Hoff - von Hoff, Herrnsheim, Germany

Herrnsheim Goehles

Hoff - von Hoff, Herrnsheim, Germany

  • All records from LDS microfilms 0958790 and 0958791 unless otherwise noted.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • Note: There are some issues with the relationship between Johann Hoff and Joann Wilhelm Hoff.

    Johann Hoff*, Agnes _________ * and Anna Margarethe ______

    Birth: Circa 1667 per death record. Note: Does not jibe with the potential birth year of his son Johann Wilhelm

    Marriage: Agnes ________


    1. [Johann] Wilhelm Hoff* (c1675- 1736) and Marie Agnes Wrylandt (Weigandt) *

      Birth: Circa 1685 based on age at death. This does not jibe with marriage record. If he was at least 20 at his marriage in 1698 he was born no later than 1678. The son of Johann and Agnes based on his marriage record.


      Marriage: 22 April 1698 Youngman Joannes Wilhelm Von Hoff son of Jois Von Hoff and Agnetes to virgini Agnetes Wrylant(in) from Osthofen daughter of Gerhardes Wrylandt and Angela in Osthoffen


        Break of 7 years between marriage and record of baptism of first know child

      1. Anna Agnes Hoff (1706) and Johannes Adam Weiss

        Birth: Anna Agnes, circa 1706 based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage in 1726.

        Marriage: Anna Agnetes Hoff relecta =[remaining] Wilhelm Hoff je defuncti uxor [and his deceased wife?] to bachelor Joannes Adamus Weiss of Georgy Weiss p.m. and Margarethe witness Valentine Gertz and p. t. Peter Weinmann, September 24, 1726

        Children: None in Herrnsheim thru 1732.

      2. Joannes Petrus Hoff of Wilhelm Hoff and Marie Agnetes 14 January 1705 witness Joannes Petrus Weimann

        Break 4 + years

      3. Anna Margarethe Hoff (1710-) and Paul Heppel

        Birth: Anna Margarethe of Wilhelmi von Hoff and Marie Agnetes 6 September 1710 witness Anna Margarethe filia of Christopher ___ (cannot read)

        Marriage: Spinster Anna Margarethe Hoff of Wilhelmi Hoff p.m. [deceased] and Agnetes to Paulus Heppel -- h vidius sartore et porenus corni (?) witness Peter Paulus Bechert and Joannes Weiss 16 June 1739

        Note: 14 January 1739 Margarethe Heppel wife of Paul Heppel custois porta superior buried age 40


        1. Elizabeth of Paul Heppel and Anna Margarethe 19 September 1740 witness Elizabeth Gertz wife of Mathias Gertz
        2. Anna Clara Heppel of Paul and Anna Margarethe 24 March 1745 witness Anna Clara Heissen wife of Martin Heis scabini in Hocheim
          Death: 16 June 1748 Anna Clara daughter of Paul Heppe age 3 years.
        3. Petre Paulo of Paul Heppel and Anna Margarethe 7-8 May 1743 witness Petro Paulo Bechetal
        4. Catherine Heppel (1748-) and Johann Crom
          Birth: Catherine Heppel of Paul and Anna Margarethe 15 February 1748 witness Catherine wife of Martine Heiss scabini in Hochheim
          Marriage: Widow Joannes Crom civis in Abenheim and prudent virgin Catherine Heppel daughter of Paulis Hellel and his wife Anna Margarethe, witness Gerhard Crom groom's father, Matthias Hagenauer and Petro Gehen, 13 January 1773
        5. Maria Gertrude Heppel (1751-) and Joannes Wincher
          Birth: Maria Gertrude of Petri Paul Heppel and Anna Margarethe 22 February 1751 witness Maria Gertrude dughter of Joannes Oswald
          Marriage: Honorable adolescent Joannes Wincher of deceased Joannes George Winchler and Maria Elizabethe to honest virgen Gertrude Heppel of deceased Paullus Heppel and Anna Margarethe wife, witness Joannes Oswald, jurato ecclessia and Adam Winchler groom's brother, January 13, 1777
        6. Maria Elizabeth of Paul Heppel and Anna Margarethe 12-13 July 1754 witness Maria Elizabeth Gertz daughter of Mathias Gertz and his wife Elizabeth
          Death: Marie Elizabeth of Paul Heppel and Margarethe 24 October 1757 age 3

