Gortz, Herrnsheim, Germany

Goehle Herrnsheim
Herrnsheim, Pictures

Gortz in Herrnsheim, Germany

The name was spelt Gertz, Gortz, Görtz, Goertz, Goetz, Götz

Johann George Gertz ★ (1654-1723) and Catherine _______ ★

Birth: 1654 based on age of 69 at death in 1723.

Marriage: Catherine Unknown

Before 1683 when she was listed as the mother of Maria Catherine. She was not listed as the mother a the birth of Joannes Wendellin Gertz in 1680.


  1. [Johann] Wendelen Gertz★ (1680-1729), Anna Eva Hoff & Anna Maria Hagh (Haag)★

    Birth: Wendell filus of George Gertz, no mother listed, witness adolescent Wendell (can't read) 1680

  2. Marriage: Joannes Wendelen Görtz married Anna Eva Hoff(in) January 5, 1701 - no other info.

    Children of Wendelen Gertz and Anna Maria Hoff:

    1. Matthias Gertz (1701-1759) and Maria Elizabethe Conrad

      Birth: Matthias Gertz of Joes Wendelin Gertz and Anna Eva 28 August 1701 (or 1702), witness Matthias Huber

      Occupation: Lanisoris"lanio"=butcher

      Marriage: Bachelor Matthias Gertz of Wendelin Gertz to virgini Marie Elizabeth of Christian Conrad murary et sulati hujates witness Phillipi Henrici Conrad and Francisco Hail scabius plure-- (more words) 3 October 1730. Note: Matthias' father J. Wedelin died in 1729. Philip Henry Conrad was also the witness to the marriage of Catherine, daughter of Mathias Gertz in 1762 and Catherine Elizabeth daughter of Mathias Gretz in 1766, see below.


      1. Joannes Laurentus Gertz of Matthias Gertz and M Elizabeth 26-27 December 1731, witness Laurentus Dirigo---

        See marriage and children of Johann Laurence under Valentine below.

      2. Marie Joanna Gertz(in) of Matthias Gertz and Marie Elizabeth 18-20 February, 1734 witness Marie Joanna Schmidt - of Petris Schmidt

        Death: Maria Joanna Gertz daughter of Mathias Gertz 23 May 1741

      3. Catherine Gertz (1736-) and Joannes Theodore Lentz

        Birth: Catherine Gertz(in) of Matthias Gertz and Marie Elizabeth 5-6 October 1736 witness Catherine wife of Philippi Henrici Conrad

        Marriage: Virgin Catherine Gertz of deceased Mathias Gertz and Elizabethe to bachelor Joannes Theodore Lentz of Joannes Lentz and Christina 2 April 1762, witnesses Philip Henrici Conrad et alys

        Children: Not in Herrnsheim

      4. Catherine Elizabeth Gertz (17??-) and Joannes George Armed

        Birth: Catherine Elizabeth

        Witness: Catherine Schaffer of Joannes Schaffer and Maria Elizabeth 20-21 December 1755 witness Catherin Gertz(in) daughter of Mathias Gertz

        Witness: Catherine Elizabeth Conrad of Philippi Henrici Conrad and Maria Elizabeth 10 December 1762, witness Catherine Elizabeth Gertz(in) daughter of defuncti Mathias Gertz filia relecta

        Marriage: Virgin Catherine Elizabeth Gertz of deceased Mathias Gertz and Maria Elizabethe to bachelor Joannes George Armed of Joannes Armed murary et civis in Weshofenz and Margarethe Anna 15 June 1766 witnesses Joannes Arned sponse patre Philippi Henrici Conrad and Theodoro Letz et alys

        Children: Not in Herrnsheim

      5. Maria Elizabeth Gertz (1738-) and Joannes Bertz

        Birth: Marie Elizabeth of Mathias Gertz and Marie Elizabeth 13-14 March 1738 witnesses Marie Elizabeth daughter of Francisca Hail

        Witness: Maria Elizabeth Gertz daughter of Mathias Gertz to Maria Elizabeth Heppe of Pauli Heppe and Anna Margarethe 12-13 July 1754

        Marriage: Virgin Elizabeth Gertz of Mathias Gertz defuncte and Elizabeth to Joannes Bertz of Joannes Bertz defuncte and Magdelena 21 June 1763 witnesses Antonio Bertz and Joannes Theordore Letz et alys

      6. Philippi Henricus Gertz of Mathias Gerts and Marie Elizabeth 17-18, March 1742, witness, Philippi Henricus Conrad

        Death: Phillippi Henrici Gertz of Mathias age 5 years 19 March 1748

      Witness: Laurenz Ganzer of Michael Gantzer satoris and Regina 17-18 May 1750 witness Laurenctius adolecent son of Mathias Gertz lanisoris [butcher]

      Death: Mathias Goertz age 58 13 May 1759 (1701)

