Abenheim, Rhineland, Germany

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My ancestor Jacob Cornell born 1676 in Bechtheim married Marie Hermann in Abenheim in 1707.

Their daughter Francisca, born 1719 in Abenheim, married Joannis Hartbauer in Herrnsheim in 1745. See Cornell and Harbauer

Abenheim is located north west of the city of Worms.

There are indications that Abenhiem was occupied in Neolithic times.

The town is mentioned in the Lorsch codex in 774.

The name is derived from the nobleman Wernher Abenheim who ruled the village starting in 1190. In 1395 there was a fortress and castle. The area was under the control of the von Dalberg family from 1390 to 1797. The Dalbergs build a "lowland" castle called Castle Abenheim or Sahberger Court in 1556. It is in private hands today.

The Catholic chapel of St Michael "towers over the town" for over 1000 years. The Baroque Catholic church was consecrated to St. Boniface in 1736.

Wine and sparkling wine are produced in the area.

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Katholische Pfarrkirche Abenheim i. Rheinhessen [Catholic Parish Chruch]

Abenheim Turmhalle der Kirche [Tower hall of the church]

Kunstdenkmäler im Grossherzogthum Hessen: Inventarisirung und beschreibende ..., 1887, Google Book

Klausenkapelle bei Abenheim

Kunstdenkmäler im Grossherzogthum Hessen: Inventarisirung und beschreibende ..., 1887, Google Book

Abenhiem in 1887

Parish village, northwest of Worms, formerly Abunheim (932), Abinheim Allgemeines (1237), Abenheim (1253), Obenheim (1405). Abenheim was formerly owned by the Abbey of Fulda, from which it contributed to the Earl of Leiiungen's fiefdom. In the year 1358 it was brought with the Bailiwick of Fulda by Count Emich of Nassau and John (sons of the Countess of Leiningen). In 1390 it was acquired by the Lord of Dalberg, treasurer of Worms. The Catholic Church is the consecrated to Boniface. The ground floor of the tower has a Gothic vaulted ceiling with molded into deep grooves ribs. The ring-shaped keystone surrounded four coats of arms with the arms of Dalberg and the treasurer of Worms. The bell tower has a roof, which is also open to bell-shaped covered lantern. In the sacristy and the church hold several older sculptures, including a picture of the Virgin made of wood, the 15th Century ..... attached to one of St. Sebastian, and that of Christ, formerly a crucifix etc. Kunstdenkmäler im Grossherzogthum Hessen: Inventarisirung und beschreibende ..., 1887

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