffen with a house, yard and office, plus a 17th share in the 140 acres.
  11. James Feerick at number 5h Knocknakillew with a house and a 17th share in 179 acres.
  12. Catherine Feerick at number 5l Knocknakillew with a house, offices and a 17th share of 179 acres.
  13. James Feerick at number 11d Cloonee with a 5th share in 81 acres of land and at number 12a with a house, offices and 6 acres of land.
  14. Bridget Feerick at number 16 a Cloonee with a house and one acre of land.
  15. Michael Feerick at 1, 3 and 4 Knockglass with a house, office and a total of 18 acres of land.
  16. Peter Feerick at number 1d Rocksborough North with a house, office and a 9th share of 109 acres of land.

Ellen Feerick in the 1901 and 1911 Censuses

The 1901 census listed Ellen Feerick, head of family, at number 7 Old Chapel Road , age 40, can read and write, housekeeper, single, Irish/English speaker.

The 1911 census listed Ellen Feerick, head of family, at number 6 Chapel Road, age 69, single.

Feericks in the 1911 Census

Town of Ballinrobe

John Feerick, born circa 1845, Galway

John Feerick and his children were listed #3 Abbey Street in the 1911 Census as follows"

  1. John Feerick, head, RC, age 66,read and write, printer, compositor widower, born in Galway.
  2. Mary, daughter, age 30, born in Mayo
  3. William, son, age 13, scholar, born in Mayo
Note: In this census the questions were asked of the wife, how many years married? and how many were born to the marriage? and how many children were still living? In John Feerick's case the questions were asked, entered, and then crossed out. The replies inticate that John was married for 33 years, had 11 children or whom 7 were still living.

Bridget Feerick, widow, born circa 1871

Bridget Feerick was listed at #41 Abbey Street as follows:

  1. Bridget, head of household, RC, read and write, age 40, shopkeeper, widow, born in Mayo
  2. Thomas Feerick, son, age 13, scholar
  3. Thomas Duggan, age 19, shop asst
  4. Mary Lally, age 35, domestic servant
Bridget Feerick, widow, born circa 1871

Bridget Feerick was listed at 26 Cornmarket Street as follows:

  1. Bridget Feerick, head, cannot read, age 79, single, born Maryo, Irish/English speaker.

A Feerick Tombstone, Ballinrobe Graveyard


This tombstone is right next to the John Feerick and Cyclely Haynes tombstone. See John and Cyclely above.

More Feerick Tombstones, Ballinrobe Graveyard

In December 2006 I received an email from Craig Adams who said in part:

When I visited Ballinrobe in 2003, my cousin, showed us some Feerick gravestones at the local cemetery. Your website contains the inscription of one of the grave stones--that of John and Cecelia Feerick--however you do not list the inscriptions of the others. Here they are:
pray for the soul of
Nora Feerick
died 3rd Sep 1909
aged 48 years

of your charity pray for the soul of
Maria Feerick
nee Morrissey died ___ May 1895
aged 19 years.
also her son John aged 3 months.
Michael H. Feerick
died 10th April 1904
aged 38 years*

Lord have mercy on the soul of
Patt Feerick
who died 11 June 1894
aged 81 years
also his wife Mary
died 19th Aug 1898
aged 83 years
and their daughter in law Mary
died 17th Sep 1925
aged 69 years

o Lord have mercy on the soul of
Martin Feerick
who died 7 Sep 1908
aged 12 years
also his sister
Margaret died 8 March 1911
aged 10 years
Sincerely, Craig Adams

Clifton, NJ

*In December 2009 Eamonn Morris wrote to share the folloing information from the Ballinrobe Chronicle.

  • Ballinrobe Chronicle, Saturday May 11 1895 Birth announcement: Feerick at Abbey Street on 29th April to the wife of M H Feerick a son.
  • Ballinrobe Chronicle same edition, Death: Feerick 5th May, Maria beloved wife of M H Feerick aged 19 in the first year of her married life. To be buried in the Big Churchyard.

Michael Feerick of Cullew

In December 2009 Eamonn Morris wrote to share the folloing information from the Ballinrobe Chronicle.