      Death: Marie Elizabeth Gertz of Mathias Gertz widow age 64, 21 January 1767 (1703)

    2. Anna Margarethe Gertz (1703-) and Jacobus Franz

      Birth: Anna Margarethe of Jois Wendelini Gertz and Anna witness Anna Margarethe Bardon July -- 1703

      Marriage: Margarethe Gert(in) of Wendelini Gertz and Eva p. m. (page turned cannot read) to Jacobus Frantz son of Wilhelm Frantz and Barbara 6 August 1725, witness Wilhelm Frantz and Wendelini Gertz

      Children: No children baptized in Herrnsheim

    3. Jois Fridericus of Wendelini Gorts and Anna Eva 3 (?) September 1707 witness, Jois Fridericus (cannot read)

    4. Henricus Gortz of Wendelin and Anna Eva Gortz witness Henricus Enger September (day) 1708

    5. Death: Henricus Gortz of Wendelini and Anna filiolen 8 mes-s, 1709

    6. Anna Regina Gertz (17??-) and Michael Ganser

      Birth: Anna Regina

      Marriage: Youngman Michael Ganser son of Martini Ganser p.m. scabini et civis in Lupheim eratis et argentinen-is and his wife Maria to Anna Regina Gertz(in) daughter of Wendelini Gertz and Eva, witnesses Wendelini Gertz, Mathias Huber and Simone Frunck 9 May 1724

      Note: Same day as Joannes Valentine Gertz son of Geroge.


      1. Gertrude of Michael Ganzer satoris and Regina 23-35 February 1725, witness Gertrude Schmidt wife of Henry Schmidt
        Death; Gertrude Ganser(in) of Michael Ganser satoris filiola 3 February 1728
      2. Maria Francisca of Micahel Ganser satoris and Regina 9-10 October 1727 witness Maria Francisca filia Joannes Sehlig Newuhausen
      3. Catherine Ganser of Miacheal and Regina Ganser 1-3 March 1731 witness Catherine Conrad wife of Philippi Henrici Conrad
      4. Edwaldus Ganzer of Michael and Regina 13-14 December 1733 witness Joannes Ewaldo Schmidt
      5. Joannes Gantzer of Maichael Gantzer and Regina 16-17 February 1737 witness Joannes Hagenauer civi hujate
      6. Joannes Carlos Ganser of Michael and Regina 4-5 April 1739, witness Joannes Carlos Hagenauer son of Jacobi Hagenauer
      7. Maria Elizabeth Fantzer of Michael satoris and Anna Regina 10-11 February 1742 witness Maria Elizabeth filia Petri Ziphoff
      8. Anna Maria Ganser daughter of Michael Ganser 3 May 1744 Death listed twice.
      9. Maria Ganzor of Michael and Anna Regina 8-9 December 1744 witness Maria Ludivica virgo Michael Ludivico p. m. relect filia
      10. Anna Maria Gantzer of Michael and Anna Regina 27-28 June 1746 witness Anna Maria Ludwegin relecta filia Michael Ludwig
        Death: Anne Marie daughter of Michael Ganser infant 10 July 1746
      11. Larencius Gantzer of Michael and Regina 17-18 May 1750 witness Larencius son of Mathias Gertz lanisis 1750
    Death of Anna Eva Hoff Gertz:

    Anna Eva Gertz wife of Wendelini Gertz (cannot read, squeezed in and very small) 20 October 1710

    Marriage of Johann Wendelen Gertz to Anna Marie Haag: Joannes Wendeleni Görtz with the virgini Anna Maria Hag(in) of Walteri Hag(h?) and Anna Catherine, day ? month? 1710. Note: The day and month are not clear. However, the marriage is the last entry for 1710.

    Children of Wendelen Gertz and Anna Marie Haag:

    Valentine (1711), Valentine (1713), Adelheide (171?), Christopher (1715), Agnes (1718), Maria Joannata (1719) Anna Maria (1722), Maria Francisca (1723) and Catherine (1726)

    1. Valentine of Wendeleni Görtz and Anna Maria witness Valentino Görtz ecclisia hujatis jurat, 29 August 1711

      Death: Another Valentine was baptized in 1713

    2. Valentine Goertz★ (c 1713 - 1765) and Catherine Elizabethe ______ ★

      Note: In several records he was listed as Valintine Junior However, as explained by Charles Kerchner on his very informative web site:

      "The term "Senior" and "Junior" following a name did not necessarily imply a father and son relationship, as it does now. It could have been an uncle and nephew who had the same name and lived near each other. It could be a grandfather and a grandchild living together, where the father has died. It could even be two unrelated individuals with the same name but of different ages who lived near each other. So to help friends and business associates keep track of who-was-who in their discussions and records, they added on the "Sr." or "Jr." which merely meant the older and the younger, respectively."
      18th Century PA German Naming Customs

      Birth: Valentine of Wendolini Gertz and Anna Maria witness Valentino Gertz ecclisia hujatis jurati, September -- 1713

    3. Occupation: civis hujas per death record in 1765

      Marriage: Catherine Elizabeth ________ (widow of Michael Johann Hernsha (sp?))

