Azarian Immigration and Naturalization Dates

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The Azarians arrived in the US following the most common migration pattern. It is called chain migration, whereby one or two family members immigrated, establish themselves and then send back for other family members. The Azarians immigrated in a relatively short period. The Parnagians and the Azarians (Mike, Christine, Abraham, Virginia, Lucy, Ann, Mary and Alice) arrived within 15 months of each other from start to finish - with Mike arriving first in February 1920 and Lucy and the girls arriving last in May 1921.

  1. Mike, February 20, 1920

  2. Catherine, Toros and George though NYC to Mass., March 25, 1920.

  3. Christine under the name Kristine Jeroyan on June 1, 1920.

  4. Abraham and Eftik (Virginia) October 26, 1920

  5. Lucy, Anna, Mary and Alice May 15, 1921


  1. Abraham and Lucy:

    Most likely Lucy never became a citizen as she died so soon after her arrival.

    Abraham was still listed as an alien in the 1930 census when he was listed as 65 years old. Did he become a citizen between then and his death in 1941?

  2. Catherine: Unknown

  3. Christine: Bronx, New York December 28, 1933

  4. Melcon: Court of Common Pleas Hudson Co. New Jersey, 1926

  5. Virginia: US District Court of Southern District, New York, 1935

  6. Anna: US district Court Newark, 1944

  7. Mary: Unknown

  8. Alice: Court of Common Pleas Hudson New Jersey, 1943

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