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Jacob Cornell (baptized in 1676 in Bechtheim, the son of Cornell Cornell and Eva ______) married Anna Maria Hermann in Abenheim in 1707. Their daughter Francisca, born 1719 in Abenheim, married Joannis Hartbauer in Herrnsheim in 1745.

Cornell Cornell★ and Eva _______ ★

Note: Records available for the town of Bechthiem from LDS start in 1676.

Birth of Cornell Cornell: No later than 1656 based at an age of 20 years at the time of the birth of his first known child. Most likely earlier. Their known children Jacob and Casimiri were baptized in 1676 and 1681 respectively. They had a daughter, Anna Marie born no later than 1690 based on an age of 20 at the time of her marriage. However, I did not find a baptism for her.

Marriage of Cornell Cornell to Eva _______: Eva ________ before 1676

Children of Cornell Cornell and Eva ______:

  1. Jacob Cornell★ (1676-) and Anna Maria Hermann★

    Birth of Jacob Cornell: 1676 "In festo S Michaelis baptizatus est Joes Jacobus Corneli Cornely Corneli et Eva cont: catholicorum legitimus filius. Patrinub fuit Joes Jacobus Trapp Parochus Lutherannus babtizavit. (Bechteim parish records) Baptismal record of Joes Jacobus Corneli from the Bechtheim Parish records

    Marriage of Jacob Cornell and Anna Marie Hermann:

    Joannes Jacobus Corneli, honest adolescent*, son of Jacobi Corneli and his wife Eva (word) Bechtheim and the honest virgin Anna Marie Hermann daughter of Laurenz Hermann p. m. and A Maria his wife, witnesses, _ and ___, 1707, Abenheim (Page turned, can't read date - there were only 3 marriages in Abenheim in 1707.)

    *This means he had not been married before - not that he was a adolescent in the English sence.

    Children Jacob Cornell and Anna Marie Hermann:

    1. Cornell son of Jacobi Cornell and Anna Maria 30 July 1708 witness Cornelius Cornel*, Abenheim

      * See Cornell Cornell below

    2. Joannus Bernardus Cornell of Jois Jacobi Corneli and Anna Marie ?6 March 1710, witness Jois Casimini Cornelli* of Bechtheim, Abenheim Parish Record.

      * Casimiri Cornell was the brother of Jacob Cornell

    3. Anna Margarethe Corneli of Joannis Corneli and Anna his wife witness Anna Margarethe Corneli* in Bechtheim September 11, 1712, Abenheim

      * Anna Margarethe was most likely the wife of Casimiri Cornell

    4. Gertrude of Joannis Jacobi "Conelius" and Anna Maria witness Gertrude Lampert(in) daughter of Leonardi Lampert "villieri (?) Eclesia Collegiad-- B V ad Gradu (word) in Mihlheim" July 9, 1715, Abenhiem

    5. Joannes Casparus of "Joan" Jacobi Cornelius and Anna Maria witness Caspari Reis and Anna (page turned) Anna Eva Murter(in) (?) (word), 28 March 1718

      Note: Caspar Reis was a witness at the marriage of Maria Francisca Cornell to Joannes Harbauer in Herrnshiem in 1745.

    6. Maria Francisca Cornel(in)★ (1719-) and Johannes Harbauer★

      They were the parents of Wendlin Hartbauer who married Franziska Heyl. They were the parents of Larenze Hartbauer who married Margarethe Scheer. They were the parents of Louisa Hartbauer who married Franz Goehle.

      Birth of Maria Francisca Cornell:

      Francisca daughter of Joannies Jacobi Cornely and Anne Marie witness Francisca Guckert (in) Abenheim, 17, April 1719

      Marriage of Maria Francisca Cornell and Johannes Hartbauer: Bachelor Joannis Hartbauer son of Johannis Hartbauer p. m. incola ujatus and Agenta to virgin M Francisca Cornel(in) relicta [surviving] daughter of Jacobi Cornelen and "A" Maria of Abenheim, witnesses Caspari Reis of Abenheim and Joannes Weimann, Herrnsheim 9, February 1745

      Children: See Harbauer

  2. Casmirus Conelius (1681-) and Margarethe Schaummer

    Baptism of Casimiri Cornell: 1681 in festo s Johannis baptizatus est Joes Casimirus Cornelus [of] Cornely Corneli et Eva: Cthol: ligitimus filius partrinus fuit Joes N N. et Casimirus Eleichardt parochus fuit Lutheranus. (Bechtheim parish records)

    Marriage: Margarethe Schaummer(in)

