Peter Schuessler (1822-??)

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Peter Schuessler

Schuessler descendant, Dorothy, contacted me by email in February 2005 and provided the following information on Peter Schuessler.


Peter Schuessler was born Oct 1822 and came to this country from Bavaria approx 1852.


He married Amelia Hulsmeister (also Bavaria) approx 1853. She was born Aug 1828.


They had 4 daughters:

  1. Amelia, b. approx 1856, New York
  2. Josephine, b.approx 1857, Michigan
  3. Mary, b. approx 1858, Michigan, d. 1-13-1913
  4. F. Louisa, b. approx 1867, Michigan

1860 Census

It appears that they came first to NY and then went Kinderhook, Michigan where they were listed in the 1860 census. The name was spelled Scheesler in that census and Peter's occupation was listed as farmer with real estate val. $2000.

1880 Census

They were listed in 1880 living at 77 Broome St. NYC with Peter's occupation listed as cigar mfgr. Still living with them were their daughters Amelia (dressmaker) and F. Louisa (at school). Also listed was Fred Schaeffer b. NY, age 23, cigar maker and his wife, Josephine age 23 b. Michigan (apparently Peter and Amelia's daughter now married). Their other daughter, Mary was married to Edward Brennan from Ireland on 5-25-1879 and living at 40 Sheriff St. NYC.

1900 Census

They were listed in the 1900 census now living at 69 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY.  Peter, now age 78 lists his occupation as "dining saloon". Peter could read, write and speak English. Amelia could read and speak English.

Peter Schuessler as The Witness to the Naturalization of Peter Goehle

Peter Schuessler of 7 Jackson Street, NYC witnesses the naturalization of Peter Goehle in the Court of Common Pleas in NYC on October 12, 1883.

Peter Goehle

Peter Goehle, born in 1852 in Hernsheim, Duchy of Hessen-Darmstadt, butcher, immigrated to New York City in 1873. In 1875 he married Catherine Christ. After Catherine's death in 1888, Peter married Minnie Lindemann in 1889. For more information on Peter Goehle click on the pictures of the butchers.

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