      Valentine Gertz son of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria to Catherine Elizabeth relecta vidua of Michaeles Joannes Hernsha no witness dispensation 18 February 1742 Liebfrauen, Worms

      Information as listed by Family Search: Valentinus Gertz Groom birth date: Groom age: Bride name: Catharina Elisabetha ( no last name) Bride birth date: Bride age: Residence: Worms, Rheinhessen, Hessen-Darmstadt Event place: Liebfrauen Katholisch, Worms, Rheinhessen, Hesse-Darmstadt Event date: 18 Feb 1742 Father of groom name: Wendelini Gertz Mother of groom name: Annae Mariae Father of bride name: Mother of bride name: Groom prev wife name note: Groom previous wife name: Bride previous husband name note: prev married Bride previous husband name: UDE batch number: M96652-1 Film number: 996678


      1. Peter circa 1742

        Death: Petris Gertz son of Valintine Gertz, junior, age 10, (month and day) 1751

      2. Maria Barbara of Valentine Gertz and Catherine Elizabeth 10 - 12 April 1745 witness Maria Barbara daughter of Joannis Oswald

        Death: Maria Barbara Gertz of deceased Valentine Gertz daughter 11 October 1770 age 25 (1745)

      3. Johan Laurenz Gertz (1749-) and Anna Maria _________

        Birth: Joannes Laurentius Gertz son of Valentino Gertz junior and Catherine Elizabeth witness Laurentus Hagenauer 23 May 1749

        Occupation: Butcher per 1773 baptism of son, Philip Jacob

        Marriage: Anna Maria Unknown


        1. Maria Anna Gertz of Laurentus Gertz and Anna Maria 3 September 1769, witness Maria Anna Schnazin ex Eyeh (no other information)
          Death: Maria Anna of Laurencius Gertz age 20 days 27 September 1769

        2. Joannes Adami Gertz of Laurentus Gertzi carnarius [butcher] and Anna Maria witness Joannes Adami Hoffman Eich, 1 March 1771

        3. Philippi Jacobi Gertz of Laurentus Gertz lanionis [lanio=butcher] and Anna Maria 14 November 1773 witness Philippi Jacobo Lentz of Theodore Lentz coloni o p--d er (page turned) D. L. B. De Dahlberg coloni filiolo
          Death: Philippi Jacobi Gertz of Lauentius Gertz 2 years December 27 1775

        4. Johannes Petrus Gertz of Laurentius Gertz and Anna Maria 22 January 1776 witness Joannes Petro Franz civi hujades

        5. Anna Catherine of Laurentus Gertz and Anna Maria 19 August 1778 Anna Catherine Zoeller dufuncte ---- Zoeller filia legitima

        Note: The records could also have been for the son of Matthias born in 1731. However this would have made him age 47 at the birth of Anna Catherine in 1778. The records could also reflect a combination of the two Johann Larences.

      4. Margarethe Goertz (1752 -)★ and Johann Goehle★

        Birth: 03.12.1752

        Margarethe Gertz of Valentine Gertz and Catherine Elizabeth 3-5 December 1752 witness, Margarethe Jung, virgin

        Marriage: Johann Goehle 24.98.1779

        Children: Margarethe Elizabeth (1780), Carl Franz (1789), and Adam (1792)

        See Goehle in Herrnsheim

      Witness: Valentine Ertelmeyer of Petri Ertelmeyer and Margarethe 17 July 1747 witness Valentine Gertz avus infantes

      Death of Valentine Goertz: Valentine Gertz civis hujas age 59, 7 September 1765 (1706)

      Death of Catherine Elizabeth Gertz:

    4. Adelheide Gertz (170?-1765) and Joannes Erdelmeyer

      Birth: Adelhedis of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria witness Adelhidus R(?)engeren son of Adam ? engarle vica jyiplus n---

      Marriage: Virgin Adelheide Gertz of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria to bachelor Joannes Erdelmeyer sartor [tailor] of George Erdelmeyer and Anna Catherine 25 November 1732 witnesses Philippi Henrici Erdelmeyer and Mathias Gertz fratre spose [brother of the spouse] (word)

      Note: Johann Peter Ertelmeyer the son of George and Catherine married Anna Margarethe Gertz, the daughter of Valentine Gertz, senior, and Marie Magdelena in 1734.


