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John Schuller, Butcher

In June 2103 Beth McLoughlin wrote to me about her ancestors, the Schullers, who had a butcher shop on Van Brunt. Beth wrote that John Schuller was born in Alsace circa 1855. He came to the United States in the mid 1870s. He married Elizabeth Hasenzahl who was born in Alsheim, Hesse Darmstadt in 1856 and who immigrated in 1873. John Schuller initially had a butcher shop on Flushing Ave in Williamsburg.
For a while they lived on Hicks Street across from where the expressway is now. The family lived at 300 Van Brunt Street for a number of years. The building standing there now is not the original which I believe was built in 1925. Reference is made in Brooklyn Daily Eagle to a "Frank's Hall"at that location. It was a meeting place for many 12th ward groups especially political organizations. It was also at times a polling place. This ties in with John's connection to the local Republican Party. France in the early 1870's was in turmoil and get the feeling John might have been politically involved there. He was an an adamant Frenchman, teaching my grandmother the Marseilles.

The family lore says he ran for office as a Republican and lost the election and a lot of his money. There is mention in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of his selling off scales and other equipment from his butcher shop. Not long after he must have recouped and was in business again. In another article there is reference to a fire in a stable and his losing a wagon, horse.

1880: Williamsburg, Flushing Ave., John, age 25, butcher, France, Elise, aged 25, Hessen Damst., Henry 2 years, Barbara 7 months. 1885: Brooklyn Eagle, John Schulter (sic) of 273 Van Brunt was the owner of one of three horses that burned to death in a fire at James Neelson's stable at 87 Verona Street. John Schuller also lost a wagon and harness.

1885: Brooklyn Union, Friday April 10, 1885 HORSES BURNED TO DEATH. "The third horse was the property of John Schuller, butcher, of 273 Van Brunt, who was insured for $275." The cause of the fire was not known.

1886: The map shows 273 Van Brunt as a brick building three south of Tremont (now visitation)

1887: Chattel Mortgage Foreclosure Sale: No. 273 Van Brunt 23rd of May, two ice boxes, one scale, two counters, two small scales, inside railings, all baskets, tools, implements, and fixtures beloning to the provisions store at 273 Van Brunt, one horse, one business wagon.

1887: Bills for Sale: Schuller, John, 273 Van Brunt, A Grasse Ice Boxes, Horses etc. January 8, 1887 (Record and Guide) Columbia University Digital Collection

1887: John Schuller 273 Van Brunt Provisions

1888: John Schuller 273 Van Brunt butcher

1888: October 31, the Daily Standard, "TO BE A LEGISLATOR - THAT'S THE HIGHT OF PORK DEALER SCHULLER'S AMBITION". There were four candidates: Frank Woods, the regular Republican candidate, John Kelly representing Mick Coffey, James A. McMahon independent, and John F Schuller who "pledged to labor's interest".

"Schuller is a German, as his name indicates, and he says he is going to make the regulars hustle. He used to keep a pork store on Van Brunt street, near William, but the urgency of the canvass necessitated his retirement brom business at a sacrifice."
He ran with the slogan that there would be two jobs for every man not two men for every job.

1889: Lain's Brooklyn Business Directory of 1889 Schuller, John 271 Van Brunt.

1892, Brooklyn Census: No addresses, John, "Shuller" (sic), 40, Germany butcher, citizen Lizzie Schuller, 38, Germany, Henry Schuller, 14, Kate Schuller, 12, Joseph Schuller, 10, Lizzie Schuller, 9, John Schuller, 6, Peter Schuller, 3, Elena Schuller, 2.

Death of John Schuller: 1895 - Schuller, John, 42 y, Apr 5 1895, 6088, Kings

1900 Census: 300 Van Brunt, Schuller, Lizzie, head Sept 1854, 7 children 7 living, born Germany, immigrated 1872, Henry son, June 1877, teamster, Katie daughter Nov. 1890, Joseph son May 1891, John son Apr 1885, Peter son Aug 1887, Lena daughter July 1890, George son July 1894, children all born New York

Five families in the building. 300 Van Brunt was at the corner of king.

Nothing on Schuller/Schuler in IGI

In 1892 300 Van Bruunt was described as an unpretentious frame building.

Lena Schuller was at PS 20 in 1899.

300 Van Brunt was a poling place for many years.

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