        Death of Paul Heppel: 8 June 1762 Paul Heppel tailor age 56

        Death of Margarethe Hoff Heppel:

      4. Joannes Jacobi "Jois Jacobus" of Wilhelm Von Hoff and Maria Agnetes witness Jois Jacobus Haganaur March 1707
        Death: Joannas Jacobi of Wilhelm Von Hoff and Maria Agnetis April 1710

      5. Anna Gertrude
        Death: Anna Gertrude of Wilhelm von Hoff and Maria Agnetes May (page turned) 1710

      6. Anna Maria Hoff and Jahann Paneratz Coradil

        Birth: Anna Maria of Wilhelmi von Hoff and Maria Agnetes 23 January 1712, witness Anna Maria Org(in) daughter of Jois Orgen

        Marriage: spinster Maria of Wilhelm Hoff p.m. [deceased] and Agnetes to Joannes Paneratz (?) Coradil of Rei-- Coradil scabini Abenhiem and Maria Eva, witnesses Petro Ziphoff and Petro Weinmann day month 1736.

        Children: None in Herrnsheim thru 1741.

      7. Marie Magdelena Hoff of Wilhelmi Hoff and Agnetes 22 October 1717, witness Marie Magdelena Hagenaur filia of Jois Jacobi Hagenauer
        Death: Marie Magdelna Hoff infans filia one year Jos Wilhelm Hoff, 19 December 1718

      8. Catherine Hoff* (1721-) and Johann Peter Goehle*

        Birth: Catherine Hoff of Wilhelmus Hoff and Marie Agnetes 14 -15 March 1721 witness Catherine Gertz(in) daughter of Caspari Gertz

        Marriage: Petrus Gehle son of Jacobi Gehle and Anna Marie to Catherine Hoff daughter of Wilhelm Hoff and Agnetes, witness Adam Weiss and Jacobi Gohle 24, November 1739

        Note: Adam Weiss was the husband of Catherine's sister, Anna Agnes.

        Children: Maria Eva (1740), Joann Carl (unknown), Jacob (1742), Johannes George, Johann (1746), Anne Elizabeth (1747), Marie Elizabeth (1749), Jacob (c. 1749), Johann (1752), Catherine (1756), Adam (1759) and Mathias (1761)

        See Goehle in Herrnsheim

      Death of Wilhelm Hoff: Wilhelmus Hoff, 23 [? number written over] (month) 1736 age 50

      Death of Maria Agnes Wrylandt Hoff:

    2. Joes Adamus son of Jois von Hoff and his wife Agnes witness Joes Adamus Ridelbaur 23 November 1681

    3. Marie Barbara daughter of Jois von Hoff and his wife, Agnetes 14 February 1684 witness Maria Barbara filia virgo of Jean Paul Von Gorg

    4. Joannes George son of Joannes ___ Hoffen and Agnetis 21 July 1689, witness George Dammer (cannot read three words)

    Agnes Hoff as a witness: Agnes wife of "Jean" von Hoffen to Agnes daughter of ___ Mara (?) and wife Maria ___ 30 month 1684

    Death of Agnes Hoff: Agnetes Von Hoff(in) September 24, 1693

    Note: No other Hoff deaths from 1693 to 1710.

    2nd Marriage of Johann Hoff: Anna Margarethe __________ between 1693 and 1701


    1. Joannes of Joannes von Hoff and Anna Margarethe 28 April 1701, witness Jois S---y

    2. Phillip Hoff (1707-1747), Gertrude Wennesheim and Maria Anna Hahn

      Birth: Jois Philippus of Jois Von Hoff and Anna Margarethe, witness Jois Philippus ____ 2 February 1707

      Note: Born circa 1692 based on age at death.


      Marriage: Joannes Phillipus Hoff son of Jois [Johann] Hoff and Anna Margarethe married virigini Gerturde Wennesheim(en) of Joannes Wennesheim, scabini hujates and Elizabeth, witness Joannes Hagenauer, scabiny alygo and D Ewaldi Dannfold pator p. t. inferior communitatis 27, August 1728

      Note Ewaldi Dannfold was the witness to lot of marriages around this time.


