Weinmann, Herrnsheim, Germany

Herrnsheim Goehles

Weinmann, Herrnsheim, Germany

  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

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    Weinmann in Herrnsheim

    There were two families of Weinmanns in Herrnsheim in the late 1600s - (Johann) Peter and Johann. Johann Peter was a witness to the baptism of Johann's son in 1699.

    Note: There may to be some connection with the Weinman family to Leiselhem as two of the wintesses to the baptismals of the Weinmann children were from Leiselheim (1698 and 1706). The records for Leiselheim available through LDS (film #996678) do not go back far enough to contain the possible birth or marriage of Peter Weinman and his wife Anna Marie. I did not find their marriage in the Herrnsheim records. Leiselheim is the next village to the southwest from Herrnsheim.

    [Johann] Peter Weinmann* and Anna Marie __________ *

    Birth: No later than 1675 based on an age of 20 at the baptism of his first known child in 1695.

    1669 based on his death.


    "Ludi magistri" - Magistri="master" - Ludi=both "game" and "school". Schoolmaster or Master of the Game.

    He was also listed as "Jurat Ecclesia" = Church juror

    Marriage: Anne Marie _________ *


    1. Marie Eva of Joannes Petrus Weinmann ludi magistri and Anna Marie his wife, 30 April 1695 witness Marie Eva Lambert(in)

    2. Agnes Weimann* (c1697-) and Joannes Hartbauer*

      Birth: No later than 1697. I rechecked the records and did not see her baptism.

      Marriage: She may have married and her husband died. There is a word I cannot read on the marriage record to Joannes Hartbauer that could be "widow"

      Marriage to Joannes Hartbauer: Honest batchelor Joannes Hartbauer, "minor", son of Balthasares Hartbauer p. m. scabini hujatis et conjuoum relictus legitimus filius and honesta ac -udua virou (short for virtious?) M. Agnes Weinman [daughter of] Peter Weinman and Marie his wife, witnesses, Georgus Zipoff and Mathias Heplenge. January 11, 1717

    3. Children: Anna Clara (1717), Johann* (1719), Peter (1721), Wilhelm (1724), J. George (1725), Marie Elizabeth (1727), Anna Maria* (1730), Maria Barbara (1732), and Maria Elizabeth ((unknown)

      Peter and Anne Marie after Agnes's parents? George after her brother?

      See Harbauer

    4. Maria Elizabeth daughter of Joannes Petri Weinman ludi magistri et ecclesia jurat (word I cannot read) and his wife, Anna Maria April 7 1698 witness Anna Elizabetha wife of Jois Petri Bousts (?) scabini (cannot read last word)

    5. Maria Magdelena of Joannes Petri Weinmann and Anna Maria wife December (7 or 9) 1699 witness Anna Elizabeth Lampert(in)

      Note: Most often in the Herrnsheim records the child and the witness have the same name. It is unusual that the child is named Maria Magdelena and the witness Anna Elizabetha, with neither name being the same.

    6. Georgius of Jois Petri Weinmann Jurat ecclesia and Anna Maria 30 August 1701 witness Georgius Paulo

      Death: 31 Jan 1717 Georgius Weinmann adolescense 15 years omnibus sentis probiscus(1702)

    7. Anna of Jois Petri Weinmann and Anna Maria, October 1703, witness Anna Pauli

    8. Johann Weinmann (1706-) and Maria Margarethe Kruger

      Birth: Joannes of Jois Petri Weinmann and Anna Maria witness Jois Rich in Leiselheim 1706, May __

      Marriage: Bachelor Joannes Weinmann son of Joannes Petris Weinman and Anna Maria to the virgin Maria Margaretha Krieger of Joannes Caspar Krieger and Maria Antonia 2 September 1727, witness Petrus Weinmann and Caspare Krieger


      1. Mathias Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 7 January 1729 witness Mathias Riddelbauer scabanus
        Death: Mathias son of Joannes Weinmann 3 mos. 21 April 1729

      2. Maria Appolonia Wienmann of Joannes and Anna Margarethe 17 March 1730 witness Maria Apolonia Krugerin in Abenheim

        Witness: To her sister Catherine's child in 1774

        Death: Maria Apolonia Weinmann of deceased Joannes Weinmann filia age 47, 7 September 1777 (1730)

      3. [Johann] Wilhelm Weinmann (1731-) and Maria Elizabeth Spatz

        Birth: Wilhelmus Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 25-26 August 1731 witness Wilhelm Miggel carpon et aurend Angleim

        Marriage: Joannes Wilhelm Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Margarethe to Maria Elizabeth Spatz of Joannes Spatz and Catherine, 19 September 1761 dispensation, witnesses D Michael Reiber ludi rectore and Joannes George Kuhn carpone ad signum Reonis