Under court hearings June 8th Edition Ballinrobe Chronicle, 1895: Michael Feerick of Cullew fined 1d {one penny} 10s costs that on 26th may he did throw stones at an elderly gentleman for no apparent reason hitting him on the back. Michael Groonel of Carraroya

"I think Michael might have been a bit of a lad as his name appeared later for being out of control of his parents. Nothing new there with teenagers I suppose eh?"


Ballinrobe was deeply touched last week by the sudden death of Emmet Feerick, Abbey Street deceased, who was in his 66th year, had a long and active association with the commercial life of the town, as a publican and auctioneer. His professional life brought him into contact with many strands of society, and he had a deep affection for Ballinrobe, its people, and everything associated with it. Emmet was a conversationalist par excellence, and had a great fund of stories. A keen card player, he excelled at the game of bridge, and was highly regarded in the area.

Western People, November 04, 2004

Photo courtesy of Eileen Fisher April 2008

Mary with husband, Tom, daughter, Mary ("Mame"), son-in-law, Vincent Coppola, and granddaughter Marion. Marion was the daughter of Mary's son, Arthur.

Mary Ferrick was born in Ireland on May 1, 1863 the daughter of Patrick Feerick and Bridget Madden according to her death certificate. She married Thomas Moriarty. Information from Eileen Fisher, April 2008.

Photo courtesy of Eileen Fisher April 2008

Mary Feerick Moriarty and her granddaughter Marion.

Photo courtesy of Ann Gillen January 2006

James J. Gillen (b. 1891), John Michael Gillen (b 1893), Thomas Gillen (b. 1890) with their father, Michael Gillen, husband of Anne (Nancy) Feerick born Ballinrob, Co. Mayo Ireland 1864

Photo courtesy of Ann Gillen January 2006

Anna Gillen and Michael Gillen circa 1943/43

Photo courtesy of Ann Gillen January 2006

Kitty Gillen Mansfield, Annie Feerick and Nellie Burke Langan

Annie Feerick Gillen (married to Michael) with her daughter Katherine (Kitty) and her first cousin, Nellie Burke Langan, Anne Gillen, February 2006

Photo courtesy of Ann Gillen January 2006

Taken at the Jersey Shore, this one is of left to right: Mary Gillen O'Brien (known as Mamie to the family-daughter to above two Gillen's), same 1st cousin to Annie, Nellie Langan, Dorothy Morley niece to Mamie and the others, kneeling down is the youngest of the Gillen clan, Anna Gillen Hurley. Anne Gillen, February 2006.

Photo courtesy of Eamon Morris

Eamon writes

The photo is [I was told by my father] of his grandmother, Mary Feerick [1849-1923], now buried in the Abbey graveyard as the wife of Peter Morris 1847- 1916. She is dressed in black which suggests it was taken after his death but this seems odd since the clothes and ages of the children suggest the photo was taken around 1907. I remember my father saying that the "Feericks" [meaning presumably his grandmother] came from Rahard. The woman is [I believe] Bridget Morris [daughter born 1881] and the man is James Morris son born 1877. Bridget married Martin Hosty and lived in Abbey Street till her death. James Morris emigrated to New York [but may have returned at least once on visit]. He became a Ranger [Middlesex County, NY] but died early. The Morris family in Ballinrobe seemed to have strong connections with the Feericks. On the baptism certificate of my grandfather [Peter Morris] the sponsors are shown as "Pat Gannon and Ellen Feerick". This document [a copy dated 1937] however is very odd as it names the parents as Peter Morris and Bridget Feerick - I would need to see the parish registers myself to confirm!

Eamon Morris, September 2007

Peter and Mary Morris were listed in Ballinrobe in 1901 according to The Leitrim-Roscommon 1901 Census Search Output as followes : Ballinrobe T./Abby St., Kilmaine, Mayo, Household, Morris, Peter(48), clerk in loan office, Mary(45) wife-Peter (21) clerk-Annie (19)-Bridget (18)-Michael(16)-Mary (13)

Ferricks in Tuam, County Calway

Hugh Mullany married Catherine Kelly date unknown place Tuam Roman Catholic.