      1. Joannes Hoff of Phillipus Hoff and Gertrude, 21-23 November, 1727, witnesses Joannes Kramer scabino hajate
        Death: He must have died as another Joannes was baptized in 1741

      2. Carolus Hoff of Phillippus Hoff and Gertrude 23-26 January 1731, witness, Carolo Rudenger murates in Henhaufen
        Death; Caroli Hoff son of Philippi Hoff 17 April 1731

      3. Maria Catherine Hoff and Joannes George Schaffer

        Birth: Marie Catherine Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Catherine 16-17 August, 1732 witness Catherine wife of Caroli Ridenger --rary in Newhafen

        Witness; Maria Catherine filia of Philippi Hoff and Gertruder witness to baptism of Maria Catherine Rosen of Bernardi Rosen and anna Eva 20 November 1753

        Marriage: Catherine Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Gertrude to Joannes George Schaffer of Caonradi Schaffer 26 September 1758 witnesses George Schaffer and Peter Hoff

        Children: Not in Herrnsheim

      4. Margarethe Hoff and Adam Bosecker

        Birth: Margarethe Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Gertrude, 23-24 October 1736, witness Margarethe wife of Joannes Kramer

      5. Marriage: Virgin Margarethe Hoff of Philippi Hoff and his deceased wife Gertrude to bachelor Adamus Bosecker of deceased Pauli Bosecker and his widow Sybella 31 August 1762 witnesses Peter Hoff and Petro Saser scabino et alys


        1. Mathias Bosecker of Adam and Margarethe 17 April 1764 witness Mathias Hageneuer of deceased Valentine Hagenauer
        2. Anna Maria Bosecker of Adam and Margarethe 13 June 1765 witness Maria Hagenauer wife of Mathias Hagenauer
        3. Peter Bosecker of Adam and Margarethe 13 January 1771 witness Peter Wenisheimer of D Theobaldi Wenisheimer pistoris huj filo
        4. Maria Catherine of Adam and Margarethe Bosecker 11 October 1773 witness Maria Catherine Lez daughter of Johann Theobladi Lez
      6. Philippi Henricus Hoff son of Philippi Hoff and Gertrude 23-25 August 1738, witness, Philippi Henricus Erdelmeyer
        Death: Philippi Henricus Hoff son of Philippi Hoff -- years, 19 March 1747

      7. Johann Carl Hoff (1741-) and Marie Barbara Corradiel (?)

        Birth: Joannes Caroli Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Gertrude 28-29 April 1741, witness Joannes Caroli Redenger (?)

        Marriage: Joannes Hoff of Philippi Hoff and his deceased wife, Gertrude, married virgini Marie Barbara Corrqdiel of deceased Remali Corradiel scabini of Abenheim et surviving wife Anna Felecitale, witness Phillippi et Petros Hoff and Petro Lesar, et alys 1 May 1764


        1. Anna Regian of Joanne Hoff and Maria Barbara witness Anna Regina Newhoff ex Abenheim, 15 June 1764

        2. Joannes of Joannes Hoff and Maria Barbara domi propter perciulum 25 December 1771 witness Jannes Wennesheimer filiolo of Joannes Wennesheimer
          Death: Joannes Hoff son of Joannes Hoff December 25, 1771

      8. Josephus Hoff
        Death: Josephus Hoff son of Philippi Hoff 29 March 1746

      9. Mathias Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Gertrude 12-26 July 1747, witness Mathias Kinderstumes (?)
        Death: Mathias of Philippi Hoff infan 4 December 1747

      10. Caroli
        Death: Carolus Hoff son of Philippi Hoff and Gertuude wife no age 16 May 1753

      Death of Gertrude Hoff: Gertrudes Hoff of Philippi Hoff age 60, 7 January 1762 (1702)

      Remarriage of Phillip Hoff: Matrimonein in facia ecclesia contrarut pravia despensate in proclamationibus Phillippus Hoff viduus and Anna Hag(in) of Mathias Hage in cola in Hornscheim et Elizbethe defuntorum (wife) filia legitimata (witness) Petro Hoff sposi frati et Jacobi Schech sartore, prima Juny 1763


      1. Jannnes Hoff of Philippi Hoff and Maria Anna 1763 14 September witness Joannes Leser son of Petri Leser scabino

      2. Margarethe of Philippi Hoff and Maria Anna 29 March 1765 witness Margarthe Schmaker daughter of Wilhelm Schmaker

      Death of Phillip Hoff: 8 November 1767 Philippi Hoff civis hujas age 70 (1697) Note: He was baptized in 1707