      1. Maria Elizabetha Ertelmeyer of Oannes Ertelmeyer and Adelhardis 3-5 September 1735 witness Maria Elizabetha wife of Mathias Gertz
      2. Death: Marie Barbara Ertelmeyer of Jannes and Adehiesen wife age 22 years 8 January 1762
      3. Death: Catherine of Joannes Ertelmeyer infant 28 November 1749
      4. Death: Francisca daughter of Joannes Erdermeyer 20 November 1750
      Death of Joannes Ertelmeyer

      Death of Adehides Ertelmeyer: Adeheidis Ertelmeyer surviving widow of Joannes Ertlemeyer 56 years March 12, 1765 (1709)

    5. Christopher Gertz (1715-1775) Appolonia Engor and Elizabeth Scheider

      Birth: Christopherus Gertz son of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria witness Christopher Haag . Note: Haag - Hag (h?), 2 (month - third to last listing in 1715), 1715

      Marriage: Christopher Gertz of Wendelin Gertz and Anna Maria wife to Apollonia of Heinrich Engor, witnesses Mathias Gertz and Eberhard Kottman, 17 February 1740

      Note: Mathias was Christopher's brother


      1. Maria Anna Gertz and Lorenze Geyer

        Marriage: Virgin Maria Anna daughter of Xphor Gertz and Apolonia deceased to Laurencus Geyer, widow, 19 April 1768 witness Xpher Gertz and George Kuhn and Adami Weyler

      Death of Apollonia Gertz: Maria Apollonia Gertz of Christopher Gertz age 60 years 17 February 1760 (1700)

      Marriage: Christopher Goertz, widow, to virgini Elizabeth Scheider of Thomas Scheider civi in Gindsheim ?? and Marie Magdelena deceased wife, witnesses Peter Schweizer and Phillipi Henrici Kuhn, July 12, 1764


      1. Antonio Caroli Gertz of Christopher Gertz and Elizabetha 7 July 1765, witness Antoniu Carli Schembs of Henirici Schembs victoris filiolo

        Death: 4 September 1765 Antonius Carolini Gertz of Christopher son

      2. Antonius Carlos Gertz December 28 1766 domi propter periculum of Christopher Gertz and Elizabeth witness Antonio Carlo Schembs of Henrici

      3. Anna Catherine of Christopher Gertz and Elizabetha 17 February 1770 witness Anna Catherine Kalt defunti Petri Kalt relecta filia

      Death: Elizabethe Gorz of Christopher "Gorz" age 40 31 March 1772 (1732)

      Death of Christopher Gertz: Christopher Gertz January 7 1775 widow age 62 (1713)

    6. Agnes Gertz of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria 24-25 June 1718, witness Agnete Herm-- (page turned)

    7. Maria Joannata Gertz of Wendelini and Anna Maria 7 - 9 August 1719, witness Maria Joanna Mezgar ex Rheinducheim wife of Jois George Metzgar

    8. Anna Maria Gertzin of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria 13 - 14 March, 1722, witness Anna Maria Glatsin

    9. Maria Francisca Gertz (1723-) and Johann Sterhe

      Birth: Maria Francisca of Wendelin Gertz and Anna Maria 10-12 February 1723, witness Maria Francisca Huber wife of Mathias Huber

      Marriage: Virgin Francisca Gertz daughter of Wendolene Gertz and "A" Maria to widow Joannes Sterhe 17 February 1744 witness Herman Schottler and Joanne Ertelmeyer


      1. Marie Margarethe Sterhe of Joannes Sterhe and Francisca 12-14 June 1747 witness Marie Margarether Scheck daughter of Peter Scheck p. m. scabini hujates
      2. Anna Elizabeth Steihe of Joannes Steihe and Francisca 4-5 January 1750 witness Anna Elizabeth Bernard daughter of Peter Bernard
      3. Maria Juliana Steih(in) of Joannes and Francisca 12-13 February 1756 witness virgin Juliana W--bufen ex Grunstadt
    10. Catherine Gertz (1726-) and Joanne Depper

      Birth: Catherine of Wendelini Gertz and Anna 27-28 April 1726 witness Catherine Baur(in) daughter of Andrea Bauer

      Marriage: Virgin Catherine Gertz(in) p.m. Wendolin Gertz and Anna Maria to Joannes George Depper p.m. Joannes Depper and Margarethe in colaru Bensheim ad serada Montana 22 February 1751 witnesses Peter Stutz and Christopher Gertz et que aliou

    11. Children: None in Herrnsheim

    Death of Johann Wendelin Gertz: Jois Wendelini Gertz age 50 (or 53) 7 January 1729 (1679)

    Death of Anna Maria Hage Gertz:

  3. Margarethe Gertz (c 1680-) and Henry Enger

    Birth: Married the same day as Wendelin Gertz. Wendelin's wife, Anna Maria, was the witness to the baptism of Margarethe's daughter in 1724.

    Marriage: Margaretha Görtz(in) married Henericus Enger (cannot read several words) January 5 1701 Note: Same day as Wendelen Görtz.