    1716 [bachelor] Johannes Casimiius Cornelli and [spinster] Margaretha Schaummer(in) cannot read several words) note et Wilhelms Kirchhoff (word) in Bechtheim

    Children of Casimir Cornell and Margarethe Schummer:

    1. Anno 1718 die decimo February baptizatus est Joannes Philippy Cornelius paretnes fiut Casimio Cornely et Margarethe conj. Avanj ?? es baptisimo Joannes Philippy G-a-- ??? ex Geeptsheim (????) (Bechtheim Parish Records, Catholic)

    2. 7 year break between births

    3. Joannes Petri son of Casemis Corneli and Anna Margarethe wife 1725, 7, witness Wilhelm Kirkhoff and Joannes Petri Schaaumer. (Bechtheim Parish Records, Catholic)

      Note Wilhelm Kirkhoff was married to Anna Maria Cornell.

    4. Maria Catherina filia legitima of Casimiri Corneli and Anna Margarethe wife, witnesses Anna Catherina Schwaumer filia solute ?? of Johann Petri Schaumer affuente ??? prector ?? humi ??? and Maria Elizabethe filia solute of Wilhelm Kirkoff* (Bechtheim Parish Records, Catholic)

      *Wilhelm Kirchoff was married to Anna Maria Cornell, the sister of Casimiri Cornell

    5. 1729 17 February Anna Maria of Casimiri Cornelius and Margarethe his wife, witness Anna Maria Kickhoffin Wilhelm Kirkhoff wife (Bechtheim Parish Records, Catholic)

      Note: Anna Maria Conell Kirckhoff was the sister of Casimiri Cornell.

    Death of Casimiri Cornell: 23 October 1734

    some generic death related phrase

    Casimiri Corneli incola hujia fuit a?? faded cu? 54

    more generic death phrases

    Death of Margarethe Schaummer Cornell: Did not find

  3. Anna Maria Conelius and Wilhelm Kirchhoff


    Marriage: 1710 24 Jule Wilhelm Kirchhoff of Osthoffen son of William Kirchhoff and Marie to Anna Maria of Cornely Cornely and Eva his wife "relicta filia ligitima".

Death of Cornell Cornell: Did not find

Death of Eva Cornell: Did not find

Anna Maria daughter of "Joes Jacobi" Cornell and Eva ______ born 1679 in Bechtheim

1679 In festo pentecostes baptizata est Anna Maria Margarethe Corneli "Jois Jacobi" Corneli et Eva Cont: Catholicorum legit filia, Matrina fuit Anna Cornelius et Maria Margarethe Wilhelms Parochus Lutheranus (Bechtheim parish records)


  • The records for Cornell in Bechtheim are so limited that it is possible that this was actually the baptism of Anna Maria who married Wilhelm Kirchoff. The wife's name, Eva is the same as the wife of Cornell Cornell.
  • The spacing of this baptism is also in keeping with the birth rates of the time. Jacob was baptized in 1876 and Casimiri was baptized in 1681. A 1679 baptism for a child of Cornel and Eva would make sense.
  • This may represent a clerical error. However, Cornell Cornell born circa 1676 was also listed as the son of Jois Jacobi Cornell at the time of his marriage in 1697. See Cornell Cornell below.

Cornell Cornell (c. 1679) and Gertrude Grimples


  • Cornell Cornell was a witness to the baptism of the son of Jacobi Cornell (the son of Cornell Cornell, senior) in 1708

  • Both Jacop Cornell born in 1676 the son of Cornell Cornell and Cornell Cornell (husband of Gertruede Grimples) moved to Abeneim before 1700

  • See notes above under Anna Marie

Birth of Cornell Cornell: Circa 1676 based on an age of 20 ears at his marriage in 1697, son of Joes Jacobi Cornelli, per marriage .

Marriage: November 20, 1696 Cornelius Corneli (cannot read two words) Joes Jacobi Corneli p.m.* (word) relicta filius* (words) and the virtuous virgin, Gertrude (two words) (cannot read name - maybe Nicslas Grimpels) scabini, witness Joes George Vaij and Joes Jacobo Saylor.

*This means his father was deceased at the time of the marriage in 1696.