    3. Peter Hoff (1704- 1765) and Anne Marie Debous (?)

      Birth: Jois Petres son of Jois Von Hoff and Anna Margaretha 29 March 1704 witness Jois Petres Franz

      Occupation: Civi hujates

      From 1758 baptism of Petrus Brieder of Petrus Breider and Ursula witness Petro Hoff civi jujatis: 20 August 1758

      Marriage: Bachelor Petrus Hoff of Joannes Hoff and A Margarethe to virgo Marie of Petre Debous (?) and Anna Elizabeth, witnesses Petre Franz and Philippi Henriech Berger, 27 December 1730


      1. Andreas Hoff of Petri Hoff and Anna Marie 11-18 September 1732 witness Andreas Lethern adoles son of N Lether ----- and Anna Marie Schon daughter of Francisco Shon
        Death: Andreas Hoff of Petri Hoff 2 years 6 August 1733

      2. Maria Elizabeth Hoff (1734-) and Peter Forster

        Birth: Marie Elizabethe Hoff of Petri Hoff and Anna Marie 4-6 January 1734, witness Marie Elizabeth Fillman(in) p.t occonoma Ach(pt) Dn Parochi in Heffheim trans Rhein


        • Maria Elizabeth virguncula filia of Peter Hoff to Marie Elizabeth Trunhes of Adamin Trunhes (?) Murary and Christina 22 February 1748
        • Marie Elizabeth of Arnold Berger and Anna Maria 28 December 1752 witness Marie Elizabeth Hoff daughter of Peter Hoff

        Note : Peter Hoff was the witness to the baptism of Peter Trunher of Jois Adami Trunher and Maria Christina 23-24 August 1750

        Marriage: Virgin Maria Elizabeth of Petre Hoff and Anna Maria to bachelor Petrus Forster of deceased Christopher Forster and Gertrude 19 April 1755 witness Peter Hoff Sponse parentes and Henrici Linler -----

      3. Catherine Hoff of Peter and Anna Marie 17-18 August 1736 witness Catherine wife of Caroli Redinger
        Death: Marie Catherine Hoff of Petri Hoff 8 years ----, 6 August 1744

      4. Elizabeth of Peter Hoff and Anna Marie 22-23 November 1738, witness Elizabeth Ludwig(in) n absensia --- Anna Marie Ludwig(in)

        Witness: Anna Elizabethe virgin daughter of Peter Hoff and Anna Maria witness to baptism of Anna Elizabeth Brieder of Peter Brieder and Maria Ursula Janson 28-29 March 1752

      5. Joannes Caroli Hoff of Petri Hoff and Anna Marie 8-9 March, 1741 witness Joannes Caroli Redenger (see Phillip Hoff)
        Death: Joes Caroly Hoffs of Petri Hoffs 1 1/2 years, September 8, 1741

      6. Caroli Hoff of Petri Hoff and Anna Marie 22-23, December 1746, witness Caroli Rudinger --- murater in Henfarfen --- more that I can't read
        Death: Caroly Hoff son of Petri Hoff -- years 13 May 1748

      Death of Peter Hoff: Petrus Hoff age 60 July 13, 1765

      Death of Anna Maria Hoff: Anna Maria Hoff of deceased Petri Hoff widow, age 67 18 November 1770

    4. Maria Catherine of Jois von Hoff and Anna Margarethe wife 16 August 1711 witness Marie Catherine Rudinger(in) von (cannot read)

    Anna Margarethe Hoff as a witness: Anna Margarethe Schaffer of Conradi Schaffer 30-31 December 1734 witness Anna Margarethe wife of Joannes Hoff

    Death of Johann Hoff: Joannes Hoff 9 March 1735 age 68 (c1667)

    Death of Margarethe Hoff: Anna Margaretta Hoff reliceta conjuse vidua of Joannes Hoff 25 March 1753 no age


    Joannes Hoff adolescens age 18, 6 April 1720

    Wilhemlus Hoff atatis semtis poctias et exma unctionis subventy fa-n -y naxim ex indispositione corporis sumere impedity fuit 7 November 1724 no age

    Note: As far as I can make out the body may not have been in good condition. Atat(is) = Alas - semtis = ?? - poctias = ?? - exma = ? removed? - unctionis = anointe(d) - subventy (subvenio) = help or succour - fa-n = ? - sy naxim = ?to express purpose? - ex = out of - indispostion = diorderly - corpious = body - sumere (sum) = was - impedity (impendio) = hinderance. Any Latin scholars that can help with this?

    Phillipi Henry Hoff ____ 19 March 1747 age 55 (1692)

    Marie Elizabeth Hoff daughter of Petri Hoff and Anna Marie 10(16?) years, 4April 1755


    Anna Eva Hoff(in) married Joannes Wendelen Görtz January (day) 1701

    See Görtz

    Mathias von Hoff and Margarethe




    1. Catherine of Matthias von Hoff and Margarethe witness Catherine von Hoff oxoris patri [wife of the father ???] January 3 1683

    2. Joanna filia of Matthias von Hofen and his wife Margarethe witness Joanna wife of Jois Pans---y 18 September 1684

    3. Anna Maria of Mathias von Hoff no wife listed witness Anna Maria Lampert(in) 25 March 1690

    Child of Mathias von Hoff and Maria Magdelena:

    1. Magdelena of Matthias von Hoff and Maria Magdelena wintess Magdelena Jomol---- 7 August 1691


    Anna Barbara of Franz von Hoff mother Agatha Hoff ?? witness Anna Barbara wife of Joannes Lill 27 august, 1687

    Joannes Anton Hoff and Anna Elizabeth 23 January 1710, witness Joannes Lritz (?)


    Joannes von Hoff witness to the baptism of Joannes son of Caspari Oswald and Marie Magdelena 12 Maarch 1695

    Later Baptisms

    Catherine Elizabeth Huff of Joseph Huff and Anna 11, January 1772, witness Elizabeth Huff of Hockensheim

    Joannes Gloyes (?) of Joseph Huefs and Anna witness Joanne Sattler Scabini hujate 23, September 1772


    • Unfortunately, many cemeteries in Germany removed the old graves and grave markers (if they existed) to make room for new burials. Consequently there are not many old grave markers in modern cemeteries. The cemeteries that we have visited are lovingly maintained with beautiful flowers. Herrnsheim's cemetery was no exception. We did not find any Göhle graves. There were a few new graves for Harbauers and the Arnold and Bardong names were very common. The only older tombstones were for former burgermeisters. There were also a few older markers for fallen soldiers - including one for Bardong and one for Harbauer.
    • There were several listings for Harbauer in the Worms phone book for 2007.
    • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim. The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes ended with "e". Most female names ended with "a".


    Maria Agnes Weigand daughter of Gerhard Weigand and Angela of Osthofen married J Wilhelm Hoff in Herrnsheim in 1698.

    Note: The LDS records for Osthofen include Evangelical records from 1577-1725 on microfilm #1457619 and Catholic records from 1721-1798 on microfilm #0948720. The Catholic records are too late for arie Agnes Weigand, but the name appears to be fairly common in Osthofen and some connection may be made.

    Osthofen May (day?) 1730 marriage Joannes Weigandt widow of Monte Hersheim and Maria Catherine Joannis Gerogi Frolich militis et (can't read on word) 22 March 1722 (?) defuncti relicta vidua (more I cannot read) Westhofen witness Jocobus Berchenhopp etn Hoannes Henrici _ibenaur ex ambo incola in Mont Hernheim Osthofen film #0948720


    The Birthplace of Peter Goehle and his ancestors.


    Peter Goehle in New York City

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    Goehle in Herrnsheim

    Louise Harbauer married Franz Goehle. They were the parents of Peter Goehle who immigrated to New York City. For more information on the Goehles in Herrnsheim go to Goehles in Herrnsheim


    Magdelena Scheer married Lorenz Harbauer, they were the parents of Louisa Harbauer who married Franz Goehle. For more information on the Scheers go to Scheer


    Franziska Heyl was married to Wendelin Hartbauer, their son, Lorenz Hartbauer was the father of Louise Hartbauer who married Franz Goehle. For more information on the Harbauers in Herrnsheim go to Harbauer


    Phillip Heyl married Anne Marie Margareth Wallreuther. For more information on the Heyls in Herrnsheim go to Heyl

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