Copies of Original Records

Julius Lindemann
Catherine Furst Schwarzmeier Lindemann
Peter Goehle, senior

Because of the size of the files, these records take a while to download.

Because the quality of some of the documents is poor, I including only a sample of the birth and death records.


Marriage Record for Julius Lindemann and Catherine Furst from the Rivington German Presbyterian Chruch, April 28, 1863.
This record was originally on two pages.

The first page includes:

  • The date of the marriage with the month and year at the top of each section
  • The name of the groom, "w" stands for widowed, his date of birth, and his place of birth
  • The name of the bride, the "g" stands for nee in German, her date of birth, the town of her birth

The second page includes:

  • Julius's address
  • The witnesses
  • The part of Gemany where Catherine was born. Baiern is German for Bavaria.

Death Certificate of Julius Lindemann

Death Announcement of Julius Lindemann New Yorker Staats-Zietung und Herold, October 3, 1867

Marriage of Catherine Lindemann, younger, and Charles BeyerKohler, May 19, 1888

Death of Catherine Lindemann, February 19, 1892
The information on the side, includes: date of death, Feb 19, 1892, Catherine Lintermann, age 62 yrs, white, widow, occupation, none, birthplace, Germany, How long in U.S. if foreign born, 45 years, how long resident of New York City, 45 years, father's name, unknown, father's birthplace, Germany, mother's name, unknown, mother's birthplace, Germany, place of death, 88 Sherrif St, last place of residence, the same, class of dwelling, tenement, cause of death, edemia of the lungs, indirect cause of death, Brights, date of record, blank


Peter Goehle, Naturalization Papers, October 12, 1883

Church Record of the Marriage of Peter Goehle and Catherine Christ, March 28, 1875

The writing above Mitzger is mine

Civil Record of the Marriage of Peter Goehle and Catherine Christ, March 28, 1875

Death Certificate of Catherine Christ Goehle, October 9, 1888

Marriage Certificate of Peter Goehle and Minnie Lindemann, January 28, 1889

Birth Certificate of Frank Goehle, March 1894

Birth Certificate of Louise Goehle, October 22, 1899

Death Certificate of Peter Goehle, January 17, 1917

Death Certificate of Minnie Schwarzmeier Lindemann Goehle, January 29, 1944.

Marriage of Catherine Goehle and Emil Kirkebye, April 7, 1901

Marriage of Louise Goehle and John Irving, April 20, 1901

Marriage of Margaret Goehle and Joseph Muntyan, May 26, 1917

Marriage of Rose Goehle and August Bartels, June 17, 1922

Marriage of Frank Goehle and Isabelle Walsh, February 6, 1921

Marriage of Rose Goehle and August Bartels, June 17, 1922