        1. Anna Margarethe of Wilhelm Weinmann and Maria Elizabetha, 12 March 1762 witness Anna Margarethe Spatz of deceased Joannes Spatz
        2. George Weinmann of Wilhelm Weinmann and Maria Elizabetha witness George Scheald fabro lignaris 23 March 1764
        3. Mathias Weinmann of Wilhelm Weinmann and Maria Elizabetha 1 March 1770 witness Mathias Dehler son of George Dehler scabini
          Death: Mathias of Wilhelm Weinmann 5 years 29 November 1775
        4. Joannes George of Wilhelm Weinmann and maria Elizabetha 21 December 1766, witness Joannes George Sattler son of Joannes Sattler scabino
        5. Anna Maria Weinmann of Wilhelm and Elizabethe 29 May 1775, witness Anna Maria Weinmann
          Death: Anna Maria of Wilhelm Weinmann Jan 1, 1776
      4. Joannes Petri Weinmann of Jannes Weinmann and Margarethe 29-31 February 1732 witness Joannes Peter Winnmann (no other information)

        Death: Jois Petrus Weinmann son of Jois Weinmann 2 years 11 February 1735

      5. Maria Elizabeth Weinmann (1734-) and Joannes Adam Winchler

        Birth: Maria Elizabeth Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 19-20 December 1734 witness Maria Elizabetha wife of Jocabi Dehle

        Marriage: virgin Maria Elizabeth Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and "Anna Margarethe" to Joannes Adami Winchler of Joannes George Winchler and Cornelia deceased, witnesses Joannes Weinmann sponsa patre [bride's father] and Adamo Holzemer, Joannes Theodore Ermus et alys, 12 January 1762


        1. Joannes Leonardus Winchler of Joannes Adami Winclher testoris and Maria Elizabetha witness Leonardi Rohrig Mormat absentes vici suppervit Joannes Weinmann 1762 day month
        2. Catherine Winchler of Adami Winchler and Maria Elizabeth witness Catherine Elizabeth Weinmann daughter of Joannes Weinmann 12 March 1764
          Death: Catherine Winchler of Adam daughter 20 days 4 April 1764
        3. Marie Barbara Winchler of Adam and Marie Elizabeth (day month) 1765 witness Marie Barbara Reis wife of Mathias Reis
          Death: Marie Barbara Winckler of Adam 17 months 8 February 1767
        4. Marie Barbara Winchler of Adam and Marie Elizabeth 29 July 1767 witness Marie Barbara Reis wife of Mathias Reis
          Death: Maria Barbara Winckler daughter of Joannes Winkler testoris and Miria Elizabethe
        5. Elizabeth Winchler of J Adam and Marie Elizabeth 19 M 1770 witness Elizabeth Franz wife of Andrea Franz
        6. George Conrad Winchler of Joannes Adami Wenchler testoris and Maria Elizabeth 6 December 1771 witness George Conrad Weinmann (no other information)
        7. A Margarethe Winchler of Joannes Adami Winchler -ini -icus and Maria Elizabetha witness Anna Margarethe Weinmann daughter of deceased Joannes Weinmann, 5 October 1773

      6. Andrea of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 7-9 November 1736 witness Andreas Leren ludi magestri in Bursalt

      7. Death: Joannes Petri son of Joannes Weinmann 2 mos. 11 February 1737

      8. Anna Weinamnn of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 28-29 March 1738 witness Anna Frarly virgo

      9. Caspari circa 1740
        Death: Caspari Weinmann son of Jaonnes Weinmann 4 years May 7, 1744

      10. George Conradus Weinmann of Joannes and Anna Margarethe 4-5 July 1742 witness George Conradi Sattmeser son of Jurmi Sattmeser inola on Hoffsheim trans Rhein

      11. Catherine Elizabeth Weinmann (1743-) and George Erdelmeyer

        Birth: Catherine Elizabethe of of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 7-8 February 1743, witness Catherine Elizabeth Walsdorffheim of Moserrsheim

        Witness: To her sister's daughter in 1764

        Marriage: virgin Catherine Elizabethe Weimann of Joannes Weinmann and "Anna Margarethe" to bachelor George Erdelmeyer son of Petre Erdelmeyer and his deceased wife Anna Margarethe June 21, 1768 witnesses, Peter Erdelmeyer, Joannes Weinamnn parentibus, Dni George Ziphoff dicimareum receptore et alys


        1. George Conrad Ertelmeyer of George and Catherine Elizabeth Ertelmeyer, witness Conrad Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann May 13, 1769
          • To George Conrad Ertelmeyer in 1769 listed as a son of Joannes Weinmann
          • To the baptism of his sister Maria Elizabeth's son in 1771
        2. Anna Marie Ertelmeyer of George and Catherine Elizabeth 15 January 1771 Anne Marie Zippoff wife of Christopher Zippoff scabini
        3. Elizabeth of Gerorge Ertelmeyer and Catherine Elizabeth 1774 witness Elizabeth Zipoff daughter of Joannes George Zipoff deci receptor (twin to Maria Appolonia next entry)
        4. Maria Appolonia Ertelmeyer gemella cum priore [twin with ??] witness M. Apollonia Weinmann daughter of deceased Joannes Weinmann -- January 1774, parents George and Catherine Elizabeth Ertelmeyer
        5. Anna Margarethe of George Ertelmeyer and Catherine Elizabetha 10 December 1776, witness Anna Margarethe Weinmann
        6. Wilhelm of George and Catherine Elizabeth Erdelmeyer 1779 (day month) witness Wilhelm Ertelmeyer Hafnia in Dania Domialum habente absente vici supp Petros Ertelmeyer
      12. Death: Petris Weinmann son of Joannes Weinmann infans 10 November 1744