    1. Joannes Valentius son of Jois Henrici Enger and Anna Margarthe 12 February 1701(?) witness Joannes Valentines Gertz
    2. Henrici of Henrici Enger and Anna Margarethe 22 August 1704 witness Henry Sh--ms
      Further Records: He married and had children in Herrnsheim
      1. Henrici Enger of Henrici Enger and d Maria Barbara 1 March 1755
        Death: Henrici Enger junior age 35 15 Febraury 1735 (age at death is off)
    3. Jois George son of Henrici Enger and Margarethe no day August 1707 witness Jois George (?) [could be Gertz]
    4. Elizabeth Enger(in) of Henrici and "A" Margarethe ? April 1709 witness Elizabeth Wenesheimer
    5. George of Henrici Enger and Margarethe 29 July 1712 witness George Vogt adolescent
    6. Joannis Jacobus of Henrici Enger and Anna Margarethe 14-16 May 1716 witness Joannes Jacobo Dannfald
    7. Valentine En"v"er of Henrici En"g"er and Anna Margarethe 6 March 1719 witness Valentine Platz
    8. Joannes of Henrici Enger and Anna Margarethe 31 July 1 Aug 1720 witness Joannes Serb (?)
    9. Anna Maria of Henrici Enger and Anna Margarethe 17 February 1724 witnessAnna Maria wife of Wendeline Gertz

  4. Maria Christina of Jois George Gertz and Catherine 22 September 1683 witness Maria Margarethe filia (can't read)

  5. Elizabetha daughter of Jois George Gertz his wife, Catherine, witness Elizabetha daughter of (cannot read) 21 May 1686

  6. Matthias of Joannis George Gertz and Catherine witness Matthias von Gertz wife Anna 21 June 1687

Death: 1723 Joannus Georgius Gertz communitat hujus Artehignanus omniby hemtis provisy postquam viserat annos septuagimta minus unuon (70 years minus one 1723-69=1654)

Death of Catherine ____ Gertz:

Odd Records Connected to Johann George Gertz

Johann George Gertz and Regina ___

Note: Regina Gertz, the wife of Johann Geroge Gertz was the witness to to the baptism of Ann Regina the daughter of Valentine Gertz (son of Caspar) in 1713.

Birth: No later than 1674 based on an age of 20 at the birth of Maria Magdelena in 1694.

Marriage: Regina


  1. Maria Magdelena of Jois Georgy Gortz et Regina his wife, witness Maria Magdelena Joann----- (cannot read several words), February (blot) 1694

Witness: Regina the wife of Jois George Gertz was the witness to the baptism of Anna Regina the daughter of Valentine Gertz and his wife Anna Magdelena in 1713.

Johann George Gertz and Anna Margarethe ___

Birth: No later than 1680 based on an age of 20 at the estimated birth of his son Valintine.

Marriage: Anna Margarethe


  1. Valentine no later than 1704, based on an age of 20 at his marriage in 1724.

    Marriage of Valentine Gertz son of George Gertz and Anna Margarethe: Joannes Valentinus Görtz son of Georgy Görtz and Anna Margarethe his wife to Anna Maria Kuhn(in) daughter of Petri Kuhn and Christina p.m. ej--dum wife, present Joanne Kramer and Georgio Schaffer (cannot read two words) 9 May 1724

[Johann] Caspar Gortz (1649-1720), Catherina Linch [Lineh?], Elizabeth _______ , and Gertrude Runemenn

Birth: C. 1649. No later than 1649, based on an age of 20 at the marriage to Catherine Linch. 1653 based on his age at death.

Marriage: 3 January 1670 (several words I cannot read) Ecelio ceremony Catholica Honrdtus et virtus adolescens Caspar Gertz cum honesta virgini Catherina Linch(en) [Lineh(in)] (word) Catholica


  1. A filus Joannes Caspari Gertz Catherine witness Jois Caspari Hoffmeister Cath. patriti noen m January ? 1671

  2. Anna Margrethe filia of Joannes Caspare Gertz no wife witness Margarethe wife of Millius? (can't read) January 1676

Death of Catherine Gertz: ??????? I did not find a death for Catherine Gertz between 1671 and 1683.

Marriage to Elizabeth _________ : Elizabethe ________


Marriages are scant or missing from 1673 to 1682.


  1. Caspar Gertz (c 1680) and Catherine __

    Birth 1665 based on his death record. No later than 1680 based on an age of 20 at the birth of his first known child in 1700. Most likely the son of Johann Caspar senior.

    Note: The brother of Valentine Gertz per 1721 marriage of Catherine the daughter of Caspar.