  1. Joannes Valentinus of Corneli Cornell and Gertrude in Abenheim witness Valentine son of Joannis Caspari Goretz in Hornsheim January 3, 1700
    Death: Joannes Valentine son of Corneli Cornell and Gertrude September 8, 1701
  2. Joannes Martinus of Corneli Corneli and Gretrude ? March 1701 Abenheim, witness Joannes Martin Seiler
  3. Anna Barbara Cornell (1726-) ) and Antonio Crauss
    Birth: Anna Barbara of Corneli Cornell and Gerturde, May 6, 1702, witness Anna Barbara Germpl(in) Abenheim, Abenheim
    Marriage: 19 August 1726 Antonio Crauss "farber ferrie" son of Valentine Crauss and Magdelena to Barbara Cornell daughter of Cornell Cornell and Gertrude his wife, witness Petro Scherer and Josepho Genwver (?)
    Children: Anna Margarethe Crauss of Antonio Crauss and Anna Barbara 5 7th 1728 witness Anna Margarether Corneli
  4. Magdelena of Corneli Corneli and Gertrude, jogum et incolorum in Abenheim witness Maria Magdelena Kizperin Abenheim March 4, 1705, Abenheim
  5. Nicholas of Cornelius Cornell and Gertrude witness Nicholas Geim-el ?7 March 1710, Abenhiem
  6. Margarethe of Corneli Connelli and Gertrude witness Margarethe Geim (page turned Aug 9, 1713, Abenheim

Cornell Cornel and Maria Helena ________


Marriage: Maria Helena


  1. 1708 16 September Anna Margarethe of Jois Cornely Corneli and Maria Helena "honestorum conjugum filiam legiti" witness Anna Margaethe Baahs (or ss)

Records In Bechtheim

LDS film #1044837 - I checked births, marriages and death for Cornell in Bechtheim until 1730s.

According to the Internet "Simultaneum" was introduced in Bechtheim in 1700. Simulataneum preserved rights for Catholics in Germany in churches that had turned Protestant as a result of the Protestant Revolution. Under this concept Catholics and Protestants shared a common church, holding their worships at different times. This practice was introduced in every parish were there were at least 7 Catholic families. It could also involve the sectioning off of parts of the church for the different congregations.

The notation on the baptisms of Jacob Cornell in 1675, Casimiri in 1681 and Anna Marie in 1679 indicate that the family was Catholic but contain the notation "Parochus Lutheranus" at the end of all three records.

In may be that Simulataneum ended (rather than began) in Bechtheim around 1700. The records show that the earlier ones all said the family was Catholic but the the "Parochus" was "Luteranus" but quickly switched to a combination of "Parochus" plus Dominicanus, Cameleti, Capucinis, Cypranis or Obernheim (Obernheim is not near Bechtheim). By 1696 there is no distinction made.

1700 List of Bechtheim Catholic Community

A list under the heading COMMUNITAS CATHOLICA IN BECHTHEIM in 1700 did not include any Cornells.


  • Unfortunately, many cemeteries in Germany removed the old graves and grave markers (if they existed) to make room for new burials. Consequently there are not many old grave markers in modern cemeteries. The cemeteries that we have visited are lovingly maintained with beautiful flowers. Herrnsheim's cemetery was no exception. We did not find any Göhle graves. There were a few new graves for Harbauers and the Arnold and Bardong names were very common. The only older tombstones were for former burgermeisters. There were also a few older markers for fallen soldiers - including one for Bardong and one for Harbauer.
  • There were several listings for Harbauer in the Worms phone book for 2007.
  • The church records were recorded in Latin and the civil records were recorded in German. The church records were recorded in the Catholic Parish Church of St Peter in Herrnsheim. The records for Herrnsheim were (more or less) written in Latin. The spelling of the names varied depending, I think, on the whim or the person recording the event. "in" was added to most female surnames, but not all. Endings for male names varied with "us", "i", "o" being most common. However, in the case of Jo(h)ann it sometimes ended with "e". Most female names ended with "a".

Hartbauer (Harbauer) in Herrnsheim, Germany


  • The IGI lists both the name "Hartbauer" and Harbauer". The overwhelming majority of the listings in Hesse (under either spelling) occur in Herrnsheim.

  • Herrnsheim (Herrn's heim), meaning Gentleman's Home, was a Catholic village just north of the city of Worms. The "Gentleman's Home" was the "schloss" (palace or castle) of the von Dahlberg (Dalberg) family.

  • All of the Hartbauers in Herrnsheim appear to be related to Balthazar Hartbauer who married Elizabeth ___ in Herrnsheim in 1690. All of the Hartbauer records in Herrnshiem from 1690 onward relate to them or their son Johann, born circa 1694, and his offspring.

  • In the earlier records the name was most frequently spelled HARTBAUER in the latter records the T was frequently dropped and the name was spelled HARBAUER. It was also spelled Hartbaur.

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