The Azarians

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Turkey General Location of Istanbul
Istanbul Beyoglu
Union City, New Jersey


Istanbul was called Constantinople before 1923.

Sivas is highlighted in pink.

The circled area with a line to it indicates the general location of Harput, the birthplace of Toros Parnagian. Harput is 6 km north-east of Elazig.

During the 1915/16 marches the Armenians in Anatolia, including those from the towns of Sivas and Harput were rounded up and forced to walk to Aleppo, Syria.


There are three sections to the city:

  1. The old city which contains the the major tourist sights of today, including the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace and the Blue Mosque
  2. The Asian Side of the Bosporus.
  3. Galata/Beyoglu/Taksim, AKA, the European Quarter where the Azarian, Arivian's and Hagopians lived.

Union City, New Jersey

When the Azarians first arrived in the United States they may have lived in New York City for a brief period. They subsequently moved to Union City, New Jersey.

The address on Mike's Declaration of Intention to become a citizen in 1920 and Lucy death in 1923 were listed at 183 Clinton Avenue, Union City. Clinton Avenue is not listed on a current map of Union City. If Clinton Street in Hoboken was a continuation of Clinton Avenue in Union City, it means that Clinton Avenue was where the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel is today.

I have made pink X's on the map to indicated known address in Union City.

  • Mike was living at 285 Bergenline Avenue when he was naturalized in 1926
  • At the time of her marriage to Mario Pace in 1929, Christine Azarian was living at 424 17th Street
  • When Alice applied for her Social Security Number in 1936 she listed her employer as, Christine Pace of 415 36th Street
  • Alice was living at 210 Palasades Avenue when she married John Blanck in 1941
  • Anna Azarian Claveloux was living at 922 Palisades Avenue when she was naturalized in 1944