Smithtown High School

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Images from the Smithtown Branch High School 1930 yearbook

Allen Land

There were twenty five members of the graduating class. Grace Courier, the daughter of Ethel Land Courier and a good friend of Helen Land's was a member of the class of 1930.

The class poem was written by Allen Land

As now we must depart from school,
Our preparation gained,
Our eyes are moist, our hearts are sad,
Although great joy we've feighed.
The Class will be divided now
We'll soon be far apart:
But memories of high school days
Will e'er be next our heart.
And yet no matter where we go,
No matter what we do,
"Cooperation" our watchword,
Will follow us right through.
The class prophecy had Allen Land selling furnaces in America and "making good"

Allen was also voted "Most attractive" by the seniors and undergraduates and "best school spirt" by the faculty.

Helen Land, who must have graduated before 1930, was pictured with the Student Council and with the Girls basketball and soccer teams,

Take outs from the Girls basketball and soccer photos. Grace Courier is standing next to Helen in the photo on the left.

The freshman class

Bud (Edgar) Land is in the second row, fifth from the right.

Percy Land's Ad

Smithtown Branch High School Graduation Program, 1935
Mr. Percy Land, President of the Board of Education, awarded the Diplomas

Edgar L. Land was a member of the graduating class (He is listed next to the last name in the second group of names in the class roll).