    Marriage of Caspar Gertz to Catherine:


    1. Catherine Gertz (c. 1701-) and Peter Bernard

      Birth: Catherine of Caspari and Catherine

      Marriage: 15 September 1721 Honest adolescent of Petrus Bernard relictus ligiti-- filio son of Udatrici Bernard and Anna Maria his wife to the honest virgin Catherine Gertz daughter of Caspari Gertz and Catherine his wife, witnesses -enthly(?) Casparo Gertz sponsa parente [bride's parent (father)] and Valentine Gertz patruo [father's brother]


      1. Anna Elizabeth Bernard of Petri and Catherine 29-30 October 1725 witness Anna Elizabeth Gohrr(in) wife of Antoni Gohr
      2. Anna Margarethe Bernard(in) of Petri and Catherine 1-2 May 1728 witness Anna Margaretheaughter of Valentine Gertz
        Death: Maria Margarethe Bernard of Petro Pertnad 13 September 1937 age 9 years
      3. Catherine of J Petri and Catherine 12-13 July 1730 witness Catherine Schwine virgo ex Horcheim
      4. Edwaldus of Peter and Catherine 5-7 July 1732 witness Edwaldus Krumbecher

    2. Regina of Jois Caspari Gertz and Anna Catherine his wife, 24 April, 1700, witness Regina wife of Georgi Gertz

      Note: See George below.

    3. Johann George Gertz of Joannis Caspari and Catherine witness Jois George Gertz 29 August 1702

    4. Magdelena Gertz of Jois Caspari Gertz and Catherine his wife witness Magdelena Gertz 28 September 1705

      Death: Magdelena Gertz virgo [unmarried] age 49 relecta filia [surviving daughter] of Jaannes Caspare Gertz and Catherine 7 November 1754 (1705) Note: Age at death may not be correct.

    Death: Jois Caspare Gertz age 70 years 11 February 1735 (c1665). There is no other information on this death record.

  2. Margaretha filia of Caspare Gertz 12? February 1680 no wife witness Margarethe wife of (can't read)

  3. Valentine Balthasar Gertz, Senior, (1683-) and Magdelena G[?]ei-pl

    Birth: Valentine Balthasar son of Jois Caspari Gertz and his wife Elizabeth 3 October 1683, witness Balthasar Bovery (?) several words I cannot read.

    Occupation: Scabini and jurate ecclesia

    Marriage: 1705 Adolescens [young man] Valentine Gortz --- married virigini Anna Magdelena G[?]ei-pl(in)


    1. George Freidrich of Valentine Görtz and Anna Magdelena 6 September 1707 witness George Friderico Rieser (cannot read one word)
      Death: George Frederich Gortz of Valentine Gortz fill - un anni death September -, 1708

    2. Anna Margarethe Goertz (1709 -) and Johann Peter Erdelmeyer

      Birth: Anna Margarethe Görts(in) of Valentine and Anna Margarethe witness Anna Margarethe Kifesen 10 March 1709

      Marriage: Virgin Anna Margarethe Gertz daughter of Valentine Gertz scabini et jurato ecclessia and Maria Magdelena to Joannes Petrus Erdelmeyer son of George Erdelmeyer and Catherine 31 August 1734

      Note: Adelheide Gertz the daughter of Wendelini Gertz and Anna Maria married Joannes Erdelmeyer sartor [tailor] son of George Erdelmeyer and Anna Catherine 25 November 1732 witnesses Philippi Henrici Erdelmeyer and Mathias Gertz fratre spose [brother of the spouse]


      1. Joannes Wilhelm Erdelmeyer of Petri Erdelmeyer and Anna Margaretha 23-34 March 1734, witness nobili et clanformis Dominus Joannes Wilhelm Bleses Harnsheim et Abenheim satraria [saddler]
      2. Michael Ertelmeyer of Petri and Margaretha 28-29 September 1739 witness D Michael R-her ludi magestri
      3. Joannes Georgus Ertelmeyer of Petri and Anna Margaretha 23-24 September 1742 witness Joannes George Ziphoff son of Petri Ziphoff Humanionimus f-- li der verga S Dudsosus ???
      4. Anna Maria of Petri and Margarethe Ertelmeyer 19 July 1745 witness A Maria Marggraff (cannot read)
      5. Valentine of Petri and Margarethe Ertlemeyer 17 July 1747 witness Valentine Gertz avier infant [grandfather of the infant]
      6. Joannes of Petri Ertlemayer and Margaretha 25-26 October 1750 witness Joannes Kranbrich satori
    3. Anna Regina of Valentine Görtz and Anna Magdelena 25 March 1711 Witness Anna Regina wife of Joanny Georgy Gertz

      Note: See Joannes George Gertz below.

