Chapter 20



(Armenian Manuscript Pages 214-224)



Translator's Note


I'm sorry I didn't have time to translate this important chapter.  All I have time for is to include a poor quality but recognizable photo from a tattered remaining cover of a 1918 booklet.


 At the end of this chapter (20),  Fr. Yeprem tells how the surviving Perkeniktsees in Constantinople form a "Union for the Reconstruction of the Pakraduni Village of Sebsastia" after the war to locate and help the surviving remnants scattered in the interior regions of Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and elsewhere.  He mentions the existence of a booklet published in 1919 by this reconstruction group entitled: "A General List of Pakraduniktsi Survivors (Perkenik)  (In Armenian: "Unthanoor Anvanatsootsag Verabrogh Pakraduniktseeneroon (Prknik)"  But I only have the cover page of this booklet.  It's one of the few inserts to Fr. Ephrem's book I have.and I'm sure this is what Fr. Ephrem is referring to on p. 224 as "Photo No. 19." The upper left hand corner of the page is the handwritten name "Haroutiun Domigian." (To be honest, I don't recall where I got this. but I believe it was given to me by Mr. Ogaian.)  . It has a picture of the following eight people (whose names I'm transliterating from the Armenian):   [JT]



1. Mrs. Takouhi Kulhanjian[1]  


2.Mrs. Mariam Paboujjian[2]


3. Sarkis Morian[3]


4. Hovhannes Jelebian[4]


5. Hovsep Topalian [5]


6. Miss Srpouhi Modoyian[6]


7. Stepan Ogayian[7]


8. Bedros Asdvadzadourian[8]






[Cover ]


Compiled by the Pakradounik Village of Sebastia's Reconstruction Union in Constantinople

[Left to right]  Bedros Asdvadzadourian (8),  Sarkis Morian (3),  Mrs. Takouhi Koulhanjian(1),.  Miss Srpouhi Modoyian (6), Mrs. Mariam Paboujjian (2), Hovhannes Jelebian (4, Standing), Stepan Ogayian (7, Sitting),  and Hovsep Topalian(5)

G.BOLIS  -  1919  --  H. M. AZNAVOR PRESS

    This is the xerox copy of the same cover page illustration made from a photo I have.  I'll try to improve this photo (retouching, etc.).



[1]Then a young widow whose husband was taken away and who  had lost her children in the death marches, later  became Mrs. Topalian and raised her new family in the Bronx and Manhattan [JT]

[2]A young woman, later to settle with her husband and raise a family in Fitchburg, MA. [JT]

[3]A young man, later to marry and raise a family outside Boston, MA.  [JT]

[4] An early teenager;  was he the Jelebian who was in Fitchburg, MA. and later Detroit, MI. or a relative?[JT]

[5]An early teenager;  though his name is the same as mine, I don't know anything about him;  too late to ask my parents.[JT]

[6]Seems to be a young teenager  Beyond that I don't know her. [JT]

[7]A young teenager. I'll ask Mr. Ogayan of Florida for more on him. [JT]

[8]A young teenager; related I believe to the "Derderian" family that (used to) live(s) in Fitchburg, MA. [JT]


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