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The Azarians

Sources in Turkey

Information on Abraham Azarian and his family in Turkey was taken from a combination of family information and records from the Armenian Catholic Church in Istanbul.

These church records are available on microfilm through the Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (otherwise known as the Mormons and LDS). LDS has microfilmed copies of the originals of the records from the Armenian churches, both Apostolic and Catholic, for the city of Constantinople (later called Istanbul) from 1832 to the 1930s.

The Armenian Catholic Records in Constantinople

The records for the marriage and the birth of eight children of Abraham and Lucy Azarian and for related and non-related, Azarian, Arevian, and Hagopian families were found on the LDS microfilms.

The information on the Azarian family was taken from LDS microfilms #1037106, #1037108, and #1037109. The records are in Armenian.

Marina at St. Illuminator's Armenian Apostolic Church, 221 East 27th Street, New York, New York, Phone 212-689-5880, translated two marriage records and seven baptismal records.

I translated the other records myself using the alphabet as listed in Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar by Kevork H. Gulian. Some of the records would be hard enough to read even if one was fluent in Armenian. The writing is frequently cramped and the pages are no always completely legible. Since my Armenian is very limited, I have not been able to completely translate all the relevant listings and there are most likely some errors in my translations. I am almost possitve that my dates and surnames are correct. The major problems lie with given names and associations.

According to Gulian, there are two letters for a. One is said like the letter a in father and the other is said like the letter a in fat. In the name, Azarian, all three a's are written with the letter a equivalent as in father. There are letters for six other vowels include: ye as in yes, u as in us, e as in me, another u, and two letters for o. I have played it a bit loose with the second a and the e vowel equivalents to make the names sound more familiar to my ear.

The records contain a fair amount of variation in the spelling of some names, both given names and surnames. This is common with records around the world.

The Azarians and related families were connected with the Catholic Churches of Surp Savour (Holy Savior), Holy Trinity, and Surp Ohannes (Saint John).

There were two St John's in Constantinople. St John Crysostome listed in Armenia, A Historical Atlas by Robert H Hewsen in Taksim and St John the Baptist, listed by the same author, in Yenikoy. Based on the Taksim address, the records for the Azarians were connected with St John Crysostome.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine the exact locations of the churches associated with the Azarians. Hewsen lists Holy Savior in Karakoy, Holy Trinity in Beyoghlu and St John Crysostome in Taksim but does not give street addresses.

Film 1037106 contains 15 items:

  1. Surp Savour baptisms 1882 to 1916. The baptismal records for Surp Savour include the following information in order of how it was listed: child's last name, child's first name, father's name, mother's name, area of residence of parents, date of birth, the name of the priest who performed the baptism, godfather's name, "church", and date of baptism.
  2. Surp Savour baptisms from 1917 to 1968. There are no Azarian, Arivian, Gougoujian, or Hagopian baptisms listed in this set of records.
  3. Surp Savour Marriages, listed alphabeticaly by grooms only, contains mixed dates in the mid to late 1800s. The marriage records for Surp Savour include the following information in order of how it was listed: name of the groom including his father's name, name of the bride including her father's name, date, witness, church, a second date that I don't know the meaning of, the name of the priest. There are no Arivian, Azarian or Hagopian brides listed in this set of records.
  4. Surp Savour Marriages 1882. There are no Arivian, Azarian or Hagopian brides listed in this set of records.
  5. Surp Savour Marriages 1918 onward, by date. There are no Azarian, Arivian, Hagopian marriages.
  6. Surp Savour Deaths 1847 to 1880
  7. Surp Savour Deaths 1882 to early 1900s
  8. St Jacques Beyoghlu, deaths 1917 to 1943, by date not indexed (the Azarians were not connected with this church).
  9. St Jacques Beyoghlu Deaths 1917 to 1939, alphabetically, no Azarians or Arivians.
  10. Holy Trinity Baptisms and deaths 1848 to 1921.The baptismal records for Holy Trinity include the following information in order of how it was listed: name of the child, name of the father, name of the mother, name of the godfather, name of the priest, date of birth, date of baptism.
  11. Holy Trinity Deaths 1917.
  12. St Mary Beyoghlu Baptisms 1870.
  13. St Mary baptism 1887.
  14. St Mary baptisms 1882.
  15. St Mary baptisms 1915.
The LDS computer listing for this film does not include the churches that are actually on the film. It lists instead, Surp Pergich 1831 to 1974 (Items 1 to 7), Surp Hagop 1916 to 1959 (items 8 and 9), Surp Yerrortulleem 1848 to 1914 (Items 10 and 11) and Surp Astvadzadozin 1831 to 1980 (Items 12 to 15).

Film 1037108 contains 12 items:

  1. St Gregory Baptisms 1840 to 1922, no Arivians, Azarians, Hagopians, Gougoujians.
  2. St Gregory Marriages, no Azarians etc.
  3. St Gregory deaths.
  4. St Mary Baptisms, marriages and deaths, 1916 to 1920, no alphabetized, no index, checked to 1920, No Azarians etc.
  5. St Mary baptisms, marriages and deaths, to 1929.
  6. St Mary Samatia baptisms, marriages, and deaths 1841 to ---, have records
  7. St Mary marriages 1888 to ---, no Azarians
  8. St Antone Tarabya baptisms, no Azarians
  9. Surp Ohannes Vosgeperran Taksim baptisms
  10. Surp Ohannes baptisms.The baptismal records for Surp Ohannes include the following information in order of how it was listed: date of birth, name of child, father's name, mother's name, godfather's name, priest, and date of baptism.
  11. Surp Ohannes baptisms, 1921 to ---
  12. Surp Ohannes baptisms 1910 to 1917.
Film #1037109 contains:
  1. Armenian Catholic Church of Surp Hovahannes Vosgeperan (St John Chrysostoma), Taksim records from 1847 to 1890, items 1 through 8.
  2. Armenia Catholic Church, Archbishopric of Istanbul church records 1830-1953, Item 11. This is a list of "all" the records for the Armenian Catholic Church in Istanbull. However, these records are not complete. Some of the information on the lists is found in the individual churches. Some of the information on the list is not found in the individual churches. And some of the information that is one the church lists is not found on this list.

Sources in The United States

Information on the Azarians in the United States was taken from family history, civil records in New York and New Jersey, United States census records, naturalization records, ship manifests, and Social Security records.

The civil records for New York City are available at the New York City Archives, Chambers Street, New York City.

The civil records for New Jersey are available at the New Jersey Archives, Trenton, New Jersey.

The United States Census, and ship manifests are available at the National Archives Records Administration North East Branch, Varrick Street, New York City.

The Social Security Death Records are available on CD. Original copies of Social Security applications are available from the Social Security Administration in Walshington, D.C.

Naturalization papers are available through various courts in Jersey City, New Jersey.