      Death: Anna Regina daughter of Valentine Gertz and Anna Magdelena 14 August 1714

    4. Maria Elizabetha of Valentine Gortz and Magdelena 26 August 1713, witness Maria Elizabetha Heplinger(in)

      Witness: Marie Elizabeth Kottemer of Eberhart Kottemer (or ll) 3-5 February 1742 witness Marie Elizabeth daughter of Valentine Gertz

    5. Anna Marie Gertz(in) of Valentine Gertz and Anna Magdelena 10-10 February 1716, witness Anna Maria Janson(in) wife of Jacobi Janson

      Death: Another Anna Maria in 1728

    6. Peter Paul Goertz (1719 - 1777) and Magdelena Burchard (Bruchard?)

      Birth: Petrus Paulus Gertz of Valentine Gertz and Magdelena wife January -- 1719 witness Petrie Paulo Gorb

      Marriage: Young man Peter Paul Goertz of Valentine Goertz and Magdelena defuntorum coniugum relectus fulius [Valentine, senior died in 1751, Magdelena died in 1758] to virgini Gertrude Burchard of deceased George Bruchart and surviving spouse Catherine Elizabeth, witnesses, Peter Ertelmeyer and Petro Schmidt, July 8, 1764


      Death of Peter Paul Goertz: Petris Paulus Goertz civi hajua et scabini age 58, March 30, 1777

    7. Christopher Gertz (1721 - ) and Marie Elizabeth _____

      Birth: Christophrus Gertz of Valentine Gertz and Anna Magdelena 24-27 December 1721, witnesses Christopherus Holzemer son of Phillip Holzemer

      Marriage: Abenheim October 4, 1763, with a dispensation of (can't read) honorable adolescent Christopher Gertz, son of Valentine Gertz and Magdelena, pp mm conjun-- incolar- in Herrnsheim to honorable virgin Maria Elizabethe of Joannes Geroge p m scabini hujatis relecta vidua pres--s et testibiu Valentin (can't read) and scabine (can't read)

    8. Anna Maria Gertz (1728-) and Jacob Conrad

      Birth: Anne Marie Gertz of Valentine Gertz scabini et jurate ecclesia and Magedelena 1-2 January 1728 witness Anna Marie Janson

      Marriage: Virgin Anna Maria Gertz of Valentine Gertz deceased and Magdelena relecta to bachelor Jacobi Conrad son of Anton Caonrad and Catherine defuncte relecta day October 1761 witnesses Henrici Conrad and Petro Ertelmeyer et alys

    Valentine as a witness:
    • Valentinus Gortz son of Caspari Gortz was the witness to the baptism of Valentinus son of Joannes Gortz and his wife Maria "670" November 1695
    • Jois Valentini Gertz witness to baptism of Joannes Valentini of Jois Henricius Enger and Anna Maria his wife, 12, February 1702. Note: Margarethe Gertz married Henricus Enger January 1701. I do not know who Margarethe Gertz was. Could be the datugher of Caspar born in 1676.
    • Valentine of Wendeleni Gertz and Anna Maria witness Valentino Gertz ecclisia hujatis jurat, 29 August 1711
    • Valentine of Wendolini Gertz and Anna Maria witness Valentino Gertz ecclisia hujatis jurati, September -- 1713
    • 15 September 1721 Petrus Bernard (two words) son of Udatrici Bernard and Anna Maria his wife to the Honest virgin Catherine Gertz daughter of Caspari Gertz and Catherine his wife, witnesses -enthly(?) Casparo Gertz Lyonrx (?) parco-ae and Valentine Gertz Patruo [relating to the father]
    • 6 May 1721 marriage of Valentine Stutz of Joannes Stutz and Anna Maria to Gertrude Dehehl of Bartholomus Demehl and Agatha witness Valentine Gertz and Joann Bars and Joanne Autz
    • 1724 October 1724 marriage of Anton Dehler of Georgy Dehler and Catherina to Anna Maria Glatz(in) of Jocobi Glatz and Joanna witnesses D Georus Kock and Valentine Gertz cives scabino Hernsheimer ( faded word)

    Death of Valentine Gertz: Valentine Gertz 1 July 1751 age 69 (1682).

    Death of Magdelena Gertz: Magdelena Gortz of deceased Valentine Gortz relicta vidua age 72 March (day) 1758 (1687)

  4. Jacobi of Caspari Gertz witness Jacobi Coneli (too dark and the page is turned) of Abenheim, nrer nati erat Elizabeth, 24 July 1685

Death of Elizabeth Gertz: (no day) January 1701 Elizabeth Gertz wife of Jois Caspari Gertz (no other information)

Marriage: May 9, 1702 Casparus Görtz with the widow Gertrude Runemenn (or Rinemann)

Death: Gertrude Getz(en) wife of Caspari Gertz, October -- 1707

Death of Caspar Gortz: Caspari Gertz age 67, 25 January 1720 (1653). There is no other information on this death record.

Johann Gertz and Anne Marie

Birth: No later than 1675 based on an age of 20 at the baptism of his first known child.