      13. Caspari of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 3 August 1744 witness Caspari Kruger

      14. Petrus of of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 1-3 December 1745, witness Petri Frank

      15. Joannes of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 25-36 February 1747 witness Joannes Sattlery adolescent.
        Death: Joannes of Joannes Weinmann 3 March 1747

      16. Anna Maria Weinmann (1748-) and Arnold Julurs

        Birth: Anna Maria Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and "Anna Margarethe" 7 March 1748 witness Rx D Germershaufen matrina Anna Maria wife of (page turned cannot read) Hoff

        Marriage: Virgin Anna Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe to widow Arnoldi Julurs scabini in Freimersheim archdiocesus Moguntene 5 March 1764 witnesses Anthony Caroli Held satia---a and Adami Holzemer et alys

        Children: None in Herrnshiem

      17. Joannes Caspari Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 23-24 July 1749 witness Joannes Caspari Kriger (no other information)

        Death: Joannes Caspari Weinmann October 30 1749

      18. Anna Margarethe Weinmann of Joannes Weinmann and Anna Margarethe 24-45 December 1750 witness Anna Margarethe wife of Mathias Issel

        Witness: To her sister Maria Elizabeth's child in 1773

        Witness: To her sister Catherine's child in 1776

      Death: Joannes Weimann 18 January 1773 age 72 (1701) mesor funentorum

      Death of Anna Margarethe Weinmann:

    9. Jois Jacobus Weinmann of Jois Petri and Anna Maria witness Jois Jacobi Pauli, 17 July 1708

      Death: Jois Jacobus Weinmann of Jois Petri Weinmann 9 months May day 1709

    10. Matthias of Jois Petri and Anna Maria March 16, 1713, witness Matthias Hwert

      Death: Mathias Weinman age 4, 7 March 1717 death (1713)

    Johan Peter Weinmann as a witness:
    1. Bapt in Leiselheim in -orib- pistoris (cannnot read word) Adami (?) Joannes Petros filio of Joannes (no last name entered) Pistoris and Anna Maria his wife, witness Joannes Petrus Weinmann of Herrnsheim p.t. ludi mastri, 1698 (day month)
    2. The son of Johann Weinmann in 1699, see below.

    Death of Joannes Peter Weinmann: 25 April 1739 Joannes Petrus Weinmann age 70 (1669)

    Death of Anna Maria Weinmann: 10 April 1740 Anna Maria Weinmann widow age 64 (1676)

    Johann Weinmann, Cornelia ____ and Maria Barbara Evert

    Birth: No later than 1674 based on an age of 20 at the baptism of his first known child in 1695.

    Marriage 1694 Joannes Weinmann, Cathol and Cornelia (two words) Cathol


    1. 1695, January 6, baptism of the son of Jois Weinmann and Cornelia his wife, Catholic witness Jois Diederich, Herrnsheim

    Death of Cornelia Weinmann: (day too dark) May 1695 death Cornelia wife of Jois Weiman Catholic

    2nd Marriage: Jois Weinmann "vid" (widower) et Maria Barbara daughter of Sebastiian Evert in Hernsheim 20 January 1696


    1. Anna Christina of Jois and A Maria Barbara Weinmann November 4, 1696, witness Anna Christina Hanken

    2. 1699, February (cannot read day page turned) baptism Joannes Petrus of Joannes Weinmann and Marie Barbara wife witness Joannes Petrus Weinmann eclessia hujas jurat et pit(?) ludi [game or school] moderatori [moderator= governor, guide, manager]

    3. Joannes Gerardus of Jois Weinmann and Maria Barbara Aug 3 1701, witness Joannes Gerardus Beckerle

    Other Records for Weinmann

    20 month 1720 death of Margaretha Weinmann age 100 annorum exfineta ert? inopina morte -nllis semtis pavenna

    General Notes:

    • Unfortunately, many cemeteries in Germany removed the old graves and grave markers (if they existed) to make room for new burials. Consequently there are not many old grave markers in modern cemeteries. The cemeteries that we have visited are lovingly maintained with beautiful flowers. Herrnsheim's cemetery was no exception. We did not find any Göhle graves. There were a few new graves for Harbauers and the Arnold and Bardong names were very common. The only older tombstones were for former burgermeisters. There were also a few older markers for fallen soldiers - including one for Bardong and one for Harbauer.
    • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim. The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes ended with "e". Most female names ended with "a".

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