Their son Patrick born 28 February 1802. married Bridget Feerick 19 January 1825. Bridget born 30 January 1798 - father: Patrick. mother: unknown. Witnesses to marriage Honor Noon and Catherine Kelly.

Patrick and Bridget had at least two children.

  1. Patrick born 14 March 1828. Address - Gy. Rd.
  2. Catherine born 26 January 1831. Tuam.

Note: Patrick born 1802 may have had a brother Michael born 1800 place CHURN.

Information from Michael Mullaney, September 2006

Sarah Ferrick married Patrick Thornton The Neale, Co. Mayo 1894

In November 2012 Mary Alexander shared the following information on Sarah Ferrick:

Birth: about 1864, Co. Mayo, Ireland, parents unknown.

Marriage: 17 November 1894, The Neale, Co Mayo, to Patrick Thornton, born about 1865 Beechgrove, the Neale, Co. Mayo, Ireland, father, Patrick Thornton, mother, Ellen Glynn


  1. Patrick Joseph Thornton, June 1896, Beechgrove, the Neale, Co. Mayo, Ireland died 14 June 1958

    Notes for Patrick Joseph Thornton: Norah O'Malley Farragher said [on 5 Oct 2003] that Patrick Joseph Thornton never married. She also said that he signed the farm [in Beechgrove/Neale Park] over to Luke Biggins [1886 - 1952] son of Patsy Biggins & Honor Thornton] who had taken him in when he became ill. Sources for Patrick Joseph Thornton: Christening: Parish Records: Ireland, Mayo, Cong & The Neale. Death: Family Search Record Search. Gravestones: Ireland, Mayo, Neale. Burial: Ibid.

  2. Ellen Teresa Thornton July 1897 Beechgrove, the Neale, Co. Mayo, Ireland, christened 10 July 1897

    Notes for Ellen Teresa Thornton: Norah O'Malley Farragher said [on 5 Oct 2003] that Ellen Teresa Thornton went to the U.S.A. Mellie Biggins Flannery added [on 13 Oct 2003] that she married there - married name unknown - and had a son a priest. Sources for Ellen Teresa Thornton: Birth: www.rootsireland.ie. Christening: Parish Records: Ireland, Mayo, Cong & The Neale.

  3. Luke Thornton, christened 29 August 1898 Beechgrove, the Neale, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Died Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland

    Notes for Luke Thornton: Norah O'Malley Farragher said [on 5 Oct 2003] that Luke Thornton never married. She said that he went to live wih his aunt, Mary Thornton Donnelly, in Tuam and died there. Sources for Luke Thornton: Christening: Parish Records: Ireland, Mayo, Cong & The Neale.

  4. John Thonrton, christened 22 February 1900 Beechgrove, the Neale, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    Notes for John Thornton: Norah O'Malley Farragher said [on 5 Oct 2003] that John Thornton never married. She said he went to England and returned. Sources for John Thornton: Christening: Parish Records: Ireland, Mayo, Cong & The Neale.

Notes for Sarah Feerick: The possible death year is what is suggested by Griffiths Valuation Revisions.

Sources for Sarah Feerick: Birth: Census: Ireland, Mayo, Kilmolara, Neale Park; 1901. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Kilmolara, Neale Park; 1911.

Death: Family Search Record Search.

Sources for Patrick Thornton: Birth: Census: Ireland, Mayo, Kilmolara, Neale Park; 1901. Census: Ireland, Mayo, Kilmolara, Neale Park; 1911.

Death: Family Search Record Search.

Ferricks, Madison C. Indiana

Hi Maggie - a lost Ferrick sheep for you. While googling and looking for my own Ferricks I found a burial record for:
Patrick Ferrick d.12 Apr 1855 at 27 years. Born Ballinrobe, Mayo. And infant daughter Mary Ellen at 1 month. Stone erected by his wife Catherine Fallen. (Which my guess is is actually Fallon.) Buried in St. Patricks Churchyard, Madison County, Madison, Indiana.
Heather Burton, December 2008

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