First known child named Valentine - also Valintine, the son of Caspar, was a witness to the baptism in 1695.



  1. Baptism: 6 November 1695 Valentinus son of Joannis Görtz and his wife A Maria witness Valentinus Görtz son of Caspari Görtz

  2. Joes Georgius of Jois Gertz and Anna Maria witness Joanne Georgio Mohr en Herrnsheim, Year????

Conrad Gertz, Maria Elizabethe ______ and Anna Maria Berger

Birth: 1679 based on age at death. No later than 1688 based on an age of 20 at the death of his first known child.

His first know child was named Valentine.

Marriage: Maria Elizabethe


  1. Death: Jois Valentine Gortz of Conradi Gortz and Maria Elizabeth April 1708, son 2 years

  2. Death: Maria Elizabeth of Conradi Gertz and Maria Elizabeth 28 February 1710 --- months

  3. Death: Anna Christina of Conradi Gertz and Marie Elizabeth 15 April 1712, age 3 months (?)

  4. Anna Margaretha of Conradi Gertz and Maria Elizabethe witness Ann Margaretha Bernharen (?), July 27 1712

  5. Jacobus Gortz of conradi Gortz and Maria Elizabetha born 18 baptized 19 December 1715

    Death: Jacobus of Conradi Gertz 24, June 1723

  6. Anna Maria Gortz(in) of Conradi Goertz and Marie Elizabeth 14-15 July 1718 witness Anna Maria Slutz

Death of Marie Elizabeth Gortz: Elizabeth Gertz age 40 20 August 1720 (1680)

2 Marriage of Conrad Gortz: 25 February 1721 widower Conradi Gortz to widow Anna Maria Berger(in) quam p.m. Jacobi Berger (something) Abenheim (several words I cannot read) witnesses Joanne Hartbauer and Joanne Autz


  1. _ilianus Gotz of Canradi Gotz and Anna Maria 28-29 October 1721 witness -ilian Rompel

  2. Death: Philippi Henrici son of Conrad Gertz 2 months 17 March 1728

  3. Catherine Gertz (1723-) and George Adam Schonig

    Birth: Catherine of Conradi Gertz and Anna Maria 4-5 February 1723 witness Catherine Lampert wife of William Lampert

    Marriage: Virgin Catherine Gertz of Canradi Gertz and Anna Maria p.m. in colaru hujatum administione to George Adamus Schonig of Joannes George Schoneg and Gertrude p.p.m.m. incolaru in Mosbach juris dictiones Moguntina 17 May 1751 witness Conradi Gertz sponsa prate et Kiiano --- dem fralri nes con Wilhelm Lambeil et alys

  4. Maria Margarethe Gertz of Canrad Gertz and Anna Maria 26-27 August 1726 witness Maria Margarethe Wernerin virginculla x Hafia

    Death: Margarethe Gertz daughter of Conradi Gertz 12 November 1726 dous menses

  5. Margarethe Gertz (1729-) and Joannes Berg

    Birth: Margarethe Gortz(in) of Conradi Gorts and Anna Maria 20-22 January 1729 witness Margarethe Vogt wife of George Vogt

    Marriage: Anna Margarethe Gertz(in) of Conradi Gertz and Anna Maria to Joannes Berg of -lugy Berg and Rosalia (cannot read) Furf jures dictiones Mogun ---- 12 June 1752 witnesses Conradi Gertz sponsa patre Petro Paulo St-- utz incolo hujates

  6. Elizabeth Getz(in) of Conradi Gertz and Anne Marie 5-6 October 1731 witness Elizabeth Janson of Johann Janson

    Death: Elizabeth filiola Conradi Gertz 14 October 1731 decem dicly vita superiore

Death of Anna Maria Gertz: Anna Maria Geortz wife of Conrad Gertz age 55, (month day) 1746 (1691)

Death of Conrad Gertz: Conradus Gotz widow 28 January 1759 age 81 (c1679)

Other Gertz Records

Death: 1669 22 October Anna Gertz(en) Lutheran habita concio funerales

Marriage: Adolescens Joes Wendelinus Getz (?) and Anna Maria Steinmutzer (?) 3 February 1682, gubustig -of Heppenshiem ambo Catholici. Note: This may not be Gertz - it could be Betz.

Marriage: Joannus Wendelini Gertz of Jois and Agneset wife, legitimate son to virgini Agnetes Winlang(in) ex Osthoffen daughter of Gerhardt Winglandt and Anglea, 1690

Death: Anna Maria Gertz(in) 1 motnh 11 April 1717

Death Anna Marie Gertz 2 February 1757 the virgin daughter of Joannes Gertz deceased and Magdelena his wife.


  • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim.
  • The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes "e"
  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

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Johann Wendelen Gorts married Anna Eva Hoff(in) in 1701. For more information on the Hoffs go